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  • Bangkok - Streetfood @ Ban Tad Thong Road

    Street Food Restaurants on Thanon Ban Tad Thong Road
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    Once the lockdown has been lifted it's time to go out and revel in the joy of being in the outside world - while adhering to “new normal” regulations, of course. Take this post-lockdown lull to reacquaint yourself with everything great about Bangkok: the sites, the sceneries and the street food. For the latter, we suggest making your way over to Thanon Ban Tad Thong. The lengthy road, which extends 2.2 kilometers from Saphan Lueang Junction to Phet Phra Ram Junction, is home to rows of sports shops and auto spare parts stores that are mostly frequented by the older generation. But aside from these retail draws, Thanon Ban Tad Thong is also known for its selection of inexpensive but delicious street food, mostly sold by vendors who have been in the business for years. Here are our top picks.

    Kuay Teaw Khae Chula Jao Khao
    This well-known establishment has been serving kuay teaw khae (dry spicy egg noodles), prepared the traditional way, for almost 60 years. Each bowl comes with a variety of toppings, including pork, fish or tofu balls. Address: 1967, Soi Chula 34 Open Daily (06:30-17:00) 08 4909 1419

    Jeh Wan
    This dessert place is known for light and refreshing Thai-Chinese eats such as dou teung (cold assorted beans in longan juice), dou huay (tofu pudding in hot ginger juice) and bua loy (glutinous rice balls in coconut milk). All desserts start at B12. Address: 1700, Soi Chula 22, Mon-Sat (15:00-23:00) 08 1421 3761

    Jeh Keang
    Fans flock to this Soi Chula 6 restaurant (it was previously located in the Saphan Lueang area) for its duck and goose stew. The hearty dish is certainly flavor-packed and is a steal for only B100 per serving. Other parts of the duck, like stewed intestines and wings, are also on the menu.Address: Soi Chula 6 Open Daily (16:30-23:30) 08 6884 4352

    Pung Ded
    This is one of the four branches of popular toast café Pung Ded, which also has a presence in Silom, Asok and Chok Chai 4. The bestsellers are the crusty stuffed buns, which comes with all sorts of fillings, from ham and cheese to smoked salmon to strawberry cream cheese. The best part: they’re sold for less than B50! Address: Opposite to Soi Chula 18 Open Daily (15:30-23:00) 09 4414 2656

    Khao Man Gai Jeh Bow
    Jeh Bow, dubbed the “Queen of Suan Luang,” has been running this chicken rice restaurant for over 30 years. The restaurant sells out nearly every day, so come early to enjoy its steamed or deep-fried chicken with aromatic jasmine rice and chicken soup on the side.Address: Opposite to Soi Chula 14 Open Daily (16:30-22:00) 08 5164 1399

    Tuay Tung
    One of the newer establishments in the area, Tuay Tung serves homemade ice cream (try the signature chestnut flavor) and soft Chinese buns that come in two styles: steamed (B79) and deep-fried (B89). Have them with an order of soy milk, Taiwanese milk tea, Milo milk, the best-selling Apple Sidra (B65). Address: Soi Chula 12 Open Daily (14:00-24:00)

    Pork Satay Nai Song
    This satay vendor on Soi Chula 6 is another must when visiting the area. For nearly four decades, it has been churning out tender and juicy grilled pork satay (B9 per skewer) with peanut sauce and Thai cucumber relish.Address: Soi Chula 6 Open Daily (11:00-21:00) 08 1432 5411

    Tung Chae Tao Tan
    Stir-fried soya noodles has been the speciality at this institutional restaurant for more than 60 years. These noodles are cooked in pork lard (the secret ingredient) and come with a milk-based gravy. The signature dish here is the family recipe's stir-fried noodles with milk-based gravy (called Ler-Nhee) only B50.Address: Opposite to Soi Chula 12 and 14 Mon-Sat (10:00-21:00) 08 5341 5294

    Jok Sam Yan
    Jok Sam Yak stands out as one of Bangkok’s leading congee places. More than 65 years in the biz and its owners haven’t tired of making their signature rice porridge, here made with sweet jasmine rice and mix-ins like pork intestines and liver.Address: Soi Chula 6 Open Daily (05:00-10:00 and 15:30-22:00) 09 1719 7836

    Kuay Teaw Reua Mae Chan
    No place makes kuay teaw reau (boat noodles) like Mae Chan. Each bowl comes with flavorful soup, chewy noodles and lots of braised pork. Try their deep-fried lard if you dare; it's just a snack!Address: Soi Chula 6 Open Daily (08:30-21:00) 099 339 5666

    Jeh Sri Yum Pak Krachade
    The notoriously smelly water mimosa, which the owner handpicks at an organic farm, is a favored ingredient at this establishment, and goes into signature dishes like yum pak krachade (spicy water mimosa salad) just for B100. Other recommended dishes are the boiled cockles (B150) and deep-fried pork belly (B150).Address: Close to the beginning of Soi Chula 4 Open Daily (11:30-23:00) 081 927 7017, 081 927 7062

    Ming Phochana
    Satay is the name of the game at Ming Pochana, here served with a special dipping sauce made with black soy sauce, bird’s eye chili, and onions. The skewered treat (B11 per stick) comes in three choices: pork, chicken or pork liver.Address: Soi Chula 4 Open Daily (09:00-21:00), Monday (09:00-14:00) 0 2214 1750, 0 2611 7921, 08 4499 9515, 08 7799 7798

    Hiso Mala
    Those inclined to spicy flavors will find much to love about Hiso Mala. The trendy restaurant has over 30 chili- and spice-packed skewered options to choose from, and also offers an all-you-can-eat hot pot for only B299 per person.Address: Between Soi Chula 14 and 16 Open Daily (16:00-23:00) 06 4462 3632

    Bent Yen Ta Fo Prick Sod
    The yen ta fo (pink noodle soup) at this restaurant is inspired by the offering at well-known noodle joint Pu Yentafo at RCA. Bent, however, serves a spicier version. Start your meal with deep-fried shrimp wontons before digging into your noodles. Price starts at B50.Address: Close to Soi Chula 14 09 5935 9696

    Kao Tom Hang Rim Non
    This restaurant has a wide-ranging menu that includes light congee, noodles, and spicy braised pork bones. But what will really work up your appetite is the soupless porridge. Served in two styles - original and spicy - the dish is made-to-order and comes with toppings of your choice, including poached egg, salted egg or seafood. All dishes start at B60.Address: Opposite to Soi Chula 18 Mon-Thu (11:30-22:00); Fri-Sun (14:00-23:30) Close on every first Wednesday of the month 09 6680 8882, 08 7566 8026
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