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    Medical | Health Insurance Companies in Thailand
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    As an expat living in Thailand, finding the best insurance company can be difficult. This is because the insurance industry in Thailand is big. Besides local and offshore insurance companies, banks also offer insurance. Insurance is a business of trust. When you buy insurance, you need to make sure that the insurance company will actually pay your claims. Therefore, they need to have both a good reputation and financial stability. In addition to their reputation, you also have to make sure that the policies they offer can fit your needs and budget. Therefore, to help you find the right match, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best insurance companies for expats in Thailand.

    Cigna Global
    If you are looking for a more affordable international insurance company in Thailand, you can consider Cigna Global. Although they are comparably cheaper, they do provide some really great insurance options and excellent customer service. They offer a modular plan design, which allows you to tailor the plan to your needs and budget by picking and choosing different modules. Near the end of last year, they introduced Cigna Global Health Thailand, which is specifically designed for expatriates and Thai nationals who reside in Thailand. Aside from health insurance, Cigna also offers travel insurance, critical illness insurance, and personal accident insurance. Their insurance is available for a wide range of people, including seniors, company’s executives, and can even cover the needs of an entire family.

    Dhipaya is one of the largest insurance companies in Thailand that has provided insurance in the country for 69 years. They have great health insurance plans that are focused on expats. In addition, the premiums are affordable, with reasonable coverage. There are 4 health insurance plans in total, 2 of which have deductibles, making the insurance cheaper. Besides health insurance, Dhipaya also offers a wide range of other insurance types. For example, if you have a car, you can consider their 6 different types of car insurance. They even provide pet insurance and insurance for bike lovers. In addition, they also have specifically designed insurance for their Muslim customers.

    AXA is one of the major players in the local insurance market. Since it is a large international company, it is easy to see why people want to be covered by them. They offer a wide range of insurance types, including health insurance, personal accident insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance, and property insurance. Furthermore, they provide mandatory health insurance to enter Thailand during the Covid-19 pandemic as well. In addition, each type of insurance comes with numerous different plans to fit various budgets. AXA health insurance plans are indeed more expensive than most insurance companies in Thailand. However, they do offer more benefits. Also, AXA doesn’t have a waiting period when it comes to making medical claims compared to most other insurance companies in Thailand.

    Luma Health
    Among other insurance companies that specialize in health insurance, Luma Health is one of the best. They offer a wide selection of health insurance, including individual, family, and company plans. Their comprehensive health insurance includes inpatient care, maternity care, and even cancer care. On top of that, they also offer excellent benefits, such as member privileges and second-medical opinion from their in-house expat doctor. Additionally, they also offer Covid-19 Insurance to enter Thailand and travel insurance, both providing great medical coverage. Aside from covering your medical bills, Luma Health also promotes prevention. They educate their members on how to look after themselves and how to be healthy. They provide an app as well, which can help members live a healthier lifestyle.

    Pacific Cross
    For expats who are looking for affordable health insurance but with a wide range of options, Pacific Cross can be a great option. The best thing about Pacific Cross is that they have an expat department, so clients who can only speak English are well-taken care of. They also provide worldwide assistance for their members. Pacific Cross is also an excellent choice if you prefer cashless claims. They have around 300 network hospitals in Thailand and a few across Southeast Asia.

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    New AXA Insurance Packages

    Tadoo, Thailand’s up-and-coming insurance, and finance comparison platform have announced a partnership with AXA, one of the world’s largest and most trusted insurance providers. One of the highlighted standout products from the new partnership is the Entry package to Thailand during covid-19, comprising of the Covid-19 Insurance Certificate and Covid-19 Travel Insurance. The Entry Package to Thailand is the perfect all-inclusive for those who are wanting to travel to Thailand as it meets all the requirements issued by the government and offers comprehensive coverage for medical and personal accidents, including covid-19.

    Based on the duration of your stay, you can choose for how long the plan covers you. The cover duration ranges from 30 days to 365 days. The package pricing varies as it is based on your departure country and whether that country is determined a high, medium, or low-risk zone.

    The launch of the Entry pack to Thailand has come at a perfect time as the Thai Cabinet has recently approved the Phuket Sandbox plan, which will allow vaccinated international travelers to enter Phuket quarantine free from the 1st July, proving that have been vaccinated for at least 2 weeks before traveling into Thailand. Other requirements include a 2-weeks minimum stay in Phuket alone.

    Some of the Key Benefit of the Entry package to Thailand include:
    • No waiting period, no deductible
    • 24-hour hotline service
    • The policy covers those aged 1 – 74
    • Buy Easily online with various payment options
    • Get your insurance policy and Covid-19 certificate by email
    Tadoo is striving to digitally transform price comparison in Thailand and shifting products and services online, beginning with the Thailand entry package, which is one of the packages that is offered entirely online, with the goal of improving the customer experience. You can apply for the package at any time, and the insurance will be sent immediately to your email address, saving you the time and effort of filling out paperwork and waiting for calls. If you have any additional questions or concerns, they also have a call me back option for individuals who prefer to speak with someone directly.

    Sapir Matmon, CEO of Tadoo. says “Entering this new partnership with AXA is really exciting for Tadoo". "With our continuous focus on innovation and expansion, we hope to offer a wide range of alternatives, flexible payment choices, and seamless end-to-end solutions to Tadoo, English and Thai users”

    “We are pleased to announce AXA as our chosen provider to support our strategic goals for 2021 and beyond as a trusted insurance partner. We have a shared goal of providing a selection of high-quality products and ensuring complete peace of mind by improving the consumer experience, which was a major component in cementing our partnership”

    More Information:
    Please contact us