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Top Seafood Restaurants in Bangkok

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  • Top Seafood Restaurants in Bangkok

    Bangkok Seafood Restaurants

    Bangkok is the capital and most populous city of Thailand. It is a city that is known for its street life and its cultural landmarks. Being a coastal city with vast water bodies, it is also known for its quality seafood. In this City, delicious and quality seafood at affordable prices is not hard to find. Anyone craving seafood will be spoilt for choice from high-end restaurants to street food vendors. From the juicy crab meat to the crispy fried fish, take advantage of the fresh, delicious seafood and a variety of drinks that make Bangkok memorable.
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    Aey Seafood - Chinatown

    Aey Seafood is a true local gem, serving delicious seafood. You won’t find many tourists here and the eatery is so popular among locals, that a queue starts to form half an hour before opening time. I discovered this fantastic seafood restaurant by accident a long time ago and after multiple visits, I decided to share my love of this top Bangkok restaurant with our readers.​ Like many Bangkok seafood eateries, Aey Seafood opens its doors at five o’clock as all its seafood needs to be bought fresh at the local markets each day. As said, about half an hour before opening, locals get in line to make sure that they have a seat right at dinner time. It's advisable to visit this restaurant after eight o'clock if you don't want to wait at all. Luckily, the service at this two-story is prompt and food is served quickly. Aey Seafood is located at Banthat Thong Road, near the famous Jeh Oh Chula. This street is located relatively close to Chinatown and therefore is Aey Seafood a perfect alternative to the always crowded and chaotic seafood restaurants in Chinatown. Aey Seafood recently renovated the restaurant and it’s become a homely local restaurant where families can come together and dine in large groups.​

    It’s not just the decor that got an update recently, Aey Seafood’s menu has also been revamped. Rather than offering a huge range of dishes, there’s now a smaller selection of tasty specialities, which makes it so much easier to choose your meal. I started with the Boiled Cockles (130 THB) which were large, super fresh and served with spicy seafood sauce. For most foreigners, these half-cooked cockles covered in blood are perhaps too adventurous. The blood taste is dominant, but with the spicy seafood sauce, a real delicacy. If you are in a less adventurous mood, try the Scallops Baked with Butter & Garlic (120 THB). These scallops are one of Aey Seafood’s specialities and are perfectly cooked in a garlic butter sauce and topped with finely sliced spring onion. I absolutely love this appetizer!​

    The two absolute highlights of the menu for me were the Stir-Fried Crab in Curry Powder (480 THB) and the Deep-fried Sea Bass in Fish Sauce (390 THB). The crab curry had such deep roasted flavour and was served with succulent crab meat, while the sea bass was so incredibly crispy. I noticed that everyone else in the restaurant had ordered the crispy sea bass, so I guess it’s a must-order dish!​ The new, shorter menu is dedicated to grilled seafood and mostly large prawns. However, while grilled river prawns are sure as hell tasty, they come with a hefty price tag as well. A great alternative to these expensive delicacies is the Baked Tiger Prawns with Glass Noodles (240 THB), featuring three large tiger prawns served with a pile of glass noodles. At the bottom of the hot pot, you'll find a garlicky marinade that you can stir up to add a delicious flavour to the prawns and noodles.​
    • Price: 120 - 480 THB
    • Food: Stir-Fried Crab with Curry Powder, Deep-Fried Sea Bass in Fish Sauce
    • Opening Hours: 17:00 - 23:30 Daily​

    Ruepoh Seafood

    Ruepoh Seafood is a family-run restaurant that is in business for over forty years. In 2017, Ruepoh opened a branch in Udom Suk. The restaurant is built inside a shipping container, really clean and nicely decorated with seafood-style elements. You can choose to sit inside the well-cooled container, or, if you visit the restaurant after six o’clock in the evening, on top of the roof of the shipping container. Ruepoh Seafood gets daily fresh seafood from Chonburi, where they have two other branches as well. The menu is relatively limited, but the quality of the seafood, as well as the flavouring, is seriously impressive. Tip: the food is quite spicy, which I personally didn’t mind. But if you need to cool your tongue at the end of your dinner, order their delicious homemade durian ice cream as your dessert for only 50 THB. That ice cream felt like a very "cold" welcome!​

    One of the highlights of the menu is the Stir-Fried Mix Seafood with Pepper, Coriander and Exotic Herbs (250 THB). This peppery seafood curry is packed with perfectly cooked seafood such as squid, scallop and slices of white fish and is like all the other seafood dishes, traditionally spicy. Another amazing flavour explosion is the Fluffy Catfish with Green Mango Salad (150 THB), which is a sour and spicy mango salad with chunks of fried catfish in it. Although Ruepoh Seafood is relatively fair priced compared to other seafood restaurants, there is an option that definitely not comes cheap: Grilled River Prawn (999 THB). Although the prawns are grilled, they don’t have a strong charcoal flavour to it, what the famous river prawns in Ayutthaya do have. This means that the prawns are subtle of taste and you can really taste the prawns the most natural way.
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