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Bangkok Heightz Sky Bar @ Continent Hotel

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  • Bangkok Heightz Sky Bar @ Continent Hotel

    Review: Bangkok Heightz Sky Bar @ Continent Hotel

    Bangkok Heightz - Thai Rooftop restaurant and Bar located on the rooftop of The Continent Hotel. Situated on the 39th floor of the hotel overlooking a fabulous cityscape, it features Thai dining that takes it’ s inspiration from street food. Mixology at the hotel remains creative with Signature cocktails taking their inspiration from local herbs and spices.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Bangkok-Heightz.jpg Views:	0 Size:	155.5 KB ID:	6434Bangkok Heightz is tucked in an exclusive semi-open space more than 100 meters above the city centre. It is designed to mimic the Bangkok Streets with the neat skyline of the glittering capital as a background. Dig into popular Thai food favorites like “GoongRad Prik”, normally made with shrimp covered in a sweet and sour sauce made of tamarind, brown sugar, chilies, and Thai herbs, but here served as fine Canadian lobster, boiled exactly for three minutes prior to frying.

    Or sample some “KrapaoPla”, Thailand’s signature holy basil, here fried in a tempered wok with chilies and served on delectable Snow Fish. Another seafood favorite featured on the menu here is “Pu NimPad PrikThai Dam” stir-fried soft-shelled crab with black pepper and salted egg. Using the finest high-end ingredients combined with age-old recipes makes Bangkok Heightz one of the best Thai restaurants in town. In addition to the extensive menu, there are plenty of signature cocktails cleverly blending local elements with a classic western flair. Novel drink creations include the Chao Phraya Sling, TukTuk, Muay Thai, and Siam Libre.
    • Address: 413 Sukhumvit Road The Continent Hotel Bangkok, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
    • Phone: +66 2 686 7000