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Most popular gifts to buy in Thailand

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  • Most popular gifts to buy in Thailand

    Most popular gifts to buy in Thailand

    Thailand is known for its amazing shopping, dining, and culture. But, when you are looking for something to bring back to loved ones or friends, we have the top five gifts to get in Thailand. From souvenirs to bath soaps, we have you covered. As these items can represent Thai culture, they are great to give as a slice of your holiday. Moreover, they can fit nicely into your suitcase when travelling back home.

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    Flower Soap
    This Thai soap can be found in all shapes and colours of flowers. The soap can also be found to represent fruits and other things. They are not only intricately carved but very fragrant. Hand-made soaps are often a tourist favourite as they can serve as decoration in loved ones’ homes. At the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok, you can find all sorts of these soaps. Big shopping malls and other night markets are known to have these soaps as well.

    Triangular Pillows
    You may be thinking why a pillow is triangular in shape. But, these very fancy pillows are actually comfortable and can be seen in many Thai homes. Your loved ones will surely be impressed when they are gifted with one of these beautifully-designed pillows.

    Paper Umbrellas
    These famous umbrellas can feature many colours and designs. Some of them even feature depictions of beautiful Thai landscapes that will have your friends back home yearning to holiday in Thailand. Although they can be used to block out the sun, they are mostly used for decoration as they are quite thin like paper.

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    Thai Keychains & Magnets

    A new keychain for your backpack or a magnet for your refrigerator never hurt anyone! Plus, they come in all sorts of designs! Even stunning Thai beaches have been etched into magnets, making them easy on the eyes when you open your refrigerator. Keychains serve as a memory or thought every time you see them on your purse or bag. This may be why they are so popular as gifts as they depict a memory or scene. The ones with elephants are exceptionally beautiful as the elephant is also the Thai national animal.

    Wooden Carvings
    Adding a heavy wooden carving to your luggage may not be appealing, but hauling one back home is worth it as they are some of the most beautiful in the world. In Bangkok you can find stunning wood carvings that have been made by the hands of Thai artisans, offering an exceptionally rare and unique gift to your friends or family. Although there are many things to gift when travelling through Thailand, this list is just a few of the most popular gifts that tourists usually choose. Other gifts include traditional Thai clothing, silk scarves, and tapestries to name a few. Regardless of what you choose, your loved ones will be happy that you didn’t come back empty-handed!
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