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  • Pina Love | Dating and Romance Scams | Organized Online Dating and Romance Scams within the Philippines
    Pinay | Filipina Freelancer, Prostitutes, Ladyboys, Con Artists, local Hook-ups and Girls using Fake Profiles
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Fake-Profiles.png Views:	0 Size:	1.22 MB ID:	3814

    Sample Screen Shot from April 12.2022 Profiles - No Pros and lots of Cons

    Don't pay or waste your money and time to talk to literally 1000's of Bounty Hunter, Gold Digger and Pretenders on

    • Almost all of the above "Premium Profiles" samples are fake because most girls can simply not afford to invest in paid dating subscriptions. Besides that, even the "average" girls are receiving somewhere in between 50-100 messages from lovesick guys from around the world per day anyway. So there is definitely no need for a Filipina to pay a premium fee in order to meet someone online.
    • Profile pages of many girls do not include any valuable personal information or simply fake ones - i.e.: height, weight, location, age, kids etc.. You will notice this easily by checking the attached images or during the first chats. Accordingly, some of the girls are:

      (1) not very smart
      (2) maybe a little too shy
      (3) do not speak english very well
      (4) arrogant beauties with a huge line up of foreigners interested
      (5) dont care because they know how many messages they will get by posting some sexy pics
      (6) tread foreigners generally as walking ATM's
    • The lack of valuable information within a profile is In most cases already an indicatior that the girl is out there just looking for someone to take advantage of and to extract money.
    • Plenty of profiles are available from girls pretending they are living or working as nanny or housekeeper outside the Philippines (OFW) in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, Dubai, Doha or other Emirates. Most of these profiles are fake and they are just pretending to live abroad.
    • Most girls from 18-23 are generally looking for (multiple) monthly financial supporter or full time sugar daddy's. These girls usually have a local Pinoy boyfriend too.
    • Many girls are freelancer and are only interested in local hook-ups and one-night stands. They usually publish also a Whatsapp or Viber number.
    • Payments for nude pictures and cam shows are requested usually via Paypal (friends only), Worldremit cash pick-up or GPay. The account is generally in the name of another person and email addresses are associated with Outlook or GMail accounts.
    • Girls usually don't provide links to private Instagram, Facebook or Twitter Accounts. So tracking anyone down is a difficult task.
    • If you message a girl - or like her profile - and you get immediately blocked, it is most likely that you contacted her already before under a different user name. She recognized you and obviously blocked you for any reason whatsoever.
    • Many girls are working without a doubt for scam organizations. Participants are constantly scanning the website for new logged in males and then immediately send a "like" or the usually short - "Hi" - "Hello" - "How are you" - messages to get your attention. Besides that they also expect that you contact them. Please dont think you are extremely popular or over estimate the way you look - the girls are not chasing you but your money. You will get plenty of messages from girls of all ages - even if you added profile preferences - while cruising the page. It will stop as soon as you logout - and start again when you log into your profile. Just try it !
    • Because most of the girls are very "open minded" they send nude pictures quickly, so you will notice sooner or later that girls with a shaved pussy usually never dated a foreigner before because foreigner generally prefer it bold - and Filipinos prefer hairy girls.
    • If you send intimate images of yourself, someone might use these images for blackmail and extortion attempts. Protect yourself from cyberstalkers and creeps.
    • Do not provide too many personal information while chatting with a girl. If you use a messenger service, use a "trash" phone number because it is most likely that the number will be distributed to a variety of business minded girls. You will get video chat invitations with underaged girls, subscriptions for explicit videos, money requests etc..etc.. A scammer will also use information on your financial situation and whether you're vulnerable to determine whether you're an ideal target.
    • Online dating scammers tend to move very quickly in terms of professing an emotional connection. Within a short period, they may say they love you and that they feel a very deep connection to you.
    • Since April 2022 many girls following a different strategy. You will notice less cam show or one-night stand options but increasinly more profiles from girls looking for "marriage" or "longterm relationships". Unfortunately about 80-90% of them asking sooner or later for financial support while chatting with you.
    • Always remember: some scams are starting low key, just asking for a US$10.00 mobile phone top-up for a "more privat video call". Once you pay you are on the hook and additional money requests are following bevor you see the skin of the girl during a video call. So if you mistakenly paid for the top-up, take the loss and get out of it before you loose more.

    If you are smart enough, take advantage and try to talk some newly registered girls into sexual online activities and just dump and block them afterwards - before she does it with you ! It still works.
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    About Pina Love | Dating Asian Girls
    Asia Dating Websites

    Pina Love Website Operator
    Please be aware that the company is just interested to sell you a paid subscription ! They are not there to help you if you get scammed sooner or later as many other user before you - or if you have technical (login) problems. These operators are well aware of whats going on but its not of their concern either. Female scammers are not removed from the website, complaints are generally not answered and if you ask for a refund because you are unhappy - just forget it - because you'll never receive one.
    • Oxixo Private Limited (Singapore Registered Company)
      Address: 30 Raffles Place, #17-01 Chevron House, Singapore 048622
      Note: This is just a mailbox - not a physical address !
    • The Website is registered in Island
    • The Web Server is located within the USA
    • The Website includes the WHOIS Privacy Protection. No physical account names are available !
    • Claims based on the "Money Back Guarantee Option" is obviously a waste of time
    Dating Scams on Pina Love | PinaLove
    We highly recommend to read the internal and external feeback about common dating scams on Pina Love before you register and waste your money.

    Check Online Feedback
    Check reviews on Sitejabber or Trustpilot or YouTube V-Logs and other Feedback Pages. The same company operates also the website which actually provides the largest "come and go" freelancer array within Thailand. Similar as with the girls are operating with multiple profiles (tracked by another forum) and over 90% of the girls are "for sale".

    Honestly do not use this site!! I got banned after I tried to report a scammer!! Basically 99% will ask you for money in some way, wether it be via the honey trap or some other scheme. If I could give it no stars I would. Shockingly bad!
    There's Pro's and Con's. - Prostitutes and Con-artists!
    After all the hullabaloo with PinaLove I understood that I was just constantly exposing myself to scam and stupidly wasting my time corresponding with fake accounts and con artists.
    Pina Love Admins are only interested in Website Revenue
    So simply expect to deal constantly with:
    • Fake Profiles
    • False Promises
    • Refund Problems
    • Freelancer and Hooker Profiles
    • Constantly rotating profile images of girls to make it harder to keep track of the actual audience numbers.
    • Blocked Accounts - if you complain too many times or blackmail girls for any illegal actions.
    Registration | Deactivation Process
    It’s simple and quick to register at the PinaLove website. It takes just a few minutes to get through with the process. Below is a step-by-step guide on what one must do to create an account with PinaLove. You may register multiple accounts (officially not permitted) with individual web browsers such as Firefox and Safari, but delete any coockies before you register multiple accounts.
    • The first step is to enter a valid email address, choose a username and a password.
    • The second step is to specify gender and the sexual orientation of the person you want to meet. Then, include any specific weight, height, age etc..
    • Finally, members may personalize their profiles now or later by adding personal details within the description box.
    • To temporarily deactivate a profile, confirm the password on the account, choose the closing option. To retrieve your account, simply sign in again.
    • To delete the profile permanently, choose the option to delete the profile on the account page. This action is irreversible.
    Popular PinaLove Member

    Free Services
    • Free account activation
    • Send favorites and interests
    • View profiles and images
    • Send one message every 10 minutes
      This is virtually impossible because the message system on profiles may be blocked within minutes
      Accordingly you'll receive the message above
    • Unrestricted profile picture uploads
    Premium Services
    • Unlimited messaging
    • Higher ranking above non-paying members
    • Read Receipts
    • Contact the most popular users
    • Live chat with paying members
    Pricing | Billing
    • US$ 24.95 | 1 Month
    • US$ 49.94 | 3 Months
    • US$ 69.95 | 6 Months
    Member packages with 1-month and 3-month subscription packages are coming with auto-renew features - e.g.: bills will be automatically deducted from the selected payment option. Please do not forget to cancel your subcription in time. To prevent the auto-renewal of subscription, click the “Cancel Paid Membership” button on the “Members Support” page. They provide a two-week complete refund policy on all their subscribers. Thus, in reality you will not get a refund at all once the subcription is paid, because their customer service department is neither efficient or helpful at all. They simply dont care !
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      Pina Love Romance | Dating Scams

      The website PinaLove @ is well known and internationally recognized as a Philippines Dating Site with the highest number of (organized crime) female Scammer, Gold-Digger, Freelancer and Hooker audience. Needless to say: safety measures or scam prevention software are not used. As a rule of thumb, you should never pay for somebody you have never met.

      Beware of:
      • Many Fake Profiles
      • Multiple Accounts
      • Old, Fake and/or heavily Photoshopped Images
      • Freelancer
      • Lady Boys
      • Live Sex with underaged Teens
      • Erotic Video Call Offers
      • Sugar Daddy Requests
      • Extorsion Attempts
      • Unsolicited Contacts
      • Lack of Response
      • Foreign Phone Numbers (+63)
      Romance Scams on Pina Love

      Do not - NEVER EVER - send Money to Scammers:

      Inevitably, a scammer will request money from you, because this is the ultimate goal for all scammers ! There are a variety of scenarios, fake (identical) stories used by a number of girls and most likely developed by their ring leader, as well as carefully prepared answers on all questions you might have before sending money.
      • All Scammer are asking for:

        - Financial Support in exchange for a Long Distance Relationship
        - Mobile Phone Top-ups
        - Passport Application Processing Fee
        - Visa Payments
        - Medication Purchase
        - Employment Medical Test Payments
        - Phone Repairs
        - Computer Purchase for home-based | self-supporting Business Activities
        - Internet Service Subscription
        - Food Support for Children
        - School Supply | Uniforms for Children
        - School Tuitition Fees
        - College Fees for Adult Education
        - Illness of Family Member
        - Transportation Fees to visit the Family | Children
        - Rent
        - Utility Charges
        - Scooter Repairs
        - Erotic Toy Purchase e.g. Dildos, Vibrator etc..@ Lazada
        - Moving Expenses
        - Desaster relief after a Typhoon etc..
        - Hotel Bookings for more "Privacy" during Video Calls
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        How to easily Identify Pina Love Freelancer

        How to separate Freelance - Hooker - and Support Search Profiles from some of the few good Girls searching for a serious relationship on PinaLove:
        • Main Freelancer P4P Profiles
          Without a specific age dating range "any"
          Without a profile description
          Without a specific location OR fake locations in Europe and the USA
        • Additional indications on Freelancer P4P Profiles
          Advertised Whatsapp number
          Many sexy profile pictures
          Pictures taken in Hotel Rooms or upscaled Condos | Homes
          Premium Accounts are usually a Fake
        Straight profiles as cam girl, video girl, travel companion, university students looking for a sugardaddy, searching for a good man etc.. are clear and do not provide misunderstandings.

        The Good Girls

        Such profiles might even include words like “long term relationship”, “serious”, “boyfriend”, or “sincere”, "soulmate", "forever", "love" - unfortunately there are some exceptions, because many Freelancer are using the terms as well in the meantime. Thus, they come usually pretty quickly to the point once you chat on Skype or WhatsApp with them. Tipp: Just ask right away and straight once you contact the girl you are interested in.

        Use the free Pina Love Membership Option
        Regarding issues cancelling the premium subscription if you don't buy through the mobile play-stores: Use one of those temporary credit card numbers some banks can generate. Wise (formerly TransferWise) can generate new virtual credit card numbers and you can use them eg for a TF premium subscription. Only load them with limited money and cancel them when done.


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          Pinay Love Scams Victims Poll

          One in two, or 45 percent of people surveyed in the Philippines and Southeast Asia (SEA), lost money to online love scams, according to a recent Kaspersky study. The oldest and loneliest group lost the most – over half a million pesos, from online romance fraud. Specifically, the two oldest generations – Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964), and the Silent Generation (born 1928 to 1945) – accounted for the bulk, or 33 percent, of those who fall prey to love scammers. Sadly, two in five in the most senior age group admitted to being defrauded by as much as P255,000 to P510,000 ($5,000-10,000) from love scams online.

          Only a small portion, or 8 percent, of Gen Z (born 1997 to 2012) lost over P510,000 ($10,000) from romance-related threats. The rest, 22 percent of the victims, were fleeced for less than P5,100 ($100). “When we’re younger, we tend to be more curious and a bit more reckless. When we’re older, we have a lot of time in our hands and retirement funds in our bank accounts,” explained Kaspersky Managing Director for Asia Pacific Chris Connell.

          “Cybercriminals know these realities as well as our human tendencies to be lonely and crave for a company when forced to be alone inside our houses,” he warned. “Nothing is more painful than having a fake lover and an empty wallet,” Connell stressed. Hence, “We urge everyone from all ages to remain vigilant and discerning in the relationships they build online and offline.”

          Romance scams surged when the pandemic hit. With limited physical movements, the internet, particularly social media platforms, provided a critical connection for people. More than half (53 %) of social media users around the world used social networks more during local and national lockdowns than before, according to Kaspersky’s findings. Furthermore, 18 % of the 1,007 adults surveyed to represent Southeast Asia (SEA) used social media mainly to find romance and the majority (76 %) confirmed that social media provided them with a vital connection during the global health emergency.

          Close to a quarter (24 %) of the respondents from SEA said that they have formed real-life, in-person friendships with people met initially on social media while another 18 % admitted they dated someone they’ve met on these platforms. The Kaspersky study, conducted by research agency YouGov, covered 1,618 respondents in 10 Asia Pacific countries, including the Philippines, Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, , Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

          The respondents ranged from 18-65 years of age, all of which are working professionals who are digital payment users. Regardless of platform or app, warning signs of online dating scams include demonstration of strong emotions in a very short time, Kaspersky warned. Cybercriminals also move quickly from dating sites or apps into private channels. They ask a lot of questions about their victims to manipulate them more easily but the scammers’ own stories are often inconsistent as they operate in teams, with different people hiding behind one identity.

          Also, scammers don’t have a digital footprint. While some people don’t use social media and try to minimize the amount of personal information about them on the internet, it can be suspicious if you can’t find any trace of a person online. Scammers avoid video calls or face-to-face meetings as well. People who are scammed generally report that the other person made constant excuses to avoid going on camera because they don’t look like the person in their profile picture. They also want to avoid being identified to prevent being tracked down afterward.

          Cybercriminals request for money based on personal hardship, such as sick relatives or a failed business.


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            How to catch a scammer in the Philippines

            Getting even with a scammer sure does feel nice, but if you run into a scammer in the Philippines, can you even the score legally by getting your money back? Let's talk to a local attorney, who has the answers, as well as an explanation of the age of consent, forged documents, and what to do if you realize you're living with a married woman! Getting even with a scammer might be the most satisfying, but you also need to protect yourself in other ways!​


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              Which is the best Filipina Dating Site ?