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  • Thai Driver License | Driving Penalty Points

    Driving penalty points system in effect from January 09.2023

    Thailand’s new driving penalty points system will come into effect today but the police are focusing on encouraging general public awareness so they understand the new rules before fully cracking down. The new points system for motorists is aimed at improving traffic law compliance, reducing accidents, and improving road safety, according to the commander of the Highway Police Division.

    The point system will be applied to every driver, but offenders will have a chance to reform depending on the situation, according to Hua Hin Today. Points will be returned after one year, but if only six points remain, the driver can attend a training course to restore their points.

    Each driving license holder will be given 12 points to start with and then points will be deducted for each violation they are caught committing. The point deductions are divided into four levels, depending on the severity of the violation. If a driver loses all 12 points, their license will be suspended for 90 days. If they receive three suspensions within three years, their license will be revoked.

    The majority of traffic offences will receive a one-point deduction including:
    • using a cell phone while driving
    • not wearing a helmet on a motorcycle
    • exceeding the speed limit
    • not wearing a seatbelt
    • riding a motorcycle on the pavement
    • not giving way to emergency vehicles
    • reckless driving
    • failing to stop for pedestrians at zebra crossings
    • driving without a license plate or with the plate covered
    • not showing the road tax sign
    • driving with unpaid traffic tickets
    • failing to produce a driving license when asked by police
    • failing to obey traffic signs
    • parking in a no-parking zone
    • not staying in the correct lane while driving
    Two points will be deducted for:
    • driving on the wrong side of the road
    • failing to stop at traffic lights
    • driving on a suspended license.
    Three points will be deducted for:
    • committing a hit and run
    • driving without due attention and care
    • incompetence
    A maximum of four points will be deducted from a driving license if the driver is found to be:
    • drunk driving
    • driving while under the influence of narcotics
    • driving without regard for others’ safety.
    Some people argued that losing just four points for drunk driving was “too little,” but the Highway Police Division commander assured that violators will also face legal charges like fines and jail time under the law.