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Queen Suthida Birthday 2024

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  • Queen Suthida Birthday 2024

    Thailand Public Holidays
    06-03-2024 02:00 PM
    06-03-2024 03:00 PM
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    Queen Suthida

    The Queen's Birthday is a national holiday in Thailand held annually on June 3rd since 2019. If June 3rd falls on a weekend, the holiday will be observed on the following Monday. This holiday marks the birthday of the current queen of Thailand, Queen Suthida (DoB: June 03. 1978) The birthday of Queen Dowager Sirikit will also remain a holiday as National Mother’s Day on August 12th. His Majesty the King named General Suthida Vajiralongkorn na Ayudhya the new queen on May 1st 2019 and conferred upon Queen Suthida the formal title of Her Majesty the Queen Suthida Bajrasudhabimalalakshana on May 4th 2019.

    The Queen was born on June 3rd 1979 in Hat Yai, Songkla, Thailand, to Kham and Jangheang Tidjai. She graduated from Assumption University in 2000. She took up a job as a flight attendant with Jalways Airlines - which is now part of Japan Airlines - from 2000 to 2003 and later Thai Airways in 2003 till 2008. Since 2010 Suthida had been serving in the Ratchawanlop Guards, a unit of bodyguards protecting the then-Crown Prince, since 2013, according to Thai media.

    After Vajiralongkorn’s divorce from the former Princess Srirasmi, Suthida was linked to the future king romantically. By October 2016, international media had picked up on the rumours and declared her as the future consort. The announcement of the new holiday was made by Nattaporn Jatusripitak, spokesperson for the deputy prime minister in charge of economic affairs. The proposal from the Secretariat of the Cabinet for the Cabinet’s declaration was made in response to a royal command from His Majesty the King.

    Across Thailand, buildings are decorated to honour their queen, with the most splendid are in Bangkok, where many buildings and streets are festooned with coloured lights, flowers, and portraits of the queen. People are encouraged to wear purple (The Queen’s 'colour') to honour her and buildings in Bangkok are decorated with yellow (the colour of the King) and purple in celebration.

    What's closed on H.M. Queen's Birthday?
    • All government offices are closed, except for those providing essential services. All main bank branches will close, but branches in shopping centres will remain open.
    • All Royal Thai Police and Tourist Police stations will remain open and some local consulates will remain open to serve their respective citizens.
    • Although the sale of alcohol on the Queen’s Birthday is not prohibited by law, police traditionally encourage people to refrain from drinking alcohol on such auspicious days as a sign of respect.
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