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  • Digital Nomad Visa Proposal

    Phuket proposes visa and work permit scheme for digital nomads in Thailand

    Phuket officials are pushing for a visa scheme for so-called “digital nomads” who want to live or stay in Thailand while working remotely. Under the proposed Phuket X Community for Digital NOMADs Visa, eligible foreigners would be offered a work permit and a stay on the island province for six months to a year.

    The visa scheme would also allow foreigners to open a savings account and buy health insurance.

    The visa proposal was submitted to the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and to the Foreign Affairs Minister by the President of Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation, Rawat Areerob. The president says that many digital nomads spend a long time in a foreign country and earn a high income, adding that the foreigners could help stimulate tourism on the island and boost the economy.

    “Digital nomads are foreign tourists working at the world’s leading companies in the fields of digital, IT, and internet. They are a group of people who live, travel, and work at the same time, using the internet as the main tool for earning money.”
    He added that some digital nomads run their own businesses or work independently on a freelance or contract basis, like programmers, web designers, graphic designers. Some foreigners staying long term in Thailand make money through cryptocurrency trading, freelance writing and blogging, and teaching English online for companies based overseas like VIP Kid and Palfish.

    The tourism industry in Phuket was hit hard during the pandemic. By offering a visa and work permit to digital nomads, Rawat says the island will no longer be so dependent on seasonal tourists. He added that more digital nomads on the island could also lead to new business opportunities, like co-working spaces, cafes, and restaurants.

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    Can digital nomads get a 10 year LTR visa in Thailand?

    The idea of living and working remotely in Thailand is attractive to foreigners, especially if you can bag yourself an online job with a foreign company in a country where wages are considerably higher than Thailand – e.g. the US – and spend the money in Thailand where the cost of living is considerably lower. However, seeking a legitimate visa that supports the “digital nomad” lifestyle is notoriously difficult in Thailand.

    Yesterday, Thailand’s Cabinet announced some changes to the 10 year Long Term Resident visa that could make the “digital nomad” lifestyle a realistic option for certain individuals. The LTR visa is aimed at four groups:
    • Wealthy foreigners
    • Retirees
    • Working foreigners
    • Specialists.
    Digital nomads could be classified as either “Working Foreigners” or “Specialists,” who must both meet 2 requirements to be eligible for the LTR visa…
    • They must have an employment or service contract with a Thai OR a foreign company.
    • They must be able to provide proof of 5 years work experience in the relevant industry, completed within 10 years of the application date.
    The Cabinet also announced they will halve the one-time fee for the LTR visa from 100,000 to 50,000 THB.

    So, if you have the contract and proof of 5 years of work experience, it’s a pretty sweet deal that gets you a visa in Thailand valid for 10 years.

    Also, LTR visa holders are welcome to bring their spouse and up to four children under the age of 20 with them into the kingdom.

    The changes will come into effect 90 days after their official announcement in the Royal Gazette.

    To apply for the visa outside of Thailand, contact your nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate.

    To apply from inside of Thailand, contact the Immigration Bureau in Bangkok. Qualified visa agents may also be able to assist in applying for the LTR visa.