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    What is SMART Visa?

    Thailand has been making a series of efforts in driving the economy through innovation. The Thai government has taken another step to attract talents and technologies with a view to further developing its targeted industries or the so called S-Curve industries. The SMART Visa program has then been designed to enhance Thailand’s attractiveness in drawing science and technology experts, senior executives, investors and startups.

    SMART Visa is a new type of visa specially designed to attract highly skilled manpower, investors, executives and startups entrepreneurs wishing to work or invest in the following targeted industries in the Kingdom of Thailand.
    Visa Type Category Purpose
    SMART T Talent
    SMART I Investor
    SMART E Executive
    SMART S Startup Entrepreneur
    Non-Immigrant O Spouse and legitimate children of SMART Visa holders

    Targeted Industries are:
    • Next-Generation Automotive
    • Smart Electronics
    • Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism
    • Agriculture and Biotechnology
    • Food for the Future
    • Automation and Robotics
    • Aviation and Logistics
    • Biofuels and Biochemicals
    • Digital
    • Medical Hub
    • Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Human Resource Development in Science and Technology
    • Environmental Management and Renewable Energy
    • Defence
    • Aerospace
    • Industries that support a ‘Circular Economy’ e.g., renewable energy production and water management
    • Technology innovation and startup ecosystem management
    • Targeted technology development and international business centres

    SMART Talent Visa
    The four-year SMART T Visa is available to science and technology experts who earn 200,000 baht per month and are employed by in one of the ten targeted industries.

    SMART Investor Visa
    The four-year SMART I Visa is available to investors who make a direct investment of 20 million baht into companies that use technology in their manufacturing process or deliver services. These companies also must be in one of the ten targeted industries.

    SMART Executive Visa
    The four-year SMART E Visa is available to senior managers that have at least a Bachelor’s degree, ten years work experience, and are earning a minimum of 200,000 baht per month. Similar to the SMART T and I Visas, senior managers must be employed by companies in one of the ten targeted industries.

    SMART Startup Visa
    The one- to two-year SMART S Visa is for entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Thailand. To be eligible for this visa, you must deposit 600,000 baht in Thailand, have health insurance, and set up a company in one of the ten targeted industries within your first year.

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    SMART Visa Overview
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      New SMART Visa Options for Thailand

      The government of Thailand has taken a huge step forward in attracting highly skilled foreign workers to the country, with the release of a new law that allows foreigners to work or invest in 18 select industries. The Royal Thai Gazette website published a notice from the Ministry of Interior outlining the special permit for migrant workers, signed by Prime Minister Gen Prayuth Cha-o-cha and Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda on Friday, February 03.2023

      This new law is an ideal opportunity for skilled specialists, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs to make their mark in Thailand and a sign that the Thai government is open to foreign investment and willing to support the growth of their economy. The SMART visa program, introduced by the Board of Investment of Thailand (BOI), offers a new type of visa for highly skilled workers with a maximum residency of four years, reported Khaosod.

      The Ministry of Interior has revised its initial announcement, deleting a verse and focusing on the target industries for migrant workers, which includes executives and entrepreneurs for startups. It is a smart move by the Thai government. Not only will it bring in talented individuals who can contribute to the growth of the country, but it also shows a commitment to economic recovery and foreign direct investment. Experts, investors, executives and entrepreneurs for startups are allowed to work, invest, establish and oversee businesses in Thailand’s target industries, meeting BOI approvals set by the Cabinet. The targeted industries include:
      1. Automotive industry
      2. Electronic industry
      3. Quilyty travelling industry
      4. Agriculture, Food, and Biotechnology industry
      5. Automation and robotics industry
      6. Transport and logistics industry
      7. Petrochemical and chemical industry
      8. Digital industry
      9. Medical industry
      10. Defence industry
      11. Circular economy industry e.g. fuel production from waste and water resource management
      12. Aviation, aircraft, and aerospace industry
      13. Human resource development in science and technology
      14. Environment and renewable energy management
      15. Technology, innovation, and startup ecosystem management
      16. Targeted technology development
      17. International business centre
      18. Alternative dispute resolution service”