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90-Day Report Online System

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  • 90-Day Report Online System

    Thai Immigration launches online 90-Day Report System

    A new online system for 90-day checks with immigration has been launched by Thailand’s Immigration Bureau.

    You can register at the following Website

    Foreigners who are permitted to stay in Thailand for longer than three months are required to notify their local immigration office of their place of residence every 90 days.

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    Step-by-step Guide for the 90-day Online Reporting

    NOTE: The system may not work properly so it is recommended to check with your local immigration office for assistance.

    For foreigners staying in Thailand for a period longer than 90 consecutive days holding a Non-Immigrant Visa or Extension of Stay, you are required by Thai Immigration to report the present address every 90 days. It is that we call “90-day reporting”. As a general rule, the foreigner must file this report within 15 days before, or within 7 days after, your 90-day period expires. The reporting can be done in person, by an agent, by mail. If the foreigner decides to make the 90-day reporting online, you may do it through the procedure below. This is the process on how to do the ONLINE 90-day Report or Notification (TM47).

    Before you actually use your mobile phone or computer to do the online reporting, there are few things you need to do first:
    • This reporting has to be the SECOND 90-day reporting or later on your current visa or visa extension of stay. This is important. You have to report in person or by mail on your current visa or visa extension once in the past before you can do an online report. If you have not done so, please report in person or by mail this time.
    • Make sure you have a browser that’s compatible with the Thai Immigration website. You may use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox works as well. If you have done the report while using other browsers, the immigration website or 90-day online report page may not work properly.
    • Turn OFF the browser’s pop up blocker.
    • Have your passport and arrival card (TM6) information ready.
    • You cannot do ONLINE reporting not earlier that 15 days before the reporting date and not later than 7 days before the reporting date.
    Once you have done all that, you can begin the actual step-by-step 90-day reporting part:

    Step 1. Go to this Website
    Read the bulletin and check “*I have read and fully understand the above terms and conditions” and agree to accept them.
    Step 2. Click “Notification of Staying in the Kingdom over 90 days.”
    Step 3. The first page is personal information and travel information. Most of it is easy. Two small details here. First, on entering Nationality. Click inside of the box on Nationality and type just the first letter of your nationality. A list of nationalities will show up. Just pick the one you apply visa or visa extension with. Second, I know this sounds strange, but leave the “Flight number” box BLANK. It’s not a required information and you will not able to proceed until you left the box blank.
    Step 4. The second page is the visa information and the present address. Most of it is easy. On visa information, you may leave “Select Service” blank since I have no clue what it is. The way to enter an address is the same with nationality. Just click inside the box and type the first letter.
    Step 5. The third page is for you to review your information. If everything is OK, click “Accept”
    If not, click the blue bar on the left that says “Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90 days.”
    Step 6. The fourth page is for you to keep a record. Scroll down to a print button, a blue button with a white printer icon on it. Click it. Once you did, a PDF file with the word “PENDING” on the upper right-hand side will show up. Save the file.
    Step 7. Your online reporting is complete.

    How do I know if the application is approved?
    • Go to the Website
      Read the bulletin and check “*I have read and fully understand the above terms and conditions” and agree to accept them.
    • Click “Check the status of your application”
    • On the next page, fill in your Reference number or passport number and click the search button, the blue button with a white magnifying glass. Once you found your application, click on the end of the row that says “VIEW”.
    • Pay attention to the upper right-hand side. If it says “PENDING”, come back later. If it said “APPROVED” scroll down to the bottom and click on “The Next Appointment (Print)”.
    • This will bring up “the Next Appointment” slip. Please print it and clip it in your passport.
    • You are done and you just need to do the same process on your next 90-day online reporting.