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  • Pai

    The Mae Hong Son Province | Pai
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    Situated in the far northern Thailand, Pai is definitely one of the country’s most beautiful destinations to visit! It’s becoming increasingly popular year on year as more and more backpackers are willing to brave the long windy road up there. Steeped in natural beauty, glorious mountains and even a waterpark it’s a destination you really can’t afford to miss on your trip through Thailand!

    How to get there
    It’s worth being aware that there is only one road in and out of Pai and it is a little long … and windy …. Okay, it’s incredibly long and windy! It's definitely one of the more sickening journeys to take in Thailand, but trust me it’s worth it! The route winds ever higher and higher through the gorgeous mountains and you have some really great views along the way. They’ve also widened and improved the quality of the road in recent years so it’s definitely getting better. That being said, buses do still seem to race their way up there (even trying to overtake on dodgy bends) so just be aware that you may want to take some motion sickness tablets if, like us, you struggle with journies like this. Now that’s been said, here are your two main ways of getting to Pai:
    1. Via Minibus
    2. Via Moped
    Getting to Pai from Chiang Mai by Minibus
    Most people (like us) get a minibus to Pai from Chiang Mai. There are no big coaches that head there, it’s literally a minibus company that leaves every hour. You travel with a company called Prem Pracha and you can purchase your ticket either online or at the bus depo Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station. The trip takes around 3 hours. This route literally goes in and out of the mountains it’s very twisty/turny and the chances are you will feel really sick (we did)! They stop half way through for a toilet/coffee break and you will need to grab the fresh air. Your other option is to get a “local” bus that takes around 4 hours- It’s around 75 baht and you can buy your tickets at the Arcade Bus Station too.

    Getting to Pai from Chiang Mai byMoped or Motorbike
    I really wish that this was the option that we chose as we love riding mopeds in southeast Asia, and I’m sure the journey would have been a lot more enjoyable. Your best option would probably be to find a hostel or hotel in Chiang Mai that is willing to hang on to the bulk of your luggage for a few days while you head up to Pai. Then, go and speak to local moped/scooter rental firms and check they are happy for you to ride up to Pai. It’s best to pack light for the trip as you really won’t need very much stuff, and it will make the drive there more enjoyable if you’re carrying less luggage.

    Getting around in Pai
    Simply put, mopeds are your best shout! This is the thing that most people do in Pai, and you’ll soon realise why when you see the hundreds of signs offering moped rental for as little as 100 baht for 24 hours! One thing to note, that the cheaper the moped, the lower quality. Whilst this is fine if you are just driving around to local places, if you want to venture to some of the more far out places that I will speak about below, including hot springs and waterfalls, the roads include steep hills which a low cc moped, just will not bring you up! So it’s always best to fork out the extra few Baht to get a decent quality moped (treat yourself, you’re on holiday after all!)

    Where to stay in Pai
    Pai is literally filled with wonderful places to stay, that’s what makes it such a great place to visit. Especially compared to busier cities like Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. One important thing to note when booking your accommodation is that taxi services are limited. Well, not limited, but it’s basically a set fair of 100 baht and you book a taxi from the main street, so it’s just awkward. Most accommodations are within walking distance, so keep this in mind when booking. Ours was a 15-20 minute walk with bags which wasn’t exactly ideal. We stayed in a place called Pai Phu Fah Resort and we stayed here for two nights. This is right in the middle of the Pai countryside, away from the centre and you are housed in little wooden huts/bungalows. The views that surround you are amazing and you can see green rice paddies and one of the big Buddhas in the distance.

    The Pai Walking Street Food Market
    I have to include this because it’s probably the best street food market I have been to in Thailand! It’s cheap and the variety is crazy. Pai also loves its avocado, so it is truly an avocado lover's dream. There are dishes to suit everyone, from meat lovers (bbq ribs to die for), vegetarians (fried mushroom and sweet fritters- delicious!) and vegans. The only problem will be choosing what to eat; either way I recommend you eat the street food each night. We didn’t get sick and everything is visibly clean and well prepared; which is surprising as we got sick in a few places in the south of Thailand. This street food market is located in the centre of Pai, though the town is tiny anyway, so it’s hard to miss. You’ll walk past lots of food establishments then you’ll enter the food market- yum! Stalls start setting up at around 5:00 pm, so I recommend heading in at about 6:00 pm.

    Explore Pai Canyon
    Known as Thailand’s answer to the Grand Canyon (a very ambitious claim), Pai Canyon covers a large area that offers some brilliant views and fun hikes. If you are feeling very active you can scramble all the way down and spend hours climbing and getting lost in nature. It’s a bit of an adventurer’s playground too because some of the paths are quite skinny and sketchy, so make sure you wear good shoes if you are planning on exploring Pai Canyon properly. A favourite pastime is enjoying the sunset with a beer in hand, watching the sky change to an astonishing array of colours. You won’t be alone for sunset, but that just adds to the awesome atmosphere! Get there to Pai Canyon by riding your scooter out of town back towards Chiang Mai.

    Walking Street Night Market
    Every night the main street of Pai fills up with street food vendors and market stalls selling everything from your quintessential hippie clothing and jewelry to personalized postcards. Even if you’re not into shopping though, you still need to spend just about every night making the most of Pai’s Walking Street, especially if you’re hungry. The selection of street food is quite varied; sushi, Indian food, barbecued meats, fresh fruit smoothies, and deep-fried everything. You certainly won’t go hungry! Everyone ends up at the night market most nights so the people-watching is great. Just watch out for first-time scooter riders who have no concept of how to drive. Entertaining, but dangerous!

    Pam Bok Waterfall
    Pai has a number of awesome waterfalls to visit, which is perfect because the area can get pretty hot during the day! What better way to cool off than visiting the two best ones! One of our personal favourites is the Pam Bok Waterfall, located a short scooter ride from Pai. It’s a little more secluded than its more popular alternative (more on that below), so definitely don’t miss it. Pam Bok Waterfall is tucked away beneath some high cliffs, so it is often covered in shade for most of the day. As a result, the water is quite refreshing, but that means you could have the pool to yourself. There are also a couple of ledges you can climb to jump off. Be sure to check the water depth before taking the leap! Safety first kids. Situated on the road to the Pam Bok Waterfall, the famous Pai Land Split is definitely worth a stopover.

    Land Crack
    A small property hidden in the hills had always been a working farm until a strange natural phenomenon changed everything. Several years ago, the farmer’s land began to split and crack due to some strange soil erosion. His property became unusable as the land turned into a scene you would see after an earthquake. The thrifty farmer then decided to turn his property and land split into a bit of a tourist attraction where he now offers you nuts, fruit, sweet potato, fresh rosella juice, and alcohol – all by donation! Once you’ve filled up on food (he constantly brings you more to eat), you can walk up the hill to have a look at the Land Split. The family is very friendly and is just happy to have people stopping by. Definitely one of the most unique things to do in Pai.

    Mo Paeng Waterfall
    The other most popular falls to visit in Pai is the Mo Paeng Waterfall, and this is our personal favourite. At Mo Paeng Waterfalls there are great little pools with long, slippery rock faces running into them that you can slide down. The scenery is gorgeous and it makes for a fun place to spend a few hours. Our recommendation for what to do in Pai is to rent a scooter from town and spend exploring these epic little spots on your own.

    Splash around at Waterpark Adventure
    Okay, this was probably one of my absolute favourite things to do in Pai; mainly because we drove past it randomly and thought “what’s that?”. It’s not a waterpark in your traditional sense...rather it’s a massive swimming pool filled with massive inflatable courses to try and tackle and a big massive “bouncy” water slide to climb on top and slide down. We were intrigued, so we pulled over to find a price. We put our bags in some random lockers (that had no locks) and headed towards what looked like a bar. I can’t remember the exact price...but I’m pretty sure it was around 150 THB. It was amazingly fun and so cheap, they even had super clean showers and toilets to clean yourself afterwards. There is so little information about this place online….they don’t even rank for their own business name, and you should use or Google Maps to bring you there.It did advertise “pool” parties, with shots, drinks, DJs, the whole shebang and I reckon they would be quite fun, but I think they are only for a certain season. I really hope this place stays open because if you have the chance to go, you will love it!

    Tha Pai Hot Springs
    For a relaxing afternoon when you visit Pai, head to the Tha Pai Hot Springs. Only 7km from town, a cold-water stream flows over boiling-hot rocks to create a soothing, heated pool surrounded by lush scenery. Tha Pai Hot Springs are the perfect way to kill a few hours in the winter months when temperatures in Pai can plummet. You’ll find lots of other backpackers hanging out and having a good time at the hot springs, so there’s a good chance you’ll make some friends there too. This is one place we didn’t visit due to the fact we were there in summer and the weather was already roasting. But if you are there in the cooler months, don’t miss these amazing hot springs! Sai Ngam Hot Springs are another amazing option. While Tha Pai Hot Springs are south of the town center, Sai Ngam Hot Springs are a 25 minute drive north. Both are easily accessible from Pai and make for an incredible, relaxing day.

    Venture up to White Buddha
    Wat Phra That Mae Yen, also known as the White Buddha, is one of the top things to see when you visit Pai. You can see it from most places in town, and the White Buddha high on the hill isn’t only a religious shrine, it also offers some of the best views over Pai! Once you cross the bridge heading out of town keep following the road until you are about 2km out of town, and you’ll see the path to the top. There are 353 steps to reach the White Buddha, and while it might be tiring, the vistas from the top are always worth it. Time your trip to be at the top for sunset and you’ll quickly fall in love with the entire valley changing colours right before your eyes. Make sure you take water with you, and even though the temperature can be hot keep in mind that you still need to show respect to Buddha by covering up. It’s difficult deciding what to see in Pai, but the Wat Phra That Mae Yen is a Pai must-see!
    • Opening Hours: 6:00 am – 6:00 pm
    • Entrance Fee: Free of charge

    Tubing Down the Pai River
    The Pai River hosts the best Pai activities – tubing! If you’ve never been tubing before then you’re in for a real treat. Basically all it requires is one big inflatable tube, your bathers, and a sense of adventure. You head upriver with a bunch of friends and push yourself out into the water. Then you kick back and let the current take you back to town. The entire experience will take about an hour. This is definitely one of the best things to do in Pai Thailand, especially on a hot day. Rent a tube from one of the tour companies in town for less than $10, including transport to and from the river.

    Though there are so many great Pai attractions to visit, I can confidently say that some of my favorite memories from here were our time spent out on the moped. Compared to elsewhere in Thailand, Pai seems so much less crowded, so as soon as you head out of town the roads are virtually empty. Plus, the scenery is spectacular, with lush green fields and rice paddies almost everywhere. The roads are also in pretty good shape, at least by Asian standards, so the roads are nice and smooth and you aren’t as worried about suddenly hitting a massive pothole! There are a bunch of places in town that rent out mopeds, charging anywhere from 100 THB per day and upwards. You can usually get a better price if you’re willing to hire for multiple days; and we often find that your hotel/hostel offers the best rates. That being said, before you head out make sure that the bike is in good condition and that they give you helmets for everyone riding.
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    Ban Rak Thai

    Tham Lod Caves
    Not exactly located in Pai, but instead, in a town 35km headed towards Mae Hong Son, there is a spectacular limestone system known as Lod (Spirit) Caves. A river flows through the caves and you can hire a guide to float through them on a bamboo raft. At certain points, you can climb upstairs and ladders to explore the stalactites and stalagmites up close as well as the numerous ancient ceramics and wall paintings that are scattered throughout the complex. Definitely worth the drive/ride out there.

    Make the Most of Pai’s Nightlife
    For a small town, there are a lot of awesome bars and clubs to party the night away! Yep, Pai’s nightlife is infamous. If you’re looking for a truly epic night out, then head to Boom Bar. This is the place to be for backpackers, and with cheap cocktails, a beer pong table, and pumping music, it’s a guaranteed fun night out. Almost Famous Bar is a great spot to ease into the evening, as they have great cocktails. Another fun spot is the Mad Monkey Hostel. Jazz House has more of a chill vibe with live music. Come here to eat, drink, and relax listening to some local artists. Want an all-nighter? Then head to Don’t Cry Bar. Loud music, strong drinks, and tonnes of party animals…
    • Boom Bar
      Address: 139/2 Pai, Pai District
      Opening Hours: 6:00 pm - Midnight
    • Jazz House
      Address: 24/1 Moo 3 Viengtai Pai District
      Opening Hours: 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm Thursday – Saturday
    • Almost Famous Bar
      Address: 62/2 Moo 3 Viengtai Mae Hong Son
      Opening Hours: 5:00 pm - Midnight
    Cool off at Fluid Swimming Pool
    Located in the heart of the Pai valley, Fluid Swimming Pool has quickly become one of the most popular spots for visitors of all ages! Why? Because it’s one of the best (*ahem*, cleanest) places to cool off at in Pai! This large open-air swimming pool is very modern and they even serve a wide variety of tasty Wesetern dishes, so it’s the perfect place to stop off at for lunch in the middle of the day. Alternatively, you could take the whole day to relax here and unwind with a good book.

    Rise for some early morning Yoga
    Many hotels and hostels in Pai offer yoga. In fact, the woman running our accommodation was a foreigner who was staying there for a few months whilst taking a break from her usual life to practise yoga every day. Well, who can blame her! There are few better spots in Thailand to do yoga, as Pai is much cooler and calmer than other parts of Thailand.
    If your accommodation doesn’t offer yoga, then there are a few other places in town.

    General Information
    • When is the best time to visit Pai, Thailand?
      Based on our experience, I can confidently say that the best time to visit Pai would be between November and February, as during these months the chance of heavy rain is much lower, as are the daily temperatures.
    • How long should you spend in Pai?
      I think 3 nights is a pretty solid amount of time to spend in Pai, 2 nights if you are pushed for time. 1 night really wouldn’t be enough to see absolutely everything; plus it’s a lot of effort to get the whole way up there with the winding road.
    • How much should you budget for Pai?
      The prices in Pai are very inline with what you might expect elsewhere in Thailand. You can get great accommodation for no more than 300-400 THB per night (even less if you are on a strict budget). Local restaurants and stalls on the night market are very cheap. That being said, it’s easy to go over budget as you walk down the strip and smell all the tasty foods being offered! Many of the best things to do in Pai are actually free, and those that are paid aren’t too bad. And transport to and from Pai costs just 200 THB each way (more on that at the start of the post). So all in all, what with accommodation, transfers, activities and food, you can expect to spend somewhere between 2,500 and 4,000 THB for 3 nights in Pai. That includes seeing most of the great Pai activities listed above, as well as eating well and staying in half decent accommodation.


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      Pai Accommodation Options
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      Oia Pai Resort

      Featuring Mediterranean architecture and a fine restaurant, The Oia Pai Resort offers eco-friendly accommodation with free WiFi. Free shuttles go to Pai Walking Street, Pratad Mae Yen temple, Pai Airport and the local fruit factory. Guests can also enjoy kayaking. Uniquely designed, modern air-conditioned rooms are equipped with a flat-screen TV, minibar and personal safe. Some rooms have a sofa and balcony. En suite bathrooms come with either a bathtub or shower. Surrounded by a man-made saltwater lake, The Oia Pai Resort provides free bicycle rentals. Light meals and drinks can be enjoyed at the snack bar, accompanied by the beautiful scenery of Pai.​

      Reverie Siam
      Offering 2 outdoor pools and an all-day Mediterranean and contemporary Thai cuisine restaurant, Reverie Siam is located in Pai. Guests can enjoy extensive collection of wines and live performances. It features traditional Thai with vintage colonial style accommodation with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi access, which is available in all areas. On-site parking is possible. Situated on the back of Pai River, Reverie Siam is just a 5-minute ride from Pai Walking Street and a 10-minute ride from Pai Airport. Chiang Mai International Airport is situated 85 km away. The van transit with chauffer can be arranged. Each well-decorated unit features a private balcony with outdoor furniture. It has a seating area, a flat-screen cable TV and a fridge. Free handmade toiletries are provided in an en suite bathroom. An electric kettle, a minibar and tea/coffee making facilities are provided. For convenience, the property offers a 24-hour front desk and luggage storage facility. A laundry service can be arranged upon request and a free airport transfer and shuttle service to Pai walking street can also be organised. Guests can enjoy European dishes for breakfast and dinner at Silhouette Bar.​

      Pai Village Boutique Resort
      Situated along the banks of Pai River, within tropical gardens, Pai Village Boutique Resort provides rustic wooden cottages. It provides massage services and is only a 5-minute walk from Wat Pa Kham Temple. Guests have free access to the resort's private farm, which is located less than a 5-minute drive away. Traditional Thai massages await guests at The Mamalon Massage. To complement the experience, relax at The Baan Pai’s landscaped Koi pond garden. Free WiFi is also available in the public areas. Featuring private balconies, the Thai-style cottages present beautiful views of the mountain or garden. They have an electric kettle, a seating area and a private bathroom equipped with a hot shower and free toiletries. A surcharged shuttle service to or from Chiang Mai can be arranged upon request. The Blue Ox provides a relaxing setting to enjoy local specialties with a wide selection of wines. Room service is available. Pai Village Boutique Resort is a 10-minute walk from the bus station, while Pai Airport is a 15-minute drive away. Pai Market and Wat Luang Temple are a 5-minute drive from the hotel.​

      Click image for larger version  Name:	Zen Pai.jpg Views:	0 Size:	153.0 KB ID:	6003

      Family House Zen Boutique Resort
      Situated in Pai, 200 metres from Pai Bus station, Family House Zen Boutique Resort features accommodation with an outdoor swimming pool, free private parking, a bar and a garden. The property is around 300 metres from Pai Night Market, 2.2 km from Wat Phra That Mae Yen and 8 km from Pai Canyon. Rooms come with a balcony. All rooms at the resort are fitted with a seating area. With a private bathroom fitted with a shower and slippers, rooms at Family House Zen Boutique Resort also boast free WiFi, while some rooms have pool view. At the accommodation rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a flat-screen TV. Family House Zen Boutique Resort offers a continental or American breakfast. The resort offers a terrace. The World War 2 bridge is 10 km from Family House Zen Boutique Resort, while Pai Walking Street is 300 metres from the property.​

      The Pai Quartier
      The Quarter Pai offers spacious rooms with a balcony and scenic mountain views. The hotel features an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi. The air-conditioned rooms have a seating area, satellite TV and a DVD player. A minibar, tea/coffee maker and a safe are provided. Bathrooms feature a rainshower. Hotel The Pai Quarter offers free use of bicycles, and it has a library with international magazines and free computer use. Free shuttles are available to Pai Airport, Pai Bus Station and the Pai Walking Street. Restaurant The Column serves international cuisine and Thai-European fusion dishes. It offers outdoor dining with garden and pool views. The Quarter Pai is a 5-minute walk from the centre of Pai Town.It is a 15-minute drive away from Nam Hu Temple and Pai Hot Spring.​

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Yoma.jpg
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      Yoma Hotel

      Features views of Mount Mae Yen and Pai’s natural landscape, as well as free shuttle services to the town and airport. A 5-minute drive from Pai Airport and the Walking Street Market, it features an outdoor pool with jet stream. Guests can explore Pai on bicycles provided free of charge, or enjoy quiet reading at the library. Hotel Yoma also offers a gift shop and car rental services. Wi-Fi is free throughout the hotel. Each air-conditioned room at Yoma Hotel Pai has a private balcony with a sitting or lounging area. Rooms come with satellite TV and free tea and coffee. Private bathrooms feature a rain shower and hairdryer. Mountain views accompany meals at Dum Ya Restaurant, which serves Asian dishes with international influences. Diners can have their meals outdoors in a garden setting. Yoma Hotel, Pai is a 15-minute drive from Pai Hot Spring. The town of Pai is 135 km away from Chiang Mai.​

      Pai Vimaan Resort
      Located in Pai Town, Paivimaan Resort is a 10-minute drive from Pai Airport. Set amidst a tropical greenery, it features free Wi-Fi, a restaurant and air-conditioned rooms with a private balcony. Overlooking the gardens or river, rooms at Paivimaan come with modern Lanna Thai décor. All are equipped with hardwood furnishings, a minibar and cable TV. Shower facilities and toiletries are included. Guests can enjoy a relaxing body massage. With a 24-hour front desk, the resort provides a free shuttle service to the bus station and Coffee in Love View Point. For exploring the natural scenery or local area, the resort offers a free bicycle rental service. Travel arrangements can be made at the tour desk. Paivimaan Restaurant serves a fine selection of Northern Thai dishes. Room service is also available upon request. Resort Paivimaan is a 2-minute walk from the lively Walking Street. The resort offers free public parking, and is a 20-minute drive from Mea Yen Waterfall.​​
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        Bang Rak Village
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        Ban Rak Thai (Love Thai Village)

        Is a small highland village nestled in the lush backcountry of Mae Hong Son province in Northern Thailand. It is set in a valley surrounded by hills and tea plantations on the edge of a reservoir. This sleepy village is famous for its breathtaking views and tea cultivation. Because of its remote location, the village is still little known to tourists, and that makes this place not heavily-touristed. Distance wise, the place is about 40km from Mae Hong Son town or 250 km from Chiang Mai. it is also very close to the Burma border (less than 1km). The highland village sits at an elevation of 1,800 metres above sea level and enjoys a cold climate and fresh air year round. Ban Rak Thai has a population of just fewer than 1000 people and sees very few tourists due to its remote location.

        Historically Ban Rak Thai is a Thai-Chinese village founded by former Kuo Min Tang soldiers (The Nationalists) who migrated from Yunnan Province, China, after the Communist takeover of China. Today the place is still heavily influenced by the old Chinese. There are many signs in Chinese, buildings are Chinese-style and much of the population speaks a heavily accented version of Mandarin Chinese. Ban Rak Thai is also well known for its tea products. The village is surrounded by lush and aromatic tea plantations thanks to the mountainous landscape and cool climate. Every year in February an annual Tea Tasting Festival is held at Ban Rak Thai. There are excellent quality oolong teas grown in Ban Rak area.

        Because of its remote location, Ban Rak Thai is so calm and peaceful without seeing a lot of tourists. Most people visit this place as part of their day tour to a few attractions in Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai. If you just want to relax and do nothing then this sleepy village is the place for you. Along the lakeshore are some cafes and restaurants offering a fantastic panoramic view of the lake. As Ban Rak Thai is well known for its tea products, sip a cup of tea at one of the tea houses there offering a variety of homegrown tea leaves. The restaurant here also serves Yunnan-style Chinese food as well as locally brewed fruit wine.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	ban_rak_thai_tea_plantation.jpg
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Size:	280.0 KB
ID:	6010

        How to get there

        Most people come to Ban Rak Thai on a small day-tour group (by minivan) from Mae Hong Son or Chiang Mai. The nearest airport is the Mae Hong Son Airport, with daily flights to/from Bangkok and Chiang Mai. If you want to come here by yourself, you may catch the yellow songthaew (pick-up truck) from Mae Hong Son town. The car leaves at 8.00am and 12.00noon daily. For the DIY road trip enthusiast, or if you are taking the Mae Hong Son Loop you may make a detour to this small village when you are going between Mae Hong Son and Pai.


        Ban Rak Thai is a small village without a lot of choices for accommodation. The most popular hotel is Lee Wine Ruk Thai, located right in the middle of hill-side tea plantations. If you stay here, besides a great view of the lake and overlooking the village, you will actually see farmer harvest tea leaves a few feet away from you.

        Best time to visit

        The cold season, which runs from November to mid-February is by far the best time to visit Ban Rak and the other places in Northern Thailand. The daytime is warm and cold during the evening and at night. You can walk around in shorts and a shirt in the daytime, but a sweater or jacket will be needed after sunset. The rainy season, from June to October, is also a great time to visit as this is when the mountain and scenery at their deepest green. The view of the amazing sea of clouds across the valley is also the most apparent during this time.


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          Restaurants in Pai

          If you ask a Thai person what there is to do in Pai they will probably say there is not much, and they are not completely wrong. Pai is a small village in the Mae Hong Son province that lacks the many tourist attractions that Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai have, but it is a popular destination thanks to its location between mountains, layback lifestyle, and friendly people. One thing that surprised me the most about this place was the incredible food. You can find not only delicious northern Thai food, but almost every cuisine in the world at affordable prices. Natural, fresh, and organic ingredients are a priority in every dish, wherever you decide to eat. After almost a week of delicious food in this little town, I put together this list of my favorite restaurants in Pai that are an absolute must-try. Most places are located in the center, so you can easily walk there, but for a few you might need a motorbike.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Pai Restaurants.jpg Views:	2 Size:	794.5 KB ID:	6009

          I love U Pai

          has probably the best view of all places. Located a little bit outside the city, you can enjoy some tasty Thai food while looking at incredible mountains. The whole place is perfect to relax thanks to the comfy egg chairs and the quietness. You could spend the whole afternoon just staring at the panorama and enjoying a smoothie or a coffee. The staff is also very friendly, but it is a little bit more expensive than the usual Thai restaurant.​

          Na’s Kitchen
          Might look simple from the outside, but its food is one of the best in town. Not only it tastes delicious, but it is also affordable. They offer a big variety of Thai dishes, but they are known for their curries. Service is super-fast and friendly, but it can get busy and you might need to wait for a table. For me the waiting is totally worth it!​

          Charlie & Lek
          Fresh ingredients are the core of all dishes at Charlie & Lek. They specialized in Thai food, but this place has also many vegetarian options including fresh spring rolls and khao soi. Portions are big and flavors are strong. Organic dishes, affordable prices, and friendly staff… what can you ask more​

          Khao Soi Zister
          For those who don’t know, Khao Soi is a creamy curry-based soup with some sort of meat topped with crispy fried noodles and it is a must-try dish if you are in Thailand. The dish is more popular in the north of the country and in Pai you can get the best Khao Soi at Khao Soi Zister. Prices start at 50 THB and you can choose between tofu, chicken, pork or beef. Together with great food, they offer lots of healthy juices and smoothies.​

          Was recommended by a hostel I was staying in, and it did not disappoint. The food was delicious, and they were able to manage my “intolerance” for spicy food. I talked with the chef directly that prepared me one of the best curries I had in Thailand. Overall, great food and service.​

          Om Garden
          Om Garden was one of my favorite places for breakfast/brunch as I am not a big fan of “Thai breakfast”. The menu consists of western and Thai fusion dishes at affordable prices. The café is open air allowing you to relax in the beautiful garden. The staff is super friendly and the location is also great, right in the city center.​

          Earth Tone
          If you are looking for healthy food, Earth Tone is the restaurant for you. They have a big menu of vegetarian and vegan dishes from which it is hard to choose. The ambiance is also great and makes you feel in peace and relaxed. It is located between the town center and the Big Buddha and they also have a little health shop on the side.​
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