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Test and Go | 63 Countries without Quarantine Requirements

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  • Test and Go | 63 Countries without Quarantine Requirements

    Travelers from 63 Countries | Territories permitted to enter Thailand from November 01.2021
    Update: December 21. 2021 | Please check current developments and updates

    Thailand’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has just released a list of 63 countries and/or territories that have been approved to take part in the planned reopening Test & Go Program of the country from November 01. 2021 The list of countries is detailed below as per a .pdf file that was listed on the Ministry’s website late on Thursday, October 21. 2021

    01. Australia
    02. Austria
    03. Bahrain
    04. Belgium
    05. Bhutan
    06. Brunei Darussalam
    07. Bulgaria
    08. Cambodia
    09. Canada
    10. Chile
    11. China
    12. Croatia
    13. Cyprus
    14. Czech Republic
    15. Denmark
    16. Estonia
    17. Finland
    18. France
    19. Germany
    20. Greece
    21. Hong Kong
    22. Hungary
    23. Iceland
    24. India
    25. Indonesia
    26. Ireland
    27. Israel
    28. Italy
    29. Japan
    30. Kuwait
    31. Laos
    32. Latvia
    33. Lithuania
    34. Luxemburg
    35. Malaysia
    36. Maldives
    37. Malta
    38. Mongolia
    39. Myanmar
    40. Nepal
    41. Netherlands
    42. New Zealand
    43. Norway
    44. Oman
    45. Philippines
    46. Poland
    47. Portugal
    48. Qatar
    49. Romania
    50. Saudi Arabia
    51. Singapore
    52. Slovenia
    53. Slowakia
    54. South Korea
    55. Spain
    56. Sri Lanka
    57. Sweden
    58. Switzerland
    59. Taiwan
    60. United Arab Emirates
    61. United Kingdom
    62. United States
    63. Vietnam

    The government has recently outlined 7 conditions that will determine if someone can enter the kingdom quarantine-free. The following conditions have been communicated by the Bureau of Risk Communication and Health Behaviour Promotion, part of the Disease Control Department.
    • Foreign visitors must arrive by air and come from a list of “low-risk” countries approved by the Public Health Ministry
    • Have proof of vaccination with 2 doses of a recognised Covid-19 vaccine
    • Have a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours of departure from your home country
    • Have at least US$50,000 in Covid-19 insurance coverage
    • Have proof of a hotel booking
    • Travellers must download the Mor Chana app and take a second PCR test on arrival or within 24 hours of arrival
    • 7. If the second test is negative, visitors can continue their journey without any further quarantine
    Despite the planned reopening being just 10 days away, the rules for vaccinated adults travelling with unvaccinated children remains unclear. Clarity is also needed on whether travellers need proof of a hotel booking beyond their first night in the kingdom and if this applies to expats with homes here.

    Thai PBS World reports that the government is moving to a 3-model approach for admitting foreign arrivals. The first – and original – model is that unvaccinated visitors will be subject to mandatory hotel quarantine for between 7 and 14 days. The second model is the sandbox model currently in operation in Phuket, Samui and other tourist destinations, which is being extended to several other provinces. The third model will be the quarantine-free model, which allows approved “low-risk” countries or territories, such as the ones recently approved above, to enter without undergoing quarantine.

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    Thailand reviews Quarantine Requirements

    In addition to discussing whether to cancel the Test & Go quarantine exemption scheme due to the uptick in Omicron cases, the Thai government will also review its list of countries considered to be at low risk for Covid-19 and consider whether to ban travellers from high risk countries.

    Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul told Thai media today that the ministry will make a proposal to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration to cancel the Test & Go entry scheme, which allows vaccinated travellers from approved countries to enter Thailand, with just a minimal isolation period upon arrival while they wait for results from an RT-PCR Covid-19 test.

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand governor later confirmed that the government is considering scrapping the Test & Go scheme due to the uptick in Omicron cases, with one local transmission in Thailand and more than 60 confirmed cases involving those who entered or returned to Thailand from overseas. The TAT governor says the “sandbox” and alternative quarantine schemes are still planned to continue.

    The chief of the National Security Council told Thai media that the government is reviewing the list of countries at low and high risk for Covid-19, adding that officials may ban visitors from risky countries. Due to the Omicron outbreak, travellers from eight African countries are already banned from Thailand, while those travelling from other African countries must undergo a 14 day quarantine.

    Some private business owners say they are worried about the effect after the cancellation of Test & Go and want the government to carefully consider the impact on business sectors. The President of the Spa Association of Thailand, Krot Rojanasatien, shared that the Test & Go measure is already strict and effective. If visitors go through the processes, it should be fine and under control, he says


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      Registration closes for Test & Go and Sandbox, except Phuket

      Registration is closing today for travellers wishing to enter Thailand under the Test & Go quarantine exemption programme and the Sandbox entry scheme, with the exception of Phuket. In an urgent meeting this afternoon, chaired by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration decided to stop accepting new tourists under the entry schemes starting at midnight. The government will review the situation after the holidays on January 4.2022

      Travellers registered and approved to enter Thailand under the Thailand Pass Test & Go programme will still be able to enter under the programme until January 10. 2022

      No more travellers will be able to register. Approved Test & Go travellers will now need to take a second RT-PCR test on their seventh day in Thailand, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said in an interview with Thai media.

      The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released the following announcement…
      • Those who have registered and been approved to enter Thailand can enter under the Test & Go and Sandbox schemes.
      • Visitors who have registered, but are still waiting for approval and Thailand Pass QR Code have to keep checking. If approved, they can enter Thailand under one of the two schemes.
      • Visitors who are interested to enter under Alternative Quarantine (AQ) or Phuket Sandbox can register as per normal.
      • Visitors entering under the Test & Go and Sandbox must undergo two RT-PCR tests. The costs for the additional test will be covered by the government.
      The decision follows yesterday’s reports on the first local transmission of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 in Thailand. So far, there have been more than 60 confirmed Omicron cases in Thailand involving travellers entering the country from overseas. One local transmission has also been reported.

      The Thailand Pass Test & Go program was launched on November 1, allowing fully vaccinated travellers, from 63 “low risk” countries, to enter Thailand without undergoing a lengthy quarantine. Test & Go travellers have been required to book a night at an approved SHA+ hotel to stay in isolation while they wait for the results from an RT-PCR Covid-19 test.