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  • The Thailand Pass

    Thailand Pass
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    Thailand Pass I
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      Thailand Pass II
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        Thailand Pass III
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          Thailand Pass IV
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            Thailand Pass V
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              Thailand Pass problems ? Support beefed up with 24-hour hotlines

              The Thai government has been touting the success of the Thailand Pass programme while quietly acknowledging a cornucopia of shortcomings and problems users have encountered and publicly complained about. But, due to the high volume of complaints about problems in attempting to register on the Thailand Pass website, the Department of Consular Affairs has beefed up their helplines with a number of 24-hour phone numbers travellers can call if they have difficulty submitting their applications online.

              The Phuket Info Centre official Facebook page that is run by the Ministry of Interior’s Phuket office announced the new call centre upgrade yesterday. They listed 4 local Thai phone numbers that are available 24 hours for people from around the world to call with Thailand Pass problems. The expanded live helplines are hoped to be an opportunity to speedily resolve some of the issues people are finding on the Thailand Pass website. After initial server errors with the API have been mostly worked out (frustrated users hadthe most luck by using the Google Chrome browser and installing a plug-in), some people are still experiencing server problems as well as running into errors when submitting documents for their Thailand Pass.

              Others have not received a QR code or any confirmation of their submittal or confirmation of their application (hint: Microsoft-based email systems don’t work, use Gmail) as well as dozens of horror stories of not hearing back in time, or portions of families or groups getting a response and approval while others are stuck crossing their fingers and hoping hours before their flight.

              People are still advised to seek help from the Royal Thai Consulate-General or Royal Thai Embassy in their home country. (The author attempted to get answers several times from the Los Angeles Embassy but was met with cut and paste responses that did not relate to the question.) Technical problems with the Thailand Pass website can be reported by email to [email protected]

              The 4 new 24-hour Thailand Pass Call Centre hotline phone numbers are:
              • +66 (0)2-572-8442
              • +66 (0)65-205-4247
              • +66 (0)65-205-4248
              • +66 (0)65-205-4249