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    Public Health Form must be completed before exiting plane in Phuket now

    In case the Thailand Pass and entry process wasn’t complicated enough with enough forms for you, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has added a public health form required for all international passengers to Phuket to fill out before being allowed to get off the plane. The new rule, a Notice to Pilots, was published in Thai only yesterday afternoon and shared late last night by the Public Relations Department of Phuket.

    “Today (24 Dec 2021), the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has issued a pilot announcement (NOTAM) informing airlines around the world that it is compulsory to distribute documents for entering the country from the plane and inform passengers to have the completed entry documents ready before leaving the plane. Because there are still international passengers who have been approved to travel to Thailand, therefore to reduce congestion in the airport and to comply with disease control measures… [airlines must] hand out public health forms and the form of entry into the country from the plane, such as the consent form for the second test for Covid-19 by RT-PCR method, for passengers to complete.”

    The plan is aimed not only at public safety but to reduce congestion that has been caused in the airport terminal caused by the additional procedures implemented for Covid-19. By requiring all international passengers to have all their documents ready before exiting the plane, some of the bottlenecking can be eliminated.

    One required form is the second RT-PCR test consent form, as the CCSA added a mandatory second test on the fifth or sixth day after arrival as part of their revised tightening of restrictions to prevent the spread of the Omicron variant. The government is absorbing the cost of this unexpected additional requirement though.

    The additional health form is required for Phuket as Thailand eliminated its most convenient entry programmes, the Test & Go plan that required quarantine only for a few hours while waiting for RT-PCR test results, and cancelled all the Sandbox programmes that required only a soft quarantine except the original one in Phuket.