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  • Thailand 2022 Hotel Trends

    Innovative Hotel Trends in 2022

    If you are wondering what could be in store for hotels in 2022, this guide is for you. The twist and turns of changing restrictions have affected the hospitality industry to a great extent. The good news is that the hotels will be trying their very best to make you happy in this pandemic. Hotels have been incorporating new trends and innovative technologies to enhance your stay experience and make your vacation or staycation much more worthwhile. Thus, the new normal can be a slightly more advanced new normal. Some of the new technology trends you can possibly hope to see at hotels include cryptocurrency payment, smartphone check-in, personalised service and virtual reality. In this article, we’ll go through how new and exciting hotel technology advances may improve your stay.

    Book your room and pay your bill with Bitcoin
    Hotels all around the world are now acceptingcryptocurrency as a payment method.One of the most significant advantages of cryptocurrencies is the elimination of foreign exchange charges. Furthermore, it is less expensive than using a credit card. You may even pay in the cryptocurrency of your choice, depending on the currency and area you are in at the time of booking, giving you greater flexibility.

    Experience your destination before you are there
    Imagine being able to virtually walk into your hotel room to see what your experience is going to be like before making your reservation. It is so much better than just skimming through the hotel pictures! Virtual reality is a technology that lets you digitally explore your environment. It is the ultimate way for you to experience a hotel before making your bookings. Virtual reality tours may be found on hotel websites, allowing you to see your hotel room, as well as other areas of the hotel before you book. You will be able to view your hotel on a standard web browser on a computer, mobile or tablet, making it a widely accessible hotel technology. Also, with concerns about COVID, virtual reality tours can be incredibly useful, helping you to understand exactly what to expect during your stay. A specialized VR headset, on the other hand, can enhance your experience.

    Forget long queues and traditional keys – your smartphone will do
    Forget about waiting in long queues at the front desk. With smartphone check-in, you can secure your room as well as access the room without the need for a traditional key. You can book your room via an associated smartphone application. When you arrive at your hotel, you will be sent the personal identification code of the room number. You can then enter your room by simply placing your smartphone in front of the wireless key reader attached to the door. These new hotel trends could save so much time and also minimises face-to-face engagement. This is incredibly useful as it helps with social distancing.

    Command your room to do as you say
    ” Alexa, turn up the temperature” or “Alexa, I’m tired”. Imagine entering your room after a long and tiring day from strolling around the city or a work conference and you command ‘tired’. The voice assistant responds by switching on some calming music, relaxing TV shows or even preparing a relaxing bath. Doesn’t that sound awesome? Since our world is becoming more digitalized day by day, many technologies are being developed to make your lives easier and more comfortable. Voice control, facial recognition and mobile control are also some new technology trends you can hope to see at hotels in 2022. The hotels will take your experience to a whole new level!

    You will feel like a VIP when you walk in
    Hotels are going the extra mile to greet their guests. By the use of facial recognition, hoteliers will be able to identify who you are more quickly from your database and tailor services according to your needs. For instance, upon arrival, the hotel staff will greet you by your name and use your booking information to ensure that you are served according to your preferences. The customised offerings will be much more appealing and will definitely improve your stay experience.

    Planning a vacation has become more of a hassle. Having to cope with regulations changing constantly, borders opening and closing, flight cancellations can be frustrating. With all these invested efforts, you would want a good experience in return. With the innovative technologies, you can arrive at your hotel after long hours of travelling and head straight to your room without having to wait in queue for check-in or needing a key card. When you walk into your room, it is already set to the temperature you like. In addition, the hotel staff prepares your favourite dish in your preferred style and delivers it to your room. Your experience at the hotel will on a whole new level and your precious time will be saved.

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    Club Med returns to Phuket

    Club Med chief executive officer, East and South Asia & Pacific Rachael Harding announced improvements at the beachfront property, including a revamped swimming pool with themed zones for children and adults and a new tropical nomad lifestyle concept where nature and culture merge.

    Club Med Phuket is also introducing an all-new Magic Tribe show, an immersive visual performance that will take the audience on an emotional journey using electronic screens, sound, and light.

    Come August 2022, following the resort’s first wave of upgraded offerings; the resort will introduce an upgraded events venue. A new ‘MICE’ centre will offer greater accessibility before, after and in-between events with meeting rooms and a new conference room located on the ground floor.