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  • Bangkok Hospital Phuket | Vaccine for Expats

    Bangkok Hospital Phuket offers expats vaccines including Pfizer

    Another round of free Covid-19 vaccinations for expats was announced yesterday, this time with the option of receiving the Pfizer vaccine. Bangkok Hospital in Phuket made the announcement stating that they would be providing expats the free vaccines in partnership with the Department of Disease Control, but they would only be offering inoculation for those who have never received any Covid-19 vaccines before. The announcement allowed registration until Friday, September 3, but the date of vaccination has yet to be set. In fact, the notice warns that registration is just a survey to calculate interest and does not guarantee Bangkok Hospital will be able to procure enough vaccines for all expats in need.

    They explain that they will notify expats when vaccines are available by SMS confirmation and will prioritise medical conditions and then go by the order registration was received.

    They advise those interested to call the hotline 1719 or to the hospital directly at 076-254425 or 076-655000.
    Expats still must meet eligibility requirements to register for vaccines, but the age limit has been lowered to include all foreign residents over 40 years old. Women who have been pregnant for at least 12 weeks are also eligible. Children 12-18 years old will be given Pfizer vaccines. Other registrants will be given the option of 2 doses of Sinovac, 2 doses of AstraZeneca, or 2 doses of Pfizer. Noticeably missing are any options that mix vaccines as had previously been offered. For those younger than 40, they must still meet one of the medical conditions deemed as high-risk for Covid-19 infections, though an eighth condition has been added for those afflicted by a genetic disease like Down’s syndrome, brain or nerve problems, or children with delayed development.
    • Weight > 100kg or BMI > 35kg/m3 / or obesity in children
    • Severe chronic respiratory diseases (CRDs)
    • Coronary artery diseases (CAD)
    • Chronic kidney disease (CKD, 5th stage)
    • Cerebrovascular diseases
    • Cancer and immunocompromised conditions
    • Diabetes
    • Genetic disease: Down’s syndrome, problems with the brain or nerves, delayed development in children

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    Nearly 70,000 foreigners register for vaccines on expatvac site

    According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, almost 70,000 expat and foreign residents have signed up for Covid-19 vaccines using the expatvac website. The website was created by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, along with the Ministry of Public Health, and open to the public on August 01. 2021

    The website was set up to help all the expats and foreigners that have been living in Thailand but have struggled to get access to vaccines. The expatvac site allowed foreigners of any age group and any location within Thailand to register to receive their vaccination.

    The director of the Health Hazard and Disease Control Division of the Ministry of Public Health has confirmed that they have set aside enough vaccines for every foreign resident who registered on the website. According to their data, as of Tuesday, 69,441 people had signed up to request Covid-19 vaccines, and so far 47,794 of those who signed up have received a vaccination appointment.

    One interesting statistic is that 55,560 of the applicants, equating to about 80%, are under the age of 60. Further, just 6% of those who signed up were afflicted with one of the 7 health conditions the Thai government has designated as high risk and most eligible for priority vaccination. Also, 337 pregnant women registered, 0.4% of all those who applied, as they are another demographic that receives vaccine priority.

    So far, the nationality with the most registered requests for vaccines is Filipinos with nearly 8,000 expats requesting inoculation. The ministries encourage any foreigner living in Thailand who have not yet been vaccinated to register on the expatvac website as this is the way to notify the government to earmark a vaccine for them.

    Website: Vaccine Registration