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Covid-19 Outbreak in Khon Kaen

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  • Covid-19 Outbreak in Khon Kaen

    Covid spike in Khon Kaen, more field hospitals to open

    Covid-19 is on the rise in the Isaan province Khon Kaen and local authorities have agreed to open two more field hospitals after new cases hit around 300 over a few day period with many of the infections linked to social gatherings like funerals and ceremonies at temples to make merit.

    Governor Somsak Jangtrakul said that the provincial communicable disease committee met yesterday after about 300 new Covid-19 infections were reported over the last few days in the area.

    The committee decided that Khon Kaen needs two more field hospitals to combat this surge, and they plan to open one at the Isan Buddhist Diocese and the other at the Tha Phra Agricultural Office. Previously there was only one field hospital servicing all of Khon Kaen, which opened in April.