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    Vaccine update: Pfizer available to American veterans, foreigners in Pattaya

    The Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine is now available to American veterans living in Thailand as well as foreign residents in Pattaya who are in the “at risk” groups, according to Democrats Abroad Thailand. The vaccine doses were donated to Thailand from the United States. Two doses of the vaccine are free under the Thai government’s mass immunisation campaign.

    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has opened Pfizer vaccine appointments to foreign residents who are at least 40 years old, are diagnosed with one of the specified health conditions, or who are at least 12 weeks pregnant. Expats must also have no prior Covid-19 vaccinations. The Pfizer vaccine will only be available from today until Friday and registration must be done in advance.

    Pattaya News says the vaccination centre at Central Festival Pattaya Beach is also open to foreign residents in vulnerable groups. There are no walk-in services. Registration can be done through the websites listed below. American veterans can also register for a Pfizer vaccine through the Veterans of Foreign War or American Legion Posts in Thailand, Democrats Abroad said in an email. Veterans do not need to be members of either organisation. Anyone who has served in the US armed forces is eligible for a Pfizer vaccine.

    Democrats abroad notes that there might be other eligibility requirements applied by Thailand’s Public Health Ministry, but recommends veterans to contact their local VFW or American Legion Post. There is no set deadline, but Pfizer vaccines are in high demand. Thailand’s vaccination campaign is now open to the general public, but priority is still given to those in vulnerable groups and in “high risk” areas. The Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac vaccines are being used in the nationwide campaign.

    The site is open for expats to register for their first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. For expats in vulnerable groups, including those 60 and above, pregnant women, and those with certain health conditions, can go to for more information on registration and participating hospitals.

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    The following is a press release from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya.

    18 years old and over Non-Thai citizens can now fill in the survey form below and select their preferred vaccination programs:
    • Sinovac + AstraZeneca
    • AstraZeneca + AstraZeneca
    Bangkok Hospital Pattaya invites Non-Thai citizens to ascertain their appropriate vaccine within the following criteria:
    • Non-Thai citizens aged 18 years and over
    • Have never received any other COVID-19 vaccine
    This survey is only to ascertain the number of vaccines needed. The hospital cannot specify the number and vaccine type including the date and time of vaccination.
    The hospital will contact you via the provided mobile number once the vaccine is available and will allocate vaccines in accordance with the conditions in numerical order.

    Please complete the link below from 8-12 September 2021 only.

    Survey link:


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      Nearly 70,000 foreigners register for vaccines on expatvac site

      According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, almost 70,000 expat and foreign residents have signed up for Covid-19 vaccines using the expatvac website. The website was created by the Foreign Affairs Ministry, along with the Ministry of Public Health, and open to the public on August 01. 2021

      The website was set up to help all the expats and foreigners that have been living in Thailand but have struggled to get access to vaccines. The expatvac site allowed foreigners of any age group and any location within Thailand to register to receive their vaccination.

      The director of the Health Hazard and Disease Control Division of the Ministry of Public Health has confirmed that they have set aside enough vaccines for every foreign resident who registered on the website. According to their data, as of Tuesday, 69,441 people had signed up to request Covid-19 vaccines, and so far 47,794 of those who signed up have received a vaccination appointment.

      One interesting statistic is that 55,560 of the applicants, equating to about 80%, are under the age of 60. Further, just 6% of those who signed up were afflicted with one of the 7 health conditions the Thai government has designated as high risk and most eligible for priority vaccination. Also, 337 pregnant women registered, 0.4% of all those who applied, as they are another demographic that receives vaccine priority.

      So far, the nationality with the most registered requests for vaccines is Filipinos with nearly 8,000 expats requesting inoculation. The ministries encourage any foreigner living in Thailand who have not yet been vaccinated to register on the expatvac website as this is the way to notify the government to earmark a vaccine for them.

      Website: Vaccine Registration


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        Bangkok Hospital Pattaya giving expats free Pfizer vaccines

        A new opportunity has been announced for expats in Pattaya who have yet to be vaccinated to get a free Pfizer vaccine. Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, who earlier this month offered free AstraZeneca vaccines to the expat and local foreigner community, has opened registration today for foreigners to get inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine.

        The vaccination programme is open to any non-Thai person residing in Thailand who is over the age of 18 and has not previously received any other vaccines. The hospital has over 1,000 shots to administer in this plan.

        The vaccination drive for those who register from today will take place next Tuesday on top of the Central Festival Pattaya Beach shopping centre, on the 6th floor.

        The event is one of several inoculation drives Bangkok Hospital Pattaya have hosted, providing thousands of vaccines of various brands to people who are not citizens of Thailand. This current programme will give those who register a first and second vaccine, both of the Pfizer brand.

        Those eligible can sign up for vaccines at their website and applicants can register for time slots between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm next Tuesday October 26. 2021. This event and future vaccination events from Bangkok Hospital Pattaya can be found on their Facebook page.