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    Comparing Western Girls with Thai Girls
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    Southeast Asian girls are much sweeter, more feminine and eager to please a man than Western girls. We all know that. Most white girls have gotten fat, disgusting and bitter with entitled attitudes. With a few rare exceptions, only a fool of a man would date or marry a Western white girl today. A man would be much happier with Southeast Asian girls—as long as she is not a bar girl. I’ve spent at least two years of vacationing, traveling and living in four different countries of Southeast Asia. I partied with, went on dates and had relationships with Southeast Asian girls in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

    Whenever I found an exceptional girl whom I really liked, I would take her on trips to exotic islands with beautiful blue waters, historical sites with local fresh food, or to the mountains with refreshingly cool waterfalls. We’d spend quality time together for a week or so away from the chaotic hustle and bustle of a typical Southeast Asian city. On these little trips, I was much happier and more relaxed than I was on my honeymoon with my now ex-wife. Yes. I was married to Western Girls. After five years together, we got a divorce. Five years may not sound like that much time, but deep down, I knew our marriage was doomed right from the start. It took five years until I decided I finally had enough and went dating abroad.

    Western Girls vs. Southeast Asian Girls
    Once my divorce was finalized, I packed my bags to travel around Southeast Asia. At the time, I was used to bitchy Western women, so these petite and sweet Southeast Asian girls completely blew my mind.

    Here’s a specific example:
    Whenever I got sick, my ex-wife would roll her eyes, scoff at my “attention-seeking” attempts and walk out of the house without so much as a “love you honey”. Alone and bedridden with a 95°F fever, I was rueing my mistake. “Is this really the kind of woman I married? Is this how she’s going to treat me when I’m on my deathbed pushing eighty?” Now, take typical Southeast Asian girls… What do Southeast Asian girls do if you got sick? She would tell you to stay in bed, take the day off work, go to the pharmacy to buy medicine and pick up some groceries on the way to your place. Even if you told her you’d be fine and that you’d take care of yourself, she’d insist on taking care of you. She’d cook up a storm and serve you soothingly warm soup with vegetables, eggs, chicken and noodles that tastes better than at most restaurants. After your meal, she’d put a pill in your mouth and offer you some lukewarm (not cold) water after you swallowed your medicine. She would lay in bed with you and lovingly stroke your chest with her small feminine hand, watching you carefully for any signs that you’re getting better or worse. When I got sick with a bad cold for the first time in the Philippines, I had been dating this girl for some time. I was so touched by the way this girl treated me, I had to spend a lot of effort holding back tears.

    That was when I knew:
    I will never date a Western white woman ever again. That is the danger in dating lovely Southeast Asian girls—you will not be able to go back. Okay, Southeast Asian girls are great. We’ve definitely established that. But in each country within the Southeast Asia region are vastly different languages, cultures, histories, resources and economies. Thais, Vietnamese, Indonesians, Laotians, Cambodians and Filipinas are all different.

    How Are Southeast Asian Girls in Each Country Different?
    Granted, a lot of these differences are viewed through the lens of one person, colored by my own personal experiences. In an attempt to keep things more objective, I introduce six comparison metrics with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best:
    • Femininity:
      This is more about how the girls act than how they look. Do they act like a woman? Or more like a man? 1 is the most unfeminine where women act like men, and 5 is where femininity oozes out of every pore of their being.
    • Looks:
      This is a simplification of the conventional 1 to 10 scale where 1 is fat and ugly with short hair dyed blue, and 5 is hot, thin and stylish.
    • Attitude:
      Closely related with femininity, but there is a distinction between that and attitude. Attitude is not just about how they act, but also rooted within their deeply seated belief systems. Are they bitter and entitled takers (1), or are they sweet and affectionate flexible givers (5)?
    • Intelligence:
      For more than a fuck buddy relationship, you want a girl to have an intelligence level somewhat close to yours. Deviate any further than that and you will likely be bored or frustrated. 1 means low intelligence and hard to talk with, and 5 is high curiosity and can discuss history, politics, etc.
    Relationships are more fulfilling within conservative societies. In this scale, 1 means many women are degenerates who lean super slutty (e.g. England, U.S., Australia). 5 means highly conservative and family oriented, rarely fornicating before marriage (e.g. Saudi Arabia).

    In Southeast Asia, most people don’t speak English outside of the touristy areas. But some girls do know a little English. They would normally love a chance to practice with you! 1 means most people speak zero English, where 5 means most people are at least 90% fluent in English.

    The Western Blueprint
    Using women from the West as the “control” to help you gain perspective on what Southeast Asian girls are like:
    • Femininity: 1
    • Looks: 1
    • Attitude: 1
    • Intelligence: 2
    • Conservativeness: 1
    • English: 5
    Just about the only redeeming quality Western girls have over Southeast Asian girls is that they are more fluent in English. Now, you might quibble with me giving them an intelligence score of 2, so let me explain: It isn’t always about IQ. I don’t give Western girls a high intelligence score because many subscribe to feminism, an utterly stupid and retarded belief system contributing to the toxic decline of Western civilization. Add all these mental problems and extremely poor judgement among Western women—that’s enough to dock another point or two. So let’s compare all Southeast Asian girls.

    The Thailand Blueprint
    • Femininity: 5
    • Looks: 5
    • Attitude: 3
    • Intelligence: 4
    • Conservativeness: 3
    • English: 3
    Thais are slim, petite and quite feminine. Looks and cleanliness are extremely important to them. They understand style and what it takes to get a man’s attention—no one wears those sexy tight retro jean shorts better than Thais. Generally, Thais have smaller asses than their counterparts in the other three countries, plus Cambodia and Laos. Northern Thais have whiter skin but are more reserved like the Chinese. Southern Thais have darker skin but with bigger butts. Thailand is the only country of Southeast Asia that had never been colonized by a Western or European country. While their history is very rich, their culture is a little more insular and provincial than other Southeast Asian countries. Outside of Bangkok, Thai girls are actually pretty conservative. Many are Buddhists who save their virginity until marriage.

    Many of them have never even been on a date with a foreigner.
    If you approach such girls on the street or in a coffee shop, they will be very shy and timid, even if they’re interested in you. In Bangkok and some of the bigger cities, girls are noticeably less conservative and are more down to party with foreigners. If you love going to nightclubs and partying into the wee hours, you will have no problem finding Thai girls to have fun with. When you go to Thailand, don’t expect your dates to be filled with philosophical conversations about the meaning of life. Because their English is limited, the conversations will usually be quite basic. You might find some girls who like a little slapstick humor.But be careful. With their lese majeste laws, be especially cautious what you say about Thai politics within earshot of any Thai national. Or better yet, just don’t bring up political topics at all.

    Their enthusiasm about sex is mixed, but many Thai Girls enjoy it as much as you do.
    Some Thais will be very hesitant to go to your room even after taking a different Tinder dick every night of the previous week. Others will have no problem with getting straight to business. I’ve had Thais who lay in bed like a starfish and did not moan during sex. I’ve also had Thais who were loud screamers, wanting to fuck in every position imaginable in every room, including the balcony. I even had to kick one girl out of my place at 4 am because she was so horny and wouldn’t let me sleep! While Bangkok, and to some extent Chiang Mai, are becoming somewhat Westernized, in these cities Thais have better English and are much more open to dating foreigners. However, they can still be particular about dating men of specific ethnic groups (some, but not all). Thais can be resistant, or even openly racist, to African Americans, Middle Easterners and especially Indians—very similar to Ukrainian women.

    Unfortunately, with increasing Westernization in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, some Thais have been developing a bit of an attitude behind their surface politeness, especially if they have a colorful past with other foreigners. At least the standard of living in Thailand is high and is a great place to live, especially if you make the effort to learn a few words of Thai. Bangkok is one of the only places in the world you can get first world accommodation at third world prices. You can travel to other areas of Thailand and even neighboring countries with basement air fares, and there is no shortage of great spots to explore whether you like the city, beach or the mountains.
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    Some great tips on how to date Thai Women

    People from all over the globe travel to Thailand. And indeed there are many reasons to visit an exotic, tropical SE Asian country such as ‘The Land of Smiles’. Particularly, it might be said, if you are male. In fact whatever your gender and your reasons for visiting Thailand may be, it is no real secret that female beauty is a much-vaunted and highly-valued asset in Thailand, if not in Asia, and it will no doubt be encountered and noticed in measures by the majority of visitors, both male and female alike. But particularly by males, one would imagine. Perhaps you are a young (or even a not-so-young), free, single dude who fancies his chances with a Thai woman. And if you have thought about your options in terms of the possibility of this ever occurring, there are a few things to take into consideration first.

    Imagine you find yourself in the heart of Bangkok (and let’s just forget about ‘The Hangover’ or any other films that completely misrepresent the Thai capital for a second here), and consider that you are in reasonably close proximity to hordes of seemingly attractive Thai females. How do you proceed exactly? What about language barriers, cultural differences, and misinterpreted expectations? What are the Top Ten Tips for Dating Thai women in Bangkok or anywhere else in Thailand? Of course many people would have by now heard of the huge numbers of ‘economically-challenged’ Thai women, largely from rural areas, who are poorly or sometimes (totally) uneducated, and are on the lookout for a ‘moneyed foreigner’ to marry in hope of a better set of circumstances than they find themselves in.

    The outlook is not bright for most of these young women, and it is one of the realities of life for some females in a still-developing Asian country. It may also have long been one of the prime reasons why many (mostly male) visitors from other countries, usually western in origin, have been making the trips to Thailand for decades. These guys may be willing to lend a hand to such females in the hope of finding a good wife. However, this is a totally different situation altogether to what we are on with here today, and is not related in context to this particular post. So then — the very first thing to know in the Top Ten Tips for Dating Thai Women is that for the most part, the majority of Thai women DO NOT date non-Thais! Sorry guys but this is simple fact, and there are a few good reasons for it. (However, it is not all of them, so if you do still want to try your luck then go ahead and follow these pointers for dating female Thais!)
    Click image for larger version

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    Family is everything to Thai women
    Thai women more often than not put their family first. They adore their mothers, are very close to any brothers or sisters that they have, and usually follow the wishes and plans of their parents when it comes to career choices. They may even intend to live with their parents in the future. So going against the wishes of either parent would be a major thing for most Thai females, and you would need to bear this in mind from the offset. And while it is true that females from certain aspects of society in Thailand have slowly been becoming more liberal and independent for at least a couple of decades since the internet became more widely-used, most Thai women (in Thailand) still have a struggle with over-imposing family restrictions. Many Thai women are, it has to be said, still very traditional and cultured in family terms when it comes to romance or dating, and if they happen to be from a Thai-Chinese family, there is a good chance that it will all be arranged for them and they will follow the tradition of going to live with the family of their spouse once married. Love me love my family is rule number one!

    Expect some possibility of language barriers
    It may come as a surprise to some that Thailand is still remarkably low in the English language communication stakes, even compared to the rest of SE Asia. This is a fact that continues to confound many a would-be investor, businessman, foreign staff member or teacher - although again, it is changing slowly. No-one knows exactly why the Thais have always been so reluctant or unable to grasp other languages (along with their relevant cultural aspects), but the fact is, if you are coming here expecting to go chatting to Thai women ‘willy-nilly’, the first thing you will probably encounter is shock, surprise, even panic – or they may just ignore you completely! English is definitely being learned and used more in Thailand, but it is still, in terms of the general population - the minority of Thai society, who are actually skilled in the language. Understanding context is probably the most common problem encountered by many Thais when dealing with English, particularly with a metaphoric and idiomatic complex language like English. This means that any Thai woman proficient in English (or any other language) would either have spent time abroad (which could have been for studying), graduated from an international school or university, and/or is working in an environment where the language is commonly-used.

    They might seem a little insecure at times
    And with good reason! It might seem somewhat tiresome (or maybe refreshing?) for a guy from a country where women have been making obvious efforts to be strong and independent for aeons, to encounter this kind of behaviour. But it does need to be considered that there is something like a four to one ratio of women to men in Thailand ! And to top that, Thai men are notoriously unreliable, and usually cheaters! What a complex! As we said before beauty is a serious matter for Thai women, and with competition being so high, much effort is made in that department with most females aiming to look their very best — every time they venture out. Indeed heads will turn so take care yours doesn’t if you go on a date with a Thai woman.

    They enjoy your attention
    This is related to the last point in some ways. Whether insecure or not, Thai women like to be told they look beautiful. They like your attention. A lot. What!? — you didn’t notice that subtle but different shade in her hair?!! Being very attuned to the level of attention that you may be giving them, some Thai women may even demand your attention, and will constantly be on the lookout for signs of increasing interest/lack of interest, including what is going on in your phone — who you are talking to, why you are looking at that picture, etc. – just like in the Thai soaps, as it turns out. So try and flow with this idea.

    They will expect you to ‘be the man’
    Even though things are changing in lots of countries right now as globalisation stretches out its reaches further and further, Thai culture is, most would admit, still somewhat male-dominated – at least outwardly. So playing the ‘strong-and-silent’- type might not necessarily be the ticket when dating a Thai woman – she thinks you are not interested in her. You must take the lead, providing clear direction and protection at all times (except for when she is looking at or talking on her phone – which is pretty much constantly).

    They might not ‘get’ your jokes
    Going back for a second to a previous mention of one of the ‘challenges’ often encountered when dealing with the actual use of English – context – it might be wise to limit, or emit completely, any attempt at humour with an unfamiliar context. This goes for any kind of joke or humour that is considered English-style – i.e. there being a high probability that it contains something slang, idiomatic, sarcastic, dramatic, or culturally-related. Be sure that if she is actually laughing it is out of either pure politeness or fear. She doesn’t get it. So leave it out soon.

    Don’t expect any emotional long good-byes
    If, for any reason, she decides she doesn’t like you enough to continue with a second date – even if one has been scheduled — there’s a fair chance you’ll just never hear from her again. In typical Thai style, any potentially emotional or upsetting occurrence (quitting a job being another useful example here) is usually dealt with in one way – cut off dead, making it immediately non-existant. Just disappeared. Forever. Unless of course you love her enough to continue your pursuance and have yet further tests to encounter…? (Or maybe she couldn’t really understand what you were saying and/or didn’t like your attempts at jokes and was too uncomfortable to tell you.) Anyway this is the best way. A bit like in the Thai soaps.

    There may be a hidden fiery temper
    Don’t doubt it or a minute. Much of Asian society in general is not geared towards excessive demonstrations of emotion, so there is a fair bit of ‘keeping it in’, or possibly ‘saving it for later’ on the part of many a Thai woman. So don’t be surprised if she does respond mightily to any potential triggers that you may be sending in her direction. And be prepared for explosive, dramatic, emotional displays that could swing either way, depending on your ‘crime’. It may also be worth considering at this point (i.e. a date) that it is not entirely unheard of for some women in Thailand to have their spouses ‘taken out’, so to speak. Oh yes it does happen. ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ takes on a whole new meaning when dealing with Thai women!

    They will expect you to ‘keep’ or ‘take care’ of them
    This is related in some ways to number 5, but taking the theme a little further. As we said before, the gender roles are often quite clearly defined for Thai women (which could easily be quite different from your own views of how things should run exactly), and when dating one you might need to be aware of certain etiquette. Most women in Thailand are likely to take their role of extreme femininity very seriously, which to them means being paid compliments, looked after, and paid for. Even if you were lucky (and likely) enough to ‘cop off’ with a ravishing Thai beauty who was dripping in money – she would still expect you to be the one doing the shelling out (at least outwardly), as this is considered quite clearly as part of your role and allows her to demonstrate quite clearly to any potential observers (of which there are likely to be multitudes) that she has succeeded in attracting a good man who knows the rules! Unlike many European gals who may be a little more familiar with ‘going Dutch’ on occasion, or even springing the occasional, paid-for treat, this is more likely to be a case of ‘no money, no honey’, to coin a somewhat clichéd but useful phrase.

    Thai women love cute and fluffy things
    If you were planning on taking a Thai woman on a date to see your latest favourite action movie, you might want to consider its ‘cuteness value’. Not really being ones for conversation that veers on the in-depth, serious or spiritual, nor being fans of loud, violent, macho action movies in another language, you may find that when dating Thai women you have to adapt (or be seen to) a few of your tastes. Don’t be afraid of embracing the endless array of quirky, romantic, light, cute (and possibly tedious and annoying) Korean films and series’ that she seems to be so interested in watching. Or even the Thai ones.