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  • The Digital Nomad Guide | The Global Destinations

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    The Global Digital Nomad and Retirement Destinations

    The last two years have seen some drastic social change, particularly in the way we work, we live and we travel. With worldwide lockdowns, many of us have been adapting to remote working, doing away with the 9 to 5 in favour of more flexible arrangements. The good news is that remote working is likely here to stay, so being in the digital office while travelling is a very real new-world possibility. Indeed, searches for “Digital Nomad Options” on Google have increased exponentially over the past two years too.

    When looking for a destination to work remotely, retire and/or travel - Europe and S.E. Asia are offering some ideal options to start with. With interesting and diverse cities in close proximity and many offering nomad-friendly visas - if you are not already having a Schengen Passport, There are plenty of perfect countries and destinations to embark on a part-work, part-travel adventure or retirement. If the idea of working from a new city every other month sounds like a dream to you, here’s how to get very real on planning where to go and make sure you’re always in good company. We like to introduce you today to some of the best spots:

    How to choose a Digital Nomad Destination

    What makes a great digital nomad destination? Where you choose to live while you work depends on a few key factors, including:
    • Cost of Living
      You want things to be reasonably priced, so you have the budget spare to do what digital nomads do best: explore!
    • Fast Internet Connection
      The foundation of successfully working remotely is ensuring you have a speedy connection to your team and all the resources you need, wherever you are. A digital nomad without good internet is like a jockey without a horse.
    • Travel Opportunities
      Ideally, the city you choose is somewhere you’ve never been before, or is well-connected with areas you’ve always wanted to check out.
    • Networking Opportunities
      Digital nomad life can be lonely if you don’t know anyone in your new city home. You want to make sure that you’re surrounded by plenty of opportunities to network, find your expat community, and fill your days with adventures; whether that means a big restaurant and bar scene, lots of social or sporting clubs, or a vibrant cultural events calendar.