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    OnlyFans to ban “sexually explicit” content from October 01.2021

    OnlyFans has become a popular website for amateurs creating adult content to earn money, but a statement issued by the company that now boasts over 2 million content creators and 130 million users says they will be banning “sexually explicit” content starting October 01.2021 Products and services often don’t end up becoming popular for their original intended uses. Coca Cola was meant to be a cure for morphine addiction and became a soft drink; Facebook was created to judge girls’ looks at Harvard and became a social network, Tinder was a hookup app that became a dating app. And OnlyFans was created in 2016 to be a place for artists, musicians, fitness gurus and other creators to earn money by sharing their content with fans for a subscription.

    OnlyFans is based in the United Kingdom and shot to popularity during the Covid-19 pandemic, in large part because it because a source of income for people who couldn’t go out and work due to Coronavirus lockdowns. And while that may have started out as musicians who couldn’t gig and fitness instructors who couldn’t host classes at gyms, OnlyFans quickly became the go-to site for bar girls, strippers and other sex workers who couldn’t meet customers or whose businesses were closed for lockdowns to sell adult content.

    In Thailand the site has become wildly popular with bar girls and freelancers who would pick up customers at the infamous clubs and bars in Thailand’s party hotspots, all of which have now been closed on and off for over a year throughout the country. But the new policy banning sexually explicit material may put a stop to their online earning that replaced their wages and income from bars or freelance customers. The policy says they will still allow nudity but only within the Acceptable Use Policy of OnlyFans, though there was no clear definition of what crosses the line. Many creators only post nudes or sexy pictures, but plenty are creating and sharing and selling hardcore pornography, which will no longer be allowed.

    Content creators took to social media to respond to OnlyFans unrelated posts since the announcement asking for verification and clarification. Some users posted screenshots of a form response OnlyFans has used in responding to many creators claiming that they will not be banning adult content and asking users to wait for a public statement. The move against hardcore content is in response to investor hesitancy and bankers who don’t want to be associated with pornography. OnlyFans is attempting to move towards a more broad audience and away from adult content with the launch of OnlyFans TV, a free streaming service and app that doesn’t allow any NSFW content.

    The shift comes months after adult content giant Pornhub tighten a lot of policies after Visa, MasterCard, and Discover banned the site following reports of illegal content like child porn and videos posted without consent slipping through the cracks onto the site. Tumblr, previously the go-to safe haven for online sex workers tried the same restriction of adult content in late 2018 and saw their web traffic fall over 30%. The blog site had been purchased by Yahoo for USD $1.1 billion but was sold to the operators of WordPress less than a year after the adult content ban for a figure reported to be less than USD $3 million.

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    Keep your subscriptions! OnlyFans backs down on porn ban

    Following unexpectedly widespread global mainstream media coverage, OnlyFans has backed down on its ban on explicit porn material on its platform. The announcement was made on Twitter just 2 hours ago with the promise of an official statement to be sent to the site’s more than 2 million content creators including many in Thailand. The original announcement to remove all explicit material on October 1 was met by a surprising amount of media coverage major news outlets to talk show hosts, as well as a wave of backlash from sex workers who most credit with the massive success of the site. With the loss of jobs and income due to the Covid-19 pandemic, millions turned to OnlyFans as a source of income.

    In Thailand, many gogo workers, bar girls, and freelancers forced out of work due to lockdowns turned to the site where fans can subscribe for a monthly fee to see their explicit content. OnlyFans founder Time Stokely said the sudden ban on porn was because of banks and payment processors who consider porn payment transactions high-risk and investors hesitant to hurt their reputation by being tied to adult content on the site. MasterCard put out a statement later saying that they had no objection to working with OnlyFans and the decision was made without their objection or input. Deciding to reverse course, OnlyFans posted a message to Twitter saying they stand for inclusion and support all creators.

    “Thank you to everyone for making your voices heard. We have secured assurances necessary to support our diverse creator community and have suspended the planned October 01. 2021 policy change. OnlyFans stands for inclusion and we will continue to provide a home for all creators.”
    But many sex workers and adult content creators were not impressed. Some had noted that the porn ban was the first time OnlyFans had publicly recognised sex workers who had been the driving force behind the site rocketing to a 615% increase last year, with 76.5 billion baht in transactions, 13.5 billion baht in profits, and nearly 130 million users.

    The response to their Twitter post was overwhelmingly angry and bitter at OnlyFans’ willingness to sacrifice adult content creators and calling for moves to new platforms. Rival fan subscription site Fansly reported a server crash when the announcement was made and subsequently increased their support staff tenfold to deal with the reported 4,000 new applications being received each hour.

    OnlyFans has been trying for months to draw celebrities and mainstream influencers, but face strong doubt they will be able to move away from porn and remain successful. The poor handling of this announcement and reversal may give them a chance to find out, if adult creators and their fans continue to flock away from the site.
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      OnlyFans content creators arrested by Thai police on pornography charges

      Two OnlyFans content creators have been arrested by Thai police on pornography charges. The Thai government is warning people who live in Thailand and post sexually explicit content on OnlyFans, they are breaking Thai law and they could face hefty fines, even jail time. OnlyFans is an online subscription service where content creators can make money off of those who subscribe to their page. Many people use the platform to post sexually explicit content and make additional money by selling exclusive videos and photos through the site.

      Royal Thai Police recently questioned a 19 year old woman known as Kai Nao after she allegedly made porongraphic clips and posted them on OnlyFans. An arrest warrant was later issued through the Samut Prakan provincial court and both Kai Nao and her 20 year old boyfriend were arrested today at a hotel in Bang Phili.

      According to Thai media, the couple made around half a million baht from making the sexually explicit videos and photos. The suspects face charges of distributing pornographic material online. Since the suspects were allegedly sending out inappropriate pornography pictures that are accessible to the public, police say it is considered an offence and they will be charged accordingly. With the case drawing natiowide attention, a Royal Thai police spokesperson made an announcement warning the public that creating pornographic material is illegal in Thailand.

      Those who trade, import, produce, or distributing pornography can face up to 3 years in prison and a fine up to 60,000 THB. People who upload sexually explicit content online can also be charged under Thailand’s Computer Crime Act and face up to 5 years in prison and a fine up to 100,000 THB.


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        Police warn against OnlyFans creators dressing as sexy police

        After police arrested a popular Thai OnlyFans creator a few days ago and subsequently warned the people of Thailand that posting explicit content on OnlyFans or similar sites is illegal in Thailand, the Royal Thai Police have issued an additional warning for a specific subset of adult content creators they intend to crack down on. The police threatened that they are seeking out those who use sexy police uniforms or similar in their content.

        The Royal Thai Police call much of the content created on OnlyFans obscene and pornographic. The popular site where users can create pay per view accounts for their fans to purchase content such as workouts or cooking videos was quickly adopted as a convenient way to make and sell adult explicit materials for amateurs.

        The site has gained massive popularity in Thailand despite pornography being illegal, as Covid-19 safety measures have closed all bars, clubs, and entertainment venues causing many bar girls and freelancers to move online to earn income. Authorities had seemed to mostly look the other way as these girls utilized the site to support themselves and their families.

        But now the deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police issued a warning specifying that cosplay involving dressing in the uniform of the police, the Thai Army, or any other similar uniform violates Thai law and could cost those who don these costumes substantial fines and possibly jail time.

        There have been reports in the past of bars being raided and staff being fined for dressing as sexy police officers or other related cosplay outfits, though it has been an infrequent occurrence. But authorities have been cracking down both on illegally open bars and online illegal content recently.

        The deputy spokesman said that those who dress in these sexy versions of the uniforms on their OnlyFans account would be violating both the Police Act B.E. 2547 for impersonating an officer and the Computer Crime Act B.E. 2560 for posting the images online.

        The Royal Thai Police say that they have found Thai accounts already that depicted girls dressed as sexy police officers and were already investigating them and wanted to warn the public that this is a crime.


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          OnlyFans arrest sparks calls for reform of Thai prostitution and pornography laws

          Following the arrest of an OnlyFans content creator on pornography charges, there have been renewed calls in Thailand for sex work to be legalised. A woman, known as Nong Khai Nao, who is a content creator for the subscription platform, and her boyfriend, were arrested for filming sexual acts and posting it on OnlyFans. The site allows people to pay a fee to subscribe to view photos and videos. It’s widely known for sexually explicit content.

          It’s unclear why Thai police cracked down on Nong Khai Nao in particular, as posting sexually explicit content on OnlyFans is very common in Thailand among both Thais and foreigners.

          Since the arrest, which has been widely covered in Thai media, many activists have called for a change to Thailand’s draconian laws against sex work and pornography. According to the Bangkok Post, the director of the Women and Men Progressive Movement Foundation, says sex work should be legalised in Thailand and properly tax, adding that arresting people on prostitution and pornography charges is not a solution as sex is natural and cannot be suppressed. He says it’s important to protect sex workers from harassment, threats, and exploitation.

          The foundation’s director also claimed that Thailand’s society is male-dominated and fails to offer adequate and diverse job opportunities for women. The director of Service Workers in Group Foundation, which is known as “Swing,” also said sex work should be decriminalised, adding that arresting pornography content creators won’t solve the problem. She says it’s a lack of income that is driving them to get into the sex industry.

          A sex worker and member of the Empower Foundation told the Bangkok Post that activists have tried for 20 years to abolish the country’s Prostitution Suppression Act. She told reporters that with the law prohibiting prostitution, many sex workers must pay bribes to authorities to continue their work.


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            Chiang Mai couple arrested for selling outdoor sex show online

            In the continued crackdown in Thailand against sexually explicit material being sold on the internet, a Thai couple has been arrested in Chiang Mai for having sex in public and selling videos of it online. The couple was arrested over an incident that took place in May where they are accused of having sex in public in front of a highway office.

            The sex was filmed on the Chiang Mai-Lamphun Road in tambon Yang Nerng of Saraphi district and was uploaded for sale online in June. The road is a popular area lined with large resin trees making it quite a scenic place that people often take selfies, just usually with their clothes on.

            Police said that the couple known online as “ThaiPornhuber” and “Khwan_tphb” have a total of about 70 sexually explicit videos posted on OnlyFans and Fansly – a smaller content creator website that surged went OnlyFans initially announced a ban on porn last month. The videos were said to have been shot not just in hotels but also out on the street and in roadside shelters around the Chiang Mai area.

            Their online sex accounts featured some role-playing and focused on public sex outdoors, something worth noting has been a violation of OnlyFans rules after they outlawed outdoor content many months ago. The couple was earning 50,000 to 60,000 THB per month with their sex shows and police seized two hard drives, a notebook computer, a mobile phone, as well as clothing and bank books as evidence.

            They are the second high profile OnlyFans content creators arrested after police in Thailand vowed to crack down on OnlyFans users and issued specific warnings for those who take pictures and videos wearing sexy police uniforms.

            The crackdown has received backlash from the community where bar girls and freelancers have had no source of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic and have turned to selling content online instead to survive after entertainment and nightlife industries received no support from the government, prompting calls for reform in Thailand’s prostitution and sex laws.

            Those caught creating and posting sexual content online can face charges of 60,000 and up to 3 years in prison for creating the material and another 100,000 THB and up to 5 years in prison for posting it online.


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              Porn site raided after posting photoshopped image of executive

              A popular porn sharing site was raided and shut down by police today after sharing the wrong photo – a photoshopped image of a hospital executive. The offending image was discovered by the person whose face was photoshopped onto a pornographic image, and they filed a complaint leading to the bust.

              A Nonthaburi court issued a warrant to raid a house in Phibul Songkhram Soi 10 where the administrator was operating the sharing site called “clipsfree&moviefree”. The 30 year old man had studied technology at a famous university and earned a bachelor’s degree.

              He had built up the website over the last 2 years of operation and was hosting about 40,00 porn videos on the site. The page had around 200,000 visitors before the police bust. He is being held, facing charges of disseminating pornographic material.

              The site admin said that, as soon as he was alerted to the offending photoshopped image, he removed it from the site. The face used was that of a senior executive of a hospital group, raising ire and the attention of the police. Investigators will now delve further into the porn site, apparently to seek out any possible connection to illegal online gambling sites or the popular amateur porn site OnlyFans.


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                Police arrest Thai OnlyFans star making ฿100K per Month

                Police arrested a trans woman known as ‘Dreamy Dao’ for producing and disseminating pornographic content in the northeastern province of Khon Kaen on Tuesday. Dreamy Dao was making 100,000 baht every month by posting explicit content on the OnlyFans website.

                Khon Kaen police raided 20 year old Dreamy Dao’s room to find a large number of pornographic videos and 17 other items including filming equipment and props used in the production of explicit content. The police obtained an arrest warrant from Khon Kaen Provincial court on April 4 after a crime investigation unit discovered a Twitter page which Dreamy Dao used to advertise the explicit content. Police subscribed to the Twitter page “to collect evidence”.

                Dreamy Dao was arrested for making, producing, possessing and disseminating obscene pornographic content which is accessible to the general public.

                The OnlyFans star used a Twitter page with 120,110 followers and a Line group to advertise her OnlyFans content. Subscribers could pay a monthly subscription fee of 234 baht or a lifetime subscription fee of 590 baht to gain access to her pictures and videos. Dreamy’s content attracted 430 members in total. Dreamy Dao posted one pornographic clip every day.

                Dreamy Dao was studying at a vocational college in Roi Et province, but wasn’t studying on campus due to the Covid-19 pandemic, so moved to Khon Kaen to look for friends and make an income. Dreamy Dao chose to make a living through OnlyFans, and made an impressive 100,000 baht per month.

                Dreamy Dao told police there was no one else involved in the operation. Police believe there are more people involved and said they will investigate further.

                Thai police began cracking down on OnlyFans content creators last year. Well-known creator Nong Khai Nao (Miss Bad Egg), who raked in one billion baht in a three month period, was arrested with her boyfriend last September.

                Whether posting explicit content should be illegal or not is a dividing issue in Thai society. The liberal argument is that OnlyFans creators can choose what kind content they post, can choose the price, and can do it from the safety of their homes. Netizens have criticised police for the crackdown and say they should be fighting ‘real crime’. Chief of the Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau Kanchai Khlaikhlueng compared arresting OnlyFans creators to killing a chicken in front of monkeys – a Thai saying which means punishing someone in order to deter others from doing the same. Kanchai wants to continue making an example out of OnlyFans creators to “uphold the good morale of Thailand”, he said.


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                  Burmese authorities confiscate OnlyFans star’s passport, cancels trip to Bangkok

                  A Burmese woman said she lost her job as a doctor for posing in bikini photos online, and has now had her right to travel taken away by Burmese authorities. Yangon Passport Office reportedly confiscated the OnlyFans star’s documents, causing her to cancel her planned trip to Bangkok.

                  The 33 year old OnlyFans star Nang Mwe San qualified as a doctor at the age of 22, but her dream was to become a model. After a few years of working in a hospital, she started taking part in professional photo shoots outside her work as a doctor. When Nang Mwe San’s workplace asked her to stop posting revealing photos online, she refused, so they allegedly revoked her licence to practise medicine. The former doctor found a new career as an OnlyFans model, and says she makes far more money than she did working as a doctor. The model has racked up a following of 611,000 followers on her Instagram page.

                  Nang Mwe San’s father is receiving medical treatment in Bangkok, so she planned a trip to the Thai capital to visit him. However, when she went to Yangon Passport Office to renew her passport, they allegedly confiscated her passport and wouldn’t issue her a new one, essentially removing her right to leave Myanmar.

                  Updated; 30.09.2022 OnlyFans star sentenced to six years in prison in Myanmar

                  Insein Prison Court in Myanmar sentenced a model to six years in prison yesterday for posting content online that “harms culture and dignity,” according to the Burmese military junta. Nang Mwe San is the first woman to ever be imprisoned over OnlyFans content in Myanmar. The 33 year old model and former doctor had previously taken part in anti-military protests after the Tatmadaw, or military junta, seized power over Myanmar by coup d’etat in February 2021.

                  The model was found guilty of distributing nude photos and videos on social media for a fee under Section 33 (A) of Myanmar’s Electronic Transactions Law, which carries a maximum prison sentence of seven years. Another Burmese model, Thinzar Wint Kyaw, was arrested under the same law in August and will face trial in October. Thinzar also attended anti-military protests in Myanmar and posted photos of herself at the protests on social media.

                  In May, Burmese authorities confiscated Nang Mwe San’s passport, forcing her to cancel her trip to Bangkok to visit her father who was receiving medical treatment in the Thai capital. Nang Mwe San lives in Yangon’s Dagon Township, where martial law is enforced. Under martial law, people charged with crimes are tried in military courts and denied access to lawyers. The model was tried at a court inside the capital’s notorious Insein Prison, the largest prison in Myanmar.

                  Since the Tatmawdaw ousted the democratically-elected government of Aung Suu Kyi in February 2021, more than 15,600 people including activists, lawmakers, and journalists have been arrested and detained by the military junta. Yesterday, Myanmar’s ousted leader Aung Suu Kyi was sentenced to another three years in jail along with the Australian adviser to her political party.​


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                    Thai OnlyFans couple who turned holiday resort into a porn shoot wanted by police

                    Police are looking for a Thai OnlyFans couple who turned the popular holiday resort of Wang Nam Khiao into a porn shoot setting. Three of the couple’s sex tapes were circulated online yesterday in secret group chats in the popular Thai Line application. The videos, which soon went viral, feature the couple having sex in a resort room with a forest view through the window. The caption on the video states the location is at a resort in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima, or Korat.

                    The videos of the couple engaging in sexual acts were downloaded from their OnlyFans account by a fan of their work. The fan then uploaded the videos to secret Line groups where people were charged to view the pornographic acts. Pongthep Malachasing, President of Wang Nam Khiao’s Tourism Promotion Association, is disgusted by the videos and says it ruins the reputation of the district.

                    “Their sex content is unacceptable and the couple deserve to be condemned. I don’t believe the resort owner supports these 2 creators, and anyone with the same idea needs to stop now. I want the relevant agencies to take the case seriously and prosecute the couple to avoid similar issues in the future. Thai people should protect Wang Nam Khiao’s image as a tourist attraction full of beautiful nature and temples.”
                    The Korat Mayor, Supoj Seanmee, contacted Wang Nam Khiao police to find out the exact location used by the couple and their personal details but both are unknown at present.

                    Pornography is illegal in Thailand and if found guilty of violating the Computer Act the sexy couple face a penalty of up to 5 years in jail and a fine of up to 100,000 baht, for creating and publishing pornographic material.

                    Only 4 months ago an OnlyFans content creator filed a complaint to the police after her videos were stolen and posted on random gambling websites for free access. The 25 year old Arisa “Kwang” Siangluecha claimed the videos were her copyright. But the complaint backfired because police prosecuted her instead.

                    Pornography is still a controversial issue in Thailand and many believe it is morally wrong. The popular PornHub site was banned in Thailand in 2020, and many Thai sex content creators were arrested.


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                      UPDATE: Thai OnlyFans couple who turned resort into porn setting surrender to police

                      A Thai OnlyFans couple who turned a popular holiday resort of Wang Nam Khiao into a porn shoot setting have surrendered to the police. Two weeks ago, four erotic videos were circulating online featuring the Thai couple having sex in a resort room with a forest view through the window. The caption on the video states the location is at a resort in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima, or Korat.

                      The videos were stolen from the Thai couple’s OnlyFans account and downloaded and distributed in the secret groups via the Line application. Line group admins collected money from group members and offered the video they stole from others, which the couple considered a copyright violation. The Superintendent of Wang Nam Khiao Police Station, Peerapong Thanapochai, yesterday informed media that the couple had surrendered to the police last week. The couple confessed that they recorded the porn videos at the resort, and the resort owner didn’t involve with their content.

                      The couple faces 2 charges: firstly, for publishing pornography on a website or application for personal benefits, resulting in a penalty of up to 3 years in jail and a fine of up to 60,000 THB or both. Secondly, they were charged for publishing pornography on a computer system that which public could access, so they could face a penalty of jail up to 5 years and a fine of up to 100,000 THB or both.

                      The police added that the Office of Police Forensic Science would investigate the crime history of the couple before submitting documents to the court for further prosecution processes.


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                        Thai OnlyFans star arrested after posting explicit image with monk

                        A Thai OnlyFans creator was arrested today after she posted an explicit picture with a monk on Twitter and promoted a pornography video of herself having sexual intercourse with the monk. However, she later revealed that the video was fake and had just posted it to promote her platform. On March 3, the Twitter account, juniijune6969 posted a picture taken at Bang Sue Train Station in Bangkok featuring a woman opening her shirt to reveal her breasts while sitting next to a monk. The caption said…

                        “Selling porn of me and a monk. 699 baht. Message me if you are interested.”
                        The woman kept tweeting messages to invite her followers to buy the video and insisted that she had a porn video of her and the monk having sex. Her account has over 470,000 followers and a lot of porn and naked videos from the platform have been shared by many Twitter users. Her OnlyFans account and VIP group on the LINE application are also advertised on her Twitter bio. Thai netizens expressed their outrage and called the relevant departments, especially the National Office of Buddhism, to investigate and punish both the monk and the woman. Many feel that the woman has tarnished the image of Thai monks and desecrated Buddhism. The woman, identified as Wanida, was arrested at her house today and acknowledged her actions. She said she took the picture at Bang Sue Train Station using a tripod. However, she said she did not have an erotic video with the monk as she promoted and did not know the monk in person.

                        The charges issued against Wanida have not been reported by the police but she could face up to five years in jail and a fine of up to 100,000 THB for creating and publishing pornographic material according to Section 14(4) of the Computer Act. Wanida’s acts also violated Section 287(1) of the Criminal Law: whoever broadcasts or produces sex content shall be punished with imprisonment of up to three years, a fine of up to 60,000 THB or both. In Thailand, pornography is illegal, and popular porn sites like PornHub are banned in the country. The ban on pornography is a controversial issue among citizens, with many people considering the content disgraceful and morally wrong.

                        For some people in Thailand, porn and sex-related topics are taboo and should not be talked about. Last year, a famous OnlyFans creator and YouTuber, 25 year old Arisa “Kwang” Siangluecha, also known as Deerlong, relocated to stay with her boyfriend in the Netherlands after Thai police warned her of charges and penalties for her content. In another case, an OnlyFans couple was arrested last year for their erotic videos shot at a resort in Wang Nam Khiao district of Nakhon Ratchasima, which was blamed for spoiling the reputation of the spot and the province.