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Bangkok Freelancer Bars | Thermae Cafe

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  • Bangkok Freelancer Bars | Thermae Cafe

    Thermae Cafe - The Best Freelancer Hot Spot in Bangkok

    We are sure you have heard about the Thermae Cafe in Bangkok. But if you haven’t we will tell you exactly what it is, and why it is good to know about this “cafe” located in the Basement of the Ruamchitt Plaza Hotel. Throughout my years in Thailand we get asked which bar has been consistent over the years. And one of the answers is: Thermae Although many things have changed over the years (including the prices), this famous cafe in Bangkok is still going as strong as ever. This bar - known as the “Star Wars” bar - is quiet interesting because you will see many different types of travelers with a wide variety of personalities and backgrounds. It can even be somewhat entertaining just to visit the place for nostalgic reasons even if you don’t plan to take out one of the many girls there.
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    Unlike most beer bars in Bangkok, the girls in this place are not employed by the bar and work independently. The historic bar opened first in the 60’s. It became a popular hangout spot for the soldiers during the Vietnam war era. They used to come here to relax, get a little R&R and of course, have a chance to meet the many local Thai women that were around. Back in those days things were a bit different, prices were very cheap for all things. And this place became a favorite hangout place for expats and eventually single male foreigners. Over the years it even gained more in popularity.

    Thanks to the internet and other online forums, many single men heard about the place, and were curious to see what the fuss was all about. And of course, many guys come to Bangkok for the red light districts and to meet freelancers. The Thermae Bar is still one of the best places to do exactly that. And because it is cheaper than going to the go go bars, the Thermae bar prices are still reasonable compared to other options in the city. And if you really enjoy getting your own women, without going to bars, then of course the online scene is perfect just for that.

    The bar is located on Sukhumvit road, which is Bangkok’s famous tourist street in the basement of the well-known Ruamchitt Plaza hotel, which is a popular guest friendly hotel and also known to be a short time hotel. Many guys ending up taking a freelancer from Thermae to the upstairs rooms for some action. If you do not like this hotel try the Sofitel | Bangkok next door. Please note: ladyboys are not available at Thermae !

    Starting from the evenings around 8:00 pm you will find the majority of freelancer girls working at the Thermae Cafe Bar. Both inside and outside by the stairs leading into the building. And this continue until well into the night. It is not uncommon to even see girls working outside even after the bar closes. They wait for potential customers to walk by, in hopes of making some extra money. Inside the cafe is an interesting experience to say the least. You will find many Thai women lined up, or sitting in the tables or at the bar waiting for customers to pick them up. And the good thing is that there is usually a great selection of freelancers here. The place gets quite busy, especially due to the many Asian (Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) clientele. So lately there are some beliefs that most of the girls prefer Asian men. And although this is partly true, but don’t forget that the main factor is money. So it is very common to see men of other nationalities visiting the place, and taking one of the women for some fun.

    Of course it wouldn’t be complete if I don’t mention the prices. I know many guys are curious to know about the costs involved with the freelancers here. Here is what you can expect
    • Short Time: since 2022 most girls are asking for up to 3000 + THB (most girls want short time only)
    • Long Time: up to 6000 THB +
    • Many young and mostly super hot girls are looking for long-term Asian sponsors !
    Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the girl, and whether or not she is interested in you. Yes, I know it is mostly about money, but it can make a difference. Why? Because if she also “likes” you she will be willing to go with you for the lower end of the prices, rather than the higher end. And if she doesn’t want to go with you she will give you a very high price, or even reject you. So keep in mind that negotiation for prices at Thermae is possible depending on those factors. But generally speaking, those are the prices to expect for most girls.
    • I like it if the girl in Thermae Cafe Bangkok is holding her handbag with two hands in front of her. Arms straight. Cellphone in her handbag. By this, she is telling you, “Look at me. I’m here to receive and please you.” For me, this rule alone will almost guarantee a good to possibly even superb experience.
    • If there is a stunner that you really want and she insists on getting a stuffy old room upstairs, then I guess you don’t have much choice.
    • I have a NO TAXI RULE. I’m slim and in good shape so this rule works for me. It may not be appropriate for others who have trouble handling the Bangkok heat. I usually get a hotel a ten-minute walk away from Thermae Cafe. And that is what I tell the girl. If the girl insists on a taxi, then she is out. She will not provide good service if a ten-minute walk is too much for her. They are all younger than me.
    • If the girl is always touching her hair, she is out. She is egocentric and therefore will not provide good service.
    • If the girl is glued to her cellphone, she is out.
    • If the girl has her arms crossed and looks unhappy to be there, she is definitely out.
    • If the girl waves or grabs you, she is out. She will likely have a demanding personality. Choose her if you want to be dominated by a girl.
    • If the girl’s outfit looks expensive, she is out. I can tell if the dress is expensive or not. She will likely quote a very high rate.
    • Most Thermae girls tend to dress up, but if the girl is dressed like a cheap working girl, she is out.
    • If the girl had plastic surgery, she is out. Sometimes it’s obvious. Sometimes, it’s not. The girl is egocentric and overly concerned with outer beauty.
    The upside of these rules is that you will most likely get a decent to great service from the girl in Bangkok’s Thermae Cafe. The major downside is that the stunners will probably be eliminated by one or more of the rules. But it’s always give and take in life. So go ahead and find the perfect girl in Bangkok to show you a good time.

    Address: 199 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand​
    Opening Hours: 8:00 pm - 1:00 am

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    UPDATES: Sept. 22.2023
    • 1) The quality of girls at Thermae varies a LOT, the girls don't work for the bar and only show up when they want to.
    • 2) There are a LOT more girls there these days than any time in recent memory (even compared to a few months ago)
    • 3) All the people who are too price sensitive for Thermae, it's not for you. saying that, bear in mind that the street near Thermae is mostly (not all) ladyboys who can't get in.
    • 4) Also bear in mind that the girls who are hot enough to be more in demand than the rest of the pack have ALWAYS been more expensive EVERYWHERE.... when guys who "don't pay over 1.500 THB ever" in BKK post photos, the girl is rarely my type. which is not to say bargains are not available, especially on the street after 2 am. gotten LT for 1.000 THB before.. What you pay really depends more on whether you prioritize price over looks.
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