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  • Nana Plaza Entertainment Centre

    Nana Plaza Entertainment Center Bangkok
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    Nana Plaza is the biggest of all Bangkok’s redlight streets, with over thirty bars on three floors. It’s only 300 meters from BTS Nana station and the largest in the county. Men go there with a goal in mind – meet beautiful Thai girls for sexual pleasure. Nana Plaza is home to over thirty go-go bars, including four of Bangkok’s best, Butterflies, Billboard, Angelwitch, and Rainbow 5. We recommend Angelwitch as it’s famous for its lap dance shows.

    On the ground floor, you will find a few beer bars full of bar girls. And the area immediately surrounding Nana is well known for dozens of freelancers, hand job bars, and blow job bars. If you want to stay away from the ladyboys, don’t go to Obsession, Casanova, Temptations, or Straps. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a nasty surprise! Nana Plaza has three short-time hotels on the third floor. When you find a girl, you don’t have to go far for a fun time.

    What Happens in a Thai GoGo Bar?
    A Go Go Bar is very similar to the strip clubs you might have been to in your country. When you enter the go go bar, the first thing you see is a stage with several poles in the center of the room. There are usually 10+ sexy girls dancing to club music. Facing the stage on either side are arena-style booth seats, so everybody has a good view of the sexy bodies on stage. Most of the dancers are wearing lingerie or bikinis, but some are dancing nude or topless. Every few songs, the dancers will leave the stage, and another group of dancers will replace them. All the dancers have numbers. So If a dancer catches your eye, give the hostess or waitress her number.. If there’s a girl you like use her number and tell the waitress or mamasan which girl(s) you want to invite to your table and buy a "Lady Drink" - it’s often a shot of tequila - for her. In exchange, the girl will spend some time with you. When she’s done with her shot, either you buy her another one if you want her to stay, or she goes back on stage. You can “bar fine” girls there too. In other words, you are charged extra by the bar to take the girl with you to have sex with her, either for a “Short time” a few hours, or “Long time” which means for the night or multiple days. Bar fines are 600-1500 THB + In addition you pay a fee for the girl's services. The more attractive the girl is, the more expensive she's going to be.

    The Mamasan
    The Mamasan or a hostess will lead you to a table when you first walk into the go go bar. Someone will then take your drink order. The Mamasan is usually an older woman, who at one time might have been a dancer herself. She’s in charge of all the dancers, hostesses, and waitresses, and it may be to your benefit to make friends with the Mamasan. During your visit, you might even want to buy her a drink or two. Making friends with the Mamasan can make getting to know the dancers a little easier. A GoGo bar makes most of its profit from liquor sales. And in the same way, the go go dancers earn the majority of their income from the shots that customers order for them. These shots are known as “Lady Drinks” and cost usually around 200 THB each. The dancers receive a commission on every glass that a customer buys for them, usually about 40%. Understand that the dancer keeping you company will only stay with you as long as you keep ordering them shots. Once you stop ordering, they will politely excuse themselves and disappear. Don’t get suckered into buying shots off the tray for several girls. Or else you’ll be in for quite a shock when your bill comes at the end of the night.

    Bar Fines
    ​You’ve been having a great time talking, and you would like to get to know the girl of your choice a little better. Most go-go bar dancers will leave with customers, but you have to pay the bar a fee so she can go; this fee is called a bar fine. A bar fine ranges anywhere from 600 baht to 1500 THB depending on the club. Once you’ve paid the bar fine, it’s time to decide how much time you want to spend with the dancer. You can either go for a short time (about one hour) or a long time (all night). A short time will cost you anywhere from 1,500 THB to 2,500 THB, and a long time could be 2,500 THB to 5,000 THB. After spending the night at your hotel, your new friend maybe wants to spend the rest of your holiday in Thailand with you. For this to happen, you will have to pay the mamasan a certain amount to be negotiated. This compensates the go go bar for the dancer’s income for the time she’s away. And if you plan to take one of these gals out of the go go bar for a month-long holiday on the beach somewhere, be prepared to pay the bar anywhere from 9,000 THB to 20,000 THB unless you are able to make different arrangements directly with the girl. Thus, that does not even include what you need to pay the girls for her services as your sexy tour guide, something always up to negotiaton. So if you’re planning on taking hot model from a go go bar to spend your holiday with you, make sure you’ve got plenty of cash.

    The Girls
    ​Not all go-go dancers are hookers. The Coyotes, dressed just like you remember from the Coyote Ugly Movie, usually won’t go home with a customer. They’re usually paid a higher monthly salary and consider themselves models or dancers. Their job is to attract customers and to get those customers to order more inside the club. Remember, all Go Go Bars in Thailand make their money selling booze, not through bar fines. If you ask them to leave with you, they will usually have the mamasan send over another girl, one that’s willing to go with customers. The nude or topless hotties that dance get paid a higher monthly salary than the staff who dance in bikinis. They usually have a higher bar fine and charge a higher rate for a short time or a long time. But they’re always available to leave with customers. Lastly, the regular Thai GoGo Girls who dance in bikinis or lingerie will always go back to the guys. They don’t make as much salary as the coyotes or the nude dancers. So their income is more dependent on spending time with customers.
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    GoGo Bars @ Nana Plaza Entertainment Center
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    Billboard Bangkok claims on their website and social media to be “Thailand’s Home Go-Go Bar”. It’s true that if any gogo bar has what it takes to be number one in Bangkok, it’s Billboard. With 100 beautiful Thai girls and unique shows, this gogo bar, located on the 3rd floor of Nana Plaza, is one of the best places to party with sexy gogo dancers in Bangkok. We leave it up to you to decide if Billboard is the best gogo bar in Bangkok or even in Thailand. But without a doubt, it’s a fun bar with tons of beautiful Thai girls, and it’s a must-visit if you go to Nana Plaza. If you like Billboard gogo bar, you’ll love Butterflies - its sister gogo bar owned by the same team and located on the same floor.
    • Pricing: Drinks start from 160 THB | Bar fines from 700 THB
    • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
    • Address: 3rd floor of Nana Plaza, on your right
    Opened in 2011, Billboard has quickly gained a good reputation, mainly thanks to the quality of its girls. The management does a fantastic job of keeping only the best girls who are young, hot, and wild. Just the way we like them.
    • An overwhelming amount of sexy Thai Girls
      When you walk in, you don’t know where to look. There are hot Thai girls everywhere in the bar, whether on stage or at the bar, waiting for their turn to dance. Billboard can have well over 100 girls on busy nights, so you’ll never run out of options.
    • Incredible Shows
      The gogo has great shows every hour, with sexy lap dances, lesbian shows with girls playing together, and of course, shower shows as well as naughty foam rubbing in the jacuzzi.
    • Jacuzzi and Shower Shows
      Right in the middle of the bar is a spinning carousel stage where the girls dance, a couple of standing tables next to it, and to the right is an oversized jacuzzi and a shower cabin where the girls love to get wet and play. Be careful though, because it’s not uncommon for those sitting next to it to get wet.
    • Special Events and Themes
      Billboard is also known for its special events and always finds an excuse to organize theme nights where they love to go crazy with decorations and costumes. You should definitely keep an eye on their Facebook page to see what event is coming up.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Butterflies-Bangkok.jpg Views:	0 Size:	161.6 KB ID:	6388


    Go up to the top floor of the famous Nana Entertainment Plaza to find one of the most incredible gogo bars in the city, Butterflies Bangkok. With its unique ambiance, hot young Thai girls, and a large jacuzzi filled with Thai babes rubbing each other, Butterflies is a must-try in Nana Plaza.
    • Pricing: Drinks start from 160 THB | Bar fines from 800 THB
    • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
    • Address: 3rd floor of Nana Plaza, on your right
    Butterflies is run by the same team behind the famous Billboard a GoGo, which shares the same floor in Nana Plaza. Why it matters? Only because Billboard is one of the best GoGo in Bangkok, known for its incredible shows, great service, and most importantly, stunning girls. And the management has clearly applied the same magic recipe to select the girls for Butterflies.​
    • Butterflies Bangkok Girls
      The bar has about 50 to 80 girls on weeknights and up to 100 on weekends. All young, fit, and just the right amount of wild. So it doesn’t matter what kind of girls you like, with so much to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find one you like.
    • A welcoming GoGo Bar
      Butterflies is warm, inviting, and offers something different from the other bars in the building. When you enter the bar, you’ll immediately see two stages on either side of the bar with poles for the girls to dance on, and then a large Jacuzzi in the middle for…
    • Sexy Foam Shows
      Butterflies has a huge Jacuzzi where the girls love to get wet, cover themselves in foam, and rub each other. If you can, grab a seat right next to the jacuzzi, get ready for a sexy show like no other.
    • Clubbing Music and DJs
      The bar has invested a lot of money to get a world-class sound and lighting system to make it feel like one of the top clubs in Bangkok or even Thailand. And it works well. They also have very good DJs who play a nice mix of classics and current hits. Butterflies is a good alternative to traditional gogo bars for those who like gogo dancers and EDM.
    • Great Staff and Service
      Last but not least, Butterflies is also known for the quality of its staff and service, like Billboard. The staff there will take good care of you, whether you want a drink, a few girls to party with you, or more.


    Angelwitch is located on the left side of the second floor of Nana Plaza, right next to the famous Spanky’s. You can easily recognize it by its flying witch logo. But what’s interesting about Angelwitch is what happens on stage. It’s his shows that are completely different from any other gogo bar.
    • Pricing: Drinks start from 150 THB | Bar fines from 700 THB
    • Opening Hours: Daily from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
    • Address: 2nd floor of Nana Plaza, on your left
    Angelwitch offers sensual performances every hour, each lasting about 15 minutes. They are put together by an in-house choreographer with decades of experience. The shows range from a sexy lap dance to two clad girls massaging each other, all the way to lesbian shows with up to 5 girls. And often the girls end up completely naked.
    • No Ping-Pong Shows
      There are no ping-pong shows or other dirty stuff. The shows are all about sensuality and the girls playing with each other. And with the audience.
    • Guests can participate in the Shows
      That’s right, some shows involve the audience. So if you’re lucky enough to be sitting right next to the stage, you’ll get a chance to participate.
    • A regular GoGo Bar between Shows
      Outside of the 15 minutes of shows every hour? Angelwitch is just another gogo bar. The girls dance on stage, and you can invite the one you like for a drink.
    • Angelwitch Girls
      Angelwitch has always had a great selection of girls, but in recent years they’ve gotten even better. The standard may not be as good as Billboard or Rainbow 5, but it’s still one of the best in Nana Plaza.
    • The girls are known for their Moves
      Not only do the girls have nice bodies, but they know how to use them. All the moves they learn for the sexy shows, they can use to turn you on in ways you never thought possible.
    • The Girls Outfits
      As for the outfit, the girls wear different types of dresses and lingerie, but the most common uniform is a black bikini with high heels. It’s all very sexy and shows a lot of skin.
    • Only Rock Music
      Ok, maybe not only, but the music at Angelwitch is mostly rock. It’s very different from other gogo bars.
    • Super nice Staff
      Another thing we like about Angelwitch is that everyone is super friendly and fun. That includes the mamasans and the waitresses. Everyone always has a smile on their face. It’s always a pleasure to party there.


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      GoGo Bars @ Nana Plaza Entertainment Center
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      Follow the sounds of people getting spanked as you enter Nana Plaza and you’ll eventually get to Spanky’s. The infamous gogo bar, known for its girls spanking each other and visitors, is a must-see. But it’s not only famous for the constant spanking. Spanky’s also has incredible girls, a very fun vibe, and most importantly, wild erotic shows.
      • Pricing: Drinks start from 150 THB | Bar fines from 700 THB
      • Opening Hours: Daily from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
      • Address: 2nd floor of Nana Plaza, on your left
      Spanky's is one of the most iconic GoGo Bars in Bangkok. Open for over a decade, Spanky’s is a small gogo bar on the second floor of Nana Plaza, just to the left as you go up the stairs. You can’t miss it, because the girls who work there spank the visitors when they walk in front of the bar. Hence the name.​
      • The incredible Erotic Shows
        Spanky’s has well-trained girls performing different erotic shows every 15 minutes or so. The shows range from the classic sexy striptease to original lesbian shows, an interesting erotic shower show, and of course, an overwhelming amount of spanking.
      • Shower Shows
        In the back of the bar, there’s a shower cabin with transparent walls, where several times during the night, a girl presses her half-naked body covered with foam against the glass. If you’ve never seen anything like this live, sit right next to the shower cabin for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
      • Spanky’s Girls
        Spanky’s only has up to 20 girls on stage and a few more in the bar talking with the customers. All are wearing high heels, fishnet stockings, and other sexy lingerie. Most of them are in their 20s, pretty, playful, and wild.
      • Fun Ambiance
        The shows and the playfulness and friendliness of the girls are why Spanky’s is packed every night and why the bar has such a good reputation. It is perfect for those who want a gogo bar with incredible sex shows and beautiful girls.

      Rainbow 5

      There are not 1, 2, or 3, but 4 Rainbow gogo bars in Nana Plaza. And while they’re all very different in their own way, they also all have something in common: they have the hottest girls you can find in Nana Plaza. But if you ask us, the best of the Rainbow bars is Rainbow 5, on the second floor of Nana Plaza.
      • Pricing: Drinks start from 150 THB | Bar fines from 700 THB
      • Opening Hours: Daily from 7:00 pm – 2:00 am
      • Address: 2nd floor of Nana Plaza, on your right
      This is one of the biggest gogos in Bangkok. When you enter Rainbow 5, there’s a long bar with a stage on each side of the room. Each stage can have up to 30 girls on them, and then there are more girls than you can count in the bar talking to customers or just waiting for their turn to dance. Choose the stools in the middle if you want to be close to the action.​
      • The hottest Girls in Nana Plaza
        Rainbow 5 is often called the best gogo bar in Bangkok, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s because they have a fantastic selection of girls. And it’s also the bar in Nana Plaza with the most girls. So we can guarantee you that if you set foot in this gogo, you’ll fall in love.
      • Topless Girls.
        It’s true that sometimes the girls in Rainbow 5 can be topless. But that doesn’t happen every night like in other bars. Most of the time, the girls just wear bikinis or lingerie with high heels. The standard gogo bar uniform.
      • Few Shows, but incredible Dancers.
        Rainbow 5 doesn’t have sexy or erotic shows like Spanky’s or Angelwitch, but their girls are incredible dancers. Grab a seat, order a drink, and enjoy watching the girls showing you their best moves on stage.


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        GoGo Bars @ Nana Plaza Entertainment Center
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        Lollipop is the first gogo bar in Nana Plaza, right on your left right after the stairs when you enter the complex. With its large terrace, great promotions, and cute girls, it’s the perfect bar to start your night in Nana Plaza before moving on to the bigger and wilder bars.
        • Pricing: Drinks start from 160 THB | Bar fines from 700 THB
        • Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 8:00 pm – 2:00 am
        • Address: ground floor of Nana Plaza, on your left

        ​Lollipop has a prime location in Nana Plaza. Being the first bar you see as you enter the entertainment plaza, its terrace is perfect for getting a cold drink and watching the action around you.​
        • Happy Hour and cheap Drinks
          With a happy hour every day from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm and regular “Buy 1 Get 1” promotions, drinks at Lollipop are really cheap if you go early.
        • 50 Thai girls in Bikinis and High Heels.
          The bar has a lot of young and fun girls who love to party, and more if you feel like it. Lollipop usually has 20 girls dancing on stage, changing every 10 to 15 minutes, while the rest go around to drink with customers in the bar or on the terrace.
        • A smaller bar with a more intimate vibe.
          Lollipop is small compared to other bars in Nana Plaza, which is a good thing if you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe in a bar where you can take your time to sip your drink and meet cute Thai girls.


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          Party Nights @ Nana Plaza
          Click image for larger version

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            Nana Plaza
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              Soi Nana Bangkok | Mongering Map
              Bangkok Soi Nana Map

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                Nana Plaza | Soi 7 Map for International Mongers
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                More to come....