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The Relationship with a Chiang Mai University Girl

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  • The Relationship with a Chiang Mai University Girl

    Sex with a Chiang Mai University Girl

    It’s about 4:00 pm on a Wednesday afternoon when Mint texts me that she’s waiting for me at the 7Eleven. I jump up from my chair and text her back that I’m just around the corner. The truth is, I’m at least 25 min away from her and it will depend on the traffic how fast I can get there. In a way, I didn’t expect her to show up, you never know with Thai girls, especially with girls from Chiang Mai. Nowadays, I rarely wait for them outside anymore. I agree on a meeting point not too far from my room, then I just do my own thing and if they show up I try to get there as quick as possible. Mint studies Tourism Management or another vague subject that I forgot at Rajabhat University. I offered to help her with her homework as she’s got an examination coming up. Told her I’d pick her up after class and we’d go over some of her assignments at my office before having a dinner.

    Rajabhat isn't that close to me, but since Mint is ready for pick-up there, Rajabhat it is, and in fact the 7Eleven at Changpuak road across from the university is one of my favourite pick up places for Thai university students / student girl take-aways. The traffic is horrible and it’s busy hour, so at every traffic light I drop her another message telling her I’m (still) just around the corner. The girl is getting a bit curious as to why it takes me so long to get around what corner? so at the next traffic light I text her that I just found out that I’m at the wrong 7Eleven on Changpuak road and now I know it I’ll really be there really quick.

    When I arrive, we recognize each other quickly. She’s cute, though not as pretty as on the picture, but the shapes under her black-and-white student clothes suggest a good breast and hip size so I decide that the fruits of my hours of chatting with her should be harvested today. If she would have been ugly, I’d have a quick chat just to be a gentleman and apologize that a friend just got ill and that I’d have to go to see him in the hospital. I did that a few weeks earlier with another girl, May, who didn’t look like the pictures at all that she sent and left her standing at the 7Eleven with my deepest apologies for my friend’s sudden hospitalization. May didn’t look too happy, but don't forget: Thai girls do the same to us.

    From the expression on her face I can see that Mint is having last-minute hesitations to go with a guy she has never met before, so I keep my scooter running inviting her to jump at the back so that there is no-way-back for her. Getting a Thai girl in bed is all about helping them overcome their hesitations and it simply depends on your skills how far you get them. Mint and I had been chatting for a week or so, first from a Thai dating site, then on Line, but suddenly she got a Thai boyfriend so I said it’s such a pity and I’d be ready for her when she is. We stopped talking and suddenly out-of-the-blue a few months later she started to chat again, upset and sad about her boyfriend who did something wrong, so I kept patient and supportive, which is one of my favourite dating strategies, until one day she was ready to meet and that’s when I got her so far that she agreed to meet and come with me to my office on a first date.

    I don’t really do first dates in coffee shops and restaurants anymore, it’s a waste of time and money and you’ve got to keep up the boring conversation if there is any. The best thing is to get them so ready that they are willing to go home with you on the first date, so you can have sex with them first and if it was worth it, treat them a dinner or a coffee. Now Mint is hesitating to come with me, she’s gathering her courage so I smile at her and gesture to the back of the scooter and yes, she’s overcome her gut feeling that I just want to screw her and I see how she takes the gamble to follow her dream to find the Prince on the White Horse. She doesn’t know yet that gut feelings are usually right, she’s barely 21 so highly f*ckable and highly educationable, if that’s a word.

    She sits at my back and I drive her to my room. When we get to the building, Mint looks a bit surprised.Where is your office? she asks. It’s upstairs, I say, which is not really a lie, because I work there sometimes on my computer but it’s basically just a corner in my apartment and she’s about to find out. Having come this far, though, it’s easier to overcome some of her remaining hesitations as we’ve been chatting on the way and she can see I’m not a bad guy. When she steps into my room, I know that the fish is caught and I feel relieved inside.
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    Now when a Thai girl decides to come to your room, you must be an incredible fool if you don’t have sex with her. If a Thai girl decides to come to a guy’s room it means that in her mind she silently consents to the possibility of sex, so if you don’t, you just screwed up and it’s entirely your own fault. In my 8 years in Chiang Mai, I’ve been an incredible fool a few times: pretty girls came to my room and I started to mess with them but in the end they resisted too much and I didn’t want to be a bad guy or rape them, that’s how it can feel to us Western guys.

    You don’t need to rape them, but you must seduce them, you must make them want it because they already decided to be open to that possibility. I put on the TV for Mint so I don’t have to keep up too much conversation and have her sit down on the sofa and show me her homework. Helping Thai girls with their homework is a good way to give back to a developing country such as Thailand, and to get more intimate with some of its people by the way. As we are getting more physical, suddenly she objects I’ve got a period, another last-minute objection which is just meant as a last shield of defense or to pretend to be a good girl who doesn’t sleep with farang on a first date.

    I say I don’t mind and just carry her to the bathroom where she finally surrenders to me in echos. The echoing in the bathroom must have exhausted her, because after that she succumbs on the sofa unable to concentrate on her homework anymore. So I drive her back to Rajabhat after treating her a pork rice on the market near the North Gate, actually she was worth the Riverside or something much better. A week later we chat, she’s in tears about her upcoming examination so I tell her let’s focus on your homework now because last time I don’t know what happened but you couldn’t concentrate.

    I pick her up from the 7Eleven, we have a pork rice without opening her book because it’s too noisy out there, so I say let’s go some place quiet. But this time I don’t feel like driving her up and down to my place, so I think let’s try to get her into a love hotel. Most decent girls wouldn’t consent to go to a love hotel on a first date, and you’ll probably loose your chances with them for a next time if you’d try, but after the ice has been broken the cards are different so when I drive back to Rajabhat I turn left where I know a few love hotels and Mint looks at me with surprise.

    I say I’m tired to drive far and this place is more quiet than the market. She knows where we are and what it is, a love hotel, all Thai girls have seen it on TV where curtains down are popular in soaps. I guess she must have been partly excited, partly unsure about the idea, perhaps she didn’t want to make a fuzz (or loose face) because the door boy already came down to pull the curtain, so as soon as she’s in the room her fate is sealed. We have some wild sex, I must say it’s quite satisfying to take a uni girl in her black-and-white student clothes, it’s like you’re doing it with the entire student class and realizing your wildest dreams with every hot Thai student girl you ever saw but couldn’t have. Add the mirrors and the dentist chair and you can overcome your own hesitations towards a love hotel for a next time.

    We do it one more time in my own place, between a pork rice and a half-opened book. Mint refused to go to a love hotel again because she was in student clothes that time, so she felt she shamed the honour of her university. Funny way of avoiding to loose face, but you’ve got to respect Thai culture. I tried suggesting to change her clothes but somehow that didn’t work. We chatted a few more times and I offered her some real help with homework but I never got to see her again after she told me that she failed her examination and changed her subject.