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  • Thai Girls are Smooth as Silk....

    It's all about Sideline and University Girls in Thailand ......
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    Dating sexy Thai University Girls

    So you’re looking for sexy Thai girls in University to have a fling with. I’m going to level with you here. You are not going to find Thai university girls working in any of the red light districts of Bangkok. They do not twirl around the chrome poles of gogo bars half naked. You won’t find them standing around Sukhumvit Soi 4 offering to tickle your balls for merely 500 THB in their skimpy school uniforms. Or on Thai dating sites offering their virginity to sex tourists. You won’t find Thai uni girls selling themselves on the street corners of Sukhumvit. Nor find them working at the massage parlors in Phrom Phong or out in Huay Kwang.
    • There might be a few rare instances. And it is possible to score with "real" Thai university girls but at expensive places that will make a sex tourists on a budget shaking. Because you’re certainly not going to find them hanging around any of Bangkok’s red light districts. I know rumours have spread around that the average sex tourists can easily pay a Thai University girl for sex as easily as for bar girls. This is a total myth.
    • A lot of foreigners use Facebook, the ThaiFriendly Dating App or Line these days to find Thai girls but most of them pose as fake university girls. Then there’s Camfrog where foreigners can chat with Thai women posing as university students or Thai virgins. Most likely with their dicks hanging out (you all know who you are) in the comforts of their own homes. Finding barely legal virgin Thai teens is something you’re not going to find in the red light districts anyway. There are a lot of fake profiles out there using photos of real Thai University girls. Don’t believe them all…
    • There are a lot of Thai women playing up to the fantasies of foreign men at home fapping for virgin girls in the form of University student girls. So when a guy comes up on a social networking site and finds a supposed “17 year old University Girl” they fall for it. I bet that there are hundreds of Thai hookers claiming they are young sexy Thai girls studying in university in desperate need of foreign sugar daddies. How do I know? I use my god damned sense. I also spend lots of times around mature prostitutes posing as said university girls.
    There’s an Industry Playing to the Emotions of Men Looking for Thai Virgins
    And they’ll entice men by offering their cherries up. But before you get that honor you’re going to have to send her some money first. I know a lot of guys traveling to Bangkok have fantasies of being a sexy Thai woman’s “first” and they think they can do it in Thailand’s sex industry. The truth is, if you can find a Thai virgin girl you just met and willing to let you pop her cherry for X amount of Thai Baht you can bet your ass it’s not her first time with a man. Head down to any shop providing internet service along Sukhumvit road and you’ll find groups of non-university aged Thai prostitutes fishing for horny men during the day. There’s even a group of ladyboys and femboys that go to these places fooling men into parting their cash. And guess what? All of them are dressed like innocent looking Thai university girls.

    Thai Dating Websites
    Perhaps one of the biggest perpetrator of Thai prostitutes posing as university girls spring from Thai dating websites. Thai prostitutes with some free time will join one so they can set up a profile to catch men. Thai dating sites offering men a chance to hook up with Thai university girls are very popular. So you’ll find a bunch of girls dressed up in tight body hugging black mini skirts and button down shirts. Yes, the way these girls dress make me want to cream in my pants too. It’s the perfect illusion to get men to sign up and pay. But let’s face it. Sticking a uniform on a Thai girl and placing her photo on a dating site doesn’t mean she’s actually going to university. It’s just smart marketing to get guys to sign up. I know a few working girls in their mid 30’s pretending to be young 18 year old sexy Thai virgins looking for husbands on Camfrog. And they wear the same university girl’s outfits. And they’ve convinced men to send them cash. This was all done without taking off their clothes or spreading their legs. They once raked in 10,000 THB in one day by getting a few thousand Baht from this guy and a few thousand from the other fellow jerking off behind his computer screen, halfway around the world. It’s a great racket they’ve got going and they’re doing quite well. Most Thai girls studying in university are already taken care of by their parents…

    Sorry guys, but you’re not going to find Thai university girls working in the red light districts of Bangkok…

    Reasons why real Thai University Girls don’t have to be Hookers
    Thai girls who can afford to go to university are taken care of by mommy and daddy. Their parents are hard working lower to middle and upper class families. And their parents support them by taking care of their university tuition. Buying them a car or motorbike and even footing the bill for an apartment rental. Then there are the Hi-So (high society) uni girls. You’ve seen them before. They’re the ones holding their noses up and clutching their Italian leather handbags with the newest iPhone X at Siam Paragon Mall. Or strutting up and down Siam Square with a fist full of brand name items. If you’re not young and good looking don’t even look at them my friends. You won’t stand a chance. Hi-So girls have fancy cars, perhaps a home or a condo in a posh neighborhood. Jewelery, trips to the plastic surgeon outside of the country are all take care of by mommy and daddy. And even if they wanted more money and shiny jewelerly they don’t need to get it from horny sex tourists on a budget out in Khao San Road. They’ll just find a Thai guy with money. Because what foreigners see in Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy is just the tip of the iceberg. Thai men with cash don’t go to those foreign centric red light districts in Bangkok. However, there are plenty of places where Thai men with money go to meet sexy Thai girls looking for a sugar daddy. More about that below. Sure you may find Thai girls in university uniform post up sexy photos of themselves on Facebook. But what young university aged girl today in the world doesn’t do that? It doesn’t mean they are prostitutes. It’s just shit that young narcissistic people do these days.

    Here’s Where the Bulk of Thai Prostitutes Come From
    A vast majority of Thai prostitutes working in Thailand’s sex industry work to support their parents, children, dead beat husband or boyfriends. That’s a lot of responsibility which is why they have to become prostitutes to make the quickest amount of money in the shortest amount of time. It’s the total opposite from middle classed Thais or hi-so families with good homes and can afford to send their daughters to a good university.Simply put, most of the working girls you see in Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy come from either poor families or broken homes. And many of the prostitutes working in Thailand’s sex industry have roots upcountry, particularly in the Isaan region. As a sex tourists you’re going to have a really tough chance scoring with sexy Thai women from universities. As I’ve stated already you won’t find any around so easily because there really aren’t any working as prostitutes.

    But There’s a Chance – A Very Slim Chance for Mr. Johnny Foreigner to Hook Up with Sexy Thai Girls from Universities
    But if you’re dead set on scoring on a uni girl you’re going to need to change up your game plan. Take a different approach . You have to learn Thai. You need to have a lot of spending money. Put on a proper pair of shoes and toss the flip flops. You’ll probably need to learn how to dance too. That’s because if you’re out to score on sexy Thai girls from universities you have to go to where they party. And they do not party in Soi Cowboy, Nana or Patpong. You’ll need to go to the hip clubs found in Thonglor/Ekkamai district or in and around the Royal City Avenue (RCA) area. There’s so many sexy Thai girls inside those bars and clubs that your head will spin. Young sexy Thai girls love to have sexy photos taken, doesn’t mean they’re prostitutes…

    But here’s the Catch
    I don’t mean to offend anyone. Because I’m talking about myself here also. But if you have more white hair on your balls than hair on your head and you can’t see your own shoes because of your belly you may want to skip the places where young sexy Thai girls let loose and hang out. Thonglor and Ekkamai are where Thai girls go to unwind in cool clubs particularly around the Sukhumvit soi 55 area. You can get to this area by taking the BTS Sky Train to Thong Lor station. RCA is the mecca for young Thais with many famous mega clubs along the strip like Route 66, Slim and Flix. Those are the most notable names and there are a few other minor clubs in that area. Take a look at the luxury parked cars outside of the clubs. All are owned by the rich Thai kids. I’m not afraid at all to admit that I am totally out of my league at RCA. If only I was 20 years younger! But I have some friends in their mid 40’s that still go there. And yes, they go there in the hopes of having a freebie with the many gorgeous young sexy Thai girls that party there. They’ve never had success and will soon quit going to RCA because they’ve finally realized that a couple of 40 year old white dudes at a club full of young sexy Thai women scream sex tourists. If you want to go to RCA and get labeled as a sex tourists also just tell the taxi driver RCA. Should cost about 125THB from Asok/Suhumvit road junction.

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    Thai Men Have Better Chances at Scoring with Thai University Girls....
    The only guy that I know in his mid 40’s that score on a regular bases with Thai uni girls is this asshole. Just kidding, his name is Somchai and he’s someone I can really count on in a bind. Somchai still goes to the clubs and because he is a Thai national he can easily schmooze with the girls in the clubs. Young girls with older men in Thailand is socially acceptable. Since Somchais got so much money it shoots out of his ass he has no problem at all finding sexy Thai girls looking for a sugar daddy.

    Thai University Girls Love Sugar Daddies
    You see, he goes to gentleman clubs like Sherbet Exclusive Club in Bangkok. These establishments are like hostess clubs with live music and smokin’ hot sexy Thai girls dancing on stage. They only open at night starting 9pm but get super busy around 11pm. Which is why most Thai university girls in need of cash are able to work at night and study during the day. You’re not going to find virgin girls inside upscale clubs either. Another gentlemen club Thai men go to find university women is at the PIMP. These types of venues are not exactly where Thai men can easily pay for sex. A lot of these girls working for Thai gentlemen clubs expect a lot of money and gifts in exchange for that pleasure. Chances are you won’t find Thai virgins either at gentleman clubs but the Thai women working there are not as “used” as their counterparts in the red light districts of Bangkok. They are looking for sugar daddies. If you can be a sugar daddy then you don’t need good looks.

    The Cost of Hanging Out at Gentleman’s Clubs with Thai University Girls
    These types of establishments require customers to buy bottles. For instance PIMP club charges 3500 THB for a bottle of Black Label to get a table for 4 people. So you can share with the price with friends. Mixes are free. Or, you can buy a 4 month membership for 10,000 THB which includes 4 bottles of whiskey. So that’s the cost of hanging out at a gentleman’s club in Bangkok alone. Then, you can pick out the ladies but you have to buy them drinks which cost 250 THB but you can’t just buy one. They’re so damn hot if you want them to sit with you long you’ll have to buy more. As much as you will see how much these ladies love to party there is no guarantee you’re going to have sex with any of them. Unless you throw a butt load of money at them. Or take them shopping. Or both. My Thai friend Somchai buys them cars. See, he’s such an asshole. What a lot of foreign sex tourists coming to Thailand don’t realize is there are lots an lots of wealthy Thai men in the country. They are vastly more wealthy than you and I put together and they can easily swoop up beautiful Thai girls working inside gentleman clubs with the promise of monetary and material goods. The sooner sex tourists realize they have no chance of popping a hot Thai university girls’ cherry the better.

    The Closest Thing to Hooking Up With Thai University Girls
    If you’re really, really hard up for Thai girls studying in universities the best place I can recommend is Thermae Bar and Coffee. But I can guarantee you won’t find any virgins inside the Thermae either.

    Today Thai women, and no I’m not only referring to hookers, are warming up to the idea of having casual sex partners. However, if they have a choice they’d rather be with a guy who can support them financially. There’s a Thai word called ‘gik’ that basically means ‘fuck buddy’. But most Thai guys I know that have giks have to pay in the form of cash or gifts one way or another. So nothing is really free. So unless you can speak the Thai language with ease and have a shit load of free spending cash, you too can have a Thai university girl as a gik. Unlike the hookers you see inside the bars and clubs of Sukhumvit, real Thai university girls don’t come around looking for men. You really have to go all out and get find them. So if you’re coming to Bangkok for a few days or a few weeks and even just a month this isn’t worth all the work anyways.


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      Find Sideliner Girls Online
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      Here are some interesting search links. Most information you'll find is in the Thai language so dont give up right away but use instead a online translation program.

      Sidelines Thailand
      Tiger Club Sideline
      YD Club
      Sideline TH


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        What is a Sideline Girl ? | How is she different from other Girls ?

        What is a sideline girl? The term sideline girl (or dek sideline) is mainly used by Thai guys to refers to a girl who earns some money on the side. This suggests that she's got another, main activity, which usually is study. So, the prototype sideline girl is a university girl who is busy with her study but needs some money on the side. Mind you, not all girls who advertise themselves as sideline girls are real students, some are plain professionals, freelancers or what you want to call it. But a fair amount of sideline girls you can find as an Insider are real students. This sketches the main difference between Thai sideline girls and other girls you can get for paid sex. A full-time prostitute working in a soapy massage parlour is not sideline girl, a bargirl in Loikroh is not a sideline girl, and a freelancer you can find in Spicy or Zoe is also not a sideline girl, although some freelancers would like to advertise themselves as a sideline girl.

        The perfect Thai sideline girl is a (shy) student girl who wants to finish her study and doesn't 'lower' herself to work in a bar or brothel, while she doesn't have the time or interest to work in a massage shop. It could also be a more spoiled university girl who doesn't want to loose face working in the sex or massage industry, but craves the latest iPhone. Here's an example of a 'classified' in a special Thai website of a girl who wants to sideline herself to afford her study and modest cost of living:
        • 20 years old, looking for someone with a good heart, study at the government university
          I’m a student, I’m studying at the government university. Cute, good manners, entertaining in speach, sincere, white skin and neat, small body.
          I’d like to find someone who can take care of me, please only someone who is sincere, so that we don’t look down on each other and understand each other.
          I’d like to find someone cute too with good manners and friendly.
          I’d like to find someone who can take care of my monthly expenses on a long-term.
          I’ve never ‘worked’ like this before.
          I don’t want to do this short-time.
        • The monthly expenses I have amount to 13.000 THB nothing more than that, detailed:
          Special college fee THB 2,000 | Month
          Water, electricity and internet THB 3,000 | Month
          Food and personal expenses THB 7,000 | Month
          Telephone expensees THB 790 | Month
        Overall, these are modest expenses and the girl seems serious, she doesn't want many customers, just one nice guy who can look after her during her period of study.

        Most sideline girls don't focus on foreigners at all, in fact they might have never been with a foreigner before, this is mainly a Thai world with Thai sponsors that completely goes past most foreigners' perception and experience of Thailand. Reasons why these Thai girls mainly have Thai customers is because they are too shy, because they feel more familiar with Thai sugardaddies or because they don't speak much English. Also, Thai sideline girls like it when a guy takes care of them, they don't like stingy guys, and when it comes to girls, local Thai guys are often more generous than foreigners. So you need a certain willingness to spend and a decent amount of Thai to enter the world of sideline girls in Thailand, but then you don't get the sloppy seconds you can expect in soapy massage parlours. Besides the prototype of a Thai student girl who's a sideline girl in her spare hours, sideline girls could also be the girl you just met in a furniture store who goes home at 5 but doesn't make enough to make ends meet. There's no official definition when a sideline girl become a regular freelancer, in a way sideline girls are freelancers although often they work in groups of girlfriends, but you will feel the difference with full-time prostitutes and low-class freelancers that you can find in farang bars and hangouts such as Zoe. Some young student girls don't want to sideline themselves and become Lolitas in a massage shop.
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        Why have sex with a Sideline Girl ?
        If you want to have paid sex in Thailand, you can find other venues but clearly there are differences in service, quality and your experience. You can do it with a bargirl from Isaan who knows too much, speaks English too well, and doesn't have a nice attitude. You can pick up a freelancer in Zoe or Spicy who hangs out around Taphae to prositute herself as well. You can have a girl in a soapy, who's banged several times a day and does it all mechanically. Or you can call an escort girl, easy and clean. The typical sideline girl doesn't do it full-time as a prostitute, she doesn't have a bargirl mentality, she doesn't hang out on the streets, she's more fresh and perhaps even a 'good girl' who wants to get her uni degree and needs your help to pay for college fees. Side line girls can be awfully pretty or just average, just have a look at the average student girl on the street: most of them are cute to pretty.

        Can you date a Sideline Girl ?
        Well yes, why not, but most likely you'll have to offer to support her and that may not come cheap, but that's the same for other girls. In the end, she's looking for a sugardaddy who can support her all through her study so she doesn't have to bother her parents begging for more money. Out of all types of girls in the (semi-)paid sex industry in Thailand, trying to date a sideline girl is probably the best, better than bargirls, full-time prostitutes and karaoke girls. As many fools trying to date bargirls have experienced, you can get the girl out of the bar, but not the bar out of the girl. Well, it's probably much easier to get the "sideline" out of the girl in case of a sideline girl, because ideally she's into something else but she simply needs a bit on the side. A sideline girl posted her story on a Thai Forum in which she shares her experiences. She describes how she entered the world of sideline business in order to pay back a debt, but stayed in after because the money came in so easily. One of her customers became her boyfriend and she now stopped working as a sideline girl. Her message in the forum was for other girls not to do this kind of work because you won't find love and may lose self-esteem. In total she worked in the industry for 6 years. Reports say that the number of girls working as a sideline girl has gone up in recent years with some 30-40%.

        How much is a Sideline Girl ?
        You can get a sideline girl for an hour from about 1.500 THB up to several thousands if she's really pretty or if she budgets for just a few customers per month. But the most standard price nowadays is at 2.000 THB
        Click image for larger version

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        Sideline Girl Agents and the Sideline Girl Industry in Thailand
        A few years ago, Chiang Mai's Sideline Industry was florishing. Models would fly over from Bangkok and do a whole series of guys, booked in advance by an agent. The market was too competitive in Bangkok so Chiang Mai was a weekend out for them. Back then, the prices weren't that high, a thousand or a thousand five hundred could land you with a superhot girl. Times have changed and some of the sideline industry has moved to the erotic spa businesses: for a lot of girls, it's easier money, just wait for the customer to show up, offer more services and perhaps make your own deal with a customer they like outside of office hours. Getting all you want through the erotic spa gives you a significant higher bill, though: typically 1.300 THB for the body-to-body massage and then the extra for the girl to give it all. (Of course, a next time outside of the shop, the girl will be offering more reasonable rates, which is why a lot of guys use erotic spas as sourcing pools for their sideline girls). Some agents send student girls fresh from class with their black-and-white uniforms still on, when they have a spare few hours in between classes, but often only in the afternoon. These student girls don't want to sideline in the evening because then they want to hang out with their friends. So you get fresh student girls in the afternoon, and in the evening you may get the type of girls you see working in a mall who are only free in the evening.
        • While some Thai sideline girls operate by individually, a lot of them work in small groups managed by an agent, who's often just one of them. When you contact the agent, she'll send you pictures and specs of the girls on offer. Some agents don't send pictures, because the girls are too shy, in that case you just have to take the risk and ask for room service of two girls at the same time and choose the prettiest one. If the girls are not to your taste, you can simply not buy their services, most girls and the agent won't be angry because you didn't see their pictures upfront, but it's nice to pay them for transport and if you don't pick a girl several times from the same agent, of course they'll loose interest in you as a customer. The best is if you get some good pictures and a full description of their specs upfront, and agree to meet at a specific place. In case you didn't see pictures before, typically the agent will ask you for your preferred specs (specifications). Local Thai usually prefer white skin and big breasts, but foreigners often pay more attention to face, overall body, attitude and detail, so that's something you need to communicate.
        The sideline girl industry is probably one of the most obscure parts of the paid sex industry in Thailand, because sideline girls don't operate from a shop, a bar or a fixed place. Police don't make much effort to curb down on this kind of activity and it's probably hard to stop anyway as there are so many student girls and young girls who need a sugar daddy. Especially in Chiang Mai, which is a university city with some 5-10 official and unofficial universities, there are so many university girls that it's hard to stop them from earning a bit on the side. You won't find a company that sends over sideline girls, because then the police would easily trace it and close it down. Instead, sideline girls work by themselves, in small groups, always changing their phones, and also go by referral. Some blue-collar workers know sideline agents by referral but often it's a bit above their budget, bank managers and businessmen are a better connected because they know where to call to entertain their relations.


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          Additional Information

          Every sideline girl has different rules for what she’s above to do. For example, some will only allow you to come to their room or assigned condo building owned by the company or agent. Others might be more flexible and willing to come to your place, or perhaps meet at a resort close to her school. Usually, sidelines girls don’t want to drink, eat dinner, or do drugs. They want to have sex with and move on their there day. And if you need a sidelines girl to travel overnight, some can and some can’t. So make sure to ask.
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            Telegram Groups with Thai Sideline Girls
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            Please Note:

            Avoid the "Sideline Thailand Scam" attempts

            You need to be careful of scams. Many times an agent of a girl will ask for FULL PAYMENT in advance. You transfer the money, and they block you or never show up. The safest way to make sure you are never ripped is is to follow this simple rule: Message, Meet and Pay, in that order.

            SidelineThailand: Link
            Fiwfans: Link
            Sideline-TH: Link
            Tiger Club Sideline: Link
            Wonder Woman (WW): Link
            Fairy698: Link
            The Secret Agency: Link
            Thai Model Club: Link
            Awesome Girl: Link
            Princess Group: Link
            Maid Girls: Link
            YD Club: Link
            Supergirls: Link
            141Girls: Link
            Mamasan Group: Link


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              More about Sideline and University Girls
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              Girls from Chiang Mai