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2022 Pattaya Nightlife Tour Report

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  • 2022 Pattaya Nightlife Tour Report

    Trip Report Thailand
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    Day One

    Wake up early and try to tend to a few last minute details. My son’s mate drops me off at the airport, Go to check in and the queue is not all that long, get my ticket and head for customs. Arrive there and go through the auto passport scan, no problems and then on to the security check, not much of a wait and through there in no time.

    Over to the bar for a scotch and coke or two , this is where I really start to feel I’m on holidays, I have a bit of time to kill so I get something to eat at the bar. 11:20 and it’s time to board, check on and sort my carry on and seat, no dramas. Pattaya here we come.

    I don’t really sleep fully on the flights so just try to make myself as comfortably as I can and sleep fitfully. Watch a movie or two, soon we’re landing in Singapore , off through customs and to baggage then re-check in for my connecting flight to BKK I have about an hour and half between landing and boarding , so I do my best to get to the queue as quickly as possible. This time the lines are only 3 or 4 deep, so no problems.

    A couple of hours and we’re landing in BKK, offload and on to Customs and through without a hitch. Over to the baggage carousel. And have to wait a short while for the baggage to be offloaded and put on the carousel. Next through Customs and down to meet my driver from Nam’s Taxi Service. She s there waiting , pleasant lady (forgot her name) she takes my carry on and we head to the carpark and away we go.

    I can smell the familiar scents and odors of BKK mixed with the humidity and I’m already feeling at home. It’s about 9PM when we hit the road and the ride is uneventful . I arrive at the hotel, which is P72 right on Walking Street, it is a great location but feeling its age . and there is an issue with my credit card and back up card. , The girl at reception says there might be a problem with the WIFI, I tell her I will give her two days in cash and try my card again in the morning ( this proves to be quite fortuitous). Now the last trip there were issues with hot water ( lack of) and the A/C units were in need of repair or more to the point replacing. I check in and head up to the room and unpack and sort all my stuff out . Have a shower, sort all my cards and cash out into the safe, I have spare baht from last trip, so no need for the money changer.

    I enter the side Soi and up to Second Road, jump on a motorbike taxi and head up to Do Call In, Talk with Dave and as it’s late There are only a few customers in the bar , get talking to the girls and Aom serves me , she is friendly enough and we have some small chit chat. I am a few drinks in and the cash reserves are getting low, I notice that the money exchangers in Soi Boukuaw are closed . So if I want to kick on I will have to make a dash to Walking Street in an hour or so. I check bin and farewell the crew, make my way down the road to LK Metro.

    I take a walk down past Billabong and around the corner and into KINK A-Gogo I walk in and have a wander upstairs ; not much happening there for now, so head back downstairs, I end up with four girls and Mamasan as well, I do couple of rounds then pull the pin, check bin. I walk down to Soi Dianna and jump on another motorbike taxi to Walking Street.

    I hit Soi Diamond, clubs are closing, a girl from Nice A-Gogos tries to drag me in but I tell her I have no cash and behind me I accidentally elbow a girl as I spun around, I apologise to her and she appeared to be ok as they laughed it off, the other girl wont give in and she escorts me to the money exchange but it’s closed. I enter Walking Street I’m fairly pissed by now, and the chaos of food carts and drunken customers with their barfines for the night. I continue on walking down the end thinking I want something to eat.

    There is an open air bar and I notice a girl, a bit older but the body shape I like. And she is receptive of my lecherousness. I buy a drink and one for friend. turns out she works at Skyfall and has finished work and is just waiting for her mate in this bar to finish as well. Service girl asks for a drink but I tell her no. She cracks the shits a bit but I can’t save the world. She starts to get a bit huffy and demanding a drink so I grab the check bin and give it to her . The other girl takes the check bin from her and gives it back to me and must’ve told her to fuck off. I get talking to Skyfall girl , she has no kids, 25yo and a cracking body so I decide to pull the trigger, while the gun is loaded, we cut a deal for short time, but heres the catch I have to pay a BF at her mates bar, cheeky cunt haha, fuck all in the scheme of things and not worth an argument.

    She walks over to a clothes cart near the 7/11 next to the hotel. I take this opportunity to go into the 7/11 to grab some condoms. She buys a dress and a top. She wants some food, so she gets something for her and something for me.

    Check into reception and then up to the room, we shower , me first and I’m waiting on the bed for her as she walks out of the shower. I stand up next to her and she has a nice shapely ass and firm medium sized titties. We roll onto the bed and I go down on her, she is super sensitive and can hardly stand the sensations, I lick and suck her upper legs and roll my tongue over her belly and into the belly button she is getting fairly worked up now and is aching for some cock. I put a condom on and I mount her in missionary and her little pussy is tight as. I finally get inside and she is moaning fairly loudly I roll her over so she is on top I have my knees up and she is resting back doing cowgirl style and she’s getting right into it. Then she starts to squirt, not just little. It’s a gusher. I lift her off a bit and try to stem the flow but can’t so just drop her back down on my cock, she has another couple of thrusts and lifts up and has bigger squirt across my chest, I pulled my head to one side and she hit the bed head . There was Liquid everywhere. It did not stink of piss and the bed was soaked along with the covers. I rolled her over and finished in doggy position.

    We head for the shower and she sits on the pisser , I say to her I thought you would be empty, she says “no not pee pee” I believe her because she proceeded to piss a gallon . We shower together, then she dresses, It’s about 5 AM , I pay her and off she goes into the night. A great fuck.

    After she has gone I rip the cover off and flip the mattress over and then I crash out on the bed a combination of exhaustion, lack of sleep/ jet lag. I fall into a deep sleep.

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    Day Two

    Wake up and I noticed the food left untouched still in the bag, I guess that irresistible urge to fuck overcomes the urge for hunger.

    I have a shower, the water takes forever to get hot like about 20 minutes. Fuck knows what’s going on there. The A/C is struggling as well and it’s steamy , especially when it comes to boom boom time. I have one more day to go here . Lucky I was unable to use my credit card. I message bank about my credit card and they say my card is ok and there was no issues with it, so must be the problem at the hotel. I decide to just check out when my two days are up, so don’t bother talking to reception. I went to great length last holiday to explain about the hot water and A/C, apparently all to no avail. Oh well you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. I just can’t be fucked talking with them. Just had large crack of lightening/ thunder and the hotel lights go out 55555.

    I finished getting dressed and head off to the Beer Garden for breakfast, Sit down at a table in the far back corner, nice and relaxing I ask for a hot tea and a “Big Breakfast” a little more expensive than some other joints but I find this place relaxing. I check bin and walk outside on to Beach Road , I get a motortaxi up to Soi 14 to Chada Thai House. It is a nice secluded place and friendly staff. No pool but I rarely use pool anyway, good wifi, water is hot and aircon is thumping. So all good. I tell reception what day I will call back and how many days I want, She gives me a decent discount , that was decent of them.

    On to more important thing now the finer detail is out the way. I take walk down to Runway bar to check this new place out after reading about the renovation on this forum. Also to meet Alex and Trevor the new owners. Just a 10 minute walk or less from my new digs. I get to Runway and the boys are busy with tending to some building and staff details also a bit early before opening, so I tell them I will come back later.

    I make it down to a small bar on Soi Boukouw ( I forget the name ) their are a few spinners there so I go inside I go for a piss and drop about a third of a super K , I make my way to a table and take a seat. Sa comes over and I offer her a drink. She starts play with my cock and with the effects kicking in from the super K it is just about busting through my shorts trying to escape , as she is rubbing me my cock is pulsating and she thinks this is funny. There is another younger girl in the other corner with a customer a younger bloke. This girl looks over and sees Sa stroking me and laughs , then they say something in Thai and she comes over and they start pointing at my cock bouncing around and trying to measure the girth with their forearm lol. The customer was a bit embarrassed but that’s all part of the fun of this town. All I can say is thank fuck for the K , they need to make shrine to the cunt that invented that shit.

    I spend a few hours in this bar , I ask Sa if I can barfine her and she seems reluctant though she says she does want to, Hmmm confusing, I take it that she is nervous , unsure of me as I am new to her. I need to gain her confidence and assure her I am ok. I sweet talk her for some time and we have a few rounds. I ask her if she wants a long or short time and she says she prefers short time. I ask about if they have rooms and she says no they can’t on promises, ok I tell her my room is on Walking Street and we can catch motorcycle taxi , it would be only five minutes. After a while I convince her it’s a good idea to do ST. it’s about 6 PM, I barfine and checkbin. We walk down Boukouw and grab a mototaxi, I jump on and she jumps on behind me.

    We arrive at the hotel and pay 100 baht to mototaxi , we go past reception and up to room we have alit of joking and play on the way up to the room. We go shower and I put the A/C on and it’s just about fucked. Well I ain’t going to let anything stop me now my cock is pounding and has no conscience. We finish showering and I out a condom on. We pash on for a bit, some deep French kisses, move her over onto the bed , I push her legs apart and go down on her licking her inner thigh and sucking the top of her legs , she throws her head back and is starting to whimper, I move in on her swollen pussy nicely shaved, her body all 40 kilo is as tight as the skin on a drum. She is moaning deeper and reaches down and pushes my head deeper into her pussy, My that’s a sweet little pussy.

    I finally mount her in missionary, even though she’s as wet as an olympic pool I’have trouble entering I get about 3 or 4 inches in and then she’s quite tight. I just tap away until she loosens up and I’m able to put most of the shaft in. We strike a good rhythm and she is hanging on to my ass, I start to really pound her pussy and give her the lot and she’s screaming now , making a hell of a racket. I start to kiss her to muffle the noise , she settles a little and I start to suck and kiss her nipples. Sh is so sensitive to this her whole body trembles and shakes she is almost cumming.

    I roll her over into doggy position, slowly at first and she is yelping and moaning on the first few strokes.I squirt some lube onto my cock, this girl is so tight. I start of slowly again and she is moaning louder now, so while I am still I doggy position I push her head and shoulders slowly onto the pillow and I mount her in the “Rocco Siffridi “ position. She has nowhere to go her head and shoulders are hemmed in by the bed and tiny pretty little ass is sitting high in the air. Her little asshole is winking back at me while she takes a deep pounding. We eventually fall back exhausted on the bed ( fucking hot no A/C) we roll Ove into spoon position and we lay there for a bit longer and I take the condom off and enter her little pussy , it’s warm and smooth as silk, she is moaning again and off in her own little world. I finally cum and pull out and explode violently all over her back and ass. She laughs. We go shower and I give her 1000bht and we head off for Boukouw .

    We get to her bar and I have one drink with her , then tell her I have to go see my friend ( Farang). I make my way down to Runway bar, there are a few groups of customers and I go over and sit with Trevor and introduce myself. We are just talking shop ,Trevor is an easy going guy, nice to talk with. The drinks are flowing and Igo to ring the bell, Hhmm no bell, I inform Trevor and his partner brings the old one from out the back. So we ring that and the girls all get a drink.

    Another guy rolls in and sits with us, Trevor and Alex know this guy from around the bars etc. A few drinks in and the other fella check bins and goes out to eat. One of the girls makes her way over her name is Bee, her English is excellent and has a nice body but what they term a”phat” ass, which is quite sexy. She dresses ver well. I buy her a drink and make some small talk, very easy going girl with a good sense of humour. The other fella comes back I and offers her a drink the girl must have indicated I was drinking with her. He ask if it was ok to buy her a drink and I said sure no problem. ( I have other fish to fry). So little while later I bid my farewell to Trev and Alex.


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      Day Two cont....

      I head on back to the other bar where I bf from earlier. More girls have started work and are in a good mood, I buy Sa and another of the girls drinks and we get into party mode and I throw Sa onto the pool table and start dry banging her and she is liking it the other girls are egging her on. The drinks are flowing and there is one customer in the bar, I’m feeling happy and carefree and frivolous, which can be dangerous, I’m fairly pissed and my my defences are down and I find the bell and ring the fuck out of it, the girls are jumping up and down cheering. Then all line up for a drink. The customer comes over and he is pretty wasted and thanks me for the drink. The girls are on the street dancing so I join them and we get into it Morlum style and the girls are laughing and encouraging me along by grinding their bodies on mine and jumping on me simulating sex..I go back into the bar for a rest and the customer says this place was quiet till you came along. You set a fireball under the bar lol. He wants to make arrangements to meet up next afternoon for a crawl. Sadly I don’t make it. I pay bin and head off for DCI.

      I only have a couple of drinks there, some chat with the girls and then go to KINK, I walk in to KINK then I see one of the girls from the other night on the podium and she bends over flashing her pussy at me. I offer her a drink and then the other girls filter in, Mamma spots me and I suspect she finds some girls and sends them over ( unrequested) I like to find my own girls. There are already three girls and I send the other two that Mamma brought over packing. Mamma gets a dink and mamma 2ic gets one I call her Dorremon mamma.I have abut two or three rounds and head off. One of the girls is full on and could have potential. I keep her in mind but I never get back to her. Plans and Pattaya rarely work out.

      Head off for Touch and see a girl from my last trip and she is with a customer and she has a double take as I walk in ( it’s her birthday) she comes over but I tell her to go back to her customer as that is not good for him. She says it’s no issue and will sit with me when he leaves, so he must sense something and when she goes over he pays up and she comes back over. She is trying to explain about her birthday and that she thinks I came over to surprise her and that was so sweet of me ( I really had no idea), she has made plans with the girls for dinner and feels a bit awkward . So I ease her a bit by saying , no pomplem and for her to go have fun with the girls , Sha is real happy about that and wants me to come back the next night for a bf ( I forget, already made plans) I give her some small money for her to spend on birthday. I take my leave and exit. I see a girl sitting outside Kiss and our eyes meet she has the type of face I like and she has a mischievous look about her, I walk down to dolls and then return to kiss I go inside and this girl is with a customer.She is a big boned girl and has a down and dirty look about her. She has one of the biggest PAWG ass that I have seen on a Thai girl. Not usually the body type that I go for.

      A couple of girls come over , I buy a drink and I can see that the Pawg is looking over and has a seductive look about her, this agogo and I have some back history and that back history has just walked in. Anyway Pawg girl goes to the toilet and I head for a piss and my cock is about bursting through my shorts. I walk right into her and she has a dirty smile and looks me up and down, I walk her into the wall and hold her hands up against the wall and dry bang her she is staring right into me which I find horny. I tell her I want to fuck her. She laughs and I let her go and she heads back to customer while still looking over my way.

      Her customer pays bin and she heads for the door she escorts him and kisses him on the cheek and shuts the door. She boldly strides over with a confidence that commands attention she surveys us with her eyes and sits down and rubs my cock, I tell her I will bang her pussy until she screams, and that I will then bang her ass , she takes exception to this and plays angry and tells me to go fuck a LB. I tells her that some girls like to be fucked in the ass more than their pussy and that the can even orgasm from it, her interest is piqued, I ask her what kind of sex does she like and she pulls her hair and puts her hands around her throat and says I like, I make some wise crack and she playfully grabs me by the throat and arm , fuck this girl is strong as fuck. I’m having a re-think, maybe she wants to choke me? I have no hair so she can’t pull that 555. This girl could be an adventure? Could I tame that bitch with the Rocco Siffredi move and submit her? can I ride the bull and make it to the end of the bell? Anyhow I say goodbye and will see her again, I walk around to the other side of the stage and talk with my history girl, she is with four friends all in civvies, she gets up and walks down to me, I kiss her on the cheek , she is another girl on the pawg size very unusual for me, but with these two girls it’s more about the seductive look on their faces; That eye contact can do it for me, should I dare a threesome with these two, what a night?, what a way to die?, getting stomped in the rodeo. Or will I end up being just a rodeo clown? I leave the Agogo and head outside I’m fairly pissed up, but there is still a long way to go yet. I jump onto a motortaxi and head for Soi Diamond.

      I go down past Windmill and into Diamond A-Gogo some fucking hot girls in here. One of the girls on the play table calls out my name ( I know her from last trip) but I playfully ignore her and I inspect the stage full of girls. I take a seat and I look at playmate girl. She is a lesbian/tom. I call her over after her routine is over. I ask about her GF but she sadly says they split, we kiss for a bit and I play with her titties. She is a small flat chested girl, just what I like. She calls a friend over she has a top set of tits on her and a great ass and I play with her tits but they are dry as if they have lost moister due to people sucking on them all the time. They go dance so I take the opportunity to leave. I check bin, they wave from the stage and I head out the door and off to Dollhouse.

      There is a few good performers that I know from Dollhouse. I walk in and one of the girls I know is sitting with a customer and we discretely make eye contact. I head over to the back near the play area and I order a drink. I’m fairly hammered by now and I am dozingly looking at the stage trying to spot the other girl I knew. Then out of the corner of my eye I spot her in the seating next to me with a customer. She jumps up and comes over and is all over me. I tell her I want to see her and for her to go back over to her customer, she says is no problem. Fah finishes with her customer and she comes over , I get her a drink and we organise a barfine ST. It is about midnight, I call Mamma over to pay the BF they have a policy of bBF= 1700 from midnight onwards and it’s 2 minutes past midnight. I tell mamma no way, so she says she thinks cos it is 2 mins after midnight she can swing a deal and goes of to see manager, she gives the girl and me the ok for 800 BF. Thanks Mamma. She asks for a tip, so I sling he a 100 bht.

      She gets changed. She has a tight body with no tits, just fantastic I could bounce a 10 baht coin off her ass it’s that tight and she has tight shorts and a short short top on showing off her abs, fit as fuck. Walking to the hotel she is all over me very receptive, arms around me etc. Go to 7-11 and get condoms head up to the room, she is playful and fun and we go shower together. We kiss a bit and I rub my cock all over her ass. We both drop the towels on the foot of the bed and roll onto the bed, I give her pussy a real going over with my tongue and she likes it but does not cum. I am ready to mount her but grab a condom and penetrate her missionary she puts her arm back over her head and squeezes the pillow and is in ecstasy she is moaning and deeply into it she puts her hands around me and is squeezing me like mad , breathing heavy and her gentle moaning gets stronger. I roll her over and mount her while she is laying flat on the bed I slide in with ease; her pussy is soaking now. She is liking it, I move her up into doggy and put a couple of pillows under her guts and then push her head gently onto the bed and then give her a pounding . full stream ahead getting full penetration. She it out of her mind tearing at the pillow and probably waking the neighbours 5555. Exhausted we lay there in spoon I take the condom off and run my cock between her legs and against her pussy, this is getting her horny as hell and her little heart is starting to whimper. I can’t finish with the condom so I stab at her pussy but with the angle my cock deflects away, this is teasing her and she can resist no longer I get the correct angle and in I go, that nice skin on skin soft feel, I’m going to cum, I pull out and blast all over her back and ass. We lay there for a bit and talk. And sleep a little. She wakes me up then we go shower and she dresses and leaves.

      I’m exhausted and decide to crash out and sleep the sleep of the dead.​


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        Day 3

        I wake up alone from a welcome sleep, I check some emails and write up some notes for this report. I have to move out today and I can feel the A/C is hardly making any effect. Most of their rooms are the same. Shame as it’s really great to take short times from Walking Street. I shower and throw some clothes on and go to Pattaya Beer Garden for their Big Breakfast, this place always leaves me in a good mood. Breakfast finished and I order another tea and just take in the surroundings. My mind drifts back to earlier times when I would come here with a mate who exposed me to Pattaya and all its delights, they were fun and crazy times, a great wingman. I checkbin and head back up Walking Street to my room for the last time , thank God.

        I go up to my room and start packing , making sure nothing is left behind, I make my way to the lift and I tell reception I will check out today can she check the room, she has known me for years and is always aloof and indifferent, which is fine but this time she nearly falls out of her chair, she knew how long I wanted to stay for and was expecting me to finalise the room for the rest of the trip. You had your chance.

        I take my bags down the side Soi as I have many times before, on Second Road I get a taxi and make my way to the new digs a short way down the road. I arrive and check in and she shows me to my room, everyone is pleasant enough. I take another shower as I wanted to freshen up. Hot water fucking beautiful.

        After a change it’s early afternoon and I’m hungry, I feel like I want some spaghetti bolognese. I got to Riviera Beach hotel on Soi 13/2, to my taste they serve a good “spag’ bol’” I have a coke as I am trying to tone my drinking down but it’s a huge task in town like this. Checkbin and leave. I head down the road to Nevada, it’s an old time bar where old bar girls go to die. I walk in and take a seat I like to just relax and listen to music sometimes, it kind of primes me for the night. Also there is a “diamond in the rough” here. I order a scotch but “my girl” is not here so I checkbin and leave, I go back to the hotel as I need to get my laundry done.

        I walk down to my laundry in Soi Honey and drop it off, she says “ready tomorrow” So as I’m already in Soi Honey I go to Runway bar I want to check Bee out some more. We have some small talk and a few drinks. She is on her periods so I ask her when they will finish and she says in about two more days. Thanks for letting me know. We have a few rounds and I checkbin and leave

        I go back to Sa’s bar and order a drink, it’s only me and one other customer, Sa comes over and we’re having some chit chat, I get her a drink and the two guys from yesterday walk in they are rough looking dudes (unclean), a girl goes over and takes their order , They look at Sa and I can tell they want her, Sa is a popular girl and turns heads and attracts attention without trying. The girl comes back with their drinks and they start spit roasting her , She plays along but makes her exit when she has the chance, one of the dudes eyes Sa up and down, They are trying to intimidate but it won’t work. I just look directly at him and he turns away. Then Me and Sa carry on. They realise I’m hooked in for a long time and not leaving anytime soon. So they checkbin and leave.

        I carry on putting in more ground work with Sa , She tells me those guys were in last night and they are crazy (odd) I think the girls did not feel safe with them. I have a BF already lined up for tonight so I can’t BF Sa even though I wanted to. After a couple of hours I checkbin and tell Sa I have to see My Farang friends. Sa asks me to promise to come back tomorrow, I tell her I will but late.

        I go to Do Call In , I had arranged to meet some guys off the forum, they are from Queensland Australia, (they can’t help that though 5555) I meet all the guys , about four or so of them . Nice bunch of blokes, they are the guys organising the bar crawl. I refer to them as the Brisbane Chapter. The booze is flowing and stories are being told. The night is drawing on and it’s about 10 PM, I have go see my bird from Touch A-Gogo.

        Now some back story on this girl, Emmy , I met her last trip and she is 30 yo great body no kids, dresses and grooms herself immaculately she is still quite the stunner ( she knows it too) She has a bit of a split personality. She tries to act the aloof dominant princess at times and for the most part it would work, I always have to be on my game but not show it. I need that “unaffected “ connection from her and not the princess. I need to keep la lid on the princess and let the nicer side shine.

        I walk in and take a seat, Emmy is dancing and she is full of confidence, I run my eyes over her faultless body. She wears that bikini so well, She sees me and makes eye contact and it’s like she is dancing for me. I put my hands over my eyes and act like a shy schoolboy and she laughs. We carry on with this fakery ( and we both know it’s fakery) until she finishes her routine . She steps down from the dance floo; r she has poise, coiffure.

        She’s got it all, she could be the dilettante of my dreams. (well this place is a dream really). She sits down and I order a drink and one for her, she asks if it is ok to drink juice and not alcohol. (I never give two fucks if they don’t want alcohol) I tell her yeah, no pomplem , she is surprised by this and says many men get angry. I act surprised and play along. I tell her she’s beautiful, She matter if factly replies “ I know” . I shrug that off and we have some casual banter. I ask to BF LT and she says Yes, checkbin, She goes and changes. We go outside and she tells me she has her own scooter, I was expecting some clapped out piece of junk but she rolls out on one of the latest Scooters with all the bells and whistles, nearly as pretty as her.

        She looks at me smiling with that movie star smile starring right into my eyes I nearly melted right there, it was then I had a moment of clarity and saw myself as some creature from the “Black Lagoon” How could this girl want to be with me? ( oh yeah that’s right; money, I nearly forgot that) That thought was fleeting though. Come on “dummy”jump on. I mentally say to myself. I point her in the direction of the hotel . There is no reception after a certain time, only security, so no need to hand an ID in. She likes the room and takes some photos for some ideas of a house she wants to build. We have some play and talk and then go and shower and freshen up.

        She is a femme fatale , this wasn’t her first rodeo. She played her charm and tactics ever so subtlety; demure and sweet , kisses as soft as silk and soft as melted caramel. Her perfume was intoxicating, with each breath I was becoming more drawn in. I knew the game though and was going to ride it out. Maybe the clown might have to run in and save me who knows? I just knew the rub was gonna come but didn’t know when.

        She is eager to fuck, I’m smashed as hell and trying to regain my composure , We fall on to the bed naked and I mount her in missionary and we have a good ride . Her pussy is tight so I reach for the condoms and lube , put the condom on and apply some lube to her pussy. We resume where we left off and I am balls deep and she’s making a fair amount of noise , we kiss some deep French kisses for awhile and eventually she cums. I roll over totally fucked. And fall off to sleep.


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          Day 4

          We wake up about 9 AM, We talk for a bit about family, and her A-gogo, she randomly makes a statement that sticks in my mind and she says “She wont be told what to do by anyone” this wasn’t really directed at me, it was when she was talking about the A-Gogo that this came out. I take no notice of it and make no issue , I change the banter to something less serious, We are playing around and she is horny and is eager to fuck . So I climb onboard missionary I grab a condom first and add some lube, I start kissing her nipples and licking and sucking her on the ribs this sends her right off , she is super sensitive. The K is still kicking in from last night, she’s arching her back and rubbing back on my cock, I try for a better angle , I pin her hands to the pillow and lift up putting pressure on her cervix, she getting real wet now and pushing back harder she eventually cums. I pull out and take the condom off and finish by hand over her silky soft belly, we’re both spent. Emmy is not a cuddly person, she always sleeps on the edge of the bed and the only contact we have is when we have sex. Sex is never denied and it is electric with her, She does not to BJ but that is fine by me as I am all about the bang, though if a BJ is offered I take it. We shower and have a coffee out on the balcony. She says to me that she wants a night off here and there wants a casual barfine and not every night. I think this is perfect, nothing worse than having a LLT who’s pussy is destroyed and looking like a clowns torn pocket after a few days.

          She collects her things up and I pay her and she makes her way to the door , I go back to sleep, the bed is quite soft , I can still smell the aroma of her perfume on the pillows, I fall back into a deep sleep. I last thoughts were “thank fuck my A/C was working, so much more better experience. I would have melted in that super session late night without it.

          I wake up to the sound of my LINE going off, It’s the “Sugar Cane Mafia” (Queensland is sugar cane country) We make plans to meet up at The Golf Club for lunch at 2 PM. I have a shower and then sit on the baed making notes of yesterdays proceedings for my TR. With a few more coffees and that done, I need to get some more K and top up with cash from the money changer, The money changer is on the corner of my Soi , so that is quite handy and Soi LK, Golf Club is only 5-10 mins walk away. I walk up Soi Dianna and see a K seller and ask about the cost of some super K a pack of 4 and a box of K gel, she quotes me ahigh price and I just tell her, “This is what I pay 700 for the box (I’m not sure about the Super K). She says 350 and I counter with 160 and she haggles a bit for both items, but I stand firm. She lets me have the box of K gel for 700 , we do a deal and I go to walk away and she says”ok 160 for super K” so I give her 160 and take my pack. A few minutes later I am in the Golf Club ( restaurant/bar) The lads roll in soon after, we order meal and plan a reconnaissance mission to the A-Gogog’s in preparation for the official crawl. With plans made to meet at Le Pub at 8 pm. (Emmy left her phone charger, so I carry it with me with the intentions of dropping it off latter that evening)

          With lunch finished I say goodbye and jump on a motorway to Nevada on 13/2 . I walk in and the girl I know Fon is there, I sit down with her , she is 19 has a cracking body and an ass to die for. I buy her a drink and we chit chat for a while , I ask to do short time and she is on the periods. No problem, I ask when she will be finished and she says in about 2 or 3 days.We have a few more drinks and then I checkin with the promise I will come back. I get a text from the “Sugar Cane Mafia” that they are at Runway bar.

          I make my way up to Runway and the crew are there so I pull up a chair and join them. Bee comes over and we talk a bit, I buy a few drinks. Time to leave and go the Le Pub on Soi Diamond for some pre crawl drinks in the A-Gogos

          We have. Few drinks in Le_Pub and the host Mr Egg is the convivial host. This is a good meet up bar and is a no hassle bar with drinks at a fair price, the girls range a bit in age so there is something for everyone. We drink up and go to Diamond A-Gogo.I walk in and the lesbian playmat is on the left, I walk further down and take a seat , the boys are next to us and there is some real nice talent in here. Mamma comes over and says hello, I have known her for some time now. Playmat girl finishes her rotation and she sits next to me. I buy her a drink but I don’t want to barfine. Too early.

          We walk down to Atlantis and in we go , Viking is there and he likes to do shots , so he pours us all a shot each. ( I hate shots), they can change my personality greatly and I can do some stupid stuff, which could turn out dangerous, especially in this town. One or two is ok, just, but any more than that, look out and hold on. 55555. There were some nice girls in there but mostly taken, we drink up and move on to the next joint.

          Beavers A-Gogo is the next place we ago to, All the girls I usually play with here are either barfined or their day off. I see Bow a playmat girl I know, she has been here a few years now. She has a bubbly personality as usual and we have some small talk and she goes back to her customer. The lads are engaged with girls, there are some nice one’s in here. I take a wander through to CEB and see a hot chick dancing so tell Mamasan to send her in to Beavers when she finishes her dance. We get talking I buy a drink and it turns out she wants more than I am prepared to pay for a LT or ST so I pass; especially when I don’t know how she will perform. Nice pleasant enough to talk with though and a cracking body. I want to get rid of this phone charger, so I checkbin and say my farewells.

          I go to Touch in LK to return this charger, I was expecting to not barfine after the conversation I had early with Emmy. I walk in and the girls dancing tell me she is out the back, I order a schwepp manow and a little while later Emmy walks to my table and she thanks me for returning the charger. Then she proceeds to tell me that she will go up country and and that she has three days left in Pattaya and so I can barfine her for 3 days. I remind her of what she said she said, about not to barfine every night. She gets a bit shitty at this but as great a fuck as she is I wont be led along by her either. I tell her no I have made arrangements to be with people and just dropped in to return this charger so she gets up and walks outing the back room. I have been in the Jungle too long to be fucked by a monkey. The girls on the stage must have knew what was coming, and one girls points to her as if she wants me to follow her, I just smile and finish my drink and go.

          I go over to Kiss and I sit next to the girl that I have known for the last few trips and barfine her longtime, she is pissed but not too bad. The other girl comes over she has a strong personality, she says hi and I have some small chat and tell her I have barfined already. She gets a bit shitty and says “Ok you go, have fun with she together.” Lol, I just says thanks and ignore her comment and she then walks back to her customer. We go to Kiss food for a feed she has yellow curry and it is quite tasty I just have chips and a coke.

          We walk to the room which isn’t far away and have a shower and jump into bed. She is accomodating but there is no real spark with this girl in the room, I enter her and her pussy is voluminous, or I have a tiny cock. I can also feel something inside her and ask if she has her period and she says yes just started. She has some thing like a sponge stuffed up her pussy to stop the bleeding, they use this trick so they can still barfine. I hate it. That is a bit of a turn off so we fuck a bit and I roll over and go to sleep.


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            Day 5

            We wake up about 10AM and shower, shave and the obligatory bang pleasant enough girl, though no repeat, she leaves , I prep notes and then head out for breakfast, Try breakfast at Retox on Soi Honey, had the big breakfast. I call into the laundry and collect that. Walk back to the hotel.

            Today one of the Brisbane crew have invited me to lunch on the Darkside. We meet up ay hotel 24/7 with some of the other lads and get a taxi to one of the other Retox bars. We meet up with Captain Dave, we have a few drinks and a meal, Dave is a nice bloke. We spend a couple of hours there and then taxi back to Pattaya. I have a shower to freshen up as it has been a hot day.

            I want to check out a few GC so walk up to Club 555 all the talent seemed taken , they were playing some kind of trance or electronic music and it was quite loud, I have a drink with one of the girls, but I’m not that interested. I’ve had some good nights in this club. I checkbin and go next door , this is the old Boomerang hotel and it has recently been revamped. There is a a fair contrast , this is a quieter bar and the lighting is brighter and less subdued. The girls were nice. I had two with me and one had a cracking body, she is the sister of the lady running the bar, she is up from Phuket just to help her out. I stay for two drinks and checkbin.

            Move onto Soi Six, I know a few girls on this Soi that I just drink with. I go to Spider Girl bar where I catch up with Yui ex Hero bar. I have a couple of drinks with her I used to be a regular customer of hers but since she had the silicon tit job we’re just mates. She wants me to take her and her friend to some A-Gogo’s . I tell her I can’t BF and too expensive for a poor boy like me, She says we can go on her day off, ( yeah sure , nothing is free) it’s not an idea I entertain, so I just make small talk and avoid the question. I checkbin and go to Nightwish bar and catch up with Arm, we talk for a bit and I move onto La La Land bar. There is a girl that catches my eye, she acts shy and tells me that she hasn’t had a customer ( as in never) Hmmm 27 yo, she is fun and cute though and I think about putting her on the list to check out and vett.

            I receive a text from the Brisbane crew, they’re at the Do Call In, I spend the rest of the night here, I fairly pissed by the time I arrive. We have some chat and banter back and forth, discussing the upcoming crawl. It. Getting late so I head off to the hotel , on my way I call into a small bar on Boukouw. I have a few drinks and a bird comes over , her name is Lek and she is about 30 but tidy . I barfine her and we go to the hotel, we go to the shower together and I stip off, I have a raging fat. She goes down on me straight away and she is force feeding herself and making a lot of choking noises. She’s looking up at me. This would have been ok but there was too much teeth action. I cut the BJ short and we shower together, she soaps me up and spends some time on my cock. We hit the bed and we go into missionary and this girl likes to kiss but is biter ( I hate that) I tell her to be a bit more gentle. I roll her over and finish her doggy style. Her eyes were popping out a bit but nothing to write home about. If she relaxed a bit more and no biting the experience would have been better. Wont repeat, she texts me most days. I pay her for ST and I sleep alone. I drink a fair bit and it has been taking it’s toll with tiredness. I crash out for the night.


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              Day 6

              Woke up to find some LINE messages from the girl from La La Land , she wants me to visit her bar (don’t they all lol), I tell her I will catch up with her in the bar sometime today. I try not to commit to a specific time. I don’t really suffer from hangovers as in feeling sick or pounding head but I do find it hard to wake early as I like to go training every odd day I have headed up to Twin Tiger to do a workout on the bags. It is an old open air gym but it has all I need for a cardio ,finish after about 90 mins and return to the hotel.

              Go eat and then off to Soi Six, I rollup at La La Land bar and she is out the front she sees me and smiles, I order a drink and we make small talk, she is trying to give me the impression that this is new, shy and rarely goes with customers lol. ( Maybe new to this bar but not new to the game baby). Anyway I roll the dice and take a chance on a barfine. ( I always agree on price before I ST). We go upstairs and she plays with her phone. I don’t usually mind this but she is wanting to play a movie. I tell her that ain’t what we’re here for darlin’. We eventually go shower and she stipulates a time, already she has burnt up 10 mins. Condom and lube up, I start in missionary and she is slow to start but we we get there and I roll her over and bang her doggy style for a while , when she tears one of the pillows. I can’t finish so I pull out and take the condom off and ask for a head job, she does a half hearted one and I finish by hand over her belly. Just another notch on the gun, nothing to write home about. I pay her a 1000 bht and she wants a tip, I tell her no. She whinges a bit and then says that “ Mamma will dock her for the torn pilot. I Tell her just turn it over and forget about it, she isn’t having it and keeps on a bit. We dress and go downstairs, She mentions again about the torn pillow. I tell Mamasan about the pillow and sling her a 100bht, Mammas is happy with that.

              Job done I get a mototaxi over to Runway and have a few drinks with the girls. I talk with Bee and another girl who can’t speak much English. After a few hours I leave and go to the bar where Sa works, but she isn’t there probably barfined. It’s about 10:30 so I decide to give Beavers a run on Soi 15 near Walking Street. I take a seat in the corner and a couple of service girls that I know come over I get them a drink and ask where is Tarn one of the girls I have had over the last three or four trip, They tell me she’s gone home. She was a great performer, too bad. Not much point in hanging about , so I drink up and go to Dollhouse over the road.

              I see Fon, she’s sitting up the back with another girl , so I go join her and as it’s close to midnight I barfine her, off she goes and changes, we catch a mototaxi to the hotel and in the elevator she’s being suggestive and rubbing my cock, just the kinda girl you want on trip like this. I shower first then her. I give her a tonguing and she’s grinding all around, licking and sucking on her legs and belly, she is squirming and writhing around, she cums and her body is spasming. She give me a BJ then I roll her over in to doggy , gentle push her head onto the pillow and mount her “Rocco” style for maximum penetration. She is getting into it and yelling to room down, we finish and I cum in the condom inside her. We roll over and lay there for a while joking and talking. I pay her up and she dresses nd leaves, I realise she hardly ever showers after sex and I ask her about it and with those wild eyes of hers she just laughs it off. And so ends another night in “Funtown”


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                Day 7 | Bang Chang

                I wake up late and have to be at the Do Call In bar as Dave is organising a “one of trip” to Bang Chang. I have a quick shower and scarper off to Retox for breakfast and time is ticking away, I checkin and dash off to the Money Exchange at the last minute. I make it to the bar with enough time to have a quick coke. The Brisbane crew are onboard and I think one or two others. One is an American fella, nice bloke up for some fun.

                After everyone has rolled up we pile on the bus to Bang Chang. I’m not sure exactly how long it take , about 45 mins maybe? We arrive at our meeting point, forget the name of the bar. We walk in and everyone grabs a girl, I buy a few rounds , the girl I’m with is nice enough but I wasn’t really feeling it , a couple of the fellas left to do a tour of the bars on their own. ( I should have followed).

                Drinking with the Brisbane Crew can be dangerous, well for a light weight like me it is anyway ( I’m a weak cunt for not disappearing ). We spill out of this bar and go over the road to some Bar called Blue Sky? ( Blue something?) now we all order a round and there are not many girls in this bar ( bad move lol) then the shots start appearing ( I’m a bad shot drinker) , anything can happen when I drink shots I can do silly things or maybe get violent. ( I’m with mates so I don’t) I don’t get hangovers and really get sick so that’s one redeeming feature.

                I try to steer away from the shots but they keep appearing and not wanting to be a cunt, I buy a round back when one appears. A few hours in and I’m smashed , I’m trying to contain myself and stay in control and slow my drinking down , before I become liability. ( If I stay on scotch and coke I’m as good as gold) the bell is rung a few more times, I remember we’re getting a BJ at the bar but for me I’m that fucked it was pointless; and pointless trying to barfine as well because I’d only be a problem to a girl in this state. Through the evening we are picking and songs on the computer, even this could become a problem for me At least I know what is happening and realise I have to behave. It’s not too far from jumping on the bus back to Pattaya, soon we all the mini bus arrives and Dave does a quick count, all aboard and leave , we stop for a halfway piss. Then decamp at Do Drop In Didn’t pull the trigger in hindsight I should’ve explored more and banged a girl.

                In Do Call In we have a round and one of the Brisbane crew says he’ll meet me at KINK A-Gogo, I jump on a moto-taxi and walk into KINK, I can’t remember if we meet up downstairs but I do remember being upstairs and it’s late and not much action going on upstairs. We’re all stuffed after our bid session, so I call it a night if I continued on nothing good was going to come of it.

                Stagger into the hotel and crash out on the bed.


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                  Day 8

                  Wake up around midday, I decide to try Cheap Charlie’s for breakfast. It seems reasonably busy, a clean place with a Charlie Chaplin theme, most of the breakfasts in town are much the same. I find “Charlies” in a strange way too formally laid out to kick back and relax.

                  I meet up with a few lads from the Brisbane Chapter at Triangle bar , We discuss the A-gogo crawl for tonight. I stay for a couple and decide to move on to Soi Six. I get about halfway when I see a skinny. Waif like girl, in Candy Bar, I say hello as I’m passing and she calls me in, we have a drink and discuss a barfine. We head upstairs and we shower, she is friendly enough but hardly any English, so I have little bit of small talk with my limited Thai.

                  We start to get into it and we start in missionary and this girl brings her legs up beside her and puts her feet onto the front of my hips holding me back, (I’ve hardly entered her as yet) I can see she is worried about something so I talk with her on google . I ask if she is scared of being hut and she nods yes. I tell her not to worry as I won’t hurt her and we’ll go slow. She seemed more relaxed after this. We have a go at it again and this time it’s a bit smoother . I lube up and lube her pussy up ( I carry a small bottle around with me) I can’t cum so I pull out and she give me a Boo Job for a while and then I finish by hand over her tummy and tits. She would be about a AAA cup.

                  I get a message from a mate that is arriving from Canada, he says he is shattered after traveling and wants a sleep, then will text me later. He must have been fairly tired as he doesn’t catch up tonight. I have a shower and leave Candy bar. I decide to go to Runway bar on Soi Honey. I walk in and take my place at the table and have a drink with Bee and another girl. I see Alex and Trevor and say hello. I stay for a couple of hours and decide to make my way back to the hotel to shower and freshen up for the Crawl tonight.

                  I go to check a few things on my computer and find that it wont work, I do a trip up to Tukcom and they think the mother board is fucked and quote me 6500 baht. I have no idea about tech shit but I do know that it wont work so give them the go ahead and let me know how much, she reckons a few days to fix it, I believe these places send them to the same workshop to fix these issues? I arrive back at the hotel and shower up and shave, top up with baht , ready to go.

                  I’m running good for time and walk into Le Pub on Soi Diamond, I have a round or two with Phil the host, Other memnebers are rolling in now and it is quite full. Deano and a few helpers are handing out name tags and maps as well as the order of Agogo’s we’ll be visiting, just in case some of the newbies get lost. He has also organise a couple of blokes as a sweep to round up the straggler. He’s very organised, well done Deano, which makes for a great night.

                  After a few drinks and the initial “meet and greet” is complete, we head off to our first A-Gogo for the evening.

                  Diamond A-Gogo
                  We all walk in and take a seat, some of the lads make their way to the play table. I usually try to avoid that. I have two girls come over to the table and order a drink each, one girl is a bit pissed and is in a lively fun mood. There is a lesbian show on the play table and one on the main stage. There is some quite good talent in here. One of the girls is quite tiny and she is measuring her hand against ours , her hand is about as long as the palm of my hand 5555. We are about to leave when she knocks a glass off the table and I try to catch it and knock it onto the guy next to me and it ends up smashing on the ground. The cleaner comes out and all is sorted. We check-bin.

                  Heaven Above A-Gogo
                  A short walk down Soi Diamond and we swing left and upstairs to Heaven Above. I’m one of the last to walk in and so there are not many girls left that I fancy. This is a nice A-Gogo and has some nice talent with the obligatory play table. We stay for about two rounds and then move on. Next A-Gogo is KRUS .

                  Katoy’s R Us
                  This is a ladyboy bar and they have put on a dance and light show, which was very well done a lot of work had gone into it. One of the crew did a whip round for the show and changed the total amount into 20 baht notes and then threw it off the balcony onto the stage for the dancers at the end, We stay for the usual two drinks and then it is time to move onto the next place, which is Beavers.

                  Beavers A-Gogo
                  There are some hot girls in here and I’m a bit slow off the mark, most of the top talent has been claimed. One of the Brisbane Crew has a bird in his lap and she would have to have one of the best asses in the business, massive tits, silicone enhanced. Everyone is having a good time and I I talk with a few girls that I know, but they have customers. Not that I was going to bar-fine this early anyway. We eventually check-bin and move onto the next place, Dollhouse.

                  Dollhouse A-Gogo
                  This A-Gogo is one of my favourites, we walk in and go upstairs where there are there mini stages surrounded by couches, this area is supposed to be a bit more risqué. We sit around one of the stages and my regular girl has followed upstairs a short while after us. She comes over but she says she can’t stay upstairs. I tell her I will have a few drinks and I will bar-fine her. She is all smiles.

                  After a few drinks I go back downstairs as I want to bar-fine before midnight, I sit next to Fon and she’s all smiles, I buy a drink and she rolls over on to one side and exposes her ass and smiles. I have a feel of that well tuned ass and slip a finger inside of it. She acts a bit surprised then smiles and stares right at me. She seems to like this. Anyway Mammasan comes over and interrupts proceeding with the finalities of bar-fine negotiations. Fon goes and gets changed and we leave .

                  In the hotel we have a shower, I make sure I jump in with her and wash her up properly. We towel off and jump on the bed, I go down on her and she likes this , I’m sure she has two orgasms, I can’t contain myself much longer I get her to give me a BJ while I open the condom, then put some lube on and I roll her straight over in to doggy position I enter and straddle her ass and hips, getting maximum penetration, Fon can and likes to be pounded, she is making loud moans and groaning . After a while I blow inside the condom and then we collapse onto the bed. We rest and talk for a bit, I tell her next time I want to bang her ass, she is ok with this.

                  I go shower and when I come out she is getting dressed, I ask her if she wants to shower? She looks at me as if “don’t be stupid” look and gives me that crazy laugh.

                  Another night done, catch some sleep.


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                    Day 9

                    Today is Buddha day and one of the Brisbane Crew is having a BBQ over on the Darkside, we head over there and we move over to the pool area and a lady is cooking for us. She knocks out a very good feed. The pool looked inviting but in my rush I forgot to bring my bathers. The day ends and we all head back to town. I have a shower and freshen up and get some food. Then I move on to Do call Inn, they have organised a “private function” seeing as it was a no alcohol day. There were fun and games organised for the girls. “Pass the Parcel” was a big winner and all the girls ended up with a prize. After a few hours I leave and go to Sa’s bar.

                    They are open but the lights are low and, I’m offered an ahem “Irish coffee” if you get my meaning . Lol. I talk to Sa and as I have to meet up with a friend I tell her we can bar-fine later. It’s close to midnight and I get a text from Skalliwag, he’s not far away so we meet at Sas’, We head over to Destiny A-Gogo as Skalli knows a girl from there and wants to say hello, we take a seat and she spots him and comes over. We stay for a couple of drinks and move on to Chrystal.

                    There were some nice looking girls in Chrystal. Next to us is an English guy who is sitting with he’s ex wife ( English) Ex GF and as well his current GF from I think Mauritius, she was quite hot. Skalli jones in with them and the drinks are flowing, pretty soon it is time to call it night. I head back to Sa’s bar and bar-fine her, we walk back to the hotel the live band is playing so we stop in and have a few drinks. We are dancing and having some good fun. Eventually we find our way back at the hotel and jump in the shower, Sa’ petite little body is beautiful to the touch and I go down on her and she has a orgasm. We go at it and her fingers are digging into my back , She’s moaning and quite loudly. I cum and we lay there exhausted , we sleep for a bit and I wake up an hour or so later and go shower , then cuddle up to Sa with my “Oliver Hardy” sticking into her back, lol. I fall into a deep sleep.

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                      Day 10

                      Wake up around 10 Am and go shower, Sa is sleeping, she is fairly hung over, eventually she comes to and we talk abut and have a morning shag, this girl is a great shag. I finish and blast all over her ass. We go and shower, then go to Retox for a feed, I have the Big breakfast and Sa has some Thai dish, t looks nice. We finish and Sa can’t eat it all so the waitress puts the food into a container for her to take away. We walk up to her bar and I have a drink and talk to the other girls then head off to Soi Six.

                      I Go to Candy bar and the skinny girl is there, I order a drink for us and ask her if she’s ok and if she wants to bar-fine, she smiles and says yes. ( this girl has virtually no English) I converse with her in my minimal Thai. She seems more relaxed around me now so we head up to the room. We strip off and shower, then onto the bed and kiss and cuddle and a bit of relaxed chat, I can’t rush this girl. I go down on her and she grabs my head and holds it in . Her body id tense and at times she quivers and shakes, I hope that was an orgasm, even though she is very wet I reach for the lube and put a condom on, we bang in missionary for a while and then have her in doggy position, Today I am having trouble cuming so I roll over and take the condom off and she blows me for a while and then I finish myself off onto her tummy. We go and shower. A text comes through from Skalliwag so we decide to meet up on LK Metro.

                      On the way over I decide to call into Runway and bang Bee, I see her as I’m nearing the bar , I ask her in for a drink and we have a couple then bar-fine. We head upstairs and shower, I jump on the bed and bee gives me a BJ which was ok, we get into the main event missionary and then some doggy-style, again I can’t cum so I finish by hand over her tummy, she cleans me up and we shower. I head down to the Golf Club On LK Metro to see Skalli.

                      He’s talking with a mate, so I get a table in the corner, he comes over and buys me a drink and says there’s something he has to tell me. Lol I ask what it is and he says he just banged Bee a little while ago, ( I wondered why she was still warm) I laugh about it, very rarely would I get hung up about a chick as I know I’m just another customer. They’re not my GF or wife and are here to earn money. So all was good. We compare notes and have the same summary.

                      Skalli has to meet some mates for dinner at a restaurant called “The Kitchen” and asks if I’d like to tag along . This is quite an upmarket place and I have the rib eye, We have a bit of chit chat and then we make our way to Le Pub and we see the Brisbane Crew are settled in, so we join them and have a few drinks and a chat, we decide to go to Walking Street, we don’t go too far when we get dragged into Nice Girl A-Gogo. The trip prior to this one the dancers were all hot as hell, a bit expensive though, Anyway we decide to go in and the girls on stage and off are dire, a complete contrast from last trip. We stay for one drink and then move on to Atlantis. There were a few nice girls but the ones I liked were taken. So we stay for a few then onto Beavers A-Gogo, pickings are slim so we only stay for one drink then onto Dollhouse. We get talking to Edge and a few other people. I notice a sexy young thing behind me in the seats, I go over and buy a drink. She is absolutely stunning and 18YO I buy her a drinks and we chat and pash on she is right into DFK . I am fairly pissed by now , I tell her I’m leaving soon and that I will bar-fine her tomorrow, we agree on price and all good. We decide to go to Sa’s bar, so Skalli and I check-bin and make our way there. The girls are fairly pissed and having fun dancing in the bar.I buy Sa a drink and we chat a bit, after a while I decide to bar-fine. Skalli has a girl on LINE meeting him at the hotel, so we say our goodbyes till tomorrow.

                      Sa and I walk towards the hotel and we decide to stop off at the live band near Kiss Food. We are pissed as anything and dancing , Sa is dirty dancing all over me and making spectacle of ourselves. She stats to dance Morlum style, I love this, The lady in the band give me a knowing look. I put 100 bht into the bands tip jar. They were good sports. There was a young Farang playing a song or two , then he goes and sits with the crowd he was with. nThen Sa for some reason pantomimes she will slap my face ( just was just joking around) So I challenge her and say then do it . So she whacks me across the face lol. We just carry on drinking and dancing. We decide to check-bin.

                      Up in the room we shower and Sa is unsteady on her feet and goes up against the wall I try to hang on to her but she pulls away and loses her balance and goes cunt up on the floor of the shower. She lands heavily on her elbow, this sobers her up a bit. I help her up and check her over,, nothing broken thank fuck. We jump on the bed and kiss for a while. I lick her tits and body . She is really horny tonight. She spears her legs giving me access to that swollen hairy little pussy. I give her a good tonguing till she cums. Then I bang her in missionary. She is moaning louder and louder . I get her in doggy and sit astride her hips while penetrating her little pussy . She is tearing at the pillow screaming “Fuck my pussy” “ Fuck my pussy” She is demanding that I cum inside of her ( which I don’t do) , I’m sure she has cum a few times already the I pull out and tear the condom off and offload all over her back. I’m liking this girl more and more . We really click and get on well together. ( Yes, I have to remind myself I’m just a customer) We roll over into a deep sleep.


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                        Day 11

                        I wake around 10 and Sa is suffering a hangover and wants to sleep on, 5555. I shower and decide to go and do my laundry, collect my computer and get some food. I walk to the laundry and then I catch a moto-taxi to Tukcom and up to the computer shop, They did a good job, ( no data lost) and they cleaned inside and out. , I return to the hotel and check to see if any info is lost. Sa is half awake and we talk for a bit, I tell her about last night and she was a bit shy about giving me a slap, lol I think she might have thought I’d be annoyed, but I just laughed and she started to open up a bit more .

                        We have a morning bang and she is a bit slow to get into it but once she is warmed uo she is on fire and hungry for some cock. We finish and go shower , I soap her little body up and we do a bit of a body rub. We head down to Retox and on the way past Kiss food some guys and families are staring a bit at us. Sa says she knows “what they think but fuck them” She has a short dress on with her ass hanging out . 555 ( I think I’d be having a perve too lol). She says that they think she is a slut but she doesn’t care and also because she is with an old man, but she doesn’t care about that either and will please herself what she does.

                        We order a feed and she tries her best but can’t eat it all and the service girl puts the extras into a “take away box” we go to Sa’s bar and and I leave her there and make my way up to Do Call In bar. One of the Brisbane Crew is leaving so the lads are having a send off, I stay an hour or so, then head up to Soi Six. I see Happy Days girl and have a few drinks. Skalliwag calls and we decide to meet on the “Six” I forget which bar it was, I have a girl with me but I have other plans , so decide not to barfine. Skalli’s girl is very tidy and they are having a fun time, he decides to ST. So I tell Skalli I will catch up with him later. Turns out Skalli had a wild one who was a squirter as well. Some guys get all the luck. 5555 . Skalli leaves this day, it was good fun hanging with him. The girls find him funny and general good fun.

                        I go get a feed and back to hotel for a freshen up before heading off to Walking Street. I go to Diamond A-Gogo and I spot two girls on stage they have really nice tits. I call, them over and then mammasan comes over and she says she has some new girls starting tonight. In a few minutes she goes out the back and then brings in five new girls. And dumps them in my corner. I wave three of them off but keep the two nicer looking ones and I buy a round of drinks. None of them speak any English but we get by with my limited English and Google. I sound out the hot looking new girl for ST and we talk a price, I tell her I will come back another night.

                        I roll into Dollhouse looking for Fon. I see her in the back seat, so I go join her and order a drink. We chat for a while but as it is getting late I want to go see Sa. I tell Fon I will see her another night and check-bin. I get on a moto-taxi and make my way to Runway bar. I have a drink with one of the new girls and she has no English the Cashier was doing some interpreting and we were playing some games. I check-bin and make my way to Sa’s bar.

                        I walk into the bar but Sa is not there, probably been bar-fined. Her sexy little mate is there and she’s pissed as hell. We have a few drinks and get into some DFK . This girl is hot for a fuck tonight, I ask if she want’s ST or LT , she goes for the ST option. We check-bin and go to the hotel. I’ll deal with the fall out later.

                        We arrive back to the hotel and undress, we pash on for a bit then go shower. She soaps up my body, what a feeling having those warm little hands all over me. I return the favour and we towel off and onto the bed. She has a firm hold on my cock while we have some foreplay. She goes down on me and her style is warm, soft and gentle on my cock, very sensual teasing with her tongue. I give her tits and ribs a good licking and sucking she is very sensitive and rolls her head back while I go down on her hairless little pussy, she is quite horny and her pussy is swollen and wet.

                        I try to enter her pussy but she’s just too tight, I reach over and apply some lube onto the condom as well as some on her pussy. We have another go at it and after a little while I’m in all the way and starting to get a rhythm up. She is moaning and pushing back into me grinding me , she cums. I roll her over and she is flat on the bed, I enter that tight little pussy from behind, I lean over her and kiss her ear. She is pushing her ass back onto me and rubbing her pussy on to me. I’m pounding her deeply now and she is beside her self and she cums hard. I pull out and wank all over her back. We go shower and have some chat . I pay her up and off into the night she goes.


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                          Day 12

                          The last of the Brisbane crew take a side trip to Phnom Pehn. I wake around 11 am and go to the gym, It’s difficult trying to maintain a training schedule while partying all night. I get back just after midday and shower and go to my daytime bar. I walk in and the girls are busy so as I’m hungry I decide to take the baht bus to Jomtien for lunch. I decide to try ninnies and settle for a pastie and chips.

                          Back to the hotel and try to catch up on my notes as well as a few emails. I go back to my daytime bar and the girl I wanted to see was with another customer , I sit down and order a drink . I’m served by a new service girl, I ask if she wants a drink and she says yes. She is 18 and a little curvy but nothing out of place, actually quite tidy. She seems a bit unsure about the bar, We get on pretty good so I ask her if she wants a ST, she has to ask the other girls something , then says “Ok can” I pay the bar-fine and we go upstairs. We shower and then select a condom from the box on the shelf.

                          She crawls onto the bed and I pull the towel from her and she has a superb tight ass, My cock is about to burst, those super Kamagra work well. We pash on for a bit , I want to take this slowly and enjoy every minute. I push her back and licks her inner thighs and pussy , she is shivering after half a minute or so. I like her breasts and nipples and she is very responsive , I finger bang her and her pussy is tight as hell. She is squeezing my finger so tight, She cums twice.

                          I mount her missionary and after a little while I can enter her fully, she has herd head back , eyes closed and she islets in the moment , thrusting back onto me and she is getting into the rhythm. I roll her over and enter her from behind sitting across her ass , she claps face first into the pillows and has ahold of the bed head, she’s moaning quite loudly, she is pushing her pussy back onto my cock trying to grind. I can’t cum after taking a Kamagra, so I pull out and roll over. She gives me a BJ and I teach her on how I like it done, while I push a finger into her ass, she was reluctant at first but starts to enjoy it. I finish myself off over er breasts and then she cleans me up. We talk for a bit and then we shower. I go downstairs and check-bin.

                          I go back to the hotel and chill for a while and ponder my dilemma on which girl I will bang tonight? Do I do the regular in Dollhouse or try the 18 yo new girl from there? I have a kip and wake around 9:30 PM, get a moto-taxi to Soi Diamond and go into Dollhouse. I ask mamma where the new girl that I was with is, she tells me she has been BF already, (You snooze, you lose). Most girls that I like are occupied with customers. I see a friend in there and have a chat, I pull my chair up and there is a service girl close to me so I get her attention by gently holding her arm and I lea over to ask fro a drink, when she aggressively flings her arm at me and told me not to touch her. I call Mamasan over and tell he what happened , Mamasan takes her to one side and the girl comes back over to me and brushes my shirt down and straitens my collar and tells me that Mamasan told her that she has to take good care of me. ( that’s the way it should be darlin’)

                          Fon is with a customer but she comes over and we agree to a BF, she goes back to her customer and her check-bins. I can’t fuck about for too long so we avoid the drink and check-bin. We’re in the room within 10 mins. I like Fon, she is just a dirty little slut ( I mean that in nice way) but provides me with the closeness and affection that I like. We shower and onto the bed, Remembering tonight was going to be ass night. I get her over the bed and lube her up and myself , I am trying with all my might to enter her but cannot. I end up just banging her doggy style. I can’t finish so we roll over onto the bed and Fon gives my a really sensuous BJ, she proceeds to massage my prostate and then a rim job, I eventually blow huge load over her tits. I shower up and Fon as usual just gets dressed , I pay her up and she goes off the the A-gogo. Sa had ben messaging me asking if I will come to her bar , she would wait for me. I text her and give her a time I’d be in her bar.

                          I walk down to Soi Honey and I call into Runway and have a chat with Alex. He knows which bar I’m going to and he warns me that the cops had been in there and be careful , I thank him and head off up to Buakauw, I walk into the bar and there are three blokes in there, I see Sa and she comes over to me, I can see she is a bit upset and I sense something is not right, she is quite pissed. She starts to tell me that she is alit pissed off with one of these blokes , but I don’t know which one. I go and ring the bell for the girls and they all come over and we click glasses. Sa wants me to barfine her. One of the blokes comes over and talks to her and I get the gist he’s trying to smooth something over with her? The other blokes come over and one is an Aussie and we have a chat but he cuts our conversation off a bit, then his friend is acting all strange and going on with some bullshit trying to tell me he’s an Aussie (he was Swiss) I can put up with a bit of nonsense but have had enough of this clown and tell him he is full of shit. He other mate steps in and tries to excuse him. I let it go and decide to BF Sa. We go off and stop at the bar with the live band again , Sa is dancing Morlum style and we’re enjoying the music after a while we head off to the hotel, we shower and jump on the bed , we chat for a while and I ask her why the cops had paid the bar a visit. It turns out the Swiss guy had brought another girl into the bar and he then wanted to BF Sa The Swiss guys GF then attacked Sa and they had a punch up. Plus the usual commotion so the bar rang the cops and they ejected her from the bar. We shag for a bit and we’re both hammered as hell and we crash into a deep sleep.


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                            Day 13

                            We wake around 11 am, We have morning shag and her stomach is hurting. I look down and there is blood everywhere, looks like someone killed a pig. I strip the doona and sheets off and rinse them with cold water to flush the blood out, then hang the over the chair for the cleaner.

                            We clean up and walk down to Retox, prior to that I take her to the 7/11 and get Sa some pads. We order some food from Retox and she gets a call from one of the girls in her bar, apparently the Swiss guy was pissed and caused some commotion after we left last night. Lol. We go up to the bar and I have a drink with Sa and her mates, then I leave for Runway bar

                            Hit Runway bar for a few drinks have a good time with a new girl who spoke no English and the Cashier, The new girl wanted a LT and a walk on the beach, nice but I’m a hunter and need to stay focused. I stay for a few rounds then he’d off to Soi 13/2 I go see my daytime girls and Gik is free and she wants a BF, (don’t they all lol), I play with Gik for a while and go a few rounds with another girl, Aom comes over and she has finished with customer. She wants a BF as well, I tell her maybe tomorrow, I check-bin and leave.

                            I grab a banana pancake from a street vendor and make my way back to the hotel. I’m feeling fairly pissed, so I shower up and make some notes, then head out for a feed and on the PinUp A-Gogo.

                            I hit Walking Street early and as I walk up to PinUp the Hello Girl grabbed me , she ushers me in and we sit down. She seems quite keen, her friend comes over and I get another round of drinks, with no time to fuck about I tell her we can BF now. I go to pay the bin and mammasan comes over and pulls out the pencil and paper and tells me what the Bf is I hand her the Bf fee and tell her she can go, but she’s not having it. She starts to tune the girl up on how much the A-gogo wants for the ST fee. I tell her again politely to naff off. Anyway the girl listens to her and we grab a moto-taxi back to the hotel. We go shower and then she don’t want to BJ, so I go straight into missionary, nothing special, no spark, so I roll her over and Finnish from behind. Not wanting to waste anymore time. I pay her up with what we agreed the previous night.

                            We dress and we both make our way out onto second road. The girl is alit perplexed and says she thought I’d pay her more than I did. I remind her of the discussion we had the night before about how much she was happy with for ST. She then said about mammasanan and her note book. I told her that is an old mammasan trick and mamma collects percentage and the deal is between the girl and customer, no-one else.b She accepts this and off she goes, was lack lustre fuck not even with the money I had paid.

                            I go back to Runway and have a drink with Bee, we have a few rounds and some chat. Leave there and go to Sa’s bar after a few rounds some English lads come in and one of them comes up to me and asks if everything is Ok. (WTF) Then asks if I’m ok (probably because I gave him a strange look 555) maybe he thinks I own the bar? After a short while they leave. I stay for a few more and then I check-bin. I’m totally shitfaced by now and making my way down the road I see a bar playing live rock, I go inside and a girl grabs me and takes me over to the seat. I order a drink me and her. The woman playing in the band looks over at e and starts laughing a bit. ( maybe I spilt my dinner down my shirt? [nope]). I give her a smile back. The girl I’m with is fucking hard work, being a total cunt. I decide to check-bin and go to the hotel, nothing good was going to happen in this condition lol


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                              Day 14

                              Wake around midday, shower and change then head down to breakfast on Soi 15. Not too bad a place and food was ok. I needed to go to the markets on Soi Buakauw for a few odds and ends. It’s getting quite warm so I make my way back to the hotel. I make some notes and check flights etc and a few last minute details.

                              I decide to go see Gik, I make my way out onto Second road and walk to Gik’s bar. I walk in and she is sitting by herself. I go over to her and join her , we have a few rounds , Service Gil sits next to me. I explain to her that I want to take Gik, she was not overly pleased with losing the income but accepted it for what it was. I BF Gik and we go upstairs. She proceeds to give me a little strip tease. She has a sexy ass. After a little play we go shower then onto the bed and she starts off with a slow sloppy BJ . I’m just relaxing back and enjoying this last day. I roll her over and go down on her, she is getting wet and excited. I get her in doggy position and try to enter her. She seems sore, I ask her if she is ok and she says that she is and to keep going. I carry on but I just get the impression that she is hurting. I roll her over and she finishes me with a BJ. We clean up and shower.

                              I jump on aMot-taxi and head up to Soi Honey , I see Bee and another girl and we have a few rounds. I don’t stay long and say my farewells to Alex and Trevor , who are good hosts. I move on to Soi Buakauw and on to Sa’s bar. I have a few drinks with Sa, she tells me it is her period and “can’t boom boom” I tell her that’s no problem and that I’d like to BF her anyway, she seems surprised but was happy to. I told her I want an early night as I was flying out in the morning. We eventually check-bin and make our way to the hotel, on the way we stop for some food and then on to the live rock place, we have a few drinks, a fairly tame night for us. We eventually make our way to the hotel and we go shower. Sa reminds me “No boom boom.” I acknowledge her. We’re on the bed chatting and I roll over and poke her little ass with my raging fat. She laughs and rips off the covers and gives me one of the best BJ’s ever. We go shower and crash out for the night.

                              I wake with about an hour or so to spare . I quickly shower and pack my bags. Sa tells me she will go home to see the family and is not sure if she will be back. She has three kids and misses them terribly. We wait around making small talk until the taxi arrives. I reflect on the past couple of weeks, walking down these streets so battered and torn, my body has taken blows from the decadence and alcohol. I feel like an old prizefighter that has taken one too many blows but nevertheless continues on. It will take a few weeks back home to settle in to routine again and recover.

                              I will miss some of the girls, they were good company, I just have to remind myself it’s just a dream

                              Taxi arrives and I pay Sa, downstairs and check-out and on my way into the taxi. Goodbye Pattaya until next time.