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Lifestyle Report | 5 Years in Pattaya

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  • Lifestyle Report | 5 Years in Pattaya

    The memories of a Pattaya Addict | My Life in Pattaya

    I know, I borrowed this title from Fiona Hill’s recently published memoirs, mostly because my travel report is different from the usual travel reports posted here. I am now 61 years old, two times divorced, and recently married again for the third time to my long-time Thai girlfriend, I spent the past four and nine month here in Pattaya and thought my memoirs of unforgettable moments Pattaya would be of interest to some of you. I promise, my report does not include any descriptions or pictures of (i) airports or airline seats; (ii) food or restaurants and (iii) hotel rooms. I am from the US and came to Pattaya permanently in the end of 2017 for a two-year sabbatical with the intention to sail, relax and spend time with my Thai girlfriend and our two boys. We have a nice house 25 minutes, outside of Pattaya.

    Met my girlfriend, 10 years ago, while on business in BKK. At that time she was only 21 years old and a very special kind of girl. She is wholesome, unsophisticated, uncomplicated, non-conform, stubborn and above all nymphomaniac with a stunning body to match. Over time, I have posted pictures of her and most were taken after two of our three boys were born. She has an amazing body, fairly big tits and the cutest adorable bubble butt which remains the main object of my adoration. She is certifiably cock-crazy and by her own account, thinking about sex, all the time. During the first year, I divided my time fairly evenly between sailing in the Gulf of Thailand and playing with my girlfriend, resulting in yet another baby boy that was born at the end of 2018.

    I am a loner, with very few personal friends here in Pattaya or anywhere else for that matter. You will not see me in bars or Soi 6 or an Agogo, maybe you find me in Starbucks on Avenue Place or in Bake n’ Brew in Soi Exite. My girl likes to go dancing, so sometimes we go to Ibar and Insomnia on a Saturday night. Back in the day, I have of course explored the Thai nightlife, but always preferred freelancers hidden in coffeeshops, retail stores or universities.

    Overeducated, introverted, dreamer with a restless imagination would not be inaccurate verbs to describe me in general terms and it would be easy to confuse me with an arrogant elitist, but I assure you, I have very proletarian roots and deeply dislike the bourgeoisie. In my second year here, the sailboat (46 ft blue water yacht) that I had on long term charter, slowly disintegrated and the owner didn’t want to invest in fixing her. The private school, which my two older kids went to, had a shortage of teachers, so I was asked to teach part time Math and STEM classes. I was bored anyway so I agreed, a few months later they added economy to my curriculum and I was basically a full time teacher. I didn’t need the money, although private school teachers get paid fairly well here.

    Teaching, kept me busy from 8am until 3:30 pm on weekdays. Afterwards, was my playtime window until 6:30 pm, so I tried to make it as interesting as possible, but vowed to be home for dinner by 7 pm latest, so my girl didn’t get suspicious. I was trying to figure out the social landscape in a city like Pattaya and how a guy with my time restrictions, could have a good time without raising suspicion at home. So you may ask, why am I cheating at all, if I already have a sex crazed young knockout beauty at home:

    I asked that myself every day. I guess for the same reason why almost everybody else is cheating. Maybe it’s “the hunt” itself, or maybe we just can’t help ourselves. There will be at least 13 to 14 parts, each devoted to a very special girl that I met here, some with more and some with less pictures, depending on the girl.

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    Part 2 “Everybody likes Pizza”

    An acquaintance, recommended a girl called “Pizza” to me and gave me her line id. She looked fabulous in her line profile pictures, skinny but toned body, beautiful face, nice dark skin tone and large (enhanced) tits, in other words every man’s unilateral wet dream. I am sure many readers know her. Pizza is well known here in Pattaya and she has been in here for years. Pizza told me that she worked once in Soi 6, but switched to freelancing, so she has more control over her clients.

    I contacted her using a standard introduction and asked if we can meet. Her response was swift, and we quickly agreed to meet on a weekday at 5pm in Viva hotel close to Pattaya Klang. I get off work at 3:30 pm, so I decided to write her a short message confirming our meeting time and place. I needed to get home change my clothes and head to Pattaya Klang, which usually takes me 30 min by car. Pizza responded saying she will go to the gym at 5pm with her friend and if I want to meet her today, it has to be at 4:00 pm. I don’t like to be pushed around, but I was intent to make this work. I write her back saying: „I try to make it by 4:15 pm“

    It’s 4pm and I just started driving towards town.

    Pizza messages “Let me know when you arrive“

    I responded “Can’t you just meet me there at 4:15 pm?“

    Pizza: “No message me when you arrive, now you have 15 minutes left“

    Me: “I am on my way” I just got on Hwy 36, in a few minutes I will be on the motorway 7 through the toll gate into Pattaya.

    After 5 minutes Pizza: “Now you have 10 minutes”

    After another 5 minutes Pizza: Now you have 5 minutes”
    I thought, why does she have to be such a bitch about this. I wouldn’t respect myself anymore if I let a girl, that I never met before, push me around like that, so I message her: “It’s not going to work today, maybe another day is better for both of us” I went for a foot massage in Soi Boukhau and relaxed instead. My thinking was, perhaps there will be another opportunity with someone else. Sure enough, later that evening Pizza messages me: “can we meet tomorrow?” Waiting deliberately an hour, I write back “Yes, but I can only meet at 4:30 pm”

    Pizza: “Ok” with lots of cute emoji kisses

    The next day, Pizza messages around 3pm “see you at 4:30 pm”

    Me: “yes, I will message you when I arrive”

    Pizza: “ OK, followed by more cute emoji’s “
    I am apprehensive about my first meeting with Pizza and remain skeptical as to what to expect from my first online date. I arrive at Viva at 3:20 pm and wait at the 7/11 right on the corner. I buy condoms, then I message her: “I am here already”

    Pizza: “just finished shower, room number?”

    Me: “Can I meet you outside at the 7/11?”

    Pizza: “I be there soon, room number?”
    I can tell she doesn’t trust me either. I drive into Viva, not knowing how this works, I wait in the yard, a guy comes up points in the direction of room Thailand | S.E. Asia News and I drive into the little driveway. He said it’s 300 bath, I pay and he closes some sort of plastic curtain behind my car to ensure discretion. I go upstairs to check the room, which is nice and clean. I message Pizza the room number and she responds with another emoji indicating that she is swiftly on the way over here. I use the time to shower and check out the lighting options. Wrapped a towel around my waist, I dim the room to a mellow orange and wait. I hear a scooter stopping right outside, followed by the distinct sound of high heels walking upstairs and a double knock on the door. I open up and man was I surprised. Pizza looked stunning.

    She smiled at me and I smiled back. I admired her stylish appearance, long hair, done nicely in an updo bun with some strains flowing down on both sides, framing her skinny elegant face. Dressed in a tight black cocktail dress with a matching bow in the middle. Also matching 100 mm simple black high heels. Her cocktail dress was scandalously high on the back, barely covering her shapely little butt, and scandalously low on top, barely covering her voluptuous big brown boobs. My rapidly growing erection pushed the towel, I had wrapped around my waist, visibly out.

    I was standing at the front end of the bed and Pizza looked down to notice my bulge and pressed her body against me and we started to kiss. I didn’t expect any of this. In fact, I expected an awkward silence and silly fake introductions. Instead, I felt her tongue in my mouth and her hand checking my bulging towel. She grabbed my dick trough the towel and then quickly ripped the towel from my waist.
    Click image for larger version

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    I could hear a “Mhhhh”, before dropping to her knees and lifted my half erect swollen dick in her open mouth. Pizza licked and sucked away on my now fully hard cock and kissed my balls in alternating intervals. Encouraged by all of this, I tried to figure out how to open the tiny invisible zipper in the back of her cocktail dress. Luckily, the zipper went easily all the way down and her dress fell off her body, all by itself. She stood up, stepped out of the high heels and I removed the tiny black g-string she was wearing. I put both hands on her amazing ass and watched as she removed the reusable thin silicone nipple covers from those wonderful big round boobs.

    Five seconds later, Pizza was standing in front of me, naked like the day she was born. Smoothly shaved pussy with small outer lips, wonderful soft silicone boobs with upright and perfectly symmetrical nipples. She kept staring at my upright dick. I am blessed by nature in the dick department and have been told by many that it can be intimidating when a girl first sees me in that state.

    I tried to play with her pussy, but Pizza pushed me back on the bed, but not before I could detect that she was already dripping wet. Pizza was determined to sit on me without further delay. I thought that was a good way to start. While on top, she can control how much of me she wanted inside her. I had put a condom, clearly visible, right next to me on the bed, however, Pizza ignored it and placed her little pussy right over my cock to slowly lowered herself until I was almost all inside her. I let her get comfortable before I started to get more active and move my hips. Playing with her beautiful big tits with one hand while the other cupped her tight little ass, Pizza begun to grind slowly and ever more forcefully. I stayed kind of passive and let her figure out how she wants to fuck. Within a minute or maybe two, she shuddered and made low growls. I didn’t expect her to finish so quickly, neither did she I guess. Pizza started laughing, “Wow, I finish so quick” she said. “I am not finished yet darling” I quickly added making sure she understands that I have no intentions to stop.

    I live for good sex, in fact I get lost during good sex and I transcend into a different universe, forgetting what’s around me and all I feel, smell and taste is that wonderful girl that I have penetrated with my cock. So I don’t remember much detail of the next 20 to 30 minutes. I do remember turning her around, going on top of her, spreading her legs, putting her legs almost over her head for full and deep penetration. I feel her cervix with the tip of my cock, not push against it, just feel it. That usually scares some girls and they put their hand agains my chest pushing me a bit back. I kiss Pizza and suck on her lower lip, she sucks on mine. She whispers, “be careful“. The macho guy inside me tells me “fuck the shit out of her” and “show her who’s the boss” But the confident guy inside me tells me “you don’t need to, you have her already, she is yours now”

    We change positions many times, doggy is great, seeing her wonderful ass pushed out, but I think it’s hurting her a little, because she keeps bending her back towards the side when I push in deep. Pizza sitting on top of me is simply awesome, I can see and feel her amazing tits bounce. We move onto our sides and I push into her, face to face, my hands are free and we can kiss. Kissing is a big deal for me. A girl can look average but if she is a great and intense kisser during sex, it’s a huge turn on. Pizza is both, beautiful and an amazing kisser.

    I turn her around and fuck her from the side with me behind her. I love that position too, I have both hands free, one around her neck and over her big tits and the other grabbing her ass and sliding up and down her wonderful legs. Pizza turns her head to kiss me and sucks on my lips. I am close to coming, I hold her head in both hands and ask her. “Can I come inside you?” She is out of breath, but visibly nods her head and smiles. I am almost struggling to get enough air, but I pound away in her, sideways from behind. Her moans get more intense, I am not sure if she is close again or not. Actually I don’t care, my urge to come, dominates my actions and I empty my balls deep inside.

    I keep my dick inside and slowly move in and out to keep the sensation alive. After a few minutes, we begin to come back to reality, we are laying in a puddle of sweat and the aircon is cooling us down. I grab a towel and pull it over us, to keep us warm. I ask her “darling are you ok” Pizza just nods and pads my hand which is laying over her big round boob. We stay like this for another 10 minutes until my dick slowly slips out. She turns around and we talk, mostly chitchat, but she does tell me about her daughter and even shows my pictures of her on her phone. She also tells me about the boob job a few years back, 375 cc of soft silicone looks and feels wonderful. I tell her about my kids, my job and she asked if I have a girlfriend in Thailand. I nod, I don’t feel like lying to her.

    She gets up to shower, I am still out of breath and watch her soaping up from the bed. Wow is she gorgeous, even without all the make up that’s now washed away. I get up, grab a fresh towel and hold it open up, to wrap it around her when she finished. I shower next and we both get dressed. More chitchat and exchanging niceties. She keeps looking at my still swollen dick dangling between my legs. “Ham Yai” (meaning big dick in Thai) she said. “ you like that” I respond. She answered with a loud “Yessssss” grabs it and shakes it around. We both laugh.

    The skeptic in me says “She is a pro, she does not really mean it, don’t be stupid” But maybe she did mean it and why would she lie. After what just happened in the past 60 minutes, I am a bundle of self-confidence and assure myself that the latter is true. Think about it, she is almost 30 years younger than me and I just fucked her lights out. I am truly happy and impressed with myself. Well at least for a while until reality catches up and I wake up 3 times a night to go pee due to my age. I am also certain that I will have lower back pain for a day or two. Well, I can live with that, in exchange for the wonderful memory, Pizza just embedded in my hippocampus.

    I asked her if I could drive her back home. She happily agreed and I drive her home. She shares a room with another girl (Minnie) in an old 3 or 4 story building in a small Soi behind third road, close to Pattaya Klang (Klang meaning Center in Thai) Pizza and I meet many more times over the next two years and we always have amazing sex, sometimes we fuck two times and spend 2-3 hours together, fucking, talking and more fucking. I even fucked her roommate Minnie once, a blond party girl that looks a bit like Pizza, with equally big silicone tits. But ultimately Minnie, although very nice, beautiful and friendly, has nowhere near the same sexual chemistry with me, as I had with Pizza.

    Recently, I lost contact with Pizza, she changed her line name to Lisa, I think, we exchanged greetings for new year, but I guess she has been snatched up by a serious sponsor and left Pattaya and that’s good for her. She is too nice and wonderful to keep doing freelance work in this crazy town. My episode with Pizza inspired me for more. I was thinking there must be thousands of freelancers in Pattaya and if they are as good as Pizza I am going to have the time of my life. Regrettably I only have one picture of Pizza.


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      Part 3 The unique Nana

      I dabbled around in the Freelance world and was quick to realize that Pizza was the exception rather than the rule. I had girls that looked great in the pictures they sent, but were older, heavier and/or grumpier when met in person. I also meet young beautiful girls, but most of them complained about the size of my dick and either walked out (yes I had a few of those) or offered only a hand or blowjob or very short 3 minute “starfish type” sex. I have seriously hot nympho girlfriend at home so I was thinking, if I take the risk to cheat, it better be worth it. As I said, I will describe only the meetings that were truly extraordinary. I met Nana through Tinder. Her appearance was just about the opposite of Pizza. Unfortunate choice in garment and hairstyle and probably 10 to 15 lbs too much meat on her. Taller and bustier than most Thai girls, but there was that infamous “obedient, cock-crazy, super-slut” look on her face. Impossible to describe, falling under the category “you know it when you see it”

      I contacted her and was surprised by her good command of English. She was friendly and unambiguous in her messages. Nana invited me to her condo, behind Threpprasit Night Market. I messaged her when I arrived and she promptly messaged me her room number. No security, so I just took the elevator up and walked to her door. She had left the door slightly open and I walked in. Nana stood right next to her big king size bed, wearing only a long loose white mens shirt that was hanging half open over her otherwise completely naked body. “Come on in handsome man” she said with a quite soft voice.

      I was only wearing shorts (no underwear) a t-shirt and sandals. I am very turned on by this scenario and my dick is getting hard fast. I take off my sandals and walk up to her. Nana opens her mouth and slips her tongue in my mouth and her hand in my shorts, greeting my hardening cock. She is visibly impressed and drops so fast to the floor that I thought she would bust her kneecaps. Nana pulls my shorts down and my hard cock hits her chin. She begins to wrap her lips around my cock with unparalleled devotion and doesn’t let go. Nana gives blowjobs that only obedient cock-crazy sluts can give. I want to sit down on her bed, making it easier for her and myself. As I turn 90 degrees and sit slowly down on her bed, she never lets my cock slip out of her mouth. I am comfortable now and watch her suck my cock and slurp on my balls with her tongue at the same time. This goes on for 5 to 6 minutes, then I could not hold back anymore and ejaculate my sperm in her mouth, without warning. She grunts happily and keeps sucking until my dick is clean and my balls are empty.

      Some girls would have said “you should have warned me that your are coming” but not Nana, she expected to be treated that way. She releases my cock and pushes my upper body on the bed, dropping her shirt and moves completely naked on top of me. Two thoughts are running through my brain. 1. Is she going to kiss me with parts of my sperm still in her mouth? 2. Is she going to fuck me without a condom? I wasn’t sure which one I would resist more, probably the kissing.

      I was relived when I saw her grabbing a water bottle washing down my residual sperm from her mouth, but then she planted her wet pussy on my unprotected, still very hard cock, started grinding away and kissing me with an intensity that is rare for complete strangers, that just met, less than 10 minutes ago. Nana was a big girl, her tits were large, firm and heavy and so was her ass. I kneaded both with alternating hands and if she was not kissing me, I sucked on her tasty nipples while squeezing those big wonderful breasts. Nana, keeps her eyes closed but I watch her carefully, grinding and pushing her pelvis on my dick. We stayed in that position until I came a second time. Again, I gave her no warning and she didn’t need one anyway. Even so I just came for the second time in 20 minutes my cock remained hard. She got off and sat next to me with one hand on my hairy chest, the other on my upper thigh with her fingers caressing my testicles.

      I thought I have to say something and said “Hi, are you always like this when you meet a new guy” Her response was “if they have a cock like this”and she was wiggling my dick back and forth. Ohh she was charming me and it worked too. “You can do with me whatever you want with me later, but can I please suck your cock some more” she asked. Me: “absolutely” and Nana, didn’t hesitate to put her mouth over my cock that was still covered with her and my juices. I thought, OMG, her tinder picture did not deceive or mislead, Nana really was an obedient, cock-crazy super-slut. I am not a blowjob crazy guy at all. I enjoy it when a girl sucks my cock, but it really is penetration that I seek for good sex. Long deep penetration from different positions watching the girls reacting to my moves from every angle. That is what I really like to do. Blowjob is just foreplay, not more.

      Nana made the blowjob into a piece of art, into her main course, into a testament of her devotion for giving all she got to satisfy her man, and Nana was so good at it, that I came a third time within 40 minutes. Nana, swallowed the little sperm that was left in my balls, licked my cock clean and laid next to me. We talked a bit to get to know each other. She always kept one hand on my cock, playing and flipping it around. My eyes wandered around in her room, I noticed at least 100 stuffed panda bears in various sizes and a large oxygen bottle equipped with Nasal prongs and an additional Tracheostomy mask for medical use, like you see it in hospital rooms.

      I wondered why she needed that. Maybe to reanimate her male companions, that she sucked and fucked until they finally blacked out? I decided that I ask her first about the pandas: “what’s up with all the panda bears?” She told me that her boyfriend just loves giving her new panda bears all the time. I could tell that she must have had a financially potent sponsor. She had two of the latest iPhones (one for business and one for private) she also had a nice stereo equipment and a big flatscreen TV incl. Xbox or PlayStation, and other expensive looking stuff, around. I was wondering about her boyfriend and where he was now. Maybe she fucked him to death and not even supplemental oxygen could save him.

      I stayed silent, listening to her story. Nana, added that her boyfriend is in Germany now. He is 49, but not healthy with respiratory issues, and she pointed at the medical oxygen supply unit in her room. I was relieved hearing that explanation. Nana still played with my now soft dick and told me more about her relationship with this guy. So, this guy apparently comes from old money, he does not work, is a chain smoker, likes to drink and watches TV all day. Except when he asks her to perform hours of fellatio, which is difficult, because his dick doesn’t really get hard anymore and he has a hard time climaxing, so she must perform other weird things, like finger or dildo in ass, to keep him happy.

      She tells me all of that with a stoic calm voice, but my facial expression must have revealed to her that I remain sort of unconvinced of her story. Why would a girl that graves, no holds barred Sex, have a relationship with a sickly older guy that’s unable to properly orgasm even during a ever ending world-class blowjob. Doesn’t make any sense right? Then she added, he also gives her quite a bit of money for her sick mother who is in BKK in a hospital that she could otherwise not afford. Well, maybe that relationship would make sense for her under these circumstances. I still think she would do very well just freelancing, especially with her top-notch oral skill set and her propensity to please the male genitalia in general.

      I ask her if I can take a shower and she gets up bringing me fresh towels. She watches me, while I shower, insisting to soap my genitals. I like this girl and her simplistic focus on my cock. While I sit down on her bed trying to locate my shorts and T-shirt she asked me if she can take my cock in her mouth again. I am beginning to think, she has a strange obsession for my cock, but tell myself that’s not really a concern I should worry about just yet. So, I just gesture her to go ahead. My dick gets half hard in her wet mouth and Nana is happily slurping away and playing with my empty testicles. My dick is actually getting a little sore from all the sucking action and I begin to worry a bit. My own cock-crazy girlfriend will surely notice any visible damage to my appendage, and will start asking me inconvenient questions.

      I want to avoid that at all costs and tell Nana that I can’t come anymore, and quickly add that we can meet again very soon. Her lips released my dick and I pull my shorts up, get my T-shirt and sandals and walk out. She follows me to the hallway, shamelessly naked for all to see, but luckily, we were alone. Nana, kisses and hugs me one more time and gives my dick a goodbye squeeze. Once I am downstairs back on my scooter, I take a deep breath and amongst other things realize that I didn’t give her any money. She only asked for 1000 bath anyway. I didn’t want to go up there again, worried what she would do with my dick. So I message her quickly saying I forgot to pay you. She responded, don’t worry see you soon.

      I met her many more times and she always greeted me, without a stitch of clothes on, in the hallway, mischievously smiling at me during my walk from the elevator to her door. Sex with Nana was a very special experience every time we met. We talked openly about our secret fantasies and some of them we actually lived out. I remember once driving with my scooter down Soi Boukhau and saw her sitting in the bar on the famous S-curve. She was sitting between two guys, but waved at me. I turned around and talked to her. Nana asked me if I have time for her right now. I nodded, but looked at the other two guys who seem to make a legitimate claim for her that afternoon. Nana just said “I already told them about you, it’s ok.” She got up, sat behind me on my scooter, put her hands in my shorts and played with my cock and balls until we reached her condo.

      She sucked my cock in the elevator, while I was fearfully checking if they had surveillance cameras installed, thinking this could end up becoming viral on YouTube. The next two hours was a blur of sex and I have no recollection how many times I came and where I came into. The following morning was one of the very few times in my life, where I didn’t wake up with a morning hard-on, but with a sore back, tired legs and a lifeless dick. Nana had the talent and capacity to drain willfully all substance out of me and I always felt this blissful exhaustion after we were done.

      One of her fantasies was a threesome with two hung guys. I told her that I have a good friend from Wales and when he comes to Pattaya, we will all get together and have a good time. We actually did it and made videos and pictures, but promised her not to make them available to the public domain. Nana was amazing in that threesome and we could have had many more with her. But once her boyfriend from Germany turned 50, he got his retirement visa, purchased a fancy condo on the beach and Nana was gone. First, she told me that she will talk to her boyfriend, insisting that she can keep her own room and meet certain other man. However, her line remained silent since 2 years and she is nowhere to be found. What a loss, a woman with Nana’s sexual talents and sexual appetite, should really be communal property.

      Over time, I have assembled a nice group of freelancers as my regulars and mixed in about two new girls per week to see who could join my circle of Lust on a more permanent basis. So, from this point on, believe it or not, I was fucking two girls per day, every weekday and typically Saturday (Sunday was family day) and on good days three girls per day. One of them was always my girlfriend/wife. First, because she is just so unstoppably horny all the time and second, it’s impossible to wake up next to her warm naked body and not have a raging hard-on


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        Part 4 The unforgettable Arriya aka Dow

        I still get weak knees thinking about this girl, even though it’s been almost 2 years, since I last saw her. I meet Dow at Penny’s room. Penny is another freelance girl which was one of my regulars. Penny lived in a distinct, ugly blue, 6 story building in Soi Boknot, across the street from a 7/11. I met Penny on Tinder and it took a while until we managed to meet due to my available time being restricted from the earliest 4:30 pm to latest 6:30pm. Penny was 29 when I first met her, blond, nice face, nice slim body and amazing big soft natural tits. Penny and I had immediate chemistry with each other from the first time we met, and we had a really good time in bed. Penny likes sex, but for some reason wasn’t very active in the freelance market. I think it was my 5 visit with Penny, when there was that stunning young girl visiting her. Wow, that girl was a true beauty. She stood out from every aspect. Maybe 19/20 years old. Lovely young face, long straight jet-black hair, penetrating dark eyes, skinny but toned body. She was wearing loose harem pants with tribal chakra patterns and a matching T-shirt. I didn’t know what to say, so I just said “nice outfit”

        “Yes, that’s my style” she responded. Then she said something in Thai to Penny and was out the door. I thought it was not polite to ask Penny about her friend, so I left it at that. A week or two later I visit Penny again and the mysterious beautiful girl is there again. She was wearing her typical casual but stylish harem pants with a matching T-shirt. No razzle-dazzle, „look at me - look at me dress“ that Pattaya’s superstars wear when they are out hunting for affluent foreigners. This young beauty was just shockingly gorgeous in her plain but stylish outfit.

        Well, you know what they say “True beauty, doesn’t seek attention” nothing could apply more for this young girl. I couldn’t come up with anything better than “Ahh you again, how are you?” She smiled, quickly talked to Penny in Thai and left. „Grrr“ I thought, I missed my opportunity again. The gentleman that I am, I devoted my immediate attention to Penny, who was only dressed in a thin T-shirt and nothing else. I pushed my hands under the shirt and played with those big soft boobs that she so proudly carried. We fucked two times on that day and afterwards I asked Penny if she was good friends with that girl. “Yes, we are from the same village” Penny replied. “Do you mind if I ask her for her line next time I see her ?“ I asked. Penny just smiled and said “no problem”

        Penny and I meet again the following week and I was hoping that this girl was there again. I felt like, asking Penny for that girl’s line id would not be a sign of great confidence for a guy my age. So I really should ask the mysterious beauty by myself. For some reason, I walked up the stairs to the fifth floor to her room, instead of taking the elevator, thinking about what would I say, if that girl was in Penny’s room again. One obvious conclusion would be that, if she is indeed in Penny’s room again today, it’s most likely that these two girls have arranged it. Three times is not an acceptable coincidence. Anyway, I knock on Penny’s door and get in. All I see is actually the mysterious beautiful girl, Penny is missing, until I hear the toilet flush. The girl said “Penny is in the toilet” at the same time Penny comes out half naked and they both laughing and giggling.

        Since I was little, I had a funny premonition when I am in a room with two giggling females and I wondered why that is. Now, I was not sure if I can summon enough saliva in my mouth and finally talk to this gorgeous girl and ask her for her line id, so I can contact her outside Penny’s room before she leaves again. Penny helped me out and said “This is my friend Dow” Thank you so much, I thought, That made it so much easier. Dow said “nice to meet you, but I have to go now” I said “before you leave could I please have your line id, maybe we can go out for coffee or something” Of course, this wasn’t about drinking coffee, but I didn’t feel like saying “can we meet so I can rip your clothes off and bang the shit out of you?”.

        She gave me her line and it showed up on my phone as “Arriya” with lots of nice pictures but nothing frivolous. I was happy that I finally accomplished this and after Dow left, jumped into bed with Penny. All I was thinking about, while fucking Penny, was Dow. I waited a few days before I sent a message to Dow, but no response. Sent another message two weeks later, again no response. Next time I met Penny, she asked me if I met Dow already. I told her that I haven’t even received a response from her yet. Penny, told me that Dow is not an easy person. Apparently she has a sponsor, but he is not in town, but is sending her enough money to keep her off the streets and away from the bars.

        Ok, I get it, she doesn’t want to risk discontinuation of her money supply with a one time client. Fair enough. I keep meeting Penny and other regulars for the next few month. Never heard back from Dow. Valentines Day came along and I thought that is a good opportunity to send a Happy Valentines Day note to Dow. Surprise, Surprise, Dow responded by saying “Thank You” not much, but at least it’s better than continued silence. I follow up with “ How are you, maybe we can meet someday” More silence, I am thinking, do I have to wait for the next Holiday to hear from her again, Songkran is coming up in few month. Out of the blue, one-day Dow messages me. “Where would you like to meet”

        I am ecstatic, but don’t know how to respond yet. I feel like writing “pick a place with enough privacy where I can undress you and fuck your brains out, PLEASE” I quickly discard my initial thoughts on this matter and write “you know I life outside the city, close to Siam country club and I don’t have a condo in town, please pick a place which is convenient for you” She writes back “we can meet for short time in Viva hotel” She is shockingly cavalier about this and I am relived that she figured out that I was looking for uncomplicated, spontaneous sex and not a cup of coffee. We agreed on 5 pm the next day in Viva hotel. I buy condoms on the way and wait for her at Viva.

        Messaged her the room number and she replied that she is on her way. I am nervous, and begin to think, what if she is just perfectly beautiful, but no good in bed, then my dream of the “absolutely perfect girl” bursts like a soap bubble in the rain and I will be disappointed for the rest of my life. She comes a bit late and starts talking like a waterfall about that normally she sleeps until 6 pm and then eats breakfast, but today she had to get up at 4pm to be ready by 5 pm etc. etc. I figure she is nervous too. I am already showered and just have a towel around my waist. She is dressed again in her casual harem pants and T-shirt with no bra, because I can detect her hardened nipples and too me that looks so stunningly beautiful on her little body.

        I interrupt her big speech and said “I want to ask you something” Dow stayed silent and nodded: “You know, I wrote you so many times in the past 5 month and you did not respond, why are you meeting me now? Her response “Penny told me you have a very big cock and I want to try, but was scared” I said “Ok, I understand, so you still want to try Right?” “Yes” she said quietly and began to slowly take her clothes off. I don’t know how to properly describe her body except wonderful, amazing, gorgeous with perfect proportions whatever part became visible during her unceremonious undressing. Beautiful shoulders, breast in the shape of champagne glasses with wonderful proportional, symmetrical, slightly darker nipples, beautiful flat stomach with a V-shape pelvis towards her hairless pussy. Tiny pussy lips, almost the same skin color as the rest of her pelvic area. Very shapely and toned legs. Her firm ass was small but certainly not flat, nicely rounded with slightly inwards concaving cheeks, like you see them at female track and field athletes.

        I was speechless, she moved next to me on the bed to knee down in a right angle towards my waist. She removed my towel and without hesitation put my growing manhood in her mouth and began to kiss and suck. It was a bit of a challenge for her to get it in her mouth, but she managed just fine after half a minute. She had soft little moans whenever she put my dick a bit deeper. I started to touch her velvet skin and traced from her neck to her butt. Her legs were closed, as she was kneeling next to me on the bed. I tried touching her little boobs, but the angle made that difficult. I could tell she was getting into it and her moans became louder as she continued to suck on my now fully hard cock. She kissed it up and down, licked along my shaft and played with my balls.

        I wanted to feel her pussy, wetness is always a reliable indicator of true female arousal. I moved my left hand between her knees and slowly pushed her legs apart. Dow knew where I wanted to go and helped me by spreading her legs wide. I felt the moisture before my fingers even touched her pussy. She was wetter than Niagara on a rainy day. There is something like a point of no return for me, when I feel a truly wet pussy like that. I don’t care how good someone sucks cock. I had to penetrate that pussy within the next 10 seconds. I left the condoms on the table and I didn’t really care anyway anymore, my brain switched to penetration mode. I didn’t want to scare her, so I slowly turned her on her back. Kissed her mouth, both nipples, that wonderful flat belly, her v-shaped pelvis and finally her pussy. I put my tongue inside too for a few seconds. I am not big on pussy licking, but she tasted as good as she looked down there.

        I moved up and put my cock at the entrance, she was breathing hard and said “No condom” I wasn’t sure if that was a question, but we made long eye contact and nodded, she nodded back and I slowly penetrated her. I was halfway in and she began to shudder. I moved all the way in and couldn’t believe how this little girl could take me in full length like that. All the way in a felt what must be her cervix and kept softly pushing with my dickhead against it. She put her whole hand in her mouth and began to moan. I felt the contractions on my dick, she was coming already. I began to slowly move in and out and while she kept her hand in her mouth I kept hearing “omg omg omg omg”

        I have had girls or woman that can come very easy, even multiple times during sex. But this girl just kept coming and coming. Wave after wave, like a storm surge of cresting vaginal sensation and I could actually feel the pulsatile movement of her vaginal walls that tightly connected to my penetrating shaft. I have never experienced anything like that. I moved out and laid next to her, put her legs over my waist so that my cock was back at the entrance of her waiting pussy. “Please put it back in” she said. I had one hand under her head and one on her belly moving slowly up to her breasts and back down to her crotch while I was slowly pumping in and out the entire length. She made all kinds of noises and I was so occupied watching that little beauty that I almost forgot to enjoy myself.


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          Part 4 Cont...

          I finally asked her “are you ok, you like it?” “Please don’t stop I like too much” Dow said with her hand pressed over her mouth. I guess she did this because she was afraid that she would be too loud. I started to fuck her harder, with alternating tempo, changed positions a few times to regular doggy, from behind her, than laying flat down, spooning from behind, but we came back to her favorite position. Dow lying flat down on her back, in a right angle to me, with her legs over my hips allowing me to go in and out all the way and we both had our hands free. I tried kissing her and she was a good kisser but my feeling was that, kissing was a distraction for her. Dow, stuffed all four of her fingers in her open mouth while I was deep inside her. Through her crammed-up mouth, I could still hear her, breathing, moaning and whimpering like someone in agony and ecstasy at the same time.

          All my initial worries that this little beauty, wasn’t any good in bed, were eradicated by now and I began to relax, rested my eyes on her face, rested my hands on her body, rested my cock deep I side her throbbing vagina and aligned my moves with her pulsating rhythm. It was a revelation for me, the conventional pleasures from conventional sex, was all but thrown out the window by now. Her pussy, wasn’t just a biological orifice, her pussy was a portal into a parallel universe were we drifted into seemingly never ending bliss. I lost time, but remember the slow unstoppable buildup, and when I exploded deep inside her, I also felt the strength of her grip of our intertwined fingers as Dow was holding my hand. We slowed down for a half a minute and then kept going. My sperm mixed with her secretions kept it all well lubed for more. The second time took much longer and was almost agonizing. Pain, barely indistinguishable from pleasure. I don’t remember how long it took me to get there, but the consequential release was of unknown intensity and I was completely out of breath, remained motionless for quite some time afterwards.

          Then, I kept slowly moving in and out and began my transition back into this world. I noticed that it was already dark outside. We were laying in a puddle of sweat and other secretions. My hair was wet as if I just came out of the shower. Dow’s face was still red and sweaty. Her little body laid limp, drained and weakened next to mine, her powerless legs still over my hips. My softening dick still inside her. I didn’t even want to ask her how many times she came, I am sure she lost count. I read once that “sex is the most intense, convulsive physical drama the human body can experience between birth and death” and I had to wait 58 years for that confirmation. Fucking crazy man.

          I kept my hand on her lower belly and we laid there for another 10 - 15 minutes until my soft dick slipped out. I slowly got up and got towels for Dow and myself. We showered and got dressed. If we talked, but I don’t remember what we talked about. I didn’t have to ask her if she liked it, there was no reason to. I offered to drive her home, but she said she wants to eat first before going home. It was almost 7pm and I was already late and had to get home. The next day I messaged her asking how she feels and if she like to meet again Dow: “ yes sure it was so good, I finish so many times” For a while we met every week, sometimes twice a week, it was always very intense, long draw out spasm of Lust and sensuality. I still fucked other girls in between meetings with Dow, but couldn’t help thinking about how uneventful and dull sex with them was, compared to sex with Dow.

          I remember sessions were we only fucked once and we left after an hour and other sessions were we fucked 3 times (3 times for me, Dow came countless times) and spent 2-3 hours together. Those long, super intense encounters fell in the category of eschatological events, one for your personal history book, one that you will remember until your last breath. We also talked a lot and she began to tell me her story and what’s going on in her life. She didn’t ask me much, I guess she knew quite a bit from Penny already or simply wasn’t interested. She told me that she only meets me and another guy, who is married and lives in Pattaya since a long time, but he doesn’t fuck her. I asked her what they do. Dow said he watches her masturbating with toys that he buys for her and then she pees on his belly, which must be a huge turn on for him, paying her 5000 for each session. I gave her 1500 every time we met.
          Click image for larger version

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          I am baffled by my fellow expatriates here in Thailand. Dow has the beauty and sexual ability, that probably only a handful of girls on the planet have, and all you do is watching her masturbate and have her urinate on you afterwards. Really? Dow also showed me pictures of her boyfriend, who is an Aussie. He must be in his early 30s by the look of his face. The thing that I could never understand was how impossibly fat her boyfriend was. I mean this guy wasn’t just fat with 100lbs overweight, he looked “orca fat” with probably 200lbs overweight. She showed me a picture with him on the beach, Dow was sitting between his legs and he looked like a full grown elephant in size, compared to her. He did have a nice smile and Dow said that he is always very nice and never angry, no yak yak lol. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how this odd couple had sex. That relationship was simply a travesty in my view.

          Be that as it may, Dow was certainly not an easy person to be around with. I remember times when she bitched to me for a long time about why we can’t meet after 7 pm when she normally wakes up. Instead of meeting at 4:30 pm. I should have been outraged by her manic episodes, except I wasn’t. I endured it, because she was such an extraordinary beauty and exceptionally good fuck and as soon as my dick was inside her, she shut up anyway and spasmed from orgasm to orgasm. By her own account, Dow lived like a vampire. Staying up all night, watching Korean drama shows and fell asleep by sunrise. In fact, many girls in Pattaya are on a very similar circadian schedule, making it difficult to meet in the afternoon.

          The way we set our meetings up was that Dow usually messaged me which day of the week she is free in the afternoon and then we meet and fucked ourself into oblivion. One day she came to the room, looked kind of grumpy and I asked her what’s bothering her. Then Dow got started about, why I never asked her to meet and it’s always her that have to ask me to meet. Then she said “ I am so young and so beautiful and I should not have to ask an old man like you to meet, because it’s is supposed to be the other way around” and “You should ask me to meet” Fuck me man, under normal circumstances, I bark back, but with Dow I tried a conciliatory approach. “Darling, this is how we have always done it. But, if you prefer I can message you first from now on”

          She kept on ranting and bitching about this for a while and I was thinking, perhaps a lobotomy would be a good medical procedure to help her bipolar mind. Just kidding, we don’t need another H.M. I knew precisely the remedy for her discombobulated thinking and begun to undress her, while she was still giving me her big speech, laid her down on the bed in her favorite position and embedded my hard cock deep inside her. Dow needed to be fucked, because, what she was really saying was:

          I shouldn’t be watching stupid Korean drama shows all night

          I shouldn’t have to masturbate for a perverted guy and pee on him for money

          I shouldn’t have an obese but nice foreign boyfriend that sponsors me from abroad

          I shouldn’t be sitting in my room all day doing nothing

          I should have a boyfriend, my age, attractive and smart, with a nice permanently hard and size-able cock that fucks me whenever I need it, just to feel like a normal person.
          Intense fucking always helped her, but those emotional outbursts certainly made a dent in our relationship as sex buddies and I felt that something disruptive was going to happen sooner or later. Penny told me the same thing happens between them too. She borrows clothes and doesn’t return them or they agree to go out together, but Dow never shows up or respond to messages a week or a month later, and acts as if nothing ever happened. Penny also told me, that I could have had a different relationship with Dow. Penny, said “you never took Dow shopping” meaning, taking care of her, buying her nice things, take her to nice restaurants or island trips. Well, that’s the discipline, when you have a girlfriend and three kids, which I didn’t want to loose for anything, even for Dow.

          Like the infamous line from Robert De Niro to Al Pacino having coffee in the movie “Heat”. “Don’t get attached to anything that you are not prepared to walk out in 5 seconds flat, or we better do something else” That encapsulate it for me, it’s really either “anonymous fuck buddy for a few hours per week” or nothing. Plus, Dow was only 20 years old and I was 58 at the time, and that sort of age difference is prohibitive of any further serious social arrangement. An arrangement like that would just get, publicly and privately, increasingly embarrassing and humiliating over time. I remember, when we stopped meeting on a regular basis. Dow was silent again, didn’t respond to my messages anymore. It was during the first hard Covid lockdown around October 2020. All entertaining venues were closed incl. massage shops, but Viva and other ST hotels were still open for business.

          For me it was actually not a bad time, most Pattaya girls switched to freelance and I would get top agogo girls for 1200 or less, a pop, because they had nothing else to do at that time and most missed having sex and were really horny. All tourists were gone, the beaches were empty and much cleaner, hardly any traffic in the city and Starbucks sold only take-away coffee. Larger social gatherings were disallowed and everything was very clandestine and hidden. Perfect for what I like to do. I was back in Penny’s bed more than usual and she told me that Dow may be back in her village, but was not sure. Then shortly before Xmas that year, Dow sent me a message, responding to a message I sent her over 3 month ago, but remained unanswered until that very day. “Yes we can meet tomorrow afternoon” she wrote.

          How utterly ridiculous was that. Admittedly, I missed her and the amazing sex we shared whenever we got together, so of course I agreed to meet the next day. Dow didn’t say where she was the past couple month and I didn’t ask. We just fell back into our old rhythm of mind blowing fucking two times a week for about three weeks. Most of the time we didn’t even have any foreplay, no more blow jobs or dipping my tongue in her gorgeous little pussy. We got naked and arranged ourselves in our favorite position, she on her back, me on my side, and my hard dick closing in on her drenching wet pussy, waiting for nothing but deep penetration. This unrivaled physical intensity played out for at least an hour every time we consummated our short lived union.

          Then she disappeared again, no word to her friend Penny or me, no more messages in fact I think she deleted her line. A year ago when I met Penny again she told me that Dow was last seen in her village. Her orca-fat boyfriend apparently had a Gastrectomy done, to escape life threatening obesity, made plans to come to Thailand, as soon as he can get an entry visa, and marry Dow. Congratulations motherfucker lol. I really liked this girl, she lit up the room, making it impossible to look at anything else but her. Her charming smile could flood the room with fairy dust and give heavenly absolution to our frivolously and purely sexual, liaison. I don’t think a day goes by where I am not thinking about the time we spent in Viva hotel. We actually never met anywhere else, except for our initial introduction at Penny’s room. She never wanted me to pick her up or drive her home afterwards. Our time together began and ended at the doorsteps of the room in Viva hotel.

          What a shame, what a waste. I am absolutely mind-boggled. This little beauty, with her erratic behavior and extraordinary ability to turn the act of biologic procreation into a never ending bliss of unrivaled physical intensity, changed me. I abandoned my indifference between superficial sexual acts with shiny, polished attention seeking styled up Pattaya superstars, occupied with self admiring “Look at me, Look at me” selfies and constantly checking how many „likes“ they get on their social media postings, with girls that are truly genuine and with enough self respect to either have no sex or only sex for pure enjoyment. I adapted my search criteria and was hellbent to find another Dow, although I suspected that this would be an ultimately futile pursuit. How do you match or top a girl like Dow? To save you the suspense, nobody could, but some came close.​​


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            Part 5 “Kanojan”

            Kanojan was another Tinder find. Similar to Nana, Kanojan didn’t put much effort into her appearance. Looked a bit like a young 20 year old “Butterface“ with a good body, but Kanojan had a certain look on her face that had a hint of strong sexual propensity. In other words Kanojan looked like a “seeker” someone ready to see what’s out there in the unexplored world of sexual adventures, for a girl her age. One Saturday, I was actually trying to meet someone else, but never got a confirmation message, I contacted Kanojan in Tinder, switched to line and agreed to meet in 30 minutes. She was asking me to pick her up at her room in Nirun apartment buildings. I waited outside at the security gate and messaged her that I am here. A minute late I saw her walking towards me, in fact she was running, trying not to make me wait. Kanojan was wearing a simple short flower dress and tennis shoes and I noticed what a nice body she had, in particular her long toned legs were extraordinary. She brought her own helmet, planted her cute butt behind me on my scooter, I asked her Full Love Inn or Viva hotel. She preferred Viva.

            Once in the room, I took a shower and when I returned I saw a totally naked beauty lying on the bed watching porn on TV. I didn’t even know Viva had a porn channel. It was actually a nice one, three young teens, one guy and two girls having a threesome at a pool. Anyway, Kanojan had an amazing young body, super firm, toned muscles, flawless skin, not an ounce of fat. I noticed a very nice hairless pussy, small, barely visible vaginal lips, even skin tone and smooth like a baby butt. She stared at my growing dick and followed it as I was walking through the room, getting the condoms and making sure the door is looked.

            As soon as I laid down, Kanojan put my cock in her mouth and tried to take it in deep. It was almost like, she saw blowjob videos and now it’s her turn to try it. I played with her body, admired her wonderful lines from neck to toe. Beautiful, shaped breasts, a large A or small B cup, beautiful dark nipples, very proportional to her slender body. I felt her wet pussy and was reaching for the condom. Kanojan, wanted to put it on. She had lube ready on the bed, but we didn’t need it. She wanted me on top of her, put her, left hand around my butt and her right hand on my chest. I felt pressure from both hands when I penetrated her and started moving. She allowed me to go deep and since there were no complaints, I moved her legs up to go in deeper. Kanojan, proofed to be very flexible and I could move her legs up almost next to her head, exposing her little pussy completely. Wow, she had this perfect young girl body, not a wrinkle or fat cushion in her exposed pelvic, just smooth skinny legs with her little vaginal slit in between, stretched at the center by my fat cock moving slowly in and out. Kanojan, lifted her head to watch this spectacle.

            We stayed like that for a while, then I moved her to the side facing me with her legs still over her head. We could kiss this way and I could also put my hands around to push her ass closer. I was horny as hell and knew I wasn’t going to last very much longer. I started to fuck her harder, alternating my tempo. We were sucking on each other’s tongue when I came. I stayed inside, grabbed the towel behind me and dried the sweat of our faces. Kanojan said “I love this, can we do this again” That meant only one thing: she liked it but didn’t finish. I just nodded, I needed a bit of time though. Kanojan was worried about the condom as my dick got softer. She slipped off me and removed the condom, inspecting its content through the light. She took the towel and cleaned my dick, then she went and took a shower and I joined her. I tried soaping her up, but she had her own shower gel and she began to wash me throughly, every nook and cranny, until I was squeaky clean. Hygiene was apparently an important issue for Kanojan and she stayed at least another 10 minutes in the shower, after she was done sanitizing me.

            I didn’t get dressed and waited for her on the bed, admiring her young firm, beautifully sculptured body. When she was done, I was afraid that she would get dressed, but Kanojan had different plans. Laying next to me, she asked me some personal question concerning sex, like have you had sex with more people at once or what was the wildest thing you have done. I truly had a wild sex-life so far, but didn’t feel like confiding the weirdest things I have done just yet. It may scare that young gorgeous girl. I told her that my second wife and I had a phase (a few years actually) exploring the benefits of swinging and went to crazy places like Hedonism in Jamaica or Cap‘d Adge in the South of France. Told her about the many threesomes I had with me and two girls or one girl with me and another guy. She asked me which I preferred. I told her that I although I had many times two girls, not all were really great, because the girls have to be very comfortable with each other. But I had many amazing threesomes were a friend of mine and I fucked single girls into a total frenzy.

            Kanojan, told me that she like to try sex with two men at the same time. She was particularly interested in having two cocks in her pussy at the same time, because she didn’t like anal sex. We talked more about this and I told her that once my buddy from Wales is back in town, we will take care of her. I was getting hard again. I put her left leg over my hip and started to rub my bare dickhead on her cute, clean pussy. Kanojan did not resist and was getting wet again fast. I didn’t push inside her, just moved up and down. Her breathing got heavier and after a few minutes her body was jerking, and she squirted. Not a massive amount, but still enough to make me and the bedsheets wet. I was as surprised as she was and quickly got a towel and put it between her legs and under her butt.

            Kanojan, got a condom from her purse and put it on me. She asked me to do more rubbing, but then go in and out and alternate like that. We did that and a few minutes later she squirted again, this time more voluminous. She was besides herself and made funny squeaking noises, grabbing my dick pushing it in and out and up and down her pussy slit. Then I grabbed her legs and pushed her into a supine position but entered her from the front holding her neck and pounded into her like a crazy person. Kanojan pressed her mouth on mine, and we were sucking on each other’s lips with great intensity. I came within minutes and released her, from my grip, to get air. Kanojan started to laugh, and I asked her what’s so funny and she said. “I read about sex like this, but I never thought, I could feel this”.

            I remained silent, letting her talk. We played a little more. However, I ran out of power and time and told her that I had to go. We showered, got dressed and I drove her back to Nirun Apartments. She only asked for 1000 bath and told me, “message me anytime”. I sure did and Kanojan became my regular go-to girl. After a few weeks she changed rooms and moved to small building behind the big parking area for Boukhau market. I asked her why she moved and she said she wanted to live without a roommate. She was so honest and forthcoming and told me that she had a thing for her roommate and one night masturbated and asked her roommate to help her finish but ended up squirting all over her face. Her roommate was apparently grossed out and Kanojan was so embarrassed that she felt she had to move out.

            Funny, because it’s true. From now on, I could meet her in her room, which was more comfortable and well hidden, although her room had no AC. A few month later, my girlfriend took the kids and visited family in her village, leaving me home alone. Kanojan had moved again and lived in a room on third street with AC. Kanojan, wanted to spend the whole day with me and had a long list of demands. Starting with coffee in Starbucks at beach road, we sat upstairs and Kanojan asked me to video her doing dance moves for her TikTok page, later she wanted me to stay overnight in her room, I agreed. Then she insisted that I fuck her doggy style while she was on the phone with her friend who lives in Dubai. Then a silly game to determine who has to do sexual favors for the other, I always lost and had to lick her pussy in various positions, all no problem. We had extensive sex, way after midnight, I was happy, content, and wanted to sleep. Kanojan, showed me her online bank account and said that the 80 000 bath, that she saved, is enough for rhinoplasty surgery. I was like “There is nothing wrong with your nose darling” there really wasn’t, if anything Kanojan had puffy cheeks, giving her a bit of a butter-face look, but I would of course never say that to her. She went on and on about her nose not being straight enough and then she showed me a pic of a famous Thai female singer and that she wanted a nose like that. I kept telling her, that’s really not necessary and was trying to give her sound financial advice like saving her money for a rainy day or maybe buy land in her village and build a house later, contemplating her future etc.

            Kanojan, had none of it. Getting all worked up, now saying why are men always trying to tell woman what to do etc. etc. Fuck me man, She started this and I didn’t want that discussion and didn’t want to talk about her nose job anymore, I was tired and wanted to sleep. I am a patient and understanding guy, but by 02:30 am I had enough and dropped my nice guy etiquette and told her “ it’s your money and your nose, do all the rhinoplasty that you can afford darling” and walked out. That was over a year ago and I have not seen her since. I know that she is been around, probably changed her room again. Three months ago, I wrote her again, and she responded saying, if we happen to meet again by pure accident, then we can have sex again. Kind of like in the movie “Serendipity” with John Cusack and the cute Kate Beckinsale, which I actually recommended to her a while back. And that was that.


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              Part 6 The infamous Far (Rattana)

              It’s quite a story how I met Far so I start at the very beginning. It’s next to impossible to scout through the Pattaya social landscape and not run into Nui from Bookstore and Beautiful massage at Soi Chaiyapoon (aka Soi Pothole). At that time Nui was mainly in her shop “Beautiful Massage”. Now, the lease for that had expired and she is only in Bookstore massage. I am not a massage fan at all, because handjobs or blowjobs by themselves, don’t do much for me. I heard of Nui’s magic in the forum and one Saturday early afternoon, I drove by her shop with my scooter and she asked me to stop and talk. Nui knew of course that I have never been inside her weird little pleasure emporium and told me, today is „Two for the price of One“. She caught my curiosity and I wanted to know more details, before getting off my scooter. So it was 600 bath for whatever I want to do with two ladies of my choice. Now, that’s not a bad deal, I figure she was clearly determined to get me inside.

              I asked her if I could choose her, but she said she wants to watch. I go inside and there are three girls sitting on the floor smiling. None of them were stunners or even close to that. But, at least they had all their teeth, weren’t limping or any other obvious impediments. I choose one with the biggest smile and the second with the biggest tits. We went all the way in the back, the last mattress on the floor was my playground. The one before was taken, the curtains closed, and I could hear giggling from at least two girls coming from that area. I was getting horny, undressed while the girls did the same and watched me. Girls always want to take a look at the new guys cock. When my dick popped out, half hard bouncing up and down. They started talking in Thai and the curtain opened and one girl peeked out to see for herself. She said uhhh “Anaconda Alarm” and her head disappeared again.

              Then Nui walked in, smiled and sat next to me grabbed my growing cock, played around, while the other two girls got naked. Not wasting any time the big boobed girl stuffed my dick in her mouth and began to suck, like her life depended on it. The other one sat on the other side and massaged my balls. Wow this was not bad I thought. Then Nui left and went on the other side of the curtain. 10 seconds later Nui opened the curtain between the mattresses and introduced my neighbors to me. So there was this massively fat older guy, completely bald, laying there naked on his back with two women, one on his side and one between his legs, one was skinny with fairy large fake tits sucking his cock, the other one, younger prettier, shoving a large black dildo the size of a small arm in and out of his ass.

              Whoa, I thought, wtf is that. The guy was staring at my cock and Nui talked to the girls in Thai. So the one operating the dildo, left the dildo stuck in this guys ass and came over to take the place of the girl sucking my cock. The girl that was sucking my cock moved over there, taking over dildo duty. I love being watched, so no problem for me at all. The other girl that was massaging my balls took turns with the girl that just came over and they sucked my cock together. Nui was standing in the middle and sort of directed all activities. Then she went over to the other guy, who was obviously a regular and quietly talked to him. Afterwards, she came to me asking me, which one I like to fuck. My responses was “can I fuck all of them” Nui laughed, talked to the girls in Thai and brought condoms. Nui, then explained that the young one doesn’t want to fuck because she thinks it will hurt her. I was like, she shoved a dildo the size of an arm in this fat guys arse, don’t you think that hurt. Well, on second thoughts, the guy with the huge dildo in his arse, looked rather happy. So I don’t know, three is enough, I don’t need all four of them.

              Nui puts a red condom on my hard cock. My dick looks like a fucking Christmas candle now. The girl with the big tits sat on my cock and we start to fuck. Everyone else is watching. Then girl with the fake tits comes over, she insists of changing condoms and I fuck her from behind, while the girl with the big tits takes over the blowjob with the big fat guy. This fake tits girl is really into it and we fuck hard. I look at Nui and she gives me a big smile. I hold back because I want to fuck one more girl, the one who had a big smile. She is clearly happy that I wait for her. Change of condoms again and she also wants to be fucked doggy. She is very wet and it’s easy to penetrate her. Five minutes later I am close to coming but look at the young girl asking if she changed her mind. She smiles, shakes her head and keeps shoving that big fat black dildo in the fat guys ass, without merci.

              I pick up speed and come in the condom, whilst deep inside the smiley girl. Then something very unexpected and extraordinary happened. Nui came over, ask me to get my dick out and she carefully removed the condom, checking out its content at the tip. Then, believe it or not, Nui gave the condom to the fat guy, who eagerly slurped out the entire content, while everyone was watching, but no one was as surprised, as I was. It’s not every day you see something like that, so I was kind of speechless, but connecting the dots, surely this wasn’t a spontaneous act of sperm donation, Nui planned this and she gave me a favorable price, because, she was looking for sperm supply for her longtime customer, who probably pays a premium for that little extra service.

              Whilst I was still in a bit of a shock, everyone else acted as if this is business as usual. Anyway, a minute later the fat guy finally came with a big grunt, ejaculating into the girls mouth whilst receiving dildo treatment. Nui, ask me if I want to do anything else or take a shower. I opted for the shower, because I needed to digest what just happened. When done, I got dressed, said goodbye and Nui walked me out. I gave her the 600 bath as agreed. Nui, thanked me and said: “next time you come I want you to fuck me” We exchanged line id and I drove home, I had planned to go to Bake’n Brew around the corner for coffee, but I sort of lost my appetite. I am sexually very tolerant, but “a guy slurping down sperm from a strangers condom” was new for me. Well not entirely true. I have been with cuckold couples, were the cuck husband had to watch me, fuck his wife and on top of that, she insults him by telling him what a looser he is and how much bigger and better my cock is compared to his puny noodle. But typically, the husband tells me first about taking his wife bareback so he can get his cream pie.

              Anyway, later at home, Nui sent me a message telling me how happy the fat guy was today and that we should do that again. We did that a few more times, I even went to his house, on the dark side, and he had some girls over that he wanted me to fuck, while he eats them out once I am done. I have only done it a few times, because it gets kind of boring right quick. I did go back to Nui many more times as she always had a steady supply of new girls. For some reason Nui does not like to give blowjobs but she sure likes to fuck. We fuck many times, Nui likes to be on top and grinds herself to heaven, afterwards she asked me if I want a blowjob or anything from one or two of her other girls. One day, I was sitting at Bake n’ Brew and I get a message from Nui, saying she has a young hot girl for me. She attached a picture, and that girl was very skinny, but also very hot looking. I message her back saying “I be there in 5 minutes”. This is how I was introduced to the fabulous Far. Far was sitting in a yoga like posture on the floor of Nui’s shop. She looked very skinny but there was something very slutty about her, plus she spoke excellent English.

              We went inside, this time it was the first mattress that was free, the fat, sperm guzzling guy was absent and I was sort off relieved. Far was naked in no time and watched me undress. Once my dick popped out, she grabbed it right away and started sucking. My pants were still on my ankles, and I tried to take them off while Far was sucking on my cock, harder than a Dyson. Far and I instantly clicked, and she handed me a condom, which I rolled over, while she put lube on her hairless little pussy. Far is very beautiful, although maybe too skinny for some, but she has all the right curves and an insatiable little pussy.

              Fucking her was good and we had some spectators, Nui and another girl, were watching while we tried various positions. Far liked it hard, deep and fast and fucking doggy was a turn on for both although, fucking from behind laying down was better. Far is a passionate kisser and she whispered little obscenities in my ear while we fucked. Coming was easy with her and I had to slow down to lengthen the act. I was exhausted after coming and was intensely sweating. Far and I took a shower together. I asked her why her English is so good, and she told me her husband is from Europe. We swapped line id and agreed to meet again soon. I messaged Far later and asked if we could meet somewhere else and she agreed to meet me at full love inn a few days later. She was already there when I arrived. I showered and Far went to work on my cock, slurping away for quite a while before we started fucking. We had a much better time there, undisturbed from background noise in Nui’s shop. Afterwards, Far told me that she wants to quit working at her aunts place. First, I didn’t understand and asked her „who is your aunt“. Then she said, Nui is her auntie. Nui’s younger sister is apparently Far’s mother. You think this is weird, wait, it gets a lot weirder.

              A week later, I was sitting in Bake’n Brew, sipping coffee. Nui messages me, asking “Where are you? What are you doing?” I message her: “I am around the corner, drinking coffee”

              Nui: “ You want to fuck Far for free”

              Me: “absolutely, what’s the catch?”

              Nui: “a good friend of mine is here and he wants to watch you”

              Me: “Is it the fat guy again?”

              Nui: “No, different guy from Chiang Ray, I know him for long time”

              Me: “Ok, give me 10 minutes”
              Not sure what to expect this time, because Nui always has an ulterior motive. However, I drive to Nui’s shop and she is already outside telling me where to park my scooter. Next to her is a skinny little older guy, looks European, but he doesn’t say anything to me and avoids eye contact, but he speaks fluently Thai to Nui, Far is waiting inside. Far, says hi to me, but she doesn’t look thrilled at the prospect what is about to happen. I am not sure what to do next, it all looks and feels a bit strange. Then, Far takes my hand and pulls me inside. We are at the first mattress again and she is getting naked quickly, opens my pants, fishes out my cock and starts sucking. The guy sits on a chair and watches Far sucking my cock with great interest, while talking to Nui in Thai, who is also in the room. I don’t understand a word, but Far surely does and although she is doing what she loves to do, she still looks a bit worried.

              Well, this is not so bad, I am thinking. Then, this guys knees next to Far and said something in Thai. Far let’s go of my cock and this guy starts taking over. I look at Nui and she explained, it’s his fantasy to suck a big cock and he begged me to find a guy for him that would let him. There is always a weird sexual component when Nui gives me a free one. Anyway, this guy sucks cock like he was born and raised on a glory-hole, so surely, this is not the first time he does this. Far stands up and is next to me, I grab her ass and tell her, please kiss me or I loose my erection. Before we kiss, Far said, “I don’t like this guy” Well, I don’t either, but I don’t know what to do. You know, when you close your eyes and kiss a girl, it almost feels normal when a guy sucks your cock. So, I play along.

              Far talks to Nui and the guy backs off. Far puts the condom on my cock and goes in Doggy position. She is lubed up and I penetrate her easily. I thought maybe this guy wants Far to suck him while I fuck her from behind, but no, he stays dressed and watches only. Nui starts playing with my balls. I would be lying if I said it didn’t feel good. Fucking, Far is always great, her skinny ass looks amazing in that position. Nui, stands up and told me that the guys wants to suck my dick again and I should come in his mouth. I told her I don’t know if I can do that now. Nui, is an experienced woman, specialized in providing a broad spectrum of pleasures for all sorts of guys in the last 20 or more years, so she has a plan of course. She asked me to sit down on the chair, that the guy was sitting on before. This looks more comfortable. I pull out of Far and Nui pulled the condom off. Far does not look pleased. She leaves, but comes back in a minute. The guy moves between my legs and puts my dick back in his mouth.


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                Part 6 Cont...

                I have Nui and Far standing right next to me, sort of blocking the view to the guy slurping on my cock. That makes it easier. Nui, opens the buttons of her shirt and gives me her boobs to suck on. Nui has big tits so that helps. I also suck on Far’s little nipples. Nui, talks dirty to me. I look around and see that two more girls have come in, watching this scene from Absurdistan pornland. I am thinking about Nana and her famous oral skills and manage to climax and my dick softens immediately afterwards. This guy keeps sucking, but I pull my dick out of his mouth. He leaves with Nui following him. I apologize to Far, saying I thought he just wanted to watch me fucking you. Far, shrugged her shoulders and got dressed. I went to the shower and washed my cock. I told Far that I will message her later and left to drive home.

                Nui, messaged me that evening saying, this guy was so happy that he could finally fulfill his dream. I told her it’s ok, but no more guys sucking my cock. Thailand is full of LB’s or gay man, why doesn’t he suck them off. So, I ignore Nui for a while and focus my attention on my regular girls again and all is fine. One afternoon I drive through Soi pothole to get to my favorite coffee spot and Nui sees me, waves frantically and I stop. Nui, tells me that she has a new woman, very horny and she wants a big cock to fuck. The woman in question looks like in her late 30’s or early 40’s, stands between the doorframe, smiles at me, she looks nice, small, surprisingly muscular and wiry body type, big boobs too. Nui said 500 ok?. I imagine there is a catch again but agree, we go in her shop, all the way back and surprise surprise, the big fat guy is there again, this time surrounded by three girls. Of course I know his name, but I won’t mention it here. All girls are naked, one plays with his nipples, one sucks his cock and one has responsibility for moving the big black dildo in and out of his ass.

                Nui, told me that she can close the curtain if that makes me feel more comfortable. I shake my head, its not their presents that bothers me, in fact I enjoy being watched during sex. The woman, Nui had selected for me was nice, and after she saw my dick, she got her phone and took a picture while she was holding my cock in her flat hand. She was laughing, talking to Nui and then put my dick in her mouth. Nui brought a condom and I put it on. We fucked in a few positions and I had fun with the lady and her hard body. She asked me when I finish and I thought ok it’s too much for her, I close my eyes imagine banging some young horny fucktoy like Far and I come within a minute.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Far.jpg
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                I took the condom off, handed it to Nui and turned my attention back to my lady. Her tits were a little hard, but still nice and I admired her firm butt and legs. I didn’t want to ask how old or if she had kids. So we just laid there for a while touching her body while she played with my softening dick. I didn’t feel like watching the fat guy slurping down my sperm from the used condom. I washed my dick in the shower, got dressed, paid the 500 bath to Nui and was on my way to Bake’n Brew. Drinking my coffee, I messaged Far, saying: “I didn’t see you at Nui’s shop today” Far responded saying she quit working there a few days ago and is just freelancing now. Then she asked me who I was with. I told her about the nice older lady with a firm body. Far asked did she have big boobs I said, yes I think they are enhanced, but nice.

                Then Far wrote: “that’s my mom” What! No way, I almost fell out of my chair Far told me her mom was on vacation in Pattaya and Nui (her sister) asked her to help out for a few days. Apparently, Far’s parents are not married anymore, but I am not entirely sure if I understood Far on that point. Far, told me that she came to the shop a few days ago to work and the Fat guy was there getting dildo treatment while her mother sucked his cock. Far said that was too much for her and she left. OMG, this was hilarious, you couldn’t make this stuff up. They ought to put cameras in this place and make a Reality TV Show, it would obliterate global viewership records in the first week. Now, Far was less amused by this than I was, so I try to change the subject but Far was rattling on and on about this. I asked Far, didn’t you suck this fat guys dick too, once or twice?

                She said yes, but it’s different, because she worked there and got paid. I told her, her mom made 500 bath today fucking me so it’s not all that different. Far asked me if I liked it. My response was, “Darling, I had no idea it was your mom“. Then Far and I arranged to meet on Saturday morning, but on that Saturday, Far never confirmed the meeting. In fact, Far stayed silent for almost a year, not responding to any messages. I missed Far, she was so naturally craving and enjoying sex and beautiful on top of it. Then, about a year later, I saw a posting of her in line messages, showing her and her three daughters in their new house. Apparently, she moved to Bang Saray or in that area. I message her, “nice family picture” “how are you” “long time no see” She responded saying “I tell you later”

                A week later Far send a message saying we can meet again if I like. Of course, I wanted to and we arranged to meet in 24 hour love, a cute short time hotel off Sukhumvit road and close to Siam Country Club. She drove up right after I checked in, I took a quick shower and she was putting on a cute little black see-through body suit. We talked a bit and started touching each other right away. She put her little hand on my upper thighs and her fingertips grazed along my still soft cock. Far is truly cock crazy and she couldn’t help herself but put my dick in her mouth. I was rock hard in less than 10 seconds. She then she asked me to take pictures of her in her outfit. Far mentioned that she need pictures for her onlyfans account. I told her that I am a registered performer on onlyfans, using a stage name and and old foreign drivers license which all went through, although the names are completely inconsistent. I performed in onlyfans with a other Pattaya girls already since about 6 month and showed her a few short videos, she knew a few of them and ask if we can make videos right now. You never see my face in any of the videos, the girls were interested only in my dick anyway.

                We made a number of 5-minute-long videos, and then had more sex. Actually, every time we met from that day on we made videos and took lots of pictures. Last x-mas my friend from Wales finally made it back to Pattaya and we had two long threesome sessions with Far. The videos should be available on her onlyfans page. Also, Far has a Twitter account and I took some of the pictures and short videos that she posted there. Far is an amazing girl, I love her tight body, she is an insatiable sweetheart and so honest about her sexuality. I still meet Far on a regular basis, even though she is married again now


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                  Part 7 Crazy Rabbit

                  I found Rabbit almost 3 years ago in Tinder. She was a very young, skinny little thing, small boobs, cute round butt, and the vacant look on her face that indicated “crazy” beyond the normal here in Pattaya. We switched to line and met in her room right off Soi Khao Thalo. When I arrived there was still her roommate in the room, a tall, very busty girl in her early 30’s. Rabbit, had a large towel wrapped around herself. I was a bit confused, but Rabbit handed me a fresh towel and directed me to the bathroom. Although Rabbit had just showered, the bathroom was squeaky clean and dry. In fact the entire room was impeccably clean and perfectly organized. I am a bit messier and when I came out of the bathroom I left wet footprints on the floor and Rabbit threw a fit, dropped her towel and cleaned the floor, naked. I apologized and put my towel on the bed but didn’t see that her roommate was still there. This girl checked me out and said “you are not shy” My response was “Do I have to”

                  She smiled, grabbed a pack of cigarettes, went through the balcony door and disappeared behind the half-closed dark curtains. Rabbit finished drying the floor, stayed naked and put cream on her body in front of the large mirror, that was opposite of the big bed. I was laying down on the large king size bed and watched Rabbit doing her thing. I loved her skinny body, very nice silky dark skin, my dick was getting hard, and I waved it at her saying I am ready. Rabbit smiled and smeared more lotion on her body. Then she turned around, positioned herself between my legs and started to suck my cock and licked my balls with great passion. For a young girl, she was really good at sucking cock, and I enjoyed watching. I tried to pull her up by her shoulders but Rabbit resisted, I guess she wanted to do this on her own terms. I respect that and waited until she was ready. She was playing with her pussy a bit and a few minutes later, moved up to sit on top of me. She pointed to a small bottle of oil that was on the nightstand and I reached out and gave it to her. She oiled up her pussy and my cock and sat on me. No condom, I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but once your dick is already inside a lubricated tight pussy, it’s too late for me to stop. Rabbit, does not like to kiss, I figured that very quickly, but she asked me to just let her ride until she finishes, then I can do what I want.

                  Rabbit had a strange rhythm in her riding moves and it was difficult for me to follow, but I enjoyed roaming my hands over her silky flawless skin and curves. She has a great little butt to squeeze. It took her a good 15 minutes to finish and she came strong. Her orgasm was accompanied by her grimacing facial expressions. She stayed almost motionless afterwards for a minute or two and I moved my hips just a little bit to stay nice and hard. Then all of a sudden Rabbit started bouncing up and down again and came again. She is motionless again and had her eyes closed. I am not even close to coming but my dick is still super hard deep inside her. Rabbit is sweating and I offer her my towel. She gets off me, put the towel on the bed and laid on top of it with here legs spread. I move immediately between her open legs and penetrate her, take her little legs, push them up and go in and out with deep moves. I enjoy this view and even more that I am in charge now. She is passive and lets anything happen that I want to do. I move her around like a rag doll, to the side, from behind with her ass up, then with her ass pressed down on the bed and pound her hard and deep. Rabbit, groans and moans in a strange way and her facial expressions are almost scary. Some girls love to fuck like that, but at this point, I am not sure if Rabbit does. I am horny as hell and her little skinny sweating, glistening body looks so hot in almost every position. I fuck her hard from behind again and slap her ass, then come deep inside her and collapsed on her, moving her to the side, me behind and my still very hard cock still deep inside her.

                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Rabbi.jpg
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                  We both breath hard and I try to catch my breath while slowly moving in and out letting it all ebb out. Five to ten minutes pass, I am still hard, and rabbit still presses her little butt against me. Rabbit holds still when I move around to kneel behind her, fucking her from the side while holding her hips and butt in place. She knows I want more and she submitted herself to whatever I had in mind for her. Again, I pick up the pace and fuck her harder and from different angles. When it’s like this, I really do drift off into Lala land, there could be 1000 people around, watching, talking, there could be an earthquake or a category 6 hurricane, I wouldn’t have any sense of it. All I feel is this girl’s vaginal lips wrapped around my dick, her glistening sensual body, the smell of our sweat and our body scent. It’s amazing and there are only a few girls that allow me to get there. Rabbit is one of them. I come a second time almost violently, deeply embedded in Rabbits little pussy, that has endured my onslaught so bravely.

                  Rabbit does not like to cuddle or hug afterwards; I can put my hand on her body but that’s as far as she goes. She put her hands on her womb but doesn’t complain. I feel a bit guilty having fucked her mercilessly hard for so long. She gets up, walks a bit bow-legged and brings fresh towels. I check my phone and realize that we been doing it for an hour straight. My legs are tired, and I make it the shower and rinse off the sweat and wash up. Rabbit still sits on the bed; I get dressed and ask her how much I should give her. 1200 bath she said. Wow, I expected a bit more, but decide against giving her a tip, simply because I think she is the kind of girl that does not need to be spoiled. I asked her if we can meet again, and she surprised me by saying “Yeah, good cock, I finish two times, you can come any time” I did, Rabbit became my one of my regulars and we meet almost once a week for the following two years.

                  Soon after our first meeting, Rabbit lives alone and her roommate moved to another room, in the same building. Her roommate asked me to visit her, and I did once, nowhere near the same as Rabbit, but she is nice, tries very hard and gives killer blowjobs. Rabbit is not very talkative, but she tells me about her problems with her knees and elbows and that she has almost constantly pain in her joints, unless she takes strong medication. It sounds like an early onset of arthritis. Rabbit can be grumpy and difficult, but we always managed to have great sex. Sometimes, extraordinary sex, wild and earth shuddering, both of us coming multiple times. Rabbit comes close to Dow, although in a different way. I could unify with Dow, embrace, kiss and touch, drift off together and Dow would completely submit herself. Rabbit never really submitted herself, she allowed things to happen, but never loosing her independence. It was nevertheless very interesting and intense with Rabbit. A bit of advice if you want to pursue her. Never, show any weakness with her, take charge and tell her what you want, fuck her hard and she respects you. If she barks at you, bark back, she will remember and purr like a little kitten for you next time.

                  However, over time, Rabbit became more and more unpredictable, erratic, increasingly grumpy and weird. Part of that change may have been caused by the medication she took to ease her arthritis, but I suspect it was the “other shit” that she smoked. It just became an unsustainable risk to keep seeing her, because I didn’t want to have any part in what I thought was addictive behavior. About a year ago, I stopped seeing her altogether. She is still around, and I still get messages or pictures from her sometimes, but I haven’t responded. I wish I could have talked her out of what she was doing, I tried though, only to be told to mind my own business. Some people just enter this downward spiral and unfortunately it seems that she is one of them. Like two weeks before I left Pattaya,

                  Rabbit send me a picture and a “?”

                  I write her back “what’s up darling”

                  Rabbit: “not see you for long time”
                  I thought ok I meet her before I finally leave this place. Two days later I am standing at her room, she opens the door buck-naked, as always. She smiles, looks generally happy, and gained a little weight, but it actually looked good on her. We talk a bit, she bitches a bit why I not see her for long etc. I don’t respond, get naked, shower and wait for her while she creams her naked body in front of the mirror. Without going into detail, nothing has changed, she wants to go on top first and grinding herself to an orgasm then I can do what I want with her. I didn’t tell her that I a leaving Thailand in a few days. I just fuck her, long and hard, I come two times and enjoy myself with her cute spinner body. I go home and delete her line id. I deleted most of my line id’s that evening. It takes me almost 2 hours to delete a few hundred contacts. I keep only a handful contacts in hidden mode, but not Rabbit’s. I will never forget Rabbit, but her unpredictable crazy side outweighs the physical enjoyment of a great fuck, so no more of that.


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                    Part 8 Lovely Kattie Thai

                    I think I saw Kattie in Tinder in summer 2021. She is only 21 years old, her face is as cute as a button and she has that million-dollar smile. So I couldn’t wait to meet this extraordinary little thing in person. But it took until fall 2021 until we arranged to meet in Full Love Inn. She was 30 min late and I was beginning to get wary of her already, because she kept sending me message after message saying she be there in 5 minutes. When she finally came through the door, she apologized with the cutest smile, removed my towel and grabbed my dick and said “OMG I love big cock” All was forgiven and she slipped out of her clothes in less than 5 seconds and laid naked next to me sucking my hardening cock. Big surprise for me was her gorgeous sexy little body. Kattie has a truly exceptional ass. Small narrow hips, but bulging firm ass cheeks and the cutest little tits, a little less than a handful, but very sexy and perfect on her little frame. I felt like fucking her right away and ripped the condom package open. But Kattie told me that she loves sucking cock so much and wants to keep playing with her favorite toy, as she put it. Then she put her pussy over my face and wanted to be licked while she kept sucking. She later told me that 69 is her favorite thing. Besides her sensational ass, her little pussy was equally sensational and tasted fresh and yummy.

                    Finally, we were ready for penetration, and she wanted to sit on me first. We did the full program and went through all possible positions, and it looked as if she enjoyed laying on her side with me behind her the most. Kattie is a passionate kisser and so lovable. She likes talking during sex, letting me know in no uncertain terms how much she loves sex. I was really surprised how comfortable we were, given that this was our first encounter. We agreed to meet again soon and did so in three days. We fucked and talked and became very intimate and good friends in no time. She just came out of a long-term relationship with another older American and she wanted to just freelance for a while. But it was very quickly obvious that she only met with a few people. A younger Russian guy, who preferred to take her to fancy restaurants, followed by a BJ, no fucking, which drove her crazy because he made her go out with no panties and played with her pussy during dinner, but then didn’t fuck her. She also met with a Thai-Polish couple, although not too often. She told me that they both treated her like a little fuck-toy princess, and she likes eating pussy while getting fucked. She showed me pictures of them playing.

                    So Kattie and I met every 3 to 4 days and after our 5th meeting, she asked me to come to her condo in Arcadia Residences. I remember the first time I visited her there. I waited at the small lobby and messaged her that I am here. She came down to get me, wearing only sandals and a t-shirt that was a bit too big for her, nothing else. She buzzed me through the gate, and I followed her to the elevator. I could see her astonishing cute ass jiggling underneath and her hardening nipples. In the elevator she wrapped her arms around me kissed me saying “I am so fucking horny; I need your cock”. My hands roamed under her t-shirt one hand on her ass the other on her tits. She pointed at the security camera in the elevator, saying “wait baby we are almost there. My dick got rock-hard walking behind her towards her room on the 4th floor. She kept turning around, smiling at me, lifting her t-shirt and teasing me.

                    She had a small one-bedroom condo. Once inside, I dropped my sandals and lifted her up to carry her to the bedroom and put her on the bed. The sheets were still warm and messy, she must have slept all day. I dropped my clothes and without warning, penetrated her right away. No condom and her wet pussy was accommodating me without resistance. She wanted to be fucked facing me from the side and I love that position. I can grab her cute butt while fucking and she would suck on my lips. I came in less than 5 minutes, but we stayed that way and my dick remained hard deep inside her. Kattie kept grinding her pelvis against me and we fucked until I came again. To me, we became dangerously close too fast. I was almost uncomfortable, how this lovable cutie was reacting to me. She was like a girlfriend instead of a short time fuck buddy. We stayed naked, talked, joked around and fucked a third time, this time slow and easy with constant kissing and touching.

                    Fuck me, this is too much, I thought. We started at 4 Pm and it was getting dark outside, so it was already 7 pm. Time for me to go. Kattie, then said that she doesn’t want to be alone tonight and asked me to stay with her. OMG, I wish I could, but I just can’t. She knows I am a teacher, and it was a Tuesday so I have to get up early in the morning, thanks for that. If it was a Friday, I wouldn’t have an excuse to go. She walks me to the door, buck-naked. Watches me going down the hall to the elevator and flashes her tits and ass at me as I look back. For the next two weeks I met her every day, except Sundays. She always writes me messages at night and in the early afternoon with pictures of her laying in bed telling me that she just woke up and is horny and thinking about fucking me. The next day she messages me, saying that she wants to make videos today when I come. No problem, we make a few cute videos, we use my iPhone as a camera. OMG she is born to be a porn-star, I wish I could publish those 4 videos we made. She smiles so naturally when she plays, sucks and fucks. I send her the videos, she said she may open an onlyfans account, but I don’t think she ever did.

                    Kattie asked me to take her to the movie theater, or go to the beach together or maybe take a trip to an island on a weekend. I turn her down every time and at some point, she realizes that I want to be fuck-buddy only. It breaks my heart, going with her to an island for a few days would be a dream, but I can’t do that. Then she stops messaging me and said she moves to BKK to work with her mom in a restaurant. But she is back in Pattaya in 2 weeks. She tells me that she wants to do something serious and starts a course in bartending lol. She actually finished the course. A few weeks later I see her picture in Facebook, dancing for Lady Love Agogo in a string bikini. We meet one more time in Full Love Inn because she has a roommate now. We fuck and have a good time, but it’s not the same anymore. She was looking for a boyfriend, perhaps even a husband and do something else. Kattie has no formal education but speaks good English and is obviously a really smart cookie. The tragedy is that Pattaya won’t allow girls as cute and gorgeous as Kattie to have normal lives even though that’s all they really want. Being cute and gorgeous girl can be a curse, too many guys want to have you, enjoy you for a while and then move on without you.


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                      Part 9 Pafan (Black Magic Woman)

                      Pafan is indeed Thai, but omg, this girl pushes the limits of possible voluptuousness of the female body. I challenge every one of you, that is is impossible to look at her instagram postings and not come in your pants. Pafan, would wake up a dead man, if only he could still see. Pafan, would cause a celibacy crisis in the Vatican, if only she was allowed to walk through the gates of St. Peter’s Basilica, wearing only a String Bikini. Pafan is a Party girl, going out almost every night, dressed so seductively, that she really is the proverbial “Dick Magnet”. I saw Pafan first in instagram and recognized the background landscape as being in Pratumnak Beach. I found her instagram page and most of her pictures show her in tiny Bikinis, the top barely covering her DD’s and the bottom not being more than the tiniest possible triangle, and little string in the back not even trying to cover anything from her fleshy round amazing bubble butt.

                      Pafan, is deeply tanned and her skin tone is as dark as dark brown gets. She is clearly too much for a 60-year-old man like me. I can only watch her pictures a max of 2 or 3 minutes before I start getting worried about cardiac arrest. Somehow, I felt like, I know this girl, and it dawned on me. Wasn’t there a dark skinned magical beauty in the center of Carlos Santana’s Abraxas album, painted by Marti Klarweian, as it loosely depicted the biblical story of the Archangel Gabriel, telling a nude dark brown Mulatta Virgin Mary, that she will give birth to Jesus himself, by putting a snow white dove between her legs. Santana’s Black Magic Woman wasn’t just my favorite song, during my teenage years, the luscious voluptuous black magic woman on the cover, became a lifelong wet dream obsession.

                      I was doomed, I had to find her. I started checking her pictures to figure where I may find this girl and it looked like, she was indeed in Pattaya, hiding in plain sight. Lucky me, she is right here, all I must do is contact her. Of course, I started to “like” every instagram pic of her and wrote her nice messages, being careful not to write anything offensive or obscene or coming across as a crazy obsessed stalker. I wasn’t even sure if she was in a relationship, sponsored or freelancing, but I had nothing to lose at this point. After 5 or 6 messages with no response over a period of 6 weeks, I had to think of something else. I noticed that on many of her pictures is another girl, easily overlooked next to someone with a body like Pafan. Found out that her name is Anutida, she had her own Instagram profile. Anutida, looked a bit older than Pafan, and had a very tight little body with a wonderful firm butt, very small boobs and a nice smile. So, I contacted her, praising her cute body. Sure enough, Anutida responded right away with a thanks and a kiss emoji. I asked if she has line and is available to meet and we hooked up a few days later.

                      I offered to pick her up and she agreed. Her condo is in Jomtien, on Bun Kanchana Alley, not too far from the beach. She came right out, wearing super tight white yoga shorts and a T-shirt. No panties, no bra, cameltoe and tiny nipples for all to see. The closest short time room was Q-Resort, so we went there on my scooter. I have been in Q Resort before, and its run down and I was a bit afraid Anutida would take me for a Cheap Charly. Before I paid the room, I asked her if she is ok with this place or want to drive further into the city. She was cool, saying let’s stay here. We go up and the room is very plain, basically just the bed and they didn’t even try to decorate. Actually, it was great for my purpose, the focus in this room is clearly on the bed and nothing distracts.

                      I was still fully dressed and sat on the bed, asking her to come closer, I wanted to touch her firm ass and start exploring. Anutida has a great little body, very toned, she must spend lots of time in the gym. I am a straight forward guy, don’t waste any time and quickly take off her pants and shirt and start sucking on her little nipples while my hands roam over her ass and pussy. She is wet alright and felt like fucking was the right thing to do now. Like most girls do, she watched as I pulled down my pants and underwear in one move and my cock was bouncing up. She started laughing loud and said “how is this going to work” Its usually never a good sign, if girl laughs when she first sees your dick, but I am very confident guy and respond: “I thought you be familiar with the procedure”

                      She laughs more, drops to her knees and starts to suck my hard cock, kissing up and down the shaft and playing with my balls. She is doing a good job, but struggles a bit with my size as she can only put the tip in. I want penetration and move her little 40 Kg body easily on the bed, lay her in the center and put my condom on. Anutida watches with big eyes, like the rabbit looks at the snake before attacking. I move her skinny legs up and spread them over her head. Her pussy is now fully exposed and at the perfect angle for my approaching cock. She is wet enough, and I am hard enough, to allow penetration without any assistance. We both watch her pussy stretching as I slowly pushed in. Vaginas are the most amazing thing, birth canal for baby’s, can certainly stretch enough for my big pecker. We started fucking and it feels great. Anutida is a passionate kisser, and we change positions a few times to see how we are both most comfortable.

                      We have instant sexual chemistry and evolve into the spooning position, me behind her, my cock can move easily and my hands are free to play with her little boobs and round ass. Anutida is getting louder, but I am not familiar with her sexual innuendos yet and therefore not sure what makes her come or if she came already. However, I do know that she is enjoying this, so I just pick up tempo and hammer away for the grand finale and ejaculate in the condom. We stay connected for a while and just touch and kiss until she moves her butt, and my dick slips out. Like most girls in Pattaya she inspects the condom, perhaps looking if it’s still intact but I think Anutida is more interested in the content, making sure her man did ejaculate. Satisfied with her investigation, Anutida, lays next to me with her head on my chest and play with my hairy chest. I told her my kids call me “monkey man” because I have so much body hair. In typical Thai fashion Anutida said “ I like too much” followed by “you not look like little boy”. You are dam right, I don’t look like a little boy, I am sixty, with a groomed graying short beard and lots of body hair.

                      I play with her cute little butt, and we lay there and talk, getting to know each other. Although, I feel we are comfortable with each other, I don’t want to mention anything about Pafan just yet. I thought that would be the wrong move and she may figure I contacted her only to get to her friend. It happens all by itself anyway. Her phone buzzes and she takes a look. “It’s my roommate” she said, asking her when they will go out tonight.

                      Me: “Will you go out tonight?”

                      Her: “yeah beach club, you want to come along”

                      Me: “Have to work tomorrow morning, I can’t”

                      We talk a little bit about me being a teacher here and she said she always wanted to fuck a teacher

                      “it’s your lucky day” I told her.

                      Her: “I am tired and don’t want to go out tonight but I promised and can’t let my roommate go alone”

                      Me: “why not?”

                      Her: “She is only 20 and gets in trouble without me”

                      Then she shows me a picture of her roommate and it’s indeed Pafan.

                      Me: “I seen that girl in your instagram pictures”

                      Her: “Yeah, but she just finished with her boyfriend and gets in trouble with many guys”
                      No kidding, a girl with the body like Pafan, attracting all the right players, especially in a place like Pattaya. I leave it at that for the moment, Anutida was much better than I thought. Certainly, more than just a pass-through on my way to get to Pafan. Anutida and I met at least three more times before I thought the time is right to ask for a meeting with her protégé Pafan. Anutida was cool about it and told me that she will talk to Pafan and let me know. Later that evening she messaged me that I can meet Pafan tomorrow if I like. Omg, I felt like a teenage boy thinking he will finally get laid. I was actually nervous, not anticipating that after two month of preparation it will happen so quickly. The Roman Philosopher Seneca once said “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” Shit, he was right after all. I was preparing meticulously to finally meet the embodiment of my teenage wet dreams and I will not fuck this up now, I will be ready.

                      Anutida, told me to pick up Pafan tomorrow afternoon at the condo at 5pm. I didn’t fuck my girlfriend that night and also ignored my morning hard-on the next day. Silently slipped out of bed at 6 am to make coffee and breakfast, as I always do, except I usually do this at 6:30 am, after sex with my girl. I go to school in the morning, struggling to stay focused on my curriculum, rush home at 3:30 pm, changing clothes and jumped on my scooter. The entire ride to Jomptien, I was telling myself, drive slow, don’t have an accident before you meet your „black magic woman“. Usually, I am not like this at all, I can get a bit apprehensive sometimes, but I am typically over-confident and on top of things. I go through all sorts of “What if’s” on my way and arrive just in time at 5pm at the gate. I text Anutida that I am here. 5 seconds later she responds “Ok she is coming”

                      I am waiting next to the security hut, it’s hot, the sun is low on the horizon and I can barely see in the direction we’re Pafan is supposed to come out. There she is, walking towards me, smiling like a familiar old friend. As she comes closer, I see that she is wearing pink skin tight, high waist, scrunch butt leggings (the ones that accentuate the girls butt to the extent that you get a heart attack when you watch her doing squats in the gym) and a flimsy T-shirt with no bra. Her boobs bouncing with every step and her ass jiggling along in unison. The security guy is an old skinny guy, looking at the same direction as I do. I can hear his breathing intensity increasing dramatically, Pafan is only 10 meters away, looks like a walking sex-bomb and I feel like the security guard and I will need an oxygen tent just to stay conscious.

                      Pafan, smiles at me and sits on my scooter, pads me on my legs saying ready to go. One last look at the security guard, he smiles at me, wishing me good luck, like it is custom in Thailand. We drive to Q-Ressort, get room number 1 and go upstairs following Pafan, looking in amazement at the moving flesh of her glorious ass clearly visible through her thin pink gym leggings. My dick is getting hard and I am so glad. I was worried about all sorts of possible failures; the worst being not getting an erection. I am sweating already, wanted to take a shower, but it’s simply too late in the game for that. Pafan smiles at me and we hug, I grab her ass which is at least twice the size of her roommate Anutida, but given her young age it’s a big firm gloriously round ass, with no wrinkles or any other imperfections. I put a hand under her T-shirt and play with those amazing tits. Anutida told me that Pafan has silicone boobs, but they feel nice and soft and when I pull her T-shirt over her head I see the perfection that the surgeon had performed. Beautiful, swollen nipples, slightly darker than her dark brown skin. I suck on them while she puts her hands on my crotch checking me out. Her leggings are so tight that I don’t t dare to remove them, I am afraid I tear them apart.

                      She does it by wiggling her ass and pulling down at the same time, laughing about herself. I pull my pants down. My cock is harder that Chinese Algebra and bounces up. Pafan stares at it and sits down on the old scratched up red couch, to be “eye to eye” with my dick and wraps her lips around it in the most erotic way. I take a deep breath and watch her slurping away. I am more ecstatic than a ten-year-old on Christmas Day, I can’t believe my luck. Not only is my teenage dream-girl in a room with me, she is buck naked and eagerly sucking on my cock. I watch her for a while and let her suck as much as she wants. Then she gets up and pushes her tongue in my mouth and we kiss. I think she is good and ready and have her lay down in bed. I admire her wonderful smooth pussy, and I feel like I have to kiss her there. But kissing her smooth vaginal lips is insufficient to tribute her feminine beauty and feel compelled to taste more, by putting my tongue inside her. She loves it and I spreads her legs, so I can get in deeper. I hardly do this with any girl, but her pussy is truly special.


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                        Part 9 Cont...

                        My dick is uncomfortably erect, pressing against the hard mattress and I slip the condom on and spread her legs. She is not as flexible as Anutida, but nevertheless I penetrated her with ease and fuck her without further delay, deep and merciless, kissing her and listening to her moans. I want to see her spectacular ass and turn her around, first fucking her from the side, me being behind, kneeling between her outstretched left leg and the other bent 90 degrees so I can easily see where my dick is going. The view is amazing, and I am thinking “this should really be recorded to preserve this moment, share with the world, but she would of course never agree and I dismiss my thoughts, focusing on her fleshy assets. I remember with remarkable clarity all the things we did. Pafan had her handbag next to her on the bed and got a small pink magic wand out. “I can come so easy now” she said and put the vibrator on her clitoris. She did come in less than a minute. I put my hands on her ass cheeks and knead them hard, slapping those big round globes of flesh.

                        Then she changed her position, laid on the bed in a supine position, put two pillows underneath her upper chest, rested her head on them, while she arched her back and pushed her ass out towards me. I was standing next to the bed and my cock was at the perfect level for penetration. Fuck, that was a sight to behold. I have seen truly wonderful butts in my life, bubble butts, small cute apple butts, bigger butts shaped like ripe pears, athletic butts, muscled with inwards con-vexing tight cheeks. But this ass almost defied human anatomy. It was a shiny, dark brown, bulging mass of human flesh with a firm immaculate softness and perfect radial curvature. Penetrating her from that angle was something else. As ridiculous as it may sound, even her asshole looked yummy and I played around a bit, but Pafan wasn’t keen on anal. But she loved it when I held her butt tight, slamming in my cock in high frequency. I felt the vibration from her pink toy and she came again. I think I will be cursed for the rest of my life with this image of my cock going in and out of that incredible little pussy peaking out from that amazing round brown ass. I can’t hold back much longer and come deep inside her. I stay inside her for a while and then slowly pull out and sit on the bed, remove the condom and lay down relaxing. My dick stayed rock hard and Pafan, who arranged herself next to me kept looking at it. I put my hand around her body to grab her ass. It’s an amazing piece of flesh, firm but jiggly at the same time. The feeling of her ass in my hand keeps my dick hard and I want more. Pafan smiles but said “pussy kaputt”. I don’t doubt it, I pushed in hard and deep and Pafan pointed at her lower belly saying “Chep mak” meaning “very painful”. We talk a bit, get dressed and I drive her back home. She told me that we can meet again with a kiss and a smile. I am so elated and happy with myself.

                        Click image for larger version

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                        You may ask, was Pafan better than Dow. No, Pafan is different, more carnal, more visually sexual, more attention seeking. Sex with Dow, was spiritual experience, a revelation of intimacy, a triumph of unparalleled beauty and breathtaking sensually. Pafan, is a lightning bolt of sex, animalistic and profane, requiring all your attention. Dow, was much less demanding, all she needed was a decent sized cock, deeply embedded inside her. I could move fast or slow or simply penetrating all the way to her cervix, staying there and let my dickhead expand with more blood. That’s when she climaxed and the never-ending wave of bliss started. With Dow, reality became extinct, I could let go, drift off into a different world and return reborn and redeemed from carnal sin, every time.

                        That’s why Pafan would make an excellent porn actress, her wallowing body giving indisputable evidence of plain sexual pleasure, unambiguously recognizable for every gender, for every age group. Dow’s sexuality requires intimate bodily interaction to be noticed, her head thrown back, her fingers pressed against open mouth, deep rhythmic breathing, her pulsating vagina, arrhythmic shivers running up and down her spine from her womb to her head, she is a quite ocean of Lust, taking me with her for a deep dive into the abyss of nirvana. All unnoticeable for onlookers, reserved only for the couple in unison. Sex with Dow got better and better over time. Pafan and I met a few more times and my amazement of her body never subsidized, but “lightning strikes never in the same spot”. Pafan and I peaked the very first time, strong and hard, like a lightning bolt, it just wasn’t the same the following times. It was always exiting and very sexual, but not the same intensity as the very first time.

                        My feeling was that Pafan likes me, for what I am, a nice horny 60 year old guy with a big dick, that really loves fucking her. Pafan and I usually talk for a while after sex, she shows me pictures of her village, her family and of her former boyfriend. I think she misses this guy. He looks like in his late 30’s, bald, but handsome, very athletic with lots of tattoos. Pafan loves tattoos, but I don’t have any. If Pafan likes you, it’s not about money for her, she we will jump in bed with you because she feels like it. Pafan is actually very sweet, mild mannered and soft spoken. I could be sarcastic and say by the time she reaches 30, her ass will rival that of a brewery horse, which is probably true. But I sincerely hope that this sweet girl with her amazing, voluptuous body, finds a good guy, that looks after her, before that happens.

                        Be that as it may, I am just glad the stars aligned, and I was able to met my fantasy “Black Magic Woman” in flesh and blood. Anutida, recently told me that Pafan started working at an Agogo on Walking Street. Not sure if that’s helping her, but how would I know what good for her.​


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                          Part 10 Big Boob Babes

                          I am a guy that loves skinny but curvy girls and big beautiful tits never fail to attract me. I met some Thai girls with absolutely amazing tits here. One of them was Dao. I met Dao on Tinder over 3 years ago. At that time she called herself “Natural Girl” which immediately had some allure to me. In her pictures she looked like a busty little thing, that had a distinct and genuine beauty. A perfect figure and a self confident smirky smile. We switched quickly to line, to further communicate, but it took a few month before we actually met. I think she preferred to be a “holiday girlfriend” over a typical freelancer, at least at that time. After a few month we managed to meet in Full love inn. I just finished my shower and she knocked on the door and walked right in, without waiting for me to open the door or shouting “come on in”.

                          She had a super tight, shiny neon green colored, club dress with open sides, indicating that besides dangerously elevated high-heels she was only wearing that flimsy dress and nothing underneath. I was so surprised, my towel dropped and Dao went right for my cock to squeeze it pretty hard. Then she jumped, still wearing her high heels, on the bed and started making sexy dance moves with her entire body, gyrating her hips, shaking her tits which were already spilling out on top of her dress saying in a repetitive rhythm, in half Thai, half English “Oh big cock, good for pussy, baa baa” (baa is Thai and means crazy) and kept dancing, smiling and laughing.

                          I was convinced at that point that she is either drunk or certifiably crazy or maybe she needs to behave like this to make it through the day. She must have rehearsed this, because with one swooping move her ridiculously outlandish club-dress fell off her, and Dao kept dancing on the bed, only wearing her high-heels, but otherwise completely naked smiling and laughing. Dao, looked very hot, narrow hips, with a buxom ass and big natural tits with slightly oversized areolas. My dick was almost at full flag, saluting her body and performance. She lowered herself on the bed and beckoned me to come closer so she could suck my cock. She was a passionate fellatrix and kept mumbling “Ohh big cock, baa baa”. Finally, I laid on the bed, watching out for her dangerous high heel stilettos. I heard stories of men being stabbed by those. I had condoms already laid under the pillows and handed her one. She was a master in slipping one over my dick in less than 3 seconds and put her waiting pussy over it to impale herself.

                          She lowered herself on my waiting cock and she didn’t sit down but stayed squatted down over me and moved up and down. Then she turned around and squatted down over my dick showing me her ass, moving up and down. Then the same thing from the side. I loved watching her body from all those angles but kept a watchful eye on those stilettos. It was too way too much, and I came, pressing her down on me. Before I could catch my breath, she took the condom off, checked it, was happy with the content and began to get dressed. My dick was still rock hard and I told her “Baby we are not finished, come back to bed” Dao was smiling and laughing “baa baa, big cock, pussy chep” walking to the door. She wanted 1000 for that performance, and I had no problem with that, except I wanted more. I told her “Tomorrow, same place, same time”

                          Click image for larger version

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                          She took the money, kissed me and kept saying “khun baa” meaning crazy man. I messaged her later that day to confirm our meeting the next day and she did with a short “ok 😘🍆” I asked what the emoji’s mean and she said “Kiss u cock” The next day, she came to Full Love Inn, again entered the room like a whirlwind, dressed in a equally skimpy outfit, trying to pull the same stunt as the day before. But I wouldn’t let that happen. Got her completely naked, took those high heels off, pushed her on her knees and shoved my cock in her face and watched her gag. I was mouth-fucking her, holding the back of her head and pumped my dick as far as she let me. After a few minutes I put her on her back on the bed and spread her legs. I rolled the condom on and fucked her with her with her legs all the way bent back to her head and held them in place while pushing in as deep as I could. No resistance from her so I thought she liked it hard. Then I pulled her to her side and fucked her this way while sucking on her lips. Dao is a good kisser and was very responsive. Her pussy was drenched, and I played with her ass. Dao took that as if I was preparing her for anal and pointed to her handbag. I pushed the handbag towards her, and she got out some lube. But first I put her around and lifted her butt and pushed her head in the pillow. Dow was a good girl and put her body in the perfect doggy position. Head down, her back perfectly arched and her bubble butt pressed upwards in the right level for my hard cock. I pushed my cock in, pulled her long black hair but held her shoulders down and pumped away.

                          I wanted to show her who is the boss here, no more squatting, gyrating hips and laughing nonsense bullshit. I wanted Dao to know that she is getting fucked today on my terms. Her little brown bubble butt was visually too much for me and I came, but didn’t stop. I did not want her to know that I climaxed already. I slowed down a bit but kept fucking. Then I put her on her side slowly, so I didn’t slip out and fucked her from the side, me behind her, leaning over her and kneading her ass and tits. Then flat down on her belly and I lubed up my cock to go in her ass. Maybe, I didn’t give her enough time to accommodate my cock. As soon as my dickhead was in her anus she screamed “chep” moved forward and my dick slipped back out. Dao, was not upset and said, “next time”

                          I put my cock back in her pussy and we moved to the side, both laying down, me behind her fucking her slowly. I had my hands free and could play with her big natural tits. She lifted her right leg up and I held her in that position. Dao than began to rub her pussy while I was fucking her in alternating rhythm. Her movement became faster, and she climaxed, quietly but I could notice the different breathing. I wanted to come a second time but wasn’t sure if I could. I admired Dao’s beautiful body and kept moving in and out while roaming my hands over her tits and her ass, picked up tempo and finally came a second time. I am pretty sure Dao, knew when I came first, but she didn’t say anything. We laid in bed for a while, silently and when my dick got softer, we dislodged and we both took a shower. We talked a little bit and I gave her 1200. She just said “Good Man“. I asked her to meet again and she told me her period is coming tomorrow or the next day.

                          I drove home thinking, this girl has potential and hoped to meet her many more times. We did meet a few more times, but when Covid first hit Thailand hard in summer 2020, she disappeared for a while. Then one day, I get a message from her saying, “You can visit me tomorrow” I asked her for google maps location and it was a small one story building at the same side of Soi Boukhau Market, but all the way in the far corner. She messaged me her room number and she opened to door half naked. It was a small room with a little kitchenette and tiny bathroom, but it had AC. She had three huge clothes racks filled with dresses and shirts and lots of shoe’s underneath. She told me that she used to be married and had a clothing store in the town she used to live. I think she has one daughter, got divorced or separated and moved to Pattaya to support her family, like so many other girls here. She told me that she wants to sell all these clothes here at the market.

                          From that day on, we met on a regular basis in her little room and always fucked two times. Dao was very much my type of girl. Dao has a good sense of humor too and can be very funny. Not too long ago, maybe 9 month, Dao sent me pictures of her in the hospital and told me that she had her boobs done. She mentioned it a few times before, but I always dismissed it because she had a pair of great big naturals already. I wanted to see her when she came back and visited her in her room. Omg, her tits were gigantic, according to her, she said 450cc on one side and 500cc on the other. True, her boobs were always asymmetrical in size, so she had them done in different volumes to fix that. But now they were huge, too huge for her small frame. She showed them to me, but I had to be very careful not to hurt her. It’s been only two weeks since she had surgery. There was no visible scar and those big globes were remarkably soft, given the size. Dao saw my dick getting hard and told me that she is horny too, not having sex in two weeks. We got naked and slowly fucked, I was so turned on my those big tits that I came in three minutes, but she allowed me to stay inside and fuck more. She wanted to come too. A few times I got carried away and squeezed her tits too hard and she moved my hands away.

                          Dao came and shortly after I came for the second time. Then we had a big debate about her tits, she wanted to go back and do them again, saying they are too big for her, and she is uncomfortable, having a hard time to sleep. She said she still has 50 000 bath left, but needed another 30 000. I didn’t want to get involved, but my advice was, wait and let things „settle down“. Many guys say “I don’t like silicone tits” yes sure when they are harder than a five-month-old bagel and the nipples point in different directions and there are scars and bruises all over. But Dao’s tits were fucking perfect, big, round, brown, soft, symmetrical globes that will send you straight to heaven if you put your nose between them. Well done silicone tits are totally underrated in my view. I have seen some first-class silicone masterpieces here in Pattaya.

                          There was this one girl, I think her name was Wansini, we met for short time and I thought her tits should be part of the natural wonders of the world, when in fact they were done by a gifted BKK cosmetic surgeon. They felt absolutely real and natural. Wansini was a funny girl, she just came back from Dubai or Abu Dhabi and I spent some time with her. She even introduced me to her aunt, who had a nice house off Khao Thalo and equally nice tits, my guess the shared the same cosmetic surgeon. Wansini really likes to show off her tits in public, with tops that barely covered her nipples. I had a good thing going with her until one evening. My girl and I were in Insomnia. My girlfrined was dancing and I was watching her. My girl has big tits although not as big as Wansini, but big enough to almost spill out of the tiny tank top she was wearing that evening. We were standing left of the DJ booth and I look across and see Wansini sitting there on the top steps, dressed all in black but showing off her assets is the best possible way. We made eye contact, she pointed with her finger at me and then at my girl, sort of asking “are you with her tonight” I nodded and thought she got the message.

                          I saw that she kept staring at me and had a bad premonition. Then Wansini got up and walked across towards me. I was trying to give her hand signs saying “Don’t come over”. She was undeterred and walked straight up to me. My girl saw that came over too and I said to Wansini “Sorry I am already with her”. But my girl still went after her. The exchange was all in Thai and I didn’t know what was said, but it sure was not a pleasant conversation they had. After my girl scared off Wansini, she went after me. I told her that I have of course never seen this girl before and she just wanted to see if I was free tonight. We all know how freelancers in Insomnia operate. My girl is so much better looking than Wansini. Nicer face, very nice super firm athletic body with killer legs and an amazing ass. Wansini, is not bad looking but without those amazing fake tits, Wansini would be invisible in a place like Insomnia. However, I got unexpected help from three other girls who were standing right next to us, and they apparently told my girl that I reacted correctly telling Wansini that I am occupied. I felt like buying drinks for these three girls but didn’t because it would have raised more suspicion. We left 10 min later and that was good, because Wansini was still there giving my dirty looks.

                          Later, I got a barrage of messages from Wansini, about everything from how she is much more beautiful, and my girl is crude and mean, and I am an idiotman. “Idiotman” was her favorite word for me in the next 10 messages. A day later I asked Wansini if she feel better now, apparently not because she kept insulting me, with idiotman being one of the nicer words she used. I had to block her and move on. Another girl that had even more astonishing tits is Patcharee aka diamondicezy1997 in Instagram. I saw her very revealing instagram pics only a few months ago and her tits were the centerpiece of her own photographic ambition. So, I wrote her a congratulatory note on her impressive assets. She wrote right back, saying I can meet her for 2500, but we settled for 1500 in her condo in Pratumnak. She opened the door in a eye watering tank-top with her big soft tits spilling out on both sides. As soon as the door closed, I had my hands exploring those wonderful round slightly sagging big boobs. I was still 100% convinced that God created those.

                          We went for the bedroom; the bed was a mess. She said that she just got up. Then she pulled the tank top over her head and I saw her tits in all her glory. Her body was a little pudgy, her ass a little saggy and her legs a little wobbly but her tits compensated easily for all of that. I dropped my pants, she swallowed hard, and I pushed her head down. As I said before, bj’s are not high on my priority list, but I felt like I had show her who’s is who in this encounter. As soon as my dick was rock hard, I put the condom over and had her sit on me. There is really only one sexually viable position with girls that have big tits, her sitting on top, me having my hands free to play with them. Maybe, also spooning from behind, because I also have my hands free. I loved playing with those amazing tits while we were fucking. I told her right there, you are so lucky to have these wonderful big tits. Then she said “ they cost 130 000 bath”.


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                            Part 11 Praeryna/Rina

                            I met Praeryna or Rina in short, over three years ago on Tinder when she was still a student in BKK. I think her Mom and brother live in Pattaya and she spent her weekends here. She wanted to make some extra money and started freelancing. I think she was barely 19 years old when we first met. I was not her first customer though, she had an older Japanese or Korean man as her sponsor. Praeryna has a true babyface and absolutely amazing big soft pointy natural tits. She wears a schoolgirl outfits and is the fleshy embodiment of the innocent Asian Student Slut dream come true. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first saw her as she was walking through the door in Viva hotel. She never wears a bra and proudly carries her big bouncy boobs under flimsy t-Shirts with lots of visible sideboobs, short marine-blue schoolgirl skirt or short pants with her young ass-cheeks bulging out. We make small talk and it’s obvious that she is educated and smart. She does not hide that fact that she is horny and wants sex, in fact she wanted to be fucked right away. Foreplay is not what she is after, she wanted penetration.

                            I drop my towel and show her what I got, she kept staring at my swinging dick, as she removes the few pieces of clothes she was wearing. Her tits are unbelievably beautiful and she knows it. Her tits and innocent face are her best assets. Her legs are long, not muscular but solid, her ass is slightly pudgy and fleshy, but with youthful firmness. She kept staring at my cock and I kept staring at her tits. She sees the condoms I have laid out on the bed, she walks around naked in the room and brings her handbag, gets out a piece of paper and shows it to me with a serious expression on her face. It’s a health certificate from Bangkok Hospital in Pattaya, saying that she tested negative for HIV and most other known STD‘s. It’s from yesterday and she said she needed it for a Japanese guy who sponsors her because he likes to lick her pussy too much. I got tested 10 days ago and show her my electronic report from MT Lab on my iPhone.

                            Praeryna then said she doesn’t want me to use a condom because we are both „certifiably clean“ and it feels better like that. I accepted her rational and now that this issue was settled, I go behind her to finally get a hold of these amazing tits and push my hard cock between her long legs. She is very wet and ready for penetration, although she asked me to go slow. She laid on the bed and I fuck her missionary style, but we quickly change position to doggy and she asked me to fuck her hard. Praeryna can take a pounding. We change position again and I am behind her laying down from the side. One hand on her big soft tits, the other on her ass, spreading her cheeks a bit as I push in and out. She got louder and made high pitch squeaky noises and kept saying „don’t stop“ „please don’t stop“. She announced that she is climaxing and I feel the contractions on my cock. I am not finished so I keep pumping her. Praeryna is happy that I keep fucking and we change positions a few more times before I come deep inside her. She comes again as I come inside her. Praeryna told me later that the feeling of warm sperm squirted inside her, is huge turn on for her, which is why she likes fucking bareback.

                            Praeryna is happy and we shower together, afterwards we lie back down and talk. I keep playing with her amazing tits and she holds my cock and rolls my testicles around with her fingers. After a while I get half-hard and Praeryna ask if I can fuck her again. I nod and she sit up to put my half- hard cock in her mouth. She does a decent job and I am at full mast in a minute or so. This time she sits on top of me and grinds her pussy against me. It’s great to have her big soft tits in my face and suck on her nipples. Soon we tilt sideways and keep fucking in that position. Her big tits press against my chest and we kiss passionately while I hold her ass and push rhythmically deep inside her. The kissing and close contact with her body get me close to coming again and I slow down but it’s too late. I am too turned on by this young vixen type girl and ejaculate a second time inside her.

                            My dick slips out shortly afterwards, but I can tell she is still horny. She thinks sucking my cock will get me hard in no time. Unfortunately she is mistaken, this is my third time today, sex in the morning with my girl and number 2 and 3 in the late afternoon is short succession, show me my own limitations as a 57 year old. We shower, get dressed and she asked me to drop her off at BigC in Pattaya Klang. She kisses me through my helmet and asked “you want to meet me again?” I nod of course and she smiles and walked off towards the entrance. Her big brown braless tits are almost completely visible through the sides of her low cut T-shirt. My eyes follow her until she is out of sight, I notice that all the motorbike taxi boys did the same thing. Praeryna is a bubbly, careless and free spirited teenager that likes to tease.

                            Long story short, we meet many, many times over the next three years, sometimes it’s not for months, but we always reconnect, pledging to meet more regularly after mind blowing sex. Over time she put on on some weight and got a bit pudgy, especially her butt and legs, but her tits still look and feel amazing and she loves to fuck. We do two rounds of sex pretty much every time we meet. A few times she keeps asking for a third round but I could do that only a few times with her. A good friend of mine really wanted to fuck her but she never responded to his many messages. So I help to hook them up. We have a very similar taste in girls, but for some reason he was not as impressed of her than I was. Chemistry does play a big role in bed and my feeling is that Rina is probably a bit sapiosexual.

                            We met a few weeks ago and she told me that she works for a bar now in Soi Boukhau, but she swears that she never goes with her customers from the bar. She accompanies guys, who barfine her, to dinner, but doesn’t go home with them. My thought was: “Maybe”, but the way she is dressed at her new job is just a tad too revealing. Rina showed me pictures of herself working in the bar, her tits and ass are barely covered. I tell her if I ever see you dressed like that “I fuck you right there and I don’t care how many people are watching” she told me “come to the bar, I am waiting for you to do that to me” and smiles. Her biggest fantasy is to be fucked on a beach in bright daylight, she already has a spot on Koh Larn scoped out. This girl has so much sexual adventurism it’s almost scary. 30 or 40 years ago I would have snapped up a girl like Rina and go on a “Fuck World Tour” for a year with her. Somebody, capable of handling her, scoop her up please, otherwise, that walking steaming carnal time-bomb is going to blow, without permanent sex, as her relief valve.



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                              Part 12 No limitations Kate or whatever her name really is.

                              I met her as Kate on Tinder over two years ago, she had a grinning smile and the most explicit description about herself and what she capable of doing. Kate is easily mistaken for an Indian Beauty in her twenties. I think she is from Thailand‘s eastern border towards Myanmar. She spends most of her time in BKK, but ventures to Pattaya once a month and stays in a serviced room for a week in Jomptien.We agreed to meet in her room, in an almost deserted hotel very close to the beach. This was during Covid and almost every hotel was deserted at that time anyway. I knock on her door and she quietly said “come on in”. I go in but don’t see anyone. Then she said “I am here in the shower” I go there and the shower curtain is closed and a handwritten note was taped in the middle saying “use the glory hole” with a big fat arrow pointing at the amateurish round hole that was cut by hand.

                              I immediately thought: Ok, this is some ugly ladyboy’s trick to suck cock from a straight guy, so I hesitated. She than said “you can trust me, I am a girl” Actually, I trusted the sound of her voice, which was soft and certainly emanated from a laryngeal prominence of 2mm or less, indicating that the voice I heard is truly female. My dick did not have the same confidence, but I put my soft dick through that hole anyway. First contact was wet and warm with a soft tongue licking my balls. Now that convinced my cock that all was legit and I began to get big and hard. A minute later I heard her saying “Mhhh nice, can I see the rest of you?”

                              I pulled my hard cock back and her pretty head followed through the side of the shower curtain. Omg, she was cute, long curly black hair and her nice pouty lips, raised by each corner formed the most dazzling and welcoming smile. She came out completely naked and I was still standing there with my pants crumpled up at my ankles and my T-shirt on. She pulled my pants off my feet and my T-shirt over my head, took my hand and guided me to her bed, asked me to sit down and positioned herself between my legs. Her still smiling lips wrapped around my dick and memories of the amazing Nana and her unique oral skills came back alive. She sucked with true devotion, used her tongue and her fingers on my balls. While she was kneeling between my spread legs I could see her body. Wonderful silky brown glistening skin, her hips are wide, her legs are strong, but not massive to be unattractive. She had a great young firm body with midsize natural boobs.

                              I didn’t feel like ejaculating in her mouth and ask her to come up on the bed. Kate was smiling all over and told me that she was so happy to meet me today. I retuned the compliment of course. I wanted to get to know this interesting, free spirited, sexual explorer. So while roaming my hands over her body we talked. I wanted to know why the glory hole setup. Her explanation was that seeing, feeling and sucking a cock without knowing anything about the man adds to the mystery of anonymous sex with a complete stranger. She confided that she is very turned on by masculinity, in particular the dick and testicles and that she thinks about these parts every time she sees a male, young, old, skinny or fat, doesn’t matter to her. She also told me that she is super turned on by old guys with big cocks, who just want to use her for their amusement and don’t care about social norms. Then she asked me to fuck her I any way that I prefer. She wants to be used like a fucktoy.

                              I get my condoms, pull it over and told her “face down and ass up”. She followed orders like a young cadet. Her ass was big and round and I could tell that she didn’t need any lube. I enter her pussy with ease and push in deep and start pounding her. Kate groaned and pushed her ass out even more. We do this for a few minutes than Kate told me that I can fuck her ass if I like. Her pussy feels just fine, warm, wet and tight but since she told me I pull out and slip my lubricated cock slowly in her butthole. She is very tight there, but accommodates me quickly and doesn’t complain at all. I am really turned on by all of this and come within a few minutes. I slowly pull out, everything is clean and no bad smell. I take the condom off and wrap it in a paper towel that she had placed thoughtfully next to the bed. Kate’s red sweaty face indicated exhaustion, but she still puts my half hard cock in her mouth and suck on it a bit.

                              We lay down, next to each other side by side and talk. She told me her story as an escort and what crazy stuff she had done so far. Threesomes with two guys, Gang Bangs, double penetration, bisexual adventures, threesomes with ladyboys if she is in the right mood, prostate massages, tease and denial, sex in weird places, bondage and light BDSM, cuckold games and all sorts of weird scenarios. Kate is open to all and has apparently done it all, at her young age. While she tells me all this, my dick remains hard and every so often she puts it back in her mouth for a few seconds. Kate is still horny and I can tell she wants more sex. She goes on and on and even shows me pictures and videos on her phone of her exploits, as proof of her story. Although some of her activities go beyond my spectrum of tolerable pleasures, its all still exciting and stimulating, until she mentioned incidentally, that she also had sex with a dog.

                              Click image for larger version

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                              I get a bit confused and ask her to clarify the story with the dog. Kate just said a client asked if she was prepared to have sex with his dog and since the money he offered was generous, she did that too. That was clearly outside my realm of acceptable sexuality and my dick deflated in her hands faster than a punctured balloon. She noticed immediately and asked what’s wrong. Well, I explained to her that whilst being proud of having had all sorts of sex with several hundred woman, of all colors and ethnicity, in all sorts of situations, I was always particularly careful to keep my sexual adventures within the human race and never ventured outside my species. Then Kate was like “just forget about it” and stuffed my limp dick back in her mouth.

                              But sex with an animal isn’t the sort of issue that you bring up and then move on as if it’s just another experience. “I had sex with a dog” is a real temporal divide, there is a before and there is an after. So, I wish, she would not have mentioned the dog, because I couldn’t get it out of my head, despite her enthusiastic effort to suck my dick back to life, I stayed limp like an over-cocked spaghetti. Kate, was apparently still horny and remained undeterred in her efforts to get my dick hard and get fucked again. In fact she brought a bag and spilled its content on the bed. It was dildos of all shapes, sizes and colors, butt plugs, a scary looking strap-on, hitachi vibrators, vibrating insertion toys. She asked me to choose, but I explained to her that I when it comes to sex, I am rather unsophisticated and prefer good old tits and ass, kissing, fingering and maybe a nicely shaped magic wand to help girls climax.

                              I told her “you should not have told me about the dog, I just can’t get that image out or my head now“ Kate apologized and put all toys back in the bag except the hitachi vibrator. We cuddled while she used the toy and to my own surprise, my dick came back to life and was at full mast by the time she came. When she saw my hard pecker, she was like “OMG, wow” and swung her butt over me and planted her wet pussy over my hard dick. We forgot the condom, but it was too late now to interrupt. We changed positions many times and Kate ask me to fuck her ass again. For some reason, I ignored her request. I guess it was the missing condom that made me hesitant. Anyway, it was great and afterwards we stayed in bed cuddling and kissing.

                              Kate asked me to stay overnight, but since it was a Sunday I had a legitimate excuse to leave by 6:30pm. We started at 2 pm and spend over 4 hours together already. Kate and I met a few more times, but not too often as the majority of her lovers/clients were in BKK. Last X-Mas holidays, my buddy from Wales was back in town and besides Far and a few other girls we planned a threesome with Kate. I didn’t tell Kate what to expect, except to meet me in VT6 in the lobby at 2pm on a Sunday. Kate came early and we went upstairs to the penthouse level were my buddy had a nice rental Studio. I blindfolded her and guided her inside, put a pillow on the floor and asked her to knee down on it. Then we put our cocks in her face and she sucked them both enthusiastically and was happy as a clam. After a while she asked if she is allowed to take the blindfold off to see who is the second guy.

                              Long story short, she wanted to be fucked, spitroasted, DP’d and we gave her the full program. After round one we took a break and talked. You don’t meet a girl like Kate every day, so my friend was eager to get to know more about Kate and her complete lack of any modesty. Like in my first meeting with her, she told him all her sexual adventures of her young promiscuous life, including the dog sex story. My buddy could stomach that a lot better than I could and asked if she has pictures. Not only did Kate have pictures, she showed us several high resolution videos of her sucking, what looked like a midsize Doberman and then getting mounted from behind. I really didn’t want to see any of this. However, my buddy then ask her how does a dog dick taste. “Salty” was her response, smiling as if it was a pleasurable memory.

                              I asked her “What inspired you to suck dog’s dick” Her response was simple and disturbing at the same time. “I had never done it before, but always wondered what I feels like and the the guy gave me 15 000 bath” Now 15000 bath is not peanuts for a single girl in BKK and I would have no problem with the financial rationale on its own, but the fact that she was actually curious how a dog dick feels in her mouth gave me seconds thoughts. As much as I like Kate and I am somewhat fascinated by her approach to explore her sexuality, again, the dog story was just too much and sort of violates my esthetic limitations. I thought I was done for the day and was ready to leave my buddy alone with Kate. However, Kate had none of it and insisted that I stayed.

                              “You promised me a threesome with another big cock” Kate said with a grinning smile, while playing with my buddies balls. My response was “Aren’t we big enough for you” “No it’s not that, I want a big cock in my pussy and a big cock in my ass, at the same time, you promised me that“ she said and then sucked my friends hardening cock. Well those two were ready to get back to business and I didn’t feel like being the party pooper. I told her “I will try my best, but no more dog stories or anything like that” Kate sat on my friends cock and I gave her my dick to suck so I get back in shape for the DP. For some reason I thought about Nana and her pure and simplistic dedication to sucking cock and my dick sprung back to live. I suited up, lubed up and went behind Kate to give her what she wanted.

                              Tried to video, but my hands were slippery from the lube and my buddy was at the wrong position and Kate’s eyes were rolled up while she got dp‘d. I came first, stayed a while inside because it felt good. Then I slipped out, removed the condom and Kate wanted my friend to come in her mouth. We spend more time talking, touching, kissing and even a little sucking before I brought her back down to the lobby. This was the last time I saw Kate. We talk quite a bit on line and a few weeks ago she wanted me to come to BKK to join a group of guys who are into “pumping up their dicks” and gang bang her. I told her that I am not sure how I feel about this (not the gang bang, but the pumping dicks part) but Kate thought it’s a really good idea and was extremely excited about the event. Be that as it may, of course I didn’t go to BKK, there is more than enough good pussy here in Pattaya.

                              A few days ago Kate and I were messaging back and forth about some guy offering her a free trip to Cap‘d Adge the nudist swinger town on the French Rivera. I was there a few times with my ex-wife during our swinging days and we had a great time there. Cap‘d Adge is just about the craziest place on Earth. I told Kate that she would have no problem fitting in. Then Kate send me a video where she was mounted by a white midsize fluffy mutt. She did it just to spite me and send me laughing out loud emoji’s.