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GoGo Bar Girls

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    Agogo Bar Girls

    Agogo Bar Girls are the ultimate hotties when it comes to Pattaya. Agogo Bar Girls are below 30 years old and most of them look like hot models with perfect body and no extra fat. Some Agogo Bar Girls also features girls who are plump but cute. These girls are exclusive and therefore you need to pay 1500 THB for a short time and it can reach up to 4000 THB + for a long time. If you are a good negotiator then you can hire them for 3000 THB for a night (I did). Coming to the lady drinks and bar fine, it will be from 800-1500 THB and lady drink would be around 200 THB.

    What is a Go Go Bar?
    A Go Go Bar is very similar to the strip clubs you might have been to in your country. These are small bars, similar to the small strip joints you might see on the corner in a small town in the USA or Australia. When you enter the go go bar, the first thing you see is a stage in the center of the room. Jetting up from the platform to the ceiling are several poles. There are usually ten or so girls dancing to club music using the policies to create erotic movement and mirrors on the walls for reference and inspiration. Facing the stage on either side are arena-style booth seats, so everybody has a good view of the sexy bodies on stage. Most of the dancers are wearing lingerie or bikinis, but some are dancing nude or topless. Every few songs, the dancers will leave the stage, and another group of dancers will start dancing in their place.

    Meet the Go Go Bar Mamasan (Host)
    The Mamasan or a hostess will lead you to a table when you first walk into the go go bar. Someone will then take your drink order. The Mamasan is usually an older woman, who at one time might have been a dancer herself. She’s in charge of all the dancers, hostesses, and waitresses, and it may be to your benefit to make friends with the Mamasan. During your visit, you might even want to buy her a drink or two. Making friends with the Mamasan can make getting to know the dancers a little easier.

    Meet the Dancers
    Once you’re seated at a table and have a drink, don’t be surprised if one of the dancers waiting to perform has come over to sit with you. She may have been sent over by the Mamasan or come over on her own. She’ll ask your name, where you are from, and how long you have stayed in Thailand. They’re trying to figure out how much money you have to spend and how long you can spend it. All the dancers have numbers. So If a dancer catches your eye, give the hostess or waitress her number. They will bring her over when she finishes dancing. Once a girl joins you, you need to buy her a drink if you want her to stay.

    Buying Lady Drinks
    A go go bar makes most of its profit from liquor sales. And in the same way, the go go dancers earn the majority of their income from the shots that customers order for them. These shots are known as “lady drinks.” They are usually around 200 THB than cocktails and beers sold in the club. The dancers receive a commission on every glass that a customer buys for them, usually about 40%. Understand that the dancer keeping you company will only stay with you as long as you keep ordering them shots. Once you stop ordering, they will politely excuse themselves and disappear. During the show, waitresses appear with trays of shots for the dancers. Don’t get suckered into buying shots off the tray for several girls. Or else you’ll be in for quite a shock when your bill comes at the end of the night.
    • NOTE: Lady drink scams have been reported in a few bars in Soi Cowboy. There are various issues from very high-priced lady drinks to ruses where a lady asks for a drink but brings two, to ladies ordering lady drinks for their friends without asking. There have also been reports of ladies taking the piss to the extent that they come back with an entire tray of lady drinks – more often than not shots – which they all throw down the hatch and then disappear quick-smart to find their next victim. Some ladies working in bars where barfines used to be the norm have almost zero interest in going with customers. Fair enough, that’s their choice. They prefer to “earn” their income by going really hard to get customers to buy them drinks and maximise their lady drink commissions. With many bars upping lady drink commissions to 100 THB or more per drink, some ladies are making as much in a night from lady drink commissions as other ladies make going short-time with customers. This is not the new normal, but the extent to which it is happening is unprecedented.​

    Barfine a Girl
    You’ve been having a great time talking, and you would like to get to know her a little better. Most go-go bar dancers will leave with customers, but you have to pay the bar a fee so she can go; this fee is called a bar fine. A bar fine ranges anywhere from 600 THB to 1500 THB depending on the club. Once you’ve paid the bar fine, it’s time to decide how much time you want to spend with the dancer. You can either go for a short time (about one hour) or a long time (all night). A short time will cost you anywhere from 1,500 THB to 2,500 THB, and a long time could be 2,500 THB to 5,000 THB.

    Going on Vacation
    After spending the night at your hotel, your new friend wants to spend the rest of your holiday in Thailand with you. For this to happen, you will have to pay the mamasan a certain amount to be negotiated. This compensates the go go bar for the dancer’s income for the time she’s away. And if you plan to take one of these gals out of the go go bar for a month-long holiday on the beach somewhere, be prepared to pay the bar anywhere from 9,000 THB to 20,000 THB. And that does not even include what you need to pay the girls for her services as your sexy tour guide, something always up to negotiaton. So if you’re planning on taking hot model from a go go bar to spend your holiday with you, make sure you’ve got plenty of cash.
    • Money
      Bring at least 10,000 baht in cash to cover the cost of the liquor, barfines, and other activities. Break it down into small denominations to avoid attracting attention.
    • Condoms
      Bring your own condoms. The ones supplied by the ladies are of low quality. You can buy western style condoms at any pharmacy.
    • Valuables
      Leave your valuables in the hotel safe. Don’t draw attention to how much money you have.
    • Bills
      When you’re in the go go bar, check your bill frequently, especially if you’re entertaining more than one girl. Sometimes you are charged for shots you didn’t order. Remember go go bars make their money by selling lady drinks, so don’t let your spending get out of hand.
    • Barfine
      If you like the girl, always pay the bar fine immeditely. That way you can be sure your partner isn’t going to double-cross you or steal from you.
    Russian Girls
    The Russian Girls are preferred less in Pattaya however for a rich Arab and an Indian, it seems to be an unfulfilled fantasy. These girls look like angels with blond hair, green eyes. The Russian Girls are like the premium of all in Pattaya and if you really like them then you should visit some of the Russian bars on walking street. If you are lucky enough you can meet them on Beach Road too. These girls are high prices, from 3000-4000 THB for a short time and over 6000- 8000 THB for a long time. They are like branded stuff, same same but different.​

    Ladyboys are working in bars that specialize in Shemales. They are don’t normally work in the go go bars. In all three red-light districts, there are Ladyboy Bars. Four of the top five Ladyboy Bars are in Nana Plaza, in Bangkok. Obsession in Nana Plaza is the best ladyboy bar in Bangkok. Their dancers are rated 9 out of 10, followed by Casanova, Temptations, and Straps. Surprisingly, the LadyBoy dancers tend to be less aggressive when it comes to lady drinks and bar fines than female dancers. From what we’ve seen, the LadyBoy bars are more relaxed and laid back. Here’s a complete guide on where to meet Thai ladyboys if you want to learn more about the world-famous Katoeys.

    Prostitutes or just Dancers
    Not all go-go dancers are hookers.
    • The Coyotes
      dressed just like you remember from the Coyote Ugly Movie, usually won’t go home with a customer. They’re usually paid a higher monthly salary and consider themselves models or dancers. Their job is to attract customers and to get those customers to order more inside the club. Remember, all Go Go Bars in Thailand make their money selling booze, not through bar fines. If you ask them to leave with you, they will usually have the mamasan send over another girl, one that’s willing to go with customers.
    • The nude or topless hotties
      that dance get paid a higher monthly salary than the staff who dance in bikinis. They usually have a higher bar fine and charge a higher rate for a short time or a long time. But they’re always available to leave with customers. Lastly, the regular Thai go go girls who dance in bikinis or lingerie will always go back to the guys. They don’t make as much salary as the coyotes or the nude dancers. So their income is more dependent on spending time with customers.