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  • Songhla | Chadeen Cafe with Penis Bags

    Cafe serves drinks in “penis” bags in southern Thailand

    A cafe in Songkhla province, southern Thailand, has come up with a bizarre idea to attract customers… and it seems to be working. Everything about the cafe is completely normal, aside from the fact that they serve drinks in bags that look like penises. Thirsty anyone?

    Chadeen cafe serves Thai milk tea, green tea, coffee and fruity sodas. With a lot of competition in the local area, Chadeen were forced to come up with out of the box ideas to set themselves apart and draw in customers.

    “Don’t stare at it for too long! You won’t be able to bear it! Please, don’t be too serious. Let’s have a laugh. When you have our drinks in hand… everyone will stare at you!”
    The post was shared 29,000 times and attracted comments from over 13,000 Facebook users who mostly thought that drinking from a bag that looks like a penis was a hilarious way to rehydrate yourself. Some commenters asked the cafe to post a video on how to drink their drinks “correctly.” Others suggested the shop provide the size options and many asked where they could purchase the bags themselves. Before launching the penis packaging, the shop offered various other styles of cups and bags, e.g. a long bag with an outrageously long straw and a frappe cup decorated with mini ice cream cones filled with whipped cream.

    So if you’re in Songkhla, don’t forget to give Chadeen’s penis drinks a try. The shop is located near Lam Plai Junction in Thepa district.

    UPDATE May 26.2022:

    After the eye-catching penis-tea-bag went viral on social media, Chadeen cafe in Songkhla province, southern Thailand, have announced that they are discontinuing the bag moving forward…

    “We have to apologise to all customers. We will not sell the [penis] bag anymore. It involves many sensitive issues. Thank you everyone for all your interest and support.”
    Chadeen might not be serving penis tea anymore, but we have a feeling the bags could crop up at cafes elsewhere in the country, following the public’s unwavering support for the unique phallic drinks container.