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    Lobster Deep Fried | Sashimi

    One of the culinary specialties of Phuket is the local Phuket “7 color” lobster as it’s called in Thai. It’s an amazing tasting, warm water lobster, also known as the spiny lobster, or rainbow lobster. 2 Kilo Giant Lobster!! We went to the source to get the lobster, a massive spiny colored lobster, one of the biggest I’ve ever seen - it was just over 2 kilos. On the floating aquarium, they also raise a variety of fish and seafood - it’s like the ultimate aquarium seafood market where you can choose seafood and bring it back to the restaurant to eat it.

    We arranged to eat the 7 color spiny lobster on the floating docks, so the Chef arrived and got started immediately. He prepared a huge Japanese food inspired style of sashimi, arranging the head and the body of the lobster into a beautiful monumental platter. But first, we had a lobster blood cocktail! The lobster sashimi was incredible so sweet and so pure and fresh. Phuket Lobster House - Then we headed back to Phuket Lobster House restaurant where they cooked two different dishes with the rest of the lobster - fried with garlic Thai style, and the head and antennas were made into a miso soup. Both dishes were superb. It was an amazing giant lobster experience in Phuket! It was not cheap though, for this massive lobster, it cost 4,000 THB per kilos, and our lobster was just over 2 kilos, so our total price came to 8,000 THB!

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