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Southern Thai Food

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  • Southern Thai Food

    Southern Thai Food

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    As we head south of Bangkok, the food changes almost as drastically as the landscaping. From rural northern Thailand to the busy city of Bangkok, we have finally made our way to the south of Thailand. This region may be famous for its beaches, but the food here is certainly just as noteworthy. This region’s cuisine is oftentimes overlooked when compared to the seemingly strange dishes in the north; however, the southern region’s spicy curries, soups, and salads certainly give its northern neighbor a run for its money.

    Those looking for intense flavor should head to the south of Thailand. It is here the dishes are not only the spiciest but also the saltiest. Fish sauce is used in a number of dishes here, and seafood is in abundance in the south of Thailand: the seafood export industry in Thailand is the fourth largest in the world. This is certainly reflected in the dishes here.

    Curries are extremely popular in Thailand but the most delicious and flavorful ones will be found in the south. Unlike the north, the curries here tend to be extremely thick, flavorsome, and very spicy. Instead of using yogurt like in India, the curries in Thailand are made with coconut milk, which makes them a bit thinner. Curries in the north, however, normally use a broth or stock, so southern curries are still thicker in comparison. This region is also known for drawing upon flavors that originate from nearby countries. For example, it utilizes flavors and ingredients from Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Coconut is found in as many of the dishes in the south as it is readily available in nature. Coconut milk is used to create a number of this region’s signature dishes, including curries and soups. It is oftentimes used in place of different types of cooking oils as well, and it makes dishes thicker and creamier. Coconuts are not the only thing found in abundance here: pineapples also flourish in the climate, making them a common item in dishes available.

    Major destinations within the area include: