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Central Thai Food

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    Central Thai Food
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    Central Thai cuisine is the most unique. This region is lucky in that it can pull from all of its surrounding geographic regions. Specialities from both the north and the south of Thailand are often utilized in central Thai cuisine, allowing vendors and cooks to tweak dishes as they please as many of the same ingredients are readily available. The flavors here are usually a bit milder in comparison to other regions.

    Bangkok is certainly the largest and most well-known city in the central region of Thailand. While it is technically central, it certainly has its own unique spin on food because of the city’s accessibility to ingredients and cuisine from all over the world.

    Thai meals normally consist of four to five different courses in the central region. These dishes include a type of soup, a fried dish, a spicy salad, a curry or some type of fish, and vegetables. Thai people usually eat and order meals family-style, so all of these dishes are shared amongst a number of people.

    It is also very common for Bangkokians to order a signature Thai dessert with this full course meal. The desserts are normally quite sweet here, and some of the most popular desserts visitors will likely come across in the central region include thong yod (gold drop) and thong yip (to pick up gold). Both of these are famous for apparently bringing luck to the diner.

    Major destinations within the area include:

    Nakhon Sawan