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    Kanchanaburi Street Food

    Welcome to Kanchanaburi, a city and province in Western Thailand, and just a couple hours drive from Bangkok. Kanchanaburi is known for its mountains and jungles and for its jungle food (aa haan baa (อาหารป่า)! Today we’re going on an ultimate Thai jungle food tour. Thai Jungle Food - Really quickly I wanted to clarify, what is Thai jungle food? As the name entails, it does include food from the jungle or forest - we’re taking hunted, fished, foraged, gathered, picked - all of the above. It’s wild food, and it doesn’t necessarily just mean proteins, but lots of vegetables, herbs, and chilies as well. It’s an entire genre of Thai cuisine and it’s known for being some of the spiciest food in Thailand. Here are the restaurants in Kanchanaburi that we tried:

    1. Khao Gaeng Siwichian : This rice and curry stall opens in the morning in Kanchanaburi town and they serve a flaming hot nok pad phed (bird with chili). Price - 40 THB per plate ($1.05) 2. Jada Jungle Food: - This curry stall on the side of the highway is known for some exotic and extreme meats. I tried the local lizard, which was spicy and delicious. Price - 40 THB per plate ($1.05) Boon Nam Jungle Curry. Next up on this Thai street food jungle tour, this place is well known and they are a wonderful family style jungle curry restaurant. Food is tasty and as you keep eating the spice grows. Price - 715 THB ($18.72) for everything Boom Jungle Food. Finally to complete this tour, we drove a little outside of the city to Boom Jungle Food for a ridiculously delicious and spicy frog jungle curry! What a day of Thai jungle food in Kanchanaburi, a flavor overdose. I would highly recommend Thai jungle food if you love spicy food when you’re in Thailand.​