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    Thailand | Northern Region

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    Thai food in the north is like nothing visitors have ever seen before. Even those who have visited Thailand will be surprised as they make their way across, noting that many of the popular dishes readily available throughout the rest of the country are nowhere to be found in the north. Fret not, the food in the north of Thailand is both noteworthy and unique and will leave visitors full and content.

    Thailand is bordered by both Laos and Myanmar in the north, so much of its food reflects these particular country’s cuisines, as well as of China. Much of the cuisine also largely differs because of the northern region’s unique climate, which is both comfortable and cool, making it an ideal place to grow a number of different vegetables and herbs.

    Saltiness is largely utilized in many Thai dishes, however, this is not the case in the north of Thailand. Fish sauce is sometimes used to bring out a salty taste, but because seafood is not in abundance in this particular region, the food is not as salty. The two main flavors that are found in most dishes in the north are bitter and sour.

    Khao niaow (sticky rice) is the staple of the Thai diet in the north and northeastern regions of the country, as opposed to white rice. It can be served both hot and cold and is used for a number of main courses as well as desserts. Sticky rice is best devoured with a red or green chili dip and a side dish. One of the most popular dishes in the north to pair sticky rice with is som tum (papaya salad).

    In addition to sticky rice, noodles play a huge role in many of the region’s dishes. Khao soi, one of the most popular of Thai dishes, has both egg noodles and deep-fried crispy egg noodles, and the concoction is one visitors simply can’t get enough of. Coconut milk usually does not make an appearance in northern Thai dishes, but khao soi is the exception. Some of the other more popular dishes here include larb (Thai meat salad), gaang hang lair (northern Thai curry), and sai oua (northern Thai sausage).

    Major destinations within the area include:

    Chiang Mai
    Chiang Rai
    Mae Hong Son
    Nakhon Sawan
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