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    BBQ Meat Tour in Chiang Mai

    I’ll just tell you straight up, Northern Thailand is known for its meat, and meat is a huge part of the local authentic food diet. So today I’m going to take you on a Northern Thai food meat tour - eat mostly amazing bbq meat and a dish called laap - and show you some of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai, that I personally love.

    Talad Mae Hia Market - We started off the morning at what is one of the best places in Chiang Mai for sai oua or Northern Thai herb sausage. At the market, the stall is called Sai Oua Kao Bakam and we ate their sai oua and a brains packet. The sausage was the highlight, a perfect balance of herbal and meatiness. Price - 390 THB ($11.91) per kg.

    Kum Sang Dao - Just outside of Chiang Mai, but well worth the effort to get there, is one of the most impressive, filled to the brim Northern Thai bbq meat grills. For any grillmaster, this will be a sight to behold. The northern Thai food grill is typically quite low heat so meat can just kind of hang around and smoke all day long as it’s eaten. We ordered the mixed grill , which included a mix of everything on the grill chopped up and served with sauce. Another highlight dish at Kum Sang Dao is theirsSoured pork, egg. This is an amazing restaurant for Northern Thai meat dishes. Total price - 390 THB ($11.91)

    Laap Ton Koi Restaurant - One of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai to eat at laap raw buffalo, is Laap Ton Koi Restaurant, and I was very excited for this one. The minced buffalo was mixed with spices and bile, and herbs perfectly by the laap master. This is the best laap I have ever had in my life, it was absolutely incredible. We also ordered the Flash-cooked sliced meat, and the pork herb curry. Total price - 140 THB ($4.28)

    Laap Ton Yang Restaurant - Finally to end this Thai street food meat tour of Chiang Mai, we ate at one more of the best restaurants in Chiang Mai specializing in laap. Again the laap made with beef raw was spectacular, but we also tried their laap pork cooked, soured fried pork riblets, steamed beef, chili dip, fish curry and fried fish, herbs. You don’t need to eat raw meat here, all the other Northern Thai food dishes are also spectacular. This is just a great restaurant in Chiang Mai. Total price - 420 THB ($12.83)

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    Streetfood in Chiang Mai


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      Chiang Mai

      Welcome to the laid back and friendly city of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. Today we’re going to Khun Kae’s Juice Bar in the center of the old town of Chiang Mai to eat 100% fruit smoothies, booster shots of green juice, smoothie bowls, and even some grain kefir. It was also great to hang out with my friend Dwight from Courageous Kitchen for this all out fruit excursion. We started easy with some booster veggie shots like turmeric and gotu kola, followed by a wheatgrass shot. Then we went into smoothies, which there is a huge variety you can choose from. Next I tried a green smoothie bowl, and finally ended with a kefir, not made from dairy, but from grain. Khun Kae’s Juice Bar is really a fantastic place to have a smoothie and a shot of nutrients. Highly recommended when you’re in Chiang Mai, Thailand!


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        Northern Thai Cuisine


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          Chiang Mai

          We’re in Chiang Mai and on our way to eat at Krua Lawng Khao a fantastic northern Thai food restaurant. They serve the full range of homestyle food, but I’m going to show you some of the plant focused dishes you can try. Let’s go eat! Krua Lawng Khao is located just outside of the Chiang Mai city, in a Mae Rim, within a quiet neighborhood and surrounded by rice paddy fields. They serve a wonderful menu full of classic and homestyle northern Thai food. Although you’ll find everything on their menu, there’s also a lot of healthy options to choose from - dishes that are vegan, predominantly vegetarian, or that can be ordered vegetarian. So we’re going today to eat northern Thai food that’s plant based! We had a fantastic meal and I especially loved their pounded young jackfruit salad and chiang da leaves.


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            Beef Khao Soi Curry

            Khao Soi Loong Surin has a very cool story. The Uncle formerly sold his khao soi (ข้าวซอย) within Chiang Mai city near the university. But some 30 years ago he had enough of the city and decided to move to Doi Pui in the mountains just outside of the city. He opened his curry noodle stall within the Hmong village of Doi Pui. Joel and first had a bowl of beef khao soi, which was outstanding, so rich and so creamy and so meaty. Then we had a bowl of chicken. The beef was the winner without a doubt, but really, you can’t go wrong. It’s amazing that you’re just a 30 minute driver from the center of Chiang Mai, and yet it’s a totally different world - cold weather, mountain breeze, and some of the richest and best khao soi curry noodles that you’ll find in Chiang Mai!


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              Thai Hot Pot

              Holiday time is a wonderful season indeed, whether its time spent with friends, with family, with the people most awesome and inspiring in our lives... and it is GREAT to be able to share a few memorable moments over the past few weeks with YOU today as well ): It is so cool to have you here with us for today's dinner! Thank you for taking the time to be here. This video begins a little series exploring the areas around Chiang Mai, a little mountain road trip once again. SO excited, and I hope you are too, to hang with Li, myself, Mark and his whole family, we are going out for several days of mountain exploration Thai-style, and it is going to be awesome!!! LOCATION: Garden Resort Pong Khrai


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                The Ginger Farm Chiang Mai

                Chiang Mai is a true haven of farm to table fresh food Thai restaurants. Today we’re going to one of the best, Ginger Farm, where they grow and source delicious organic vegetables. Their menu is huge and full of many Thai foods, and they have a large section of both vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from. Before doing anything though, I started with a couple of juices, freshly squeezed. I tried their beetroot juice which came with broccoli on the bottom, a carrot and pineapple juice, and passion fruit smoothie. All were excellent with no additional sugar added. One of the great things about Ginger Farm is that you can walk around and see the farm and ingredients growing during your meal. I walked around a bit and it’s a wonderful garden to get a sense of what you’ll be eating. For food, I stuck with the plant based vegetarian / vegan Thai dishes available - and they have a huge selection. All the dishes were excellent, but I especially enjoyed the sliced okra salad, the peanut dressing salad, and the fried shiitake mushroom. Highly recommended for one of the best farm to table organic restaurants for vegetarian Thai food in Chiang Mai.


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                  Thailands best Plant Based Restaurant

                  Chiang Mai has an amazing variety of vegan food and restaurants and today we’re going to eat at Goodsouls Kitchen which serves some of the best International, fully plant based food, in Thailand. Hanging out with my friend Dwight we headed to the original location of Goodsouls Kitchen in Chiang Mai, and ordered up a bunch of food. One of the things I was impressed most about Goodsouls is their massive variety of dishes and cuisines available on their menu. From a full coffee shop menu to vegan pizzas and pastas to Thai food to burger - they literally have it all. You could almost treat Goodsouls Kitchen as a 5 in 1 restaurant where you can just go to eat a cuisine of your choice. And the impressive part is that the food is incredibly good. The khao soi vegan burger was tasty, the northern Thai nam ngiaw with rice noodles was delicious, the pancakes were delicious, and the pizza - which again was fully vegan using nut based cheese was incredible. Whether you are vegan or not, Goodsouls Kitchen serves fantastic fresh food that’s nutritious. They have a number of locations in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, highly recommended as one of the best plant based restaurants in Thailand.


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                    Chiang Mai Streetfood

                    1. Khao Soi ข้าวซอย Easily one of the most famous and tastiest northern Thai dishes is khao soi - a bowl of usually egg noodles topped with a spice flavored coconut milk based curry sauce. It’s something you can’t miss when you’re in Chiang Mai! Khao Soi Mae Manee ข้าวซอยแม่มณี ( Khao Soi Loong Surin ข้าวซอยลุงสุรินทร์ (

                    2. Gaeng Hanglay แกงฮังเล Gaeng hanglay is a richly flavorful Burmese pork stew with ginger and curry powder. It’s a dish you’ll find on every northern Thai menu. Huen Jai Yong เฮือนใจ๋ยอง ( Kiti Panit กิติพานิช (

                    3. Nam Ngiao น้ำเงี้ยว If there’s one comfort food for Northern Thai people, it’s got to be nam ngiao - a pork and tomato water stew that’s typically eaten with rice noodles. Khanom Jeen Sanpakoi ขนมจีนสันป่าข่อย ( Nam Ngiaw Loong Pong น้ำเงี้ยวลุงพงษ์ (

                    4. Nam Phrik Num น้ำพริกหนุ่ม Roasted green chilies are then pounded with garlic and shallots to create this delicious green chili paste that’s perfect for eating with vegetables or crispy pork rinds. Ton Phayom Market ตลาดต้นพยอม ( Mae Hia Fresh Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (

                    5. Laap ลาบ For meat based dishes, laap is the greatest. Fresh meat is minced by hand, mixed with tingly spices, and eaten with herbs and sticky rice. It’s traditionally eaten raw, but cooked is also acceptable. Laap Ton Koi ร้านลาบต้นข่อย ( Laap Ton Yang ลาบต้นยาง (

                    6. Gai Neung ไก่นึ่ง Translated to steamed chicken, but really so much more than that - the chicken is coated in a thick paste of herbs and chilies and steamed until all the flavors come together. Khong Khao Mueang ก่องข้าวเมือง ( Huen Jai Yong เฮือนใจ๋ยอง (

                    7. Yang Ruam ย่างรวมมิตร Northern Thai food is characterized by smoky grilled meat and there’s no better way to experience it than to get the mixed grill. Kumsangdao คุ้มแสงดาว ( Laap Yong ลาบยอง (

                    8. Gaeng Pak Wan / Gaeng Nor Mai / Gaeng Khae Although Northern Thai food tends to be pretty meat heavy, there are some amazing seasonal vegetable curries, stews and soups. Krua Phech Doi Ngam ครัวเพชรดอยงาม ( Khong Khao Mueang ก่องข้าวเมือง (

                    9. Dtam Kanun ตำขนุน Krua Lawng Khao ครัวหลองข้าว ( Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (

                    10. Aeb pla / aeb ong or แอ๊บปลา Kiti Panit กิติพานิช ( Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ (

                    11. Sai Ua ไส้อั่ว Mae Hia Market ตลาดสดแม่เหียะ ( Sai Ua Kam Paeng ไส้อั่วคำแปง (


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                      Thailand’s unique Avocado Red Curry!! Delicious + Healthy Thai Food in Chiang Mai!!

                      Welcome to Chiang Mai, in Northern Thailand and today we’re going to try Thai red curry with lychee and avocado at Ruen Tamarind restaurant. In order to make the red curry, Chef first started with some oil and simmered down red curry paste that included garlic, shallots, red chilies, lemongrass, galangal, and a variety of other spices. He added in some pepper and onions, then coconut milk, and finished with freshly picked lychees and fresh avocado. I haven't cooked avocado very often in my life - maybe once in Mexico - other than that I’ve only had it in raw form. But cooked avocado takes on a very nice soft and creamy texture. The Thai red curry with avocado was delicious! I also ordered some other pure plant based dishes on their menu - some fresh spring rolls with herbs and tofu, a Burmese fermented tea leaf salad, and vegetarian pad Thai. All the food was delicious, and I especially enjoyed the red curry with avocado and the Burmese fermented tea leaf salad. Thank you very much to Tamarind Village Hotel, Ruen Thai restaurant for inviting me and for their hospitality:

                      Tamarind Village (Ruen Tamarind):
                      Ruen Tamarind:


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                        Streetfood In Chiang Mai