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Northeastern Thai Food

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  • Northeastern Thai Food

    Northeastern Thai | Isan Food

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    The northeastern region, also commonly known as Isaan, is the least visited region of the country. It is often hard to make the trip to this area, and it is more remote and caters less to tourists than its counterparts. That being said, Isaan food is incredibly unique, with dishes that are oftentimes not found or made elsewhere.

    The food in this region is usually boiled or grilled as opposed to fried, making it a bit healthier in comparison to popular dishes in the central region. While the people in this area of Thailand do enjoy powerful tastes, they do not particularly like any dishes that are too spicy or salty.

    Those looking to put their taste buds to the test and devour something more unusual should head to Isaan. The people here are incredibly resourceful, and eat things that are readily available and easy to catch. For example, frogs and a variety of insects are not an uncommon speciality in northeastern Thailand.

    Major destinations within the area include:

    Udon Thani
    Nong Khai
    Khon Kaen
    Nakhon Ratchasima
    Buri Ram
    Roi Et
    Ubon Ratchathani