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    Top 5 Favorite Thai Dishes in Bangkok
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    Favorite Thai Dishes: Appetizers to Desserts from the Best Thai Restaurants along the Chao Phraya River. The best part about traveling to Thailand is enjoying the amazing cuisine every day of your trip. The worst part is leaving the country and going back home craving the authentic dishes that cannot be replicated in your local Thai restaurants. These are my Top 5 Favorite Thai Dishes in Bangkok that I often find myself craving:

    Miang Kham
    Translating to “one bite wrap”, miang kham is a traditional Thai snack often served to guests at the start of a meal. It is the Thai version of hor d’oeuvres and finger-food appetizers. Morsels of ginger, shallots, peanuts, kaffir lime with the skin, dried shrimp, roasted coconut shreds, chili, and tamarind sauce are placed on a betel leaf for one explosively flavorful bite perfectly paired with white wine, cocktails, and beer. From Thiptara at The Peninsula Bangkok

    Khanom Krok
    Meaning, “candy mortar”, this is another classic Thai sweet-savory snack made of rice flour and coconut cream and topped with scallions, corn, or other sweet salty bits. The candy refers to the slight sweetness and the mortar refers to the shape of the little cups that cook the snack. This can be eaten as a snack, appetizer, or even dessert. From The Oriental Thai Cooking School at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

    Pla-Hi-Ma Sam Rod
    Deep-fried snow fish with spicy, sweet and sour sauce. The unique factor here is the type of local white fish found here in Thailand. It is light, fluffy, and with the right amount of oiliness – almost like a light seabass. Plus, the fried coating uses rice flour for a light, crisp coating. Then it each bite brightens with the sauce. From Thiptara at The Peninsula Bangkok

    Khao Soi Gai
    Originating from northern Thailand in the Chiang Mai area, this deeply flavorful coconut milk chicken curry dish includes boiled and fried noodles for a play on contrasting textures. You also add even more flavor with a squeeze of lime, bits of fresh shallots, and crunchy fried pork skin. From The Oriental Thai Cooking School at The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok

    Khaoniao Mamuang
    One of Thailand’s most iconic desserts. Mango sticky rice can be found almost everywhere in Bangkok. The better places use high-quality sticky rice and amazingly sweet, smooth Thai mangoes. Then it is topped with a salty-sweet coconut milk. Such a comforting classic dessert. From Thiptara at The Peninsula Bangkok


    The Peninsula Bangkok
    Garden Level, 333 Charoennakorn Rd, Bangkok
    Phone: +66-2-020-2888
    6:00 pm to 10:30 pm

    Mandarin Oriental
    48 Oriental Avenue Bangkok
    Phone: +66-2-659-9000