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Asia top 50 Street Food | 3 Thai Dishes

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  • Asia top 50 Street Food | 3 Thai Dishes

    3 dishes from Thailand feature in Asia’s top 50 best street foods
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    Three Thai food dishes feature in CNN Travel’s top 50 best street foods in Asia.Isaan sausages, Khao Soi, and crab omelettes were the three dishes highlighted in the top 50 must-try street foods from all over Asia. The list is available on CNN Travel.

    CNN said the crab omelettes or Kai Jeow Pu were… “A match made in heaven. The crispy edges, fluffy texture, and a drizzle of sweet chili sauce take this wok-cooked dish to the next level.” Foodies can buy this dish at a local street food shop, Jay Fai, which has one Michelin star.

    The next offering is Khao Soi, a northern Thai dish that was recently declared the world’s best soup.The dish is a curry noodle soup with deep-fried egg noodles on top. It can be found on almost every street corner of Chaing Mai and other provinces in the northern part of Thailand.

    The last dish featured on the list is Isaan sausages. Thais call them Sai Kork Isann. Isaan sausages are a popular northeastern bite, available from roadside vendors and priced between 10 to 15 baht. It is a fermented sausage made of pork, rice, and garlic. Vendors grill and serve them to customers with condiments including pickled ginger, chillies, and cabbage. This is the first time Isaan sausages have been featured in an international food list.

    A 48 year old Isaan sausage shop seller, in Khon Kaen province in the northeastern part of Thailand, told the media that she was very happy that the sausage was on the list. She hoped that the press coverage would make the sausage even more popular among foreigners.

    PM Office spokesperson Anucha Burachaisi says the government sees these dishes as part of the kingdom’s “5 Fs” soft power: food, films, fashion, fighting, and festivals. Anucha reported that Thailand’s soft power businesses are valued at 1.4 trillion baht. The Department of Foreign Trade also reported that Thailand’s soft power business encourages international trade and export, especially in food, fruits, healthcare, and beauty digital content, and unique Thai products.

    The Worlds best Soup
    Famous Northern Thai dish declared world’s best soup

    A famous northern Thai dish has been declared the world’s best soup by the foodie platform This was part of its list of “50 Best Soups in the World” published on July 25. The dish, called Khao Soi, includes red curry soup and meat, usually chicken, and egg noodles. It is then topped with crunchy noodles, fresh lime, pickled cabbage, shallots, and chilis.

    Khao Soi is thought to have been brought to northern Thailand by Chinese Muslim traders from Yunnan. The traders journeyed through Burma and Laos along the Golden Triangle trading route before arriving in northern Thailand in the 19th and 20th centuries.

    The soup for Khao Soi is made from coconut milk and red curry paste. The spiciness varies based on how much curry paste is added. Adding green herbs such as cilantro, as well as lime, against the red soup also makes the dish more colourful. The word Khao Soi means ‘cut rice,’ even though the dish is made with noodles.