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    Why Bangsaray ? Bangsaray Condominium Rentals and Availability
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    Bang Saray is undoubtedly one of the most tranquil spots in the Pattaya area, a place that had been largely forgotten and known only by a select few until a few years ago. The village of Bang Saray still maintains a sleepy feel, a sharp contrast to its noisy neighbour to the north. However, even managing to keep the village feel, the place has all the amenities that you would need without having to travel to the big city frequently. Here are just six benefits of living in Bang Saray.

    Relaxed Way of Life
    The relaxed and much slower way of life if one of the things that attracts people to the area. It is a haven for rest and relaxation while also having plenty to do should you want to. The village has very much of a community feel without having the cliques so often associated with living in smaller places. It is incredibly cosmopolitan but has a strong Thai influence which was on the main reasons that brought us to Thailand in the first place.

    The Best Beaches in the Area
    The beaches in and around Bang Saray are unquestionably the best in the area. They remain unspoilt even though they are far busier than they ever used to be. Most beaches are lined by small, more typical restaurants and bars as opposed to large commercial developments. The waters are turquoise, crystal clear and far cleaner than in Pattaya making the far better for families, especially those with young children.

    More Upmarket
    There is no escaping the fact that Bang Saray is one of the most prestigious addresses in the entire region. You won’t find drunken louts or seedy bars, just friendly restaurants and drinking establishments that are child-friendly. The villages and condos have a more upmarket and sophisticated feel that helps to bring likeminded people together, but of course, no one is excluded.

    Still Close to Pattaya / U-Tapao
    Whatever anyone says, Pattaya still holds its attraction for many reasons. It may be the shops, the restaurants or the nightlife. Bang Saray is less than 30 minutes away from Central Pattaya, making it a relatively easy place to visit during the day or night. Another advantage of Bang Saray is its proximity to U-Tapao Airport, an airport that is continually getting busier and offering flights to more destinations.

    Less Pollution
    Pollution can be a problem in downtown Pattaya, but luckily in Bang Saray, this is far less of an issue. Although the tour buses do exist, they are far fewer in number and traffic in general is much lighter. Fewer high-rise properties also help the air to circulate aided by the refreshing sea breezes. Naturally, this makes the whole environment a far nicer and healthier place to live or visit.

    Property Prices Appreciating
    Property prices in many parts of Pattaya have remained relatively static in recent years, but this is not the case in Bang Saray. The area, particularly with land prices, has seen prices rapidly appreciation and the same is true for houses and upmarket condos, especially those close to the beaches or in mountainous locations.
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