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    Neighbourhood Guide: Asoke, Bangkok

    Bangkok can be a challenging city to explore due to its wide variety of streets and neighbourhoods. One of the busiest and most dynamic areas is Asoke. There are many words to describe Asoke. Some label it as a prime hangout spot, while others call it the central business district. Either way, it’s central location in the heart of Bangkok at the crossroads of the BTS and MRT metro lines makes it one of the most city’s popular meeting spots. In this article, I’ll go over the basics of what you should know before you decide whether to live here.

    Asoke Bangkok boasts a variety of transportation options, making it a highly convenient area to reside in. Asoke is home to the BTS Skytrain and the Sukhumvit MRT Station, providing fast and efficient modes of transportation for residents and visitors. Numerous bus routes also pass through Asoke, catering to those who prefer an affordable and accessible means of transportation. Additionally, taxis, and rideshare services like Grab, and motorcycle taxis are readily available, offering flexible and personalized ways to navigate the bustling city.Moreover, the Makkasan Station of the Airport Rail Link is situated near Asoke, ensuring a convenient connection to Suvarnabhumi International Airport. The abundance of transportation options in Asoke Bangkok brings people closer to their favorite destinations with ease.

    The area has a variety of venues that provide local residents with no shortage of recreation and leisure spots. During the week, the atmosphere is vibrant and teeming with activity due to the presence of office employees that momentarily fill the neighbourhood. On weekends, though, the area is quieter and more casual. The popular Terminal 21 shopping mall is located right besties the two train stations. It’s a shopping hot spot or foreigners and locals alike. Each floor is themed after an international city, from London to San Francisco, New York to Istanbul. The food court on the sixth floor is popular among travellers and locals alike for the fresh yet affordable affordable food. Bangkok is a big city with huge buildings and shopping malls. The traffic can be dense and urban areas overcrowded at times, while natural areas are often overlooked and closer than you might realize…Asoke is home to one of Bangkok’s largest parks. The picturesque Benjakitti Park is just around the corner, about a 10-minute walk south of Terminal 21 along Ratchadapjisek Road. The newly renovated section called Benejakitti Forest officially opened in February, complete with elevated walkways crisscrossing a wetlands environment. The park is a great place to go for an outdoor jog or just to unwind. The Queen Sirikit National Convention Center is located beside the park and hosts a variety of exhibitions and conferences.

    There are several office buildings in the neighbourhood, and more can be found tucked away from the main street. GMM Grammy Tower, Exchange Tower and Interchange Tower are some of the major office skyscrapers in the area, to name just a few. Asoke is also centrally located near most of Bangkok’s major urban areas, including Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Ekkamai, Ploenchit, Chidlom and Rama 9. The other main business districts, Silom and Sathorn, are a short distance away. Asoke is an ideal location for anyone who loves city life, but also wants to live near their office building. But Be warned that the area gets frantically busy during rush hours.

    Asoke provides a variety of residential choices to meet a wide range of needs. Apartments for sale and rent are spread out over a large area. Some are near the main street, while others are located in the sois (side streets). Prices also differ from building to building, but since it’s located in the heart of Bangkok, the starting price will be on the higher end. The average rental price would be around 20,000, but if you’re lucky, you might find a deal for 15,000 THB a month. If you’re looking to buy an apartment unit, a one-bedroom would cost you 2 million baht for a 30 square metre room, on average, while a three-bedroom apartment would start around 9 million baht. Most of the accommodations you will find here are apartments, and they tend to be on the smaller side. It’s suitable for couples, but not so much for families. There are some places that offer three bedrooms, but expect to pay at least 40,000 for older buildings. Newer places will cost more for obvious reasons. Houses are also available for rent, but they will cost a lot, starting at around 80,000 THB per month. While Asoke might seem like the perfect city centre neighborhood for those who can afford it, it’s also notorious for its nightlife. Asoke is home to the iconic Soi Cowboy red light district, while Soi Nana, another mischievous neighbourhood, is just one BTS station away. So if you’re looking for a place to live in Bangkok, especially with your family, Asoke probably shouldn’t be at the top of your list.

    Shopping and Entertainment
    Looking for the ultimate shopping and entertainment experience in Bangkok? Look no further than Asoke! This bustling area offers a vibrant mix of options, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Trendy malls like Terminal 21, EmQuartier, and Emporium are perfect for fashion enthusiasts and food lovers, while the lively street markets provide an authentic taste of Thai culture. Asoke Bangkok also boasts an exciting entertainment scene, featuring numerous cinemas, live music venues, and performance spaces to suit a wide array of artistic interests. And when the sun goes down, the area comes alive with its bustling nightlife, offering bars, clubs, and lounges for every taste and style.

    From upscale restaurants serving international cuisine to cozy cafes and local street food vendors, Asoke Bangkok is a food lover’s paradise. You can find an array of Thai delicacies, as well as dishes from around the world, making it a melting pot of flavors and cultures. Asoke Bangkok proudly boasts top cafes and restaurants, attracting food enthusiasts from all corners of the city. Asoke offers a wide range of dining options, from traditional Thai street food to international fine dining. This diverse range of cuisines caters to various tastes, preferences, and budgets. Asoke continually evolves, with new and trendy dining spots frequently opening up. As a result, food enthusiasts can always discover unique and innovative culinary experiences.

    Green Spaces
    In Asoke Bangkok, there are several green spaces where residents and visitors can enjoy nature and outdoor activities. The Benjakitti Park is situated close to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center and offers stunning views of the city skyline. It features a large lake, cycling, and jogging paths, and beautiful gardens, providing a tranquil escape from the bustling city. With several seating areas scattered throughout the park, visitors can relax and take in the peaceful atmosphere while admiring the breathtaking views of the city skyline. The parks provide a perfect escape from the urban chaos, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy a moment of peace and connect with nature. In this way, Asoke proves to be an ideal location for those seeking a balance between vibrant city life and a serene, relaxing environment.

    Cultural Diversity
    Asoke Bangkok is home to a diverse community of locals and expatriates, who contribute to its rich cultural tapestry. People from different countries and backgrounds coexist harmoniously, bringing their unique perspectives and traditions to the area. The cultural diversity in Asoke is evident in its culinary scene, which features a wide range of international and local cuisines. From Thai street food and regional specialties to Japanese, Indian, and European dishes, the area offers a gastronomic adventure for food enthusiasts. Asoke Bangkok hosts various cultural events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating the customs and traditions of different communities. These events provide opportunities for residents and visitors to learn about and appreciate the rich heritage and cultural diversity of the area.

    Fitness and Wellness
    Fitness and wellness centers in Asoke Bangkok play a significant role in enhancing the quality of life for residents, making it an ideal place to live. Asoke Bangkok offers a diverse range of fitness and wellness centers, catering to various preferences and fitness levels. From state-of-the-art gyms and yoga studios to specialty facilities focusing on martial arts or Pilates, there is something for everyone. The strategic location of Asoke makes it easy for residents to access fitness and wellness centers within the neighborhood. This convenience encourages people to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, contributing to overall well-being.

    Professional Work Space
    Offices in Asoke Bangkok contribute significantly to the area’s appeal as the best place to live in. These well-designed and accessible workspaces offer numerous benefits for residents, making Asoke an ideal location for professionals. Asoke Bangkok is a prominent business district, housing various local and multinational companies. This central location attracts professionals and entrepreneurs, providing ample job opportunities and fostering economic growth in the area. The strategic location of Asoke, with its excellent public transportation options like the BTS Skytrain and MRT subway, makes it convenient for residents to commute to and from their workplaces. This ease of access reduces travel time and stress, contributing to a more balanced lifestyle

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    Bangkok’s most expensive neighbourhoods 2023

    It comes as no surprise that Bangkok has one of the most competitive real estate industries in Asia. Being a popular destination among tourists and expats from different parts of the world, both Thais and foreigners in Bangkok have been rushing to get a bite of its luxury condo market. That being said, the property market varies based on the neighbourhood you’re searching in, with some being more reasonably priced and others being the priciest. And if you’re currently looking for a luxury condo in Bangkok, it can be hard to decide which area is the best. So, to help you with your search, we’ve compiled 5 of the most expensive neighbourhoods in Bangkok where you’ll find the most exclusive luxury condos. Each of these neighbourhoods offers an outstanding lifestyle with a mix of prime location, convenience, and upscale properties.

    If budget is not your primary concern and you want to be centrally located, then Sathorn might be the perfect place to live or invest in for you. Stretching over the beautiful Lumpini Park down to the Chao Phraya River, Sathorn is among the most expensive and sought-after neighbourhoods in the city. Since it lies within the Central Business District, you’ll find numerous high-end office towers, such as the Sathorn Square and the Empire towers. Sathorn offers luxury at its finest. It’s home to a wide range of trendy hotels and world-class restaurants. Plus, it has a great nightlife scene, with jazz bars, cocktail lounges, rooftop bars, and nightclubs. Moreover, it’s located near Silom and Siam and is home to the busy Sathorn Pier. It’s also connected by the BTS Skytrain via the Surasak and Saphan Taksin stations. The real estate market in Sathorn is almost exclusively made of luxury properties. With a median price per SqM approx. 4,622 USD, you’ll be sure to find some of the most luxurious condos in all of Bangkok. A lot of condos in Sathorn boast beautiful views of the Chao Phraya River or the city’s skyline. They also come with luxury facilities. Four Seasons Private Residences, for example, offers a resort-like lifestyle with its incredible selection of amenities. You can swim at its infinity-edge swimming pool, get a nature fix in the garden, relax in the Jacuzzi, or get fit in the communal gym. It also comes with its own spa, sauna, onsen, and massage room for ultimate rejuvenation. Kids zone, library, lounge, clubhouse, co-working space, BBQ area, music room, and even a bar.
    • The area is home to some of the city’s most prestigious addresses, including The Bangkok Sathorn and The Met Sathorn. These high-end residences offer residents views of the city, luxury living, and all the modern amenities one could wish for. Sathorn has many other luxurious residences that offer spacious apartments with modern amenities and stunning views of the Bangkok skyline. For those looking for a more affordable option, there are plenty of rental apartments in the area, such as the Sathorn Grand Residence and the Sathorn X Residence.​
    Thong Lo
    Dubbed the trendiest neighbourhood in Bangkok, Thong Lor is home to the rich and famous. It has solidified its reputation as a posh and hip hangout in Bangkok. Thong Lor is also popular among tourists and expats, especially city professionals who want to live in the middle of the action. Here, you can find designer boutiques, craft coffee shops, gourmet restaurants, swanky bars, and glitzy malls. It’s the place to be if you have expensive taste. The property’s price in the area has skyrocketed in the past decade. And the number of ultra-luxury condos has also increased. Thus, Thong Lor is one of the best neighbourhoods in Bangkok to consider if you’re looking for a luxury condo. The condos you’ll find here are usually very stylish. Take The Bangkok Thonglor, for instance. This luxury condo boasts tastefully-decorated rooms with modern design. Moreover, it provides a glorious rooftop saltwater swimming pool with a 360-degree panoramic view and a sky garden where you can gawk over the awe-inspiring scenery. There’s also a male and female onsen, a reading room, a gym, a meeting room, a sauna, and a steam room available for residents. With its excellent transportation links, including the Thong Lo BTS Skytrain station, navigating the city is a breeze, making it an ideal location for commuters. It’s a great place to live if you have expensive taste and want to live the glamorous life. This lively district appeals to expats searching for a vibrant community that embraces creativity and values a cosmopolitan lifestyle, as well as affluent travellers and creative folks. It’s brimming with an array of chic boutiques, art galleries, designer boutiques, and contemporary eateries. Here, you’ll come across awesome bars like the Rabbit Hole and Octave Rooftop Lounge and Bar. The neighbourhood also features the popular community mall, The Commons. Plus, there’s a variety of spas, such as Let’s Relax Onsen and Spa, for some pampering.


    As Thong Lo’s neighbour, Ekkamai shares its trendy vibe, though with a slightly more laid-back atmosphere. If you’re wondering where to live in Bangkok, this neighbourhood’s got loads of hip cafés, restaurants, and bars. Therefore, you’ve got plenty of spots for lazy brunches, easy-going dinners, or fun nights out. In addition to the amenities, one of the best things about Ekkamai is its super convenient location in the Sukhumvit area. It’s easy to get to on the BTS line and even has the Eastern Bus Terminal. On top of that, Ekkamai has all kinds of housing options. You can find everything from swanky apartments to cute townhouses. Thus, it fits different budgets and styles. This enticing mix of modern and traditional makes it an appealing area for middle-class expats and Thais alike, as it showcases the best of both worlds.

    Phrom Phong
    Boasting a convenient location on the BTS Sukhumvit line, Phrom Phong is an up-and-coming exclusive neighbourhood in Bangkok. Many Japanese and Korean expats choose to reside in this neighbourhood. You’ll find many Japanese restaurants and stores here, along with international restaurants, cute coffee shops, and art galleries. In addition, Phrom Phong is where you’ll find Bangkok’s most luxurious malls: EmQuartier and Emporium. These malls are full of luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, and Cartier. The nightlife is a little more laid back, but you’ll still find trendy clubs and speakeasy bars. Its allure doesn’t stop in the luxury malls and art Phrom Phong is your destination if you like the finer things in life. Aside from its glamorous amenities, this Bangkok neighbourhood may also be home to your dream luxury condo. If you’re looking for a tastefully decorated condo with all kinds of facilities, Vittorio 39 might be your best bet. With a modern design, lavish decor, and floor-to-ceiling windows, each room receives plenty of natural lights and has an airy feel. Furthermore, residents can enjoy a wide range of facilities, such as verdant gardens, a Social Club, a sauna, and a steam room. Those who love to stay active will be delighted to know that the condo also has a gym and an ozone-salt swimming pool with a hydrotherapy system.
    • Some of the best condos in Phrom Phong include The Emporio Place, Park Origin Phrom Phong and The Esse Sukhumvit 36.
      These properties offer luxurious amenities, modern design, and convenient access to the city.​
    Ploenchit/Wireless Road
    Ploenchit might not be the hippest neighbourhood in the capital, but it surely is a super luxury one. Situated conveniently close to Wireless Road, Ploenchit is an affluent neighbourhood with an array of upscale leisure venues. You can find numerous 5-star hotels, world-class restaurants, and expensive shopping malls here, such as the Central Embassy shopping mall. Nightlife is quieter than most other parts of the city, but some fancy bars are available. Aside from its entertainment venues, Ploenchit is also known as a commercial and business hotspot. It’s often called the embassy quarters of Bangkok as well since it hosts a collection of embassies, such as the United States, Japan, and Switzerland. That’s why you’ll find a burgeoning expat community here, with people working for the embassies or just wanting to be close to the offices. With everything that it has to offer, it’s among the most desirable places to live for those who can pay the price. In this part of Bangkok, you’ll find the 98 Wireless by Sansiri, which is often called the most expensive luxury condo in the city. With timeless architecture inspired by the Beaux-Arts, each unit offers a classic style that’ll make you feel like a royal. Moreover, you’ll get to enjoy a range of superior facilities, perfect for those dreaming of a luxury lifestyle. The outdoor garden terrace and tea room are great places to unwind, while the swimming pool, gym, and activity area allow you to stay active and healthy. There’s also a spa, manicure room, sauna, and steam room for those who love to pamper themselves. Finally, children can play and run around freely in the Children’s room and playground.

    Ratchadamri is famous for its green environment, thanks to the two green spaces in the area: the lush Lumpini Park and the pristine Royal Bangkok Sports Club. What makes the area very appealing is its reputation as an established high-society hangout spot, especially since it’s home to the Royal Bangkok Sports Club. The private sports club features a race course, golf course, and private clubhouse popular among Thailand’s elite. Living in Ratchadamri means having convenient access to the rest of Bangkok. It’s close to the nightlife of Sukhumvit, the business district of Sathorn and Silom, and luxury shopping malls like the Central Embassy. Compared to most of Bangkok, the pavements in Ratchadamri are wide and walkable. For those who love being outdoors, Lumpini Park is only a stone’s throw away. It offers a great nature escape amidst the buzzing city. One of the most sought-after condos in Ratchadamri is The Residences at The St. Regis Bangkok. It offers an unmatched urban living experience. The units are all well-designed, with top-quality materials like teak wood and marble imported from Turkey and Italy. Each unit has an expansive living space that offers comfort in every square inch. Moreover, the condo provides a wealth of facilities and services. From a pool and sauna room to gyms and gardens, it’ll feel like you’re living in a resort.

    Phaya Thai
    Phaya Thai is a great area to live in in Bangkok due to its convenient location and its close proximity to major attractions. It is well connected to the rest of the city through the MRT and BTS systems, which makes it easy to get around. Additionally, there are plenty of shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment options nearby. Phaya Thai station in Bangkok is the origin station of the Airport City Line and the Express Line that connects Bangkok city centre to Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK). The station is located in the Ratchathewi district over the intersection / level crossing made by the Phaya Thai Road and the Eastern Line railway tracks. It is connected by a direct interchange to the Phaya Thai BTS Sky Tain Station with which it forms a small transportation hub.
    • Some popular condo options in Phaya Thai include The Address Phaya Thai and The Reserve Phahol-Pradipat. These condos offer luxurious facilities and amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and saunas. They also provide easy access to public transport, making it easier to get around the city.


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      Neighbourhood Guide:Bangkok Ari

      There’s the area Banglamphu around Khao San Road for the backpackers, Sukhumvit for the upmarket clubs and bars, and Silom for the business travellers. One place that’s not found on the typical traveller’s itinerary is the neighbourhood of Ari. Located in north-central Bangkok, it’s away from the major tourist attractions and therefore the tourists. It’s a neighbourhood that’s popular with middle-class Thais and expats, and is known for its relaxed vibes and hipster cafe scene. It’s one of Bangkok’s hottest neighbourhoods, but still relatively undiscovered by visitors. If you’re currently rolling your eyes and thinking to yourself, Oh look, Lauren’s found a hipster neighbourhood she likes, then believe me — I’m rolling my eyes right alongside you. Back in 2015, a friend invited me to eat with her in Bangkok. Now, you’ll know that she knows her street food, and so when she offers to introduce you to a neighbourhood’s food scene, you book your ticket. That’s exactly what we did. And for the next seven days, we dutifully followed her to tiny restaurants that often served only a couple of dishes, with us having no idea what they even were. She introduced me to pad pongali gai, a dry yellow curry containing egg, celery leaves, onions, mushrooms, chillies, and chicken, and I immediately declared it my favourite Thai dish of all time. At that point, Ari was still fairly under-the-radar, but just at the point of developing into somewhere more hipster. There were cafes and dessert spots, and plenty of cool bars serving craft beer. There were a handful of tourists and expats wandering the streets but the vast majority of the local restaurants were void of foreigners.
      Click image for larger version  Name:	soiari-lane.jpg Views:	13 Size:	177.7 KB ID:	5987

      There was so much to love about this neighbourhood.
      The neighbourhood was filled with gorgeous cafes, from Fab Cafe to Laliart Cafe to Porcupine Cafe to Aran Bicicletta, which had bicycles all over the wall. Its location, away from the main tourist activities, meant that it was more calm than chaotic, and the eateries were filled with locals. The restaurant and bar scene was great, with cheap street food available at all times of the day, a fun night market to wander around, plenty of local options where you’d pay $1-$2 for dinner each night, and some great international options for whenever you have a craving for some tacos. Despite not attracting many tourists, the main attractions in Bangkok were still somewhat accessible, as Ari is on the BTS Skytrain. Chatuchak Weekend Market is just a couple of minutes away from Ari, and Dave and Iwalked into Siam one evening to check out the over-the-top luxurious Enigma experience at Paragon Cineplex. Was it worth spending $120 on two tickets to see Black Panther? It almost was when you take into account that our seats were actually a comfortable double bed and our tickets included a meal, soft drink, a cocktail, popcorn, a massage, and a butler. But, as you may have gathered from my already frequent mentions of the food, the restaurant scene is exactly why Ari is my favourite neighbourhood in Bangkok. Something I’ve been wanting to add to my site is a more detailed look at the foods I eat when I travel. Sampling local food is the principle driving force behind my trips these days, and I know that I rarely write about it, aside from mentioning a meal that was truly life-changing. I hope that by sharing little round-up posts of my favourite meals in the cities I visit, you’ll be able to gain a greater insight into what it’s like to travel to a particular place.

      There’s a Night Market for Street Food Eats
      You can’t come to Bangkok and not delve into its famous street food scene, and you especially can’t ignore the night markets. I was thrilled to discover that not only was the main road in Ari lined with street food all day every day, but that there was a bustling night market to wander around in the evenings. With an enormous array of options for around 40 THB ($1.20), this is a place to get the most out of those inexpensive prices and sample as many dishes as possible. It’s the exact opposite experience to pad thai-filled Khao San Road.

      My Tips for Visiting Ari
      Fortunately, Ari is on the Skytrain, so getting there is easy. If you’re arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport, jump on the rail link to Praya Thai station — it leaves every 10 minutes, takes 25 minutes to get there, and costs 45 THB ($1.30). From Phaya Thai, take the BTS Skytrain to Ari. This leg of the route takes 10 minutes costs 26 THB ($0.80). Easy!

      Where to stay:
      We stayed in a condo in Siamese Ratchakru, which we booked through Airbnb and paid $40 a night for it. Despite having a fairly odd room set-up, where the bed was inside a glass box, making it seem as though we were sleeping in a museum, I’d recommend staying there. We had a sofa and TV, powerful A/C, and a balcony with a decent view over the Bangkok Skyline. It was on the main road in Ari, but the sound-proofing was excellent, so the street noise didn’t bother us, and was within walking distance of all of the great restaurants. If you’re on a budget, the Yard Hostel receives consistently amazing reviews and if I hadn’t been travelling with Dave, I would have 100% stayed there. It looks so cool!


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        Neighbourhood Guide: Nana | Sukhumvit Bangkok

        Nana,Bangkok is an energetic and dynamic piece of the city, well known among locals and tourists alike because of its many lifestyle amenities. The region has gained notoriety for being one of Bangkok’s top nightlife areas of interest, with different bars and clubs grouped on Sukhumvit Soi 11, 4, and 8. From a private viewpoint, Nana offers a decent selection of leisure choices like eateries, night markets, restaurants, and shops. Nana is strategic located makes it a helpful and easy-to-find neighborhood, particularly for working experts in Bangkok’s Central Business District, such as Asoke, Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Siam, Sathorn, Silom, and more. The location has made Nana a well-known expat neighborhood, making it quite possibly the most cosmopolitan region in Bangkok. However, since the pandemic, Nana has gone through some changes with new additions of restaurants, bars, clubs, and luxury apartments for sale, and more which cater to everyone’s liking. In addition, the new law in Thailand is the first country in the Southeast to legalize cannabis. Moving on, we will give you a simple guide on how Nana changed after the pandemic and what to expect when you are visiting Nana for you wanting to move in the area.

        Nana Lifestyle
        Nana, Bangkok has a very dynamic lifestyle, from being the most cosmopolitan area in Bangkok Central Business District. There is everything for everyone in Nana. Traditionally Nana area starts from Sukhumvit Soi 3 and 4, known as Nana Plaza at Soi 3, and the latter is known as a red light district. However, since the pandemic, there have been many changes to the area to add some luxury touch, but keep the traditional essence of Nana in mind. Therefore, we will separate lifestyle categories into two different schedules, as you can not compare Nana in the morning and during the night, as they are vastly different.

        Nana Morning Lifestyle
        Nana is home to locals and expats from literally every country you can think of. Locals of Chinese, Korean, Indian, European, and more descent are all in Nana. Expats with high-paying jobs or even digital nomads are all situated in Nana to live in the area. So during the morning, on the weekdays, you would notice lots of people rushing to work by walking, motorbike taxi, hailing a cab, or even taking a boat ride. After the morning rush to work, Nana district has a beautiful, chill, and relaxing atmosphere where you see people going to various coffee shops, chic boutique cafes and restaurants, or walking to shopping centers in the area. After the pandemic, the rise of coffee shops in Nana has risen from franchises such as Coffee Club or Starbucks to small enterprises such as Chen Z Homemade Cafe. Even the restaurant scene in Nana changed significantly. From street food stalls with chicken noodles opposite Ambassador Hotel to Thailand’s famous stir-fried chicken basil rice with a fried egg on top. Now, Nana provides you fantastic theme restaurants that specialize in different cuisines. During the day, you can visit Little Fu at Mercure Hotel, with a fantastic fusion of Chinese-Thai cuisines, or go for a Chinese buffet at Ambassador Hotel with unlimited dim-sums. Are you tired of Asian cuisine? No need to worry; you can have lunch at German Beer House, specializing in Chicken Schnitzel, to mouth-watering streaks at El Gaucho. Just a reminder, El Gaucho is quite a high-end restaurant with a fantastic selection of beers and wines, even during lunch hours. As time moves forward, around 4 pm, street stalls are preparing for the evening rush. You can walk from Sukhumvit Soi 5 towards Terminal 21 at Sukhumvit Soi 21. Between the two alleys, you can find a fantastic burger and shop cafe called Quickie and pass by the historically famous Margarita Storm serving amazing pizzas. The alley is when people started to open their wallets of beautifully designed t-shirts, jeans, watches, shoes, and more. So many choices to choose from you would get tired in just under an hour.

        Nana Night Lifestyle
        During the night, Nana comes into the full swing of being the go-to place for a great night out in Bangkok. But, of course, after the pandemic, Nana nightlife scene changed dramatically, and with the new law to legalize weed, things went full throttle, but I will mention that later. Presently, Nana, especially Sukhumvit Soi 11, provides all the stops to have a perfect night out with friends. Before going out to bars, you can enjoy amazing burgers at Bang Bang Burger or Artisan Burgers. If you are not a burger fan, do not worry, as Soho Pizza, New York Style Slices, will do the job for you before going heavy on the booze. Likewise, if you are not a fan of burgers and pizza, do not worry, as you can try a variety of Italian pasta at Tony’s or the famous Hemingway Bars. Especially, to during the World Cup 2022, you can watch the games with a pleasant atmosphere in Bangkok. Especially during the World Cup fever, sports data and analysis are everyone to been from websites or tv. Want some spice and Asia flavor? Nana is the place for Indian food and excellent kebabs. For Indian food, you can visit Punjab Grill at soi 13, or for a more street food style, Chowpati comprises 200 selections of Indian street food such as; chicken tikka, idles, fried potatoes and much more. Seeking an excellent kebab roll, Nana soi 3 has you covered at Shawarma Corner. Shawarma Corner is where you can add some fresh French fries with extra spicy sauce and garlic sauce for a fantastic taste.

        Clubbing in Nana, Sukhumvit
        I understand this part is you are waiting for, the bars and clubbing scene. Nana currently provides a variety of bars with a wide selection of beer, whiskey, and wines. For wine lovers, the best place is Wine Connection, as the name suggests. Go for unique cocktails and drinks, such as a gin on the rooftop bar Above Eleven, and watch the beautiful skyscrapers of Bangkok. Or head over to Nest, a chill seating area on the eighth floor for the hotel opposite of Villa Market. On the other hand, clubs in Nana provide different concepts, music, and themes. The top three recommendations are Sugar, Levels, and the newly opened Candy. For a great night out, Sugar is the place to be, with hip-hop music blasting through the speakers if you are a significant hip-hop fan. With fantastic music, reasonable prices, and various drinks served at the bar, you will have the time of your life. For an exclusive experience with bottles of champagne, Levels Club is the place to be at night. Book a table, enjoy the house music with a few bottles of champagne, and enjoy a night you would never-ever forget. Lastly, the newly opened Candy offers excellent seating, a viewing deck, and a brand-new glass window to watch dancers on the dance floor. Have a table on the second floor to fully experience the scene and the dance floor in Candy with bright red neon lights.

        Nana Property Overview

        Why choose the Nana district as your new home in Bangkok? The main reason is because of the location of the district. Nana is an extension among Sukhumvit and different regions of the CBD (For example, Ploenchit Region and Silom-Sathorn). It is vital to take note that Nana is a prime location and laid out region where there is always new development happening in the area. The area is geologically sandwiched among Asoke and Ploen Chit, permitting it to profit from a consistent rental market. Most occupants will generally be expats (single-working experts and youthful families) working close to their workplaces. From a capital appreciation viewpoint, Nana is seeing a positive upturn because of the developing shortage of developable land plots. The district consists of apartments of all sizes, price points, and designs. However, there are houses in the area, but residents are seeking to live in apartments in the area more.

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        Apartments in Bangkok: Nana Sukhumvit
        Apartments are sprinkled over a few streets, with most of the personal choices bunching on Sukhumvit 11, 13, 10, 3, and 4. There are always new apartments in Nana with a wide range of price points. However, today will give you one option considered by popular choices. The most popular option, according to the proptech website Fazwaz and Lazudi is a luxury apartment in Nana Sukhumvit Soi 11 road called Hyde Sukhumvit 11. The luxury apartment is considered top buying and renting from expats and locals. The apartment is nestled in the middle of the alley road, which provides excellent amenities in the area. The moment you step out of the apartment, you have restaurants, bars, salons, street food stalls, cannabis vans, and tattoo parlors. One thing in Hyde Sukhumvit 11 is that you will never get bored as there is always something new to do. You can choose from many more apartments in the Nana district, such as 15 Northside, Noble, Trendy Apartments, Rich Apartment at Soi 3, Q1 by QH House, with all different price points, sizes, facilities, and more to match your lifestyle.
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          Ratchada | Rama 9

          When thinking about where to live in Bangkok, Ratchada might not be the first place that comes to mind. The area is often being associated with Bangkok nightlife. This is because of the famous Royal City Avenue (RCA), a popular spot for party-goers. However, Ratchada has evolved significantly in recent years, becoming a lively district with new shopping malls and convenient neighbourhoods, thanks in part to the excellent MRT line connections. Easily accessible by MRT and public buses, Ratchada’s roads tend to be less congested than those in other areas of Bangkok, making it an appealing option for individuals with vehicles. The residential area offers a wealth of shopping outlets. Moreover, ood enthusiasts and fitness buffs alike will find themselves spoilt for choice in Ratchada. Featuring studios, condos, and apartments in various sizes, Ratchada is quickly becoming a prominent neighbourhood on the Bangkok map. With its growing list of amenities and well-connected transport links, Ratchada offers an upbeat and convenient lifestyle, making it a superb choice for your Bangkok home.

          Bang Na
          Bang Na is an up and coming neighbourhood that is perfect for those seeking a more suburban lifestyle. Here, you’ll discover a wide selection of affordable accommodations, as well as a harmonious mix of old and new developments. Situated on Bangkok’s outskirts, this spacious neighbourhood provides a serene haven far from the bustling city centre and towering high-rises. While it maintains a sense of tranquillity, a quick BTS or bus ride will connect you to the excitement of the heart of Bangkok. With a plethora of shopping malls, international schools, and sports facilities, Bang Na caters to all aspects of family life. Additionally, the nearby Suvarnabhumi Airport makes it an ideal location for frequent travellers.

          Lat Phrao
          Located in Bangkok’s northern region, Lat Phrao is a fast-growing neighbourhood that has been gaining popularity among expats. This part of the city seamlessly blends business and leisure, creating a condensed yet liveable version of urban life. Particularly favoured by expat families, Lat Phrao boasts some of the country’s top schools. In addition to its educational offerings, the area features more green spaces than other trendy living areas. Attractions such as the Chatuchak weekend market are just a stone’s throw away, adding to the neighbourhood’s appeal. Furthermore, the neighbourhood is well connected to the MRT and BTS Skytrain. Plus, it’s near the Northern Bus Terminal, making it an excellent base for commuting to other areas of the city.

          Victory Monument
          For a taste of authentic Bangkok life, the Victory Monument neighbourhood is the place to be. This bustling district is known for its large roundabout adorned with a striking monument commemorating Thailand’s victory in the Franco-Thai War. But what makes it a great area is that it caters to various budgets and preferences, offering an array of reasonably priced housing options. It also boasts lively markets and tons of street food vendors. These elements come together to create a genuinely immersive experience right in the heart of the city. Victory Monument still maintains a peaceful atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for those who want some tranquillity. But while the nightlife here might not be as buzzing as in other Bangkok neighbourhoods, there’s no shortage of sports to hang out and enjoy yourself once the sun sets. Therefore, Victory Monument is definitely worth considering if you’re looking for a well-rounded neighbourhood that strikes the perfect balance between excitement and serenity.

          Phra Khanong
          Centrally positioned along the BTS Sukhumvit line, Phra Khanong is both easily accessible and budget-friendly, making it an attractive option when considering where to live in Bangkok. If living in a condo or apartment doesn’t quite suit your preferences, Phra Khanong offers more affordable housing choices. Though the area primarily consists of local Thais, it also boasts a welcoming expat community. Expats appreciate the blend of easy access to Bangkok’s bustling commercial areas and the neighbourhood’s cosy, close-knit vibe. Additionally, this vibrant district is home to an array of international restaurants, lively bars, and creative workspaces. The nearby W District and Sukhumvit Road offer a plethora of shopping and entertainment options, ensuring that there is always something new to discover in Phra Khanong.