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    SAIJAI homecare launch English language online bookings in Bangkok and Phuket

    Thailand’s fast-growing online homecare marketplace has added an English language, on-demand booking option. Greater Bangkok and Phuket are the first two areas in the country now where customers can tap into a wide selection of caregivers.

    Services provided by SAIJAI include maids, babysitters, elderly care, tutors, drivers, and home beauty. The pandemic resulted in high unemployment in Thailand’s service sector including hotels and restaurants. What has emerged is a wider sharing economy using digital platforms to allow Thais in many fields to work in the more flexible gig economy.

    What inspired the start-up SAIJAI was the pressing need to solve the gap of in-home services for busy working individuals, couples, or those with multigenerational families who did not want or need full-time staff. Daily needs change and often having a helping hand for a mother or father who is juggling work and children allows parents to focus on the most important parts of their lives.

    As work from home becomes part of the new normal, space in people’s homes is a new luxury. SAIJAI with demand services can give solutions that range from single tasks or areas of the house or condo that need specific attention. Cleaning, tutoring, driving and even pets care is available

    SAIJAI launched nationwide services last year in with a Thai language platform, which is a pragmatic approach in a country with a population of 69 million people. With soaring demand in the domestic segment, the growing resource with over 1,500 caregivers is now looking to serve expatriate and foreign customers with its bilingual technology and staff.

    With the Thai employment marketplace evolving with on-demand providers ranging from Grab, foodpanda, LALAMOVE, and Bolt, workers are now finding their job choices do not need to be limited to a full-time single employer. The ability to balance work, home, family, and other responsibilities is creating an entirely new, mobile workforce in Thailand.

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    Top 5 reasons to get a maid service in Thailand

    Having a clean and tidy home can make a world of difference in your quality of life. The issue is that, given our hectic schedules, it can be difficult or even impossible to complete all that cleaning and organising. The good news you can get a maid at an affordable price in Thailand to help you do your household cleaning. Thus, you can save much more of your precious time and live a hassle-free life. Here are the top 5 reasons to get a maid in Thailand.
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    It frees up your time
    Thailand offers a wide variety of enjoyable activities, and due to the tropical climate, people spend more time outdoors. Unless you are Monica Geller, spending hours indoors doing household chores is the last thing most people want to do. We spend about two to three hours every week, or more than a year, cleaning our homes on average. Just consider how different that year would be if you had an extra year to spend however you wanted. By hiring a maid, you will never have to spend precious time off in the evenings or weekends cleaning your home. You will have time to sit back and unwind with your family. You will also have time to enjoy activities as well as work on other essential tasks that you have been putting off due to your busy schedule.

    The labour cost in Thailand is generally lower as compared to Western countries. Therefore it is an affordable luxury for many ex-pats living in Thailand to hire a housekeeper or a nanny to look after children and help with household chores. Getting a maid in Thailand isn’t expensive especially if you get a maid who visits more than twice per week.
    There are many agencies like SAIJAI that specialize in finding experienced maids for customers.

    Reduce stress from your busy life
    Mess can often equate to stress! Anyone’s mind can be consumed by the stress of untidy or dirty home, especially if you have a family to take care of. Coming to a messy home after a long and tiring day at work can leave you feeling helpless, anxious and overwhelmed. Therefore hiring a maid service gives you the opportunity to keep your house clutter down and your mental health up. As a result, you live a better quality of life.

    Your home gets a deep clean
    Cities like Bangkok or Chiang Mai can be very dusty and polluted from time to time. Living in an environment where you are breathing dust on daily basis can negatively impact your health. It’s true that anyone can just grab a duster and clean your shelves but how regularly are you going to do it? Furthermore, hard-to-reach areas such as the ceiling fan can be forgotten and dust can build up in those areas over time. Professional and experienced maids know the most suitable tools for any task. They know the most effective techniques and products to remove even the toughest dirt.

    Better social life
    Having a clean home makes it easier to invite people over. You won’t have to cringe at the idea of someone coming over and noticing how filthy your bathroom is or how messy your kitchen is. Your home will feel more welcoming if it is clean, and you can invite guests over to share a great dinner and a glass of wine.

    So if you think your home could benefit from any of these advantages of hiring a maid service, one of the easiest ways is to opt for online homecare services. Thailand’s leading online service marketplace called SAIJAI offers a large selection of qualified maids that will do a thorough and professional job, giving you extra piece of mind. Furthermore, if you are busy parents and need a pair of hands, you will be happy to know that SAIJAI also offers child care services and tutors.