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    Top 10 Tips to attract tenants in Thailand

    As an owner of rental property in Thailand, you may want to attract the best tenants for your property and want to get the highest possible yield. The buy-to-let market is very competitive, so attracting tenants to your property can be a challenge. But don’t worry, there are a number of ways you can do to make your property more desirable to tenants! Here are the top 10 ways to attract high-quality tenants.

    Good Pictures
    If you want to really stand out over the competition, don’t go cheap on photography. Today, most people conduct research online and look at properties through websites. Thus, they’ll get their first impression of your property on the online listing. Make sure the pictures are bright and of high quality. Provide lots of angles and highlight all of the amenities. Show potential tenants those sunlit rooms and tasteful decor! If possible, you can take it to the next level by providing a virtual tour. It saves both you and your prospect time and money.

    A captivating Listing
    In a similar vein to great pictures, a captivating listing is one of the first steps in attracting potential tenants to view your property. Be sure the listing is informative, descriptive, and concise. Taking time to write your listing can really draw a larger number of tenants. It will also increase your chance of renting out your property sooner.

    Declutter your Property
    Average sized condos in Thailand are typically being let furnished, but even so, tenants will still arrive with their own possessions. Therefore, they might not be too enthusiastic when seeing a property that is filled with unwanted clutter. Tenants will want to visualise themselves in the property, and having unfolded clothes covering your couch will potentially disinterest them. Always present your property as a place that is perfect for comfortable living. Keeping the property clutter-free will also make it seem spacious, especially in smaller condos.

    Fresh and well-maintained Kitchen
    The kitchen is the heart of your home! Most people spend their time in the kitchen, so a fresh, clean, and well-maintained kitchen can be the main selling point of a property. If you don’t want to cook in your kitchen, tenants probably wouldn’t too. That’s why a little investment in this room can really help attract tenants and maximise rental income. Even a tiny upgrade like painting the kitchen cupboards, rearranging the furniture, freshening surfaces, and changing handles can really transform the look of a kitchen.

    Working domestic Appliances
    Appliances can be a significant factor in some prospective tenants’ decisions. They won’t want to live in a condo with a leaky washing machine or a broken stove. Not only are these malfunctions inconvenient, but also dangerous. Always check all of your appliances before showing tenants around. Repair any appliances that aren’t working properly as soon as possible. In addition, you should always clean them thoroughly. If your budget allows, try to keep the appliances up to date.

    Clean Bathrooms
    Make no mistake, a filthy bathroom is a big deal-breaker for quality tenants. Clean and hygienic bathrooms are a major selling point for prospective tenants. It takes more than a quick wipe down of the surfaces to get a ready-to-move-in bathroom. Replace the toilet seats if they have stains on them. Have the grout cleaned and resealed if it is discoloured.

    Nice Ambience
    Create an inviting home-like ambience to encourage prospective tenants to conjure up images of their dream home! Use proper lighting to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Don’t forget to open the curtains to let the natural light in. Most tenants want to live in a house that gets enough sunlight. Furthermore, light scented candles or spray air fresheners to make your property smell good. Both great lighting and fresh-smelling rooms can really set the mood and the ambience of the property. Thus, making your property more appealing. On the other hand, foul smells and badly-lit spaces can chase tenants away.

    A fresh coat of Paint
    Walls that haven’t been painted for years, with dirty and cracking paints, can be a major turnoff. Most tenants will look at the walls as soon as they walk in. Refreshing the walls and paintwork of your property is an easy way to brighten it up and instil a homey vibe. Plus, it’s relatively cheap. When painting, we recommend going for neutral colours like white or beige. You can also accent it with darker colours like grey or brown. In some cases, bold colours like neon green and hot pink can be a major deal-breaker. Not a lot of people want to go to sleep feeling like they’re in a green screen studio!

    Add-ons to boost Value
    You can utilise add-ons to broaden your appeal to a higher-income market in order to attract quality tenants. Air conditioning, extra storage space, built-in wardrobes, lighting, and stainless steel appliances are examples of add-ons that can boost your property value. Most properties in Thailand don’t have dishwashers or built-in wardrobes, so having those will potentially increase the value of your rental property.

    Local Amenities
    So you’ve got the perfect listing, professional photographs, and fantastic property? The next thing you need to do is be prepared to answer questions about local amenities. These include parks, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, public transport, restaurants, and cafes. Knowing this information can help potential tenants envision the type of lifestyle they can have while living on your property. In addition, it can make them feel more at ease knowing that the area has all the amenities they need.