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  • Ayutthaya | Individual Travel and Sightseeing Information

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    How to get there:

    From Bangkok to Ayutthaya by Train:

    For a scenic route with a touch of local charm, trains departing from Bangkok's Hualamphong train station (MRT access) will get you to Ayutthaya in 80 to 150 minutes, depending on which service you choose. The fastest train of the day is the 8:30 am train, which completes the journey to Ayutthaya in 77 minutes. First-class tickets are not available for local, short-distance trains, but second-class will get you comfortable seats in an air-conditioned carriage for a reasonable rate. You can check train times online - the reservation system is in Thai/English. Alternatively, you can just walk into any train station and buy tickets over the counter. Third-class tickets in carriages with no AC don't offer a reservation option, so arrive at the station early if this is your preferred travel choice. The railway station in Ayutthaya is not near the temples. You'll either have to take a ferry or a tuk-tuk 60 THB (three-wheeled motorcycle taxi) to the ruins. If you don't want to walk the entire complex, you can rent a bike or pay a tuk-tuk driver to take you from one temple to the next—an especially good idea on a very hot day.

    Online Reservation
    Online Reservation

    From Bangkok to Ayutthaya by Bus | Minivan:
    Up until 2016, it was possible to take a regular city bus to reach Ayutthaya from Bangkok, but the route no longer exists. Instead, passengers trying to reach the ancient city via public transportation will have to use a minivaninstead. The vans (which carry 12 passengers) are Thailand's midway option between buses and taxis. They're faster; they have AC; and they're a lot more comfortable than crowded, hot city buses. Minivans leave from Victory Monument (right under the BTS metro station of the same name) or Khao San Road and cost around 100 THB. There's no set time for departure and you can't book tickets in advance - instead, minivans will leave as soon as they're full, which means you could wait around anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes. Keep in mind that the minivans make several stops along the one-hour trip to Ayutthaya, and you have to stay on until the last stop to reach the ruins. It's a short walk from the end of the line to Wat Mahathat in the northeast corner of the park.

    From Bangkok to Ayutthaya by Taxi | Private Limousine:
    If you do not have much time and want absolute convenience, a taxi can serve you well with approximately 1,000 THB. You can also negotiate with the driver to take you there, drive you around, and then back to Bangkok for roughly 2,500 THB.

    By Rental Car:
    The direct journey by road from Bangkok to Ayutthaya only takes around an hour so if you’re looking for a quick escape from the bustling city and the convenience of door-to-door service, a private car or taxi is your best bet. You can rent a car from the city or from one of Bangkok’s two airports, and if you’re traveling with a couple of friends or family and are planning to go elsewhere, a rental car could be a good choice.

    By Bus:
    There is no scheduled bus service between Bangkok and Ayutthaya anymore.

    By Bus Charter | River Cruise:
    Pick up from Bangkok Hotels between 6:30 am - 7:30 am. Organized tour departure from Bangkok 7:30 am. English speaking guided tour of the Ayutthaya Historic Park. Return to Bangkok by river boat cruise on the Chao Phraya River with closed up views of Wat Arun, IconSiam and Grand Palace (lunch included) The tour also includes all admission fees, transfers. Overnight trips available. Rates about US$65.00 p.p.
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    The Elephant Stay

    Tourists can bond with one of Thailand's most revered animals by spending a few days at the Elephant Stay. The minimum booking is three nights and includes an elephant you'll care for under the watchful eye of experienced mahouts throughout the duration of your stay. Guests feed, bathe, and ride their assigned elephants. This organization is a non-profit devoted to conservation and supporting retired elephants. It also operates an active breeding program and rescue and rehabilitation program. Visitors stay in an air-conditioned bungalow with their own bathroom. Because there are only eight bungalows accommodating two people each, this guarantees a quiet, intimate experience where your main focus will be the animals you're interacting with.

    Address: 34 Royal Elephant Kraal, Ayutthaya
    Official Website