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    eCommerce Marketing Agencies in Bangkok
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    If you are looking to elevate your business, you may be in need of a marketing agency. Thailand has hundreds of marketing firms to choose from. These range in size from small, niche marketing companies to large, full-service marketing agencies. With so many options, narrowing down your search to find the right agency can be difficult. This decision is especially important as a successful marketing strategy is key to a flourishing business. Thus, it is essential to find a marketing agency that can aid your business in creating brand awareness, increasing sales and engaging customers.

    Tek Def Co., Ltd
    Tek Def is a rapidly expanding marketing agency made up of devoted experts and passionate tech enthusiasts. Founded in 2010, their team comprises 30 employees; each dedicated to collaborating and working closely with their clients to bring their digital vision to life. They are established in 3 major cities in Thailand and have locations close to international airports to ensure easy accessibility. Due to this, they are able to support local and international businesses to “develop and scale their digital roots” with both remote and in-person assistance. Their overall aim is to “provide [their] clients with the necessary infrastructure and tools to maximize their online presence, profitability, and future scalability”. Thus, they deliver services with flexibility and convenience to ensure that their clients receive a “tailored solution aligning with their core business objectives”. Finally, they offer services in Thai, Dutch, English, German and Malay in turn highlighting their international reach. A selection of their clients includes Amazon, Youtube, Word Press and Facebook.
    • Main Areas of Service: Marketing, Design, Website, Marketplaces.
    • Pricing: $25.00 – $49.00 per hour.
    • Address: 42 / 95-96 Moo. 9, Sukhumvit Road Nongprue Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150.

    Grey Alchemy
    Grey Alchemy provides comprehensive services across design, development, research and strategy. As an agency, they focus on finding the best combination of strategies such as Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimisation in order for their clients to achieve their goals faster. Founded in 2012, the agency now employs 31 high-calibre strategic specialists and has an annual revenue of $6 million. Some of their clients include multinational brands such as Spotify, Marriott and Jaspal.
    • Main Areas of Service: Strategic Planning, Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Content, Search Engine Optimisation, Google Advertising, Branding and Design
    • Pricing: $50.00 – $99.00 per hour. thus
    • Address: 725/4 Soi Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55, Klongton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110.

    Highly Persuasive
    Highly Persuasive are a strategic branding, marketing and advertising agency that offers clients a full digital marketing package. This covers everything a modern brand could need from content marketing and consulting to communications. They help small businesses fine-tune and enhance their marketing in order to attract more qualified leads and boost conversion rates. They are a small team, with only 9 employees, therefore ensuring personable service as well as more freedom to be creative and flexible for their clients.
    • Main Areas of Service: Branding, Positioning, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, Digital Strategy. Moreover, Email Marketing, Pay Per Click, Search Engine Optimization and Online Ad services.
    • Pricing: $100.00 – $149.00 per hour.
    • Address: 2 Soi Phetkasem, 46/1 Yaek 3, Bang Wa, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160.

    Asia Media Publishing Group Co. LTD
    Founded by Markus Kreth, Asia Media Publishing Group is one of Thailand’s leading marketing agencies. They are a full-service media group that combines services in terms of market research through to product launch campaigns. Overall, their aim is to ensure “traditional, solid and effective PR & Marketing”. In turn, this will help brands increase their audiences and thus, develop their customer base. Their clientele range from local organisations to global companies; these include the Parliament House of Thailand, the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand and BMW.
    • Main Areas of Service: PR & Marketing, Content Creation, Product and Company Launches, and lastly, SE Asian Market Research.
    • Pricing: on Request
    • Address: 47th Floor 1, Empire Tower, Unit 4703, South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120.

    Suzaku Productions Co., Ltd.
    Suzaku Productions Co., Ltd. are a French marketing agency established in 2014. They have expertise across a wide range of digital channels and tactics; these include website and graphic design, web application & development along with video and photoshoots. As an agency, they strive to help customers drive traffic, increase lead conversion and close sales. However, they are most recognised for their quality designs and high standards. This was evident in 2020 when they were awarded “one of the leading web developers in Asia” by Clutch. Finally, their portfolio includes names such as Travel & Leisure and Europsonic.
    • Main Areas of Service: E-commerce, Website Creation, Graphic Design, Photography, Social Media and Motion Design.
    • Pricing: $50.00 – $99.00 per hour. thus
    • Address: 29 Soi Sukhumvit 31, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110.
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    The best Influencer Marketing Agencies in Thailand
    Influencer Marketing

    Marketing trends are shifting. During the pandemic, digital transformation in marketing is accelerating, and influencer marketing is one marketing tool that has been increasing in popularity. Influencer marketing is the dominating marketing technique in Thailand. In 2022, social media usage skyrocketed in Thailand. A survey conducted by Rakuten showed that 77% of Thai respondents aged 25 – 34 years have bought a product after seeing it endorsed by an influencer.

    Some of the most important factors in creating a great influencer marketing campaign are choosing the right influencer and content strategy. There are many categories of Thai influencers that you can choose from. The top 3 most popular influencer categories are Fashion & Beauty, Arts & Entertainment, and Technology & Gaming. As for content strategy, brands can make use of the current trends or experiment to create viral marketing content. Nevertheless, thorough research of your target audience is key to coming up with a compelling content strategy.

    Doing influencer marketing in Thailand may not be an easy task for an international brand. Therefore, partnering with a local influencer marketing agency can be beneficial. A local agency can help to choose the right influencer and create the right content strategy for your campaign. If you are looking for an influencer marketing agency for future campaigns, you are in the right place. In this article, we compiled the top influencer marketing agencies in Thailand.

    AJ Marketing
    AJ Marketing is a leading influencer marketing agency in Thailand with more than 7,000 influencers. AJ Marketing provides end-to-end influencer marketing services from strategy to campaign management. AJ Marketing focuses on 3 social media platforms: YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Their influencer network covers multiple categories such as lifestyle, gaming, technology, fashion, beauty, travel, finance, blockchain, sports, music, health, parenting, music, etc. According to AJ Marketing’s CEO Arthur Sabalionis: “We are here to help international brands succeed in Thailand. By nurturing long term relationships with influencers we are able to offer special discounted prices.” This agency is a great fit for companies that are just starting in the Thailand market. In addition to influencer marketing, AJ Marketing covers marketing strategy, SEO, social media advertising, PR, digital billboards and celebrity licensing. AJ Marketing also supports services in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. They have worked with brands such as BMW (MINI), Bytedance (TikTok), AMD, Alibaba Group and many more.Motive Influence
    Motive Influence is an influencer marketing platform in Thailand. Their team includes marketing experts that have been in the industry for more than 10 years. Motive Influence’s network consists of more than 350,000 influencers across social media platforms and industries. Using AI Technology, Motive Influence screens the influencers based on their follower size, influencer niche, and their follower profile. Therefore, businesses can easily choose the right influencers for their marketing campaigns in a short period of time. Their platform also provides result analysis and ROI calculation for further campaigns. Motive Influence has worked with numerous brands such as Thai VietJet Air, Bebeplay, and Superdry. In 2018, Motive Influence created a Micro-influencer campaign for Thai VietJet Air. The campaign was launched to promote the route opening from Krabi to Bangkok. Motive Influence worked with 47 travel influencers to create social media contents.Tellscore
    Tellscore is an AI-driven influencer marketing automation platform. With Tellscore, brands can discover micro-influencers for their marketing campaigns and manage them straight from the platform. Their network consists of more than 70,000 influencers from different platforms and industries. Headquartered in Thailand, Tellscore also offers services in Indonesia and Colombia. In 2021, Tellscore was featured as the Top 10 MarTech in APAC by MarTech Outlook. Tellscore was also acknowledged as the Thailand StartUp of The Year 2019 by ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards. Tellsore has worked with various brands such as Yves Roche, Nescafe, and Tawan 2-in-1. With Nescafe, Tellscore created an influencer marketing campaign to promote the Nescafe Gold Crema Colombia. Tellscore worked with micro-influencers who are also baristas to review the product and post it on social media.Buddy Review
    Buddy Review is an influencer marketing platform in Thailand. Their platform is an all-service tool for campaign creation and collaboration. They also provide real-time campaign monitoring and final reporting. Buddy Review is partnered with several media companies such as Ad Addict, C Channel, Ookbee, and many more. They have worked with popular brands to deliver influencer marketing campaigns such as Beausta, LG, and McDonald’s. Beausta partnered with Buddy Review to create a campaign to increase brand awareness and online presence. The campaign involved 50 mid-tier influencers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.REVU
    REVU is a content and influencer marketing platform. This platform acts as a link between advertisers and influencers. Their service is focused on content reviews. REVU’s network involves more than 700,000 influencers across Asia with different industries and tiers. They have worked with numerous brands such as Hyundai, LG, and Naver.Adapter Digital
    Adapter Digital is a digital marketing agency that also provides KOL Strategy and Implementation. Other than influencer marketing, Adapter Digital also provides services such as content development, communication development, channel planning, social community management, and data insight. Adapter Digital has worked with many popular brands such as Samsung, Oishi, and many more. In partnership with Samsung, Adapter Digital created a TikTok campaign with KOLs to promote Samsung Galaxy A52.Spunky Digital
    Spunky Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that includes influencer marketing services. They help brands in creating tailored strategies, flexible campaigns, and measurable ROI. Their influencer team has networks with thousands of influencers. Other than influencer marketing, Spunky Digital also provides services in pay per click advertising, social media advertising, content management, and SEO & web development. They have worked with many brands including Sony and 100 Mahaseth.Garcon Consulting
    Garcon Consulting is a social media marketing agency based in Bangkok. Its mission is to grow brands by leveraging the power of social media. One of their services is influencer marketing. Their influencer marketing services involve influencer outreach, engagement, content seeding, relationship management, and tracking & analysis. Their influencer network consists of more than 1500 influencers. Other than influencer marketing, they also provide services in social media marketing, content creation, and social media advertising. They have worked with brands in various industries such as Bangkok Mariott Marquis, Taco Bell, Spotify, and many more. Garcon Consulting helped Anantara Spa & Wellness to launch a social media campaign. In this campaign, Garcon worked with nano & micro-influencers to create social media content based on their experience. The campaign gained 280% of engagement in the first 3 months.Primal
    Primal is a digital marketing agency in Thailand that also provides influencer marketing services. They have also received multiple awards from Google, Asia E-Commerce, and The Drum. Other than influencer marketing, Primal also provide services in e-commerce, performance media, SEO, social media, and reputation management. Primal has been in the marketing and advertising industry for 6 years. They have worked with brands such as McDonald’s, Tim Horton, and many more.
    • Website: N/A
    Influencers Thailand is an influencer marketing agency with more than 20 years of experience. They provide end-to-end influencer marketing services. They also claimed to give the lowest influencer management fees. Their influencer network consists of celebrities, bloggers, micro-influencers, nano influencers, reviewers, and media. They have worked with multiple br ands such as Disneyland, Lenovo, and Dyson.
    Thailand is one of the global leaders in influencer marketing. Influencers in Thailand represent honesty and integrity when it comes to giving reviews. Thai consumers turn to influencers when doing brand research and making purchase decisions. By using influencer marketing, you can create an effective marketing campaign that generates leads with a high ROI. There are thousands of influencers in Thailand to choose from in multiple industries, tiers, and platforms – from arts & entertainment to entrepreneurship, video creators to public speakers. Choosing a local influencer can be challenging. Especially if you do not have a deep understanding of the trend among Thai consumers. Therefore, working with an influencer marketing agency can help you choose the best influencers for your campaign. It will definitely save time and money as you will avoid making critical mistakes. We hope this article will help you to find the right influencer marketing agency for your next campaign.


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      How to do Marketing and Advertising in Thailand?

      Are you wondering how a business can succeed at marketing and advertising in Thailand? Thousands of marketers are asking the same question. Marketing and advertising in Thailand is a delicate process because you can’t just use the same proven techniques as everywhere else. It is important to understand the differences between Thai consumers and consumers of other regions. In this article, we provide you with information for marketing and advertising in Thailand.

      7 Tips for Marketing in Thailand:
      1. Do Your Homework: research your audience and build a connection
      2. Defeat the Language Barrier: understand your audience and make them understand you
      3. Ride the Wave of Digital Marketing: turn your business digital and ride with the emerging trend of online retailing
      4. Know Who They Trust: collaborate with personalities whom the Thai market already knows and trusts
      5. Find Your Perfect Match: choose the right influencer to represent your brand
      6. Always Dig Deeper: consider all aspects of the influencers’ personas, and look into Thailand’s political climate
      7. Find Yourself a Local Partner: having someone on the ground is key to succeeding in a foreign market
      Tip #1: Do Your Homework: research about your audience and build a connection

      To kickstart your marketing and advertising campaign, you first need to ask the right questions. How do your services fit in the life of the Thai population? How should you approach them? How can you keep them coming back? Every culture is different, and the 70 million people of Thailand are also distinct from the whole world. A marketer like you would know that the audience is everything–you have to know their lifestyle, culture, mentality, and everything about them in order to be successful. Your products and services would mean little to nothing unless they match your audience’s needs. This is why you have to do your research and you have to do it well. For example, one of Grab’s successful marketing strategies in Thailand revolved around knowing which music Thais liked, which musician is most popular, and which song would most probably be a hit. After doing this research, Grab collaborated with BKN48 and was able to reach more than 2.6 million views on Youtube. Everything becomes much simpler once you understand Thai culture. AJ Marketing founders stated that building a connection with the Thai people is the most crucial to your marketing campaign. Now, the question is, how can you easily do this? How do you do on-the-ground research and integration with the Thai market? The founders recommend partnering with a local marketing agency.

      Tip #2: Defeat the Language Barrier: understand your audience and make them understand you

      Although the Thais are fairly proficient in the English language, 97% of the population of Thailand are Thai speakers who treat Thai as their primary language. In order to succeed in the Thailand market, you have to make sure that you are understood by the largest chunk of the population. You also have to understand the nuances in their language. To be successful, you need to go further and beyond general communication. Marketers and advertisers must also learn people’s humour. Once you understand the Thai language and comedy, you can dive into the depth of Thai social media where you can foster authentic interactions and conversations with the Thai audience. One piece of advice the AJ Marketing founders shared on how to do marketing in Thailand is to use social media and do influencer marketing. The founders believe that social media marketing is key in creating relationships and fostering effective communications with the market.

      Tip #3: Ride the Wave of Digital Marketing: turn your business digital and ride with the emerging trend of online retailing

      More than 70% of Thailand’s population have at least one Facebook account, and their online activity is relatively high. Facebook’s popularity in Thailand gave birth to the most unique way of selling products in the country: through Facebook live merchants. These merchants are practically influencers in their respective markets. Businesses can hand them their products, and the influencers will basically sell it for them. Now, you might think that this strategy seems normal, that it sounds like the job of a regular salesperson. However, the difference lies in the way they sell. Selling through Facebook live is like a physical shop simulation. First, the merchants broadcast their live streams. They showcase the products and verbally describe the features and benefits. Then, the buyer will state which product they want to buy through the comment section. After that, the team behind the camera will send a direct message to the said buyer. This way, the buyer can privately place the order and provide the delivery information. Since some products on the live stream are limited, the buyers need to be fast to place orders, else, the product will run out. This is what makes online live shopping so addictive. The 2021 data even shows that Thai internet users search, visit, and purchase from online e-commerce platforms at a rate of 74% and above. Aside from using influencers as your online merchants, you also need to boost your business’ social media presence. You want to make sure that your social media page gains as many followers as possible to make your brand heard by Thailand’s millions of internet users. Of all the marketing tips in Thailand, “work on your social media” is arguably the most important. You would not even need an official Thai website if your digital social channel is strong enough.

      Tip #4: Know Who They Trust: collaborate with personalities whom the Thai market already knows and trusts

      It is a fact that there are millions of social media users in Thailand, which means that online strategies for businesses continue to spur. If you are a small business offering physical products, connecting with Facebook influencers who could be your live merchants could be your best option. With their countless followers, these merchants sell millions worth of various products in a matter of hours. For service-type businesses, traditional influencer marketing is your answer. Instagram influencers in Thailand are a big deal. If you can get them to post a picture of your services, your prospect number of customers will increase dramatically. Influencer marketing in Thailand continues to be effective because the “idol culture” in Thailand is as extreme as that in Japan and Korea. Idol fans in Thailand are very loyal and devoted to their celebrities. They buy products their idols advertise because they trust their opinion. Fans also tend to try to recreate their idol’s lifestyle. In short, businesses who know that the “idol culture” in Thailand exists also know for a fact that influencer marketing is one of the best ways to promote their products. Keep in mind that influencers do not have to be literal idols. They could be anyone with high enough followers on social media. Even a gamer can be an influencer. For example, “Ake Heartrocker” is a famous gamer who became a sensation among Thai teenagers. He has a YouTube channel with 7.63 million subscribers and he occasionally advertises gaming gear and accessories.
      Of course, this strategy is not without challenges. AJ Marketing founders noted that the biggest problem you might face in this strategy is looking for inside connections. It might be hard to find the best Thai influencer for your campaign if you don’t have the right network. “Working with a local agency like AJ marketing will solve your connection issues in no time,” the founders said.

      Tip #5: Find Your Perfect Match: choose the right influencer to represent your brand

      The AJ Marketing founders agree that the most common mistake a brand makes when marketing in Thailand is choosing the wrong influencer to work with. Effective connections with the target audience would not come to fruition if you have chosen the wrong person to represent your brand. Imagine a beauty product brand with middle-aged women as their target audience. What do you think would happen if this brand selected a young male influencer as their product presenter? Disconnect, confusion, and a waste of company resources. Even though the example might be a little extreme, it is by no means an exaggeration. Choosing an influencer is a complex task. Aside from knowing your audience and knowing who they trust, you also have to decide whether the person they trust is actually fit for your brand. If the influencer you choose does not match your brand’s value, the results can be unremarkable at best and devastating at worst. Let’s take a few lessons from the Advanced Info Service (AIS) 5G campaign. One of the best influencer marketing strategies Thailand saw in 2021 was by AIS, Thailand’s biggest GSM mobile phone operator. By the end of 2021, it launched this explosive 5G campaign that shocked the whole country. Their method was simple. The strategy involves using influencer marketing in TV ads, posters, and social media posts. However, what is impressive about this campaign is the sheer number of influencers they fitted in their plan–more than 20 A-list Thai celebrities are involved in this campaign. The main highlights were Bambam from Got7 and Lisa from BLACKPINK who are both world-famous Thai-born K-pop stars. These two have an enormous fan base in Thailand and everywhere else on the planet. As a result, AIS gained massive publicity in an instant. Although AIS’s strategy is nothing new to the eyes, it proves to be effective because of its smart choice of influencers. AIS’s brand image is futuristic, without boundaries, and modern. There were no other influencers whose personalities perfectly match this brand image other than Lisa and Bambam.

      Tip #6: Always Dig Deeper: consider all aspects of the influencers’ personas, and look into Thailand’s political climate

      Choosing Thai influencers can be tricky because you have to go deeper than looking at their social media profiles. You have to consider many aspects of their persona, including follower count, their expertise, lifestyle, and most importantly, their political stance. Since the political climate in Thailand is in a state of conflict, the people are practically divided into two sides. Influencers and consumers alike belong to either of these sides. Thus, choosing an influencer from one side means you will lose the audience from the other. To avoid future problems, you need to identify your audience first. From there, you can see how to navigate through this political turmoil and select the best influencer for your prospective consumers. Needless to say, this process can be problematic without local insight. This is why you need the help of a local marketing agency like AJ Marketing. Their inside info can ensure your success in Thailand, both politically and commercially.

      Tip #7: Find Yourself a Local Partner: having someone on the ground is key to succeeding in a foreign market

      Out of all the tips previously mentioned, nothing can be done easily, speedily, and effectively without the help of a local marketing and advertising agency. Knowing the Thai market in a short span of time can only be achieved if you have a partner who already knows them and has worked with them in the previous years. The founders of AJ Marketing believe that they can be your best partner in Thailand. According to the founders, AJ Marketing considers a brand’s strengths and weaknesses to structure the perfect marketing strategy. “We select Thai influencers who can seamlessly convey your brand’s values, to let your audience know what you stand for.”