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  • Other Travel | Working Options in Thailand and S.E. Asia

    Business and Investment Opportunities in Thailand (Asia)

    Investing in Thailand has many perks as the country is well on its way to modernisation. With an international community that has its own wants and needs, you can be sure to find a niche that will make you money.

    Import and Export Business

    As Thailand is one of Asia’s main transportation hubs, the national shares great transportation avenues with other countries. Moreover, it has many options for establishing a successful import and export business. Thus, it is a great market for importing Western brands due to its large expat population. Additionally, locals and foreigners alike are willing to pay higher prices for Western goods. Top companies include electrical machinery and equipment, mineral fuels (oil included), machinery (including computers), gems, and precious metals.

    Real Estate Company

    Thailand’s real estate sector accounts for 6% of the country’s GDP and is a significant part of the industry’s growth. Buying and selling land is one of the best ways to do real estate in the country as the cost of real estate is constantly rising. Moreover, foreigners who want to purchase a business, land, or property often enlist a real estate company’s help. Thus, those who want to start a real estate company will find there are many opportunities nationwide. Additionally, those who are successful will find that hiring a competent Thai team to communicate with Thai owners is the key to making it in the industry.

    IT Consulting Business

    Thai companies are realising that joining the digital world is a great idea for business. Thus, IT consulting companies are in high demand. Furthermore, the use of apps to communicate with clients in Thailand is increasing in popularity. Thus, LINE business is one way that companies here can use an app to reach their clients more conveniently. Moreover, Thailand is considered to be a pioneer in animation, mobile apps, and games. Therefore, Thailand’s IT cloud security is projected to see the highest growth.

    Translation Services

    As many expats and businesses cannot read or speak Thai, a large number of people are increasingly needing translation services. Furthermore, important documents are in high demand to be translated. As the level of English comprehension in Thailand is much lower than other parts of the world, most Thai companies need an English translator in house. Additionally, as Thailand is now part of ASEAN, the need for Thai companies to translate documents into other Asian languages is increasing.

    Catering Company

    Thai culture is centred around eating and socialising. Therefore, if you own a catering company, your services may be in demand. As many business deals are made around a layout of food, you can bet your money that these businesses rely on catering companies to deliver. Moreover, many modern Thai families are increasingly using catering companies for large gatherings as they find that they no longer have time to cook all day. Bangkok and Chiang Mai see a lot of catering business as modern apartments have limited cooking options.

    Digital Marketing

    Like in other parts of the world, digital platforms are very popular in Thailand, making digital advertisements a vital marketing channel. Therefore, starting or investing in a digital marketing agency is a lucrative opportunity in the country. Many companies are willing to pay for a professional digital marketer to step up their online game so that they can sell more services and products online. Digital marketing agencies offering effective SEO strategies, display advertising, and other digital promotions are, particularly in high demand. If you’re confident that you can make it big in digital work, Thailand can be the perfect place to start your journey.

    Graphic Design Agency

    Due to the increasing demand for marketing campaigns and promotions on various platforms, there’s a significant rise in graphic design in Thailand. Many brands and companies depend on graphic designing agencies for fantastic designs to attract clients and customers. These may include logos, promotional boards, public relations materials, billboards, and advertisements. In addition to the high demand, Thailand is also filled with highly creative and skilled artisans, so you can easily find the perfect people to work with you in your graphic design agency. Thus, graphic design service is an attractive opportunity in Thailand.

    Automobile Rental Business

    A large number of people travel to Thailand each year both for business and for pleasure. Thus, automobile rental services can be really profitable. Of course, due to the pandemic, the number of people coming to the country is not as high as it was before. However, the demand for rental vehicles is still huge among both expats and Thai locals who need but don’t have a car. You can also offer vehicle rental with a driver, which is ideal for travellers who want to get around the country without the hassle of applying for an international driver’s license or don’t want to use public transportation. This type of business is especially thriving in busy cities like Bangkok and Pattaya, as well as tourist areas like Phuket and Koh Samui.

    Photography Agency

    The photography business will never get old; people will never get tired of taking pictures, especially for their special events like weddings. Therefore, you can generate lots of revenue by opening a photography agency in Thailand. You can do this business individually or scale it up to have a big team. There are lots of good photographers in Thailand, both locals and foreigners. This means that finding a great team to provide people with stunning photographs of their events is relatively easy.

    Jewelry Design

    The demand for fashion around the world is always high, so designing jewellery can be an evergreen business that’s really profitable in the long run. Besides, Thailand is a prominent centre for coloured gems and jewellery thanks to its abundant natural resources. The country also has a huge number of skilled artisans who can produce intricate designs. Successful jewellery companies in Thailand have the option to move into the import and export business, which allows them to sell their unique jewellery to suppliers around the world. In fact, the country is one of the largest exporters of silver jewellery in the world.

    Handyman Business

    A handyman business is another business idea you can try in Thailand. You can hire Thai locals who can carry out the work people are looking for, whether it is house painting and upholstery cleaning or plumbing and electrical jobs. Not a lot of people have the necessary skill or time to do these jobs themselves, so the market for this type of business is wide and abundant.

    Driving School

    Nowadays, more and more people in Thailand are using a car as their main transport option. Obviously, everyone needs to learn how to drive before they can actually use their car. New car owners will always look for the right guidance. Besides, many people are interested in taking a course as many car insurance companies offer discounts for those who undergo driving school. Hence, there’s always a demand for a good driving school in Thailand.

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    Characteristics of successful Real Estate Agents in Thailand

    Thailand has many propertiesthat cater to all kinds of buyers. Fromluxurious condos in the heart of Bangkok to expansive villas on the islands, it is clear that the real estate agent market is in high demand. But, while some real estate agents merely act as a middle man for a quick sale, more reputable agents usually have a few characteristics that help them stand out from the rest. No matter if you are a buyer looking for a real estate agent or an agent yourself, these common characteristics of successful real estate agents should be present.

    Hardworking and honest
    No one wants to do business with someone that they cannot trust to handle the important matters, paperwork and legal issues. Laziness is definitely not something that fits into a real estate agent’s role. A successful agent must establish a good reputation. But, in order to do this, being honest and saying things that a client may not want to hear, is essential. Although some conversations are hard, such as unrealistic selling prices, and difficult resale locations, it can help your client in the end to make a sound decision.

    Understanding the local market
    Each real estate market has its own features, trends, and unique characteristics. A real estate agent with any self-respect would likely know the local market. And, if they are new to the market, doing research is a must to accurately convey the market’s details to the client.

    Organised, reliable, and quick-thinking
    A fantastic agent should be able to spot all of a property’s potential and what may be needed to boost that potential. Upon seeing a property, a great agent should want to make sure it is set up properly in order to be sold at the best price. Devising an organised strategy that focuses on cleaning up the property in order to get a better selling price is essential. Whether they need to perform such duties and hold off on listing the property until it is ready, these decisions are paramount to securing a property’s potential.

    Contacts and flexibility
    A sucessful real estate agent should be wise enough to develop contacts throughout the industry. Keeping a list of prospective clients and/or buyers that includes relevant information that matches them to the right properties is key to building up a client database. Other lists to keep include local builders, decorators and maintenance companies that are trustworthy.

    Self-motivated and creative
    Great agents are always open to business opportunities. Taking every call, regardless of the day of the week, certainly helps them build a reputation for going above and beyond. In a difficult property market, thinking creatively will help with a successful sale.

    Committed to the sale
    To their clients, reputable agents are polite, professional, and balanced. However, many take their work personally especially if they have a property that is on the books and going nowhere. If they don’t, clients will surely know that the agent doesn’t consider their property important enough to follow through. If the agent seems to put off promoting a property, their client may wonder why. From wondering if the property is faulty, unattractive, or a myriad of other things, an agent should communicate clearly with their clients. And, if they still seem to lag in promoting the property, it spells trouble.

    An interest in architectural aspects of the property
    Agents should have a genuine interest in properties and their architecture. This is translated to their overall passion for their work and interest in finding out the most updated information. If an agent appears to be knowledgeable, it will increase the trust of clients and build up a better reputation. Knowing about the surrounding buildings’ architecture as well as common characteristics about the area’s properties is also a good idea that shows an agent really cares about selling a property and making sure it is ready to be listed.

    Innovative and willing to learn
    This can be said for almost all types of work. And, it is true for real estate agents as well. It is crucial for agents to use every tool available, including learning new software, apps, or social media platforms to increase their presence online and to maximise a property’s selling potential. Most of all, superb real estate agents usually love their jobs and show it well. A client can definitely feel more trustworthy towards an agent who genuinely loves their job.