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General Information about Palawan

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  • General Information about Palawan

    Palawan Travel Information
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    UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    There are actually two different areas that make up these sites. The first of them is the Puerto-Princesa Subterranean River National Park. This park is a beautiful site which features a large limestone landscape and a spectacular underground river. You can join it to her to get a look at this or simply paddling on your own boat. A large number of species of animals live within this area, and some of the most important forests in all of Asia are included right here. This is an extremely interesting area because of the full mountain to sea ecosystem that can be found here. There are not many places on earth where you would find such a large diversity of animals, plants, and other wildlife.

    The Tubbataha Reef Marine Park is over 250 mi.² and is a very unique example of what it is referred to as an atoll reef. Here you will find a very large array of marine species which are also home to two coral islands and an extensive number of lagoons. Much of the coral reefs areas have been virtually untouched making it a spectacular sight to see. With nearly 5000 acres a protected area this has become the perfect location for a large number of birds and marine turtles to have found refuge. This is another spot where you will find the Philippine cockatoo, which is doing extremely well now because of these protected areas. Walking among the wildlife here you will truly get to enjoy the beauty of God’s work.

    El Nido Marine Park

    When you’re surrounded by a large amount of water, it makes sense that there would be a spectacular Marine Reserve Park here as well. Located near the El Nido Resorts, this is an incredible place to see fish and sea life that are able to rebound because of the protections that this park offers. This would include the giant clam, which is making a huge rebound thanks to a protected garden area where these clams are flourishing. Philippine cockatoos are also finding a second life within this park area. The commitment of this region has been to protect the local environment, and guests who were staying at these resorts can truly appreciate the efforts that up and made by enjoying the reefs and other wildlife that has been saved and is now doing well in this marine park.

    Coron Island Reefs

    This is a great place to visit which provides absolutely breathtaking views. With seven lakes that are surrounded by a series of limestone cliffs, this is one of the most beautiful places on earth, especially for those seeking to get in closer contact with nature or who were looking for a romantic setting. Many people love to come to this location because of the incredible jump off points for rock diving. In fact, the best location here is where 12 World War II Japanese ships were sunk by the U.S. Navy. Many people use the ships as a jump off point, but they are also greatly enjoyable for those looking to snorkel or do some diving through them. Forbes magazine called this location one of the top 10 scuba diving sites in the entire world because it not only provides you with the opportunity to see history but also the amazing sea life that has made the ships their home.

    Located in the northwest portion of the Palawan province, this is rapidly becoming one of the hot and trendy tourist spots for people to go to. One of its most alluring features is the fact that it has one of the longest beaches in the world, featuring a fantastic cream-colored beach area that runs nearly 10 miles long. This makes for the perfect spot to spend the day, and since it hasn’t caught on as rapidly as some other tourist locations the beaches are not overcrowded and the water is spectacular.

    San Vincente

    In and around the beach are a series of resorts and inns that have been built. These offer great accommodations whether you were going it alone or if you are visiting with family. There are great activities along the beach and within San Vincente area. These include a larger number of great shops where you can find spectacular clothing and hand carved items for a very affordable price. Restaurants and cafés are just beginning to take hold in the area, but there are some great places to find not only authentic Palawan-style food but also cuisines from all over the world. You will love the seafood that’s offered in some of the local establishments and service is one of the hallmarks of staying in this area. Scuba diving and swimming are two of the most common reasons that people come to San Vicente. They love the pure beauty of the water and how relatively unscarred it looks. This is one of the best places to visit and is rapidly growing in popularity.

    To accommodate its newfound attraction, a brand-new airport is being built in the city which is fairly close to being completed. Tourists who wish to visit San Vincente should check to see if this is done before deciding to fly into another airport within the region. If you are looking to make one place on the planet your destination for a great vacation, the Palawan Islands are clearly a place you want to decide on going to. There are so many great activities to enjoy while visiting, and the climate is second to none for those who are looking for a warm place to lay out in the sun or enjoy nature in. This is truly a paradise on earth and is not only a great destination for the family, but is the perfect place for that romantic getaway. Take your wife or sweetheart here and you can be sure that she will be giving you the love you been craving for many years to come. You can bank on that.

    Port Barton is a quiet beachside village in the town of San Vicente. It is popular among backpackers and travelers who want to experience a relaxed rural atmosphere. Here, you can go about and explore many pristine offshore islands and venture to Long Beach in San Vicente Town Proper, reputedly the longest white sand beach in the Philippines. San Vicente/Port Barton is located between Puerto Princesa and El Nido, in mainland Palawan.

    Puerto Princesa

    This is the administrative center of the Palawan Islands has frequently been named as the greenest city in the cleanest city in the Philippines. There are a large number of attractions to the city, including such things as beaches and a wildlife preserve. This is not only a true nature lover’s paradise but it is also a location that is perfect for romance. There are some great attractions and one of them is the Subterranean River National Park. Its a winding underground river that has a path along the side of it creates for one of the most fun and adventurous activities that you will find anywhere on earth. Some of the other interesting things you will find in Puerto Princesa being with the Iwahig Penal Colony. It is not often that a penal colony as a favorite destination, but this is the true exception. This is a true correctional facility where it is more of a farming community than an actual prison. Inmates not only live with their families but they work on the farm together. You will also find a large number of hand-carved crafts made by the inmates that tourists can buy.

    The Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center is also located here. This used to be a crocodile farm, and still holds a large number of crocodiles, but there are many other species of animals here as well. Baker’s Hill is like a poor man’s version of Disneyland. You will find the Shrek treehouse here, and their other amusement oriented activities and rides. Palawan State University is not far away which holds a small museum. For those looking for more savage kinds of activities, there is cockfighting that is offered. There are actually quite a few arenas around the area where the sport goes on. You can not only watch these events but bet on them as well. They even allow photographing and video taking of the events. Puerta Princesa has many restaurants but where they really excel is in the nightlife. There are spectacular bars and clubs that attract people from all over the world. The Kweba Resto Bar is a club that has live reggae music every weekend, and is packed every weekend. Casa Nieves is like a small club movie theater, where local projects are shown. It’s a very cool place to hang out.

    Balabac Islands

    If you’re looking for the best beaches & most vibrant waters in the Philippines, look nowhere else. Balabac is worth a spot at the very top of your bucketlist. Balabac is the southernmost group of islands in Palawan. It is so far south that Sabah, in East Malaysia is nearer to Balabac than Puerto Princesa, the provincial capital of Palawan. The main draw here are 31 gorgeous islands still vastly undiscovered by tourist crowds. These islands are surrounded by pristine, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Yes, the sandy shores of many beaches here are a blinding white to off-white, many even have a blushed pink hue! The best spots you shouldn’t miss in Balabac are:
    • Onuk Island & its crystal blue waters sprawling as far as the eye can see
    • Bugsuk Island, home to the most powdery, whitest sand beach in the Philippines
    • The pink sand beach at Camiaran Island. Balabac is remote and not easy to reach, which is why I don’t readily recommend the place to first-timers. You must really want to visit this place. It takes time to visit and you’ll have to let go of touristic conveniences.

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