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Ferry Service | Chumphoon - Koh Tao - Koh Phangan

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  • Ferry Service | Chumphoon - Koh Tao - Koh Phangan

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    Songserm Ferries

    The Songserm Ferry Service runs between Chumporn Pier, Koh Tao and Koh Phangan daily. Tour operators including ones in Bangkok book bus tickets from Bangkok to Chumporn and back in accordance with the Songserm time schedule for transfer on air conditioned bus service provided by Songserm shuttling passengers to and from the pier. Combined bus and ferry tickets can also be bought in Bangkok or alternatively you can go to Chumpon pier on your own steam and buy ferry tickets there. Please note that transfer times are subject to change without notice. Though this website continuously check for changes and the correctness of time tables, we cannot provide any guarantees or take responsibility for changes or late departure or arrival times.

    Departure | Arrival Information
    • Chumphoon - Koh Tao - Koh Phangan
      07:00 Departure Chumphoon
      09:30 Departure Koh Tao
      11:30 Arrival Koh Phangan
    • Koh Phangan - Koh Tao - Chumphoon
      12:30 Departure Koh Phangan
      14:30 Departure Koh Tao
      17:00 Arrival Chumphoon
    • TBA

    Songserm Offices Telephone Numbers
    • Bangkok 02 984 5600 49
    • Bangkok (Khao San Road) 02 280 7897
    • Chumphon 077 506 205
    • Koh Phangan 077 377046/096
    • Koh Tao 077 456 274
    • Surat Thani 077 285 1246

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    Southern Thailand Ferry Connections | How to get to Chumphoon ?

    You can easily book your tickets to travel from Bangkok to Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui online. After years of continuous improvement in their services quality, Songserm has grown to become one of the best transport company in Thailand. Popular routes served by Songserm include bus and ferry joint ticket to Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. To reduce the hassle of travelling, you can book joint tickets of bus and ferry whereby you take bus from Bangkok to Chumphon and then board the ferry from Chumphon to get to Koh Tao, Koh Samui or Koh Phangan. Being the first and oldest ferry company in the region, Songserm is dedicated to provide excellent services in order to meet the expectations of their passengers. The benefits to travel with Songserm include large carrying capacity, reasonable joint ticket price, friendly staffs, comfortable and secure journey to your destination.

    Train Bangkok - Chumphoon
    Located downtown at the west end of Kromluang Road, Chumphon is a main stop on the Southern Line, with trains departing Bangkok’s Hualamphong Station at 08:05 and then 10 times from 14:45 to 22:50. A range of fares is available, including various sleepers starting at 590 THB on some night trains. In Chumphon, trains depart for Bangkok at 07:00 and 12:45 and then 10 times from 19:35 to 02:35. Bangkok-bound trains stop at Prachuap Khiri Khan, Hua Hin, Phetburiand Nakhon Pathom (handy for a transfer to Kanchanaburi), among others.

    Southbound trains depart Chumphon for Surat Thani at 14:40 and then 12 times from 21:20 to 06:00. Trains departing at 21:20, 22:45 and 23:25 continue down to the Malaysia border at Sungai Kolok, with the 22:45 train heading across the border to Padang Besar. Trains departing at 01:30 and 03:30 switch to the southwestern track at Surat Thani and terminate at Trang. Trains that terminate at Nakhon Si Thammarat depart at 09:55 and 10:55, with some deep-southbound trains also stopping there.

    Bus Transportation
    Chumphon’s provincial bus terminal is located 11 kilometres west of town off Route 41, but most travellers catch one of the more convenient departures available in downtown Chumphon. These depart from a few different places. Across Pracha Uthit Road from the Municipal Market, Choke Anan Tour has first-class buses departing for Bangkok’s Sai Tai Mai (Southern) Terminal
    • Departures from Bangkok
    • Rates
      328 THB
      580 THB (VIP)
    • Departures Chomphoon to Phuket
    • Rates
      320 THB
    • Departures Chomphoon to Hat Yai
    • Rates
      360 THB
    If wanting to take any of the above buses to Bangkok, you can buy a ticket in person at the offices or ask a travel agent to arrange your tickets and a pick up service for a fee. Fame Tour also runs a minibus to Bangkok’s Khao San Road for 580 THB, departing at 07:00.

    Minibus Transportation
    Minibuses to Surat Thani’s Talad Kaset 2 Station depart from a car park behind the Night Plaza market off the south side of Kromluang Road, marked by a large yellow gate just west of Kromluang Soi 4. They leave every half-hour from 06:00 to 17:30 for 130 THB. Make a transfer in Surat Thani if you’re heading anywhere in Southern Thailand that can’t be reached direct from Chumphon. Minibuses to Prachuap Khiri Khan also pick up behind the Night Plaza, departing every 40 minutes from 06:00 to 18:00 for 180 THB. These also service Bang Saphan. Make a transfer in Prachuap if heading to Hua Hin. Minibuses to Ranong pick up at a stop on Thataphao Road, across from Chumphon Gardens Hotel and just north of Farang Bar. They depart hourly from 06:00 to 17:00 for 150 baht. Yellow songthaews to Thung Wua Laen pick up frequently in front of the Municipal Market on Pracha Uthit Road from 07:00 to 18:00. Large songthaews to Pak Nam Chumphon and Haad Sairi pick up frequently at a stop on the north side of Poraminmanka Road from early morning to 16:00.



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      Things to do in Chumphoon
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      Prince of Chumphon Shrine (ศาลกรมหลวงชุมพรเขตรอุดมศักดิ์)
      Is a memorial of Admiral HRH Prince of Chumphon, the founder of the Royal Thai Navy who is much revered by the general public. Close to the Shrine is the ChumphonRoyal Battleship, a large torpedo Boat that was decommissioned in 1975.

      Mu Ko Chumphon (หมู่เกาะชุมพร)
      Is a marine attraction comprising an archipelago of more than 40 Islands and occupying an area from Ko Chorakhe in AmphoePathio to Ko NgamYai, Ko NgamNoi, Ko Samet, Ko Maphrao, Ko Mattra, Ko Thong Lang, and Ko LangkaChio in Amphoe Mueang and an archipelago in AmphoeSawi, AmphoeThungTako to Ao Thong Khrok in Amphoe Lang Suan. Some of which are diving spots; such as, Ko NgamYai, Ko NgamNoi, Ko Mattra, Ko LangkaChio, Ko Lawa, Ko Talu, etc.

      Khao Matsi Viewpoint (จุดชมวิวเขามัทรี)
      Situated on the mountain top visitors can admire the 360-degree panoramic view. To the left down below are the fishery community of the chumphon Estuary and the Fishing piers. To the right is the vast landscape of Hat Pharadonphap and the Chumphon sea. On the mountain viewpointis installed a statue of AvalokitesvaraBodhisattva,Goddess Guanyin in a posture of looking out over the sea.There is also a store selling snacks and bird’s nest concession and a coffee shop here.

      Phato Rafting (ล่องแพพะโต๊ะ)
      Is a soft Adventure activity that offers rafting amid the forestland in AmphoePhatothat is a watershed of many rivers meandering along the mountain range. Both Canalsides are surrounded by rainforest and orchards. Hence, the activities at Khlong Pato are held all-year round; it starts from Khlong Ton Nam, a lush forest that is a habitat of rare wildlife; such as, Dusky-leaf monkeysand hornbills. Those animals live freely in the natural forest by the canal. At some parts ofthe riverbanks, we can see durian and mangosteen orchards as well as palm and rubber plantations.

      Hat ThungWuaLaen (หาดทุ่งวัวแล่น)
      Is a fine white sandy Beach stretching endlessly. The beach has a slight slope with clear sea, which is suitable for swimming and popular among tourists. At thesouthern beach connecting to the mountain is a beach that is full of rocks. Along the shoreline of Hat ThungWuaLaen is well equipped with facilities including Accommodation, restaurants, scuba diving schools and diving equipment rental shops.

      Ban Thong Tom Yai (บ้านท้องตมใหญ่)
      Is an old community on the horseshoe-shaped coastline. The eye-catching symbols of the Village are a big golden jar by the sea and a statue of a seahorse. Most of the villagers built their houses jutting out into the sea along the hill. The community’s way of life is still attached to the sea. In the evening, a lot of people come for Fishing at the jetty. The community also provides a HomeStay for visitors and preserves seahorses and marine resources by using their local wisdom, or so called “Sang Ban Pla” or building a home for fish.

      Ko Phithak (เกาะพิทักษ์)
      Is a small Island, 800 metres from the mainland. The Villagers provide a long-tailed Boat service from the pier at Ao Thong Khrok to Ko Phithak. In the past, locals called this island Ko Phi-Thak (the island of ghost’sgreeting). The story was told that a fisherman came to this island and saw some people waving tohim, but when he reached the island, there was no one living there. Today, the island is surrounded by fishermen villages. To the east, there is a tiny Beach in the back which features an about 200-metre high viewpoint. On the day that the tide recedes, tourists can walk from the Ao Thong KhrokPier to the island. In addition, there are some activities for tourists including Snorkelling, kayaking, and squid Fishing. Villagers also organise Ecotourism activities in a HomeStay style.

      Ko Thalu (เกาะทะลุ)
      Is a small limestone Island, 13 kilometres from the chumphon Estuary. The island consists of numerous large caves with arches overthe sea’s surface that can be seen through or swum from one side to the other. It is a diving spot to see coral reefs or sea anemones around the island. From March to April, there will be a large number of seagulls layingeggs. Tourists can rent a Boat from Hat Pharadonphap to reach the island. There is no Accommodation on the island. For further inquiries, please contact the Mu Ko Chumphon national park at Tel. 0 7755 8144-5.

      Tham Khao PhluHot Spring(บ่อน้ำพุร้อนถ้ำเขาพลู)
      Is one of the attractions of chumphon that health lovers should not miss. Situated on a foothill, the spring consists of three ponds with the names in rhyme: Eue Ari, Thanthip, AmaritThara, and PhrueksaChonlathan. The water in each pond is hot mineral water from the underground with a temperature between 55-56 degreesCelsius. The mineral waterprovides benefits of curing some diseases, especially, skin diseases. It also stimulatesblood circulation. A hot mineral bathing service is available ranging from 10-60 Baht per hour.For a public pond service, the fee is 5 Bahtand for a body massage, the fee is 120 Baht per hour.

      SuanSomNai (Nai Dam Orange Orchard) (สวนส้มนายดำ)
      Is well-known for the impeccable taste of chumphon’sChogun breed orange. The orchard can produce fruit all-yearround and has supplies for exports as well. SuanSomNai Dam is acclaimed for its high quality management with modern technology to select good quality oranges. It is also a rest stop for tourists to buy souvenirs of Chumphon. You will be surprised with the various bizarrestyles of the toilets that can be actually used here.