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  • Sexy Female Golf Caddies

    Attractive female caddies hired by male golfers in Thailand explain why they do it

    A group of so-called 'pretty caddies', paid to keep mostly male golfers company on the fairway in Thailand, explained why they do the job. The bizarre, many would say sexist, feature of golf culture in Thailand is widespread in the country. The young women, all from a course in Bangkok, are tasked with escorting men on their rounds. Unlike other countries, Thai golf courses provide attractive female caddies to keep their customers company as they walk or ride carts through 18 holes. Such caddies often receive large tips for their efforts. Speaking in the video, Nong Apple said that she wanted to become a golf caddie so she could learn other languages. She said that customers had bought her sexy lingerie before. "My duty is to hold the umbrella for the customer and provide advice about the golf course, entertain my customer and make my customer comfortable," she added. Nong Apple and her colleague both said that she had received expensive gifts from customers. Thailand’s bizarre golf caddy industry was investigated in 2018. It emerged that attractive caddies regularly earned around 5,000 THB (160 US dollars) a day or more. Anurak Tossarat, General Director of the Department of Employment, was probing allegations of Burmese and Cambodian migrant workers being used on courses when he discovered the widespread use of attractive young Thai women to entertain members. The politician found that the girls carried out tasks such as driving a golf cart, holding umbrellas, and wiping sweat during the round. However, some would also continue to the bar afterwards and escort the player to meals and parties in the evening. He said: "Pretty caddies can earn the most, especially if they are cute, playful, talkative and charming. Some of them have been to the best universities and enjoy the career meeting men from different backgrounds." Nonetheless, the custom is also criticised as sexist, not to mention off-putting to women who might want to try the sport.

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    Meet Thailand's hottest Golf Caddies


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      "Pretty Caddies" - they are not there for the 19th hole, says Thai Media

      Bangkok Golf Courses | investigation if foreign women were taking Thai jobs as caddies.

      They found none - but what they did locate was a section of the caddie workforce known as "Pretty Caddies". These were all young, tall, charming, good conversationalists even university educated - definitely not a bit of "rough". They would know their pars from their bogeys and advise on club selection and grip. "Eagle-eyed" golfers are prepared to pay 2,000-5000 THB for a round with these babes.

      But it certainly ended at the 18th - they were not there for 19th hole action, golfers told Daily News.President of the Department of Skill Development said that suchThais brought skills to the golf course that foreigners couldn't match. He was happy that no foreigners were taking Thai jobs - but 200 other golf courses would need to be checked too after complaints came in to the government. Golfers privately told the media that there were foreigners working at the courses and they were often very good and could speak Thai well. They were from Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Laos. But all the "Pretty Caddies" were definitely Thai.


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        Golfing in Bangkok Thailand | Female Caddies: Cheap or Expensive?!!

        I always want to try to golf at all countries that i visited. usually it is hard to find the time, even on vacations or trips to play golf, especially when you are in asia. In Bangkok, there are just too many things to do, shop, eat, visits, massages that it is hard to find 5-6 hours for golf. We managed to book a golf course, recommended by our friendly and excellent st regis bangkok concierge. Cost is around $100, caddy fee are cash only, for $10. All thailand caddies are mostly female, with varying degree of youth and experience.

        Usually the younger caddies are more interested about their faces and make up then their games, while the older ones are more serious and knowledgeable about golf. They can tell you where to put, as they have seen that put break hundreds of times.

        So i ended up with 2 caddies, one young, one old. The younger one is with my walking partner non player. I had the older one. She was really good, clean your golf balls, clean your clubs, give you advices and distances without any gps or high tech intruments. Her english is of course limited, so the advices could have been better. At hole 12, i ended up in the woods, on the side. Mis hit, hit some trees. The approach shot was a five iron, it was too strong and it it ended up near the other players in front ahead. No injury happened. They were not happy, and they were local thai members.

        We apolozized profusely, but the local members said to me: the fault is your caddy, she should have told you not to hit and wait. I will report her and she will not caddy for minimum 2 weeks. He then ordered her to turn around as punishment, facing away from him in order for him to hit his shot. All while swearing in thai. I of course pleaded it was my fault, my decision, my shot that was mis hit and ended too far, and pleaded him not to report her. He quit the game right after that hole, and supposedly went and reported her to the clubhouse.

        The caddy cries discretely and tries to hide her emotions for the next few holes, all while still pretending to caddy and clean clubs, balls. In thailand, caddies wait the whole day for clients in the sun. They are responsible to clean and care for their uniform. They have to bring their own food and drinks. They get paid around 200 THB per round from the golf course. Most players will then tip another $10-$30 (usually $10). It is not much, but it is important for them.

        If they are not caddying, they have to help out on the golf course maintenance, if and only if they are selected. It is relatively hard work for western standard, easier work for thai standard, so there are many people wanting to caddy. 2 weeks without pay, without money to provide for her family, it is just simply inhumane. Especially when the fault is not really her. I understand that the expectation of a thai caddy is to know the distance, the golf course, and advise the client accordingly. But it is hard for them to know a new client, how far and how variable the client’s shot are and act accordingly.

        Any golfer that is mad enough to quit a golf game, yell at people, mistreat other humans beings, just make the golf game looks bad. Especially when the golfers are much more financial fortunate than the caddies. Anyway, she received a tip from us, big enough for her not to worry, stay at home and still have much more money then even working working as a caddy for the whole 1-2 month.

        The big tip was not asked, pressured or expected. It is just a sign of our displeasure of treatment of other human beings. When you travel to lower income countries, please tip well accordingly. Please avoid making small unimportant complaints toward the workers. Just because they are late in serving you your foods or drinks, or did not smile as big and sincere as you would like, please avoid the temptation of reporting them.

        It is not worth it and can cost them a lot more than your temporary happiness…. Unless you purposedly went there to make you feel a higher status than your relative socialist homonegeous western country. If you do, then think what if someone, make a stupid complaint that can easily cost you your job? Is it nice? Is it fair?


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          Smiling Thai Caddies make Thailand Ultimate Golf Paradise

          Golf tourism in Thailand is more than a niche market. It’s a bona fide money spinner that is anchored by a rich history and a unique Thai experience that makes it one of world’s great golfing destinations.There’s a rich history of golf in Thailand, with the first course built in 1923 in Hua Hin under the royal seal of approval. Since then, the Thailand Golf Association has nurtured wave after wave of aspiring pro golfers, and attracted the international elite to its courses too. Honda LPGA Thailand is the Kingdom’s marquee tournament attracting 70 female players to its 11th edition in February 2017, including the 58 highest ranked golfers on its 2017 LPGA order of merit. Two of the Kingdom’s top golfing sisters, Ariya and Moriya Jutanugarn, were recently appointed ‘Thailand Golf Ambassadors‘ by the Tourism Authority of Thailand to enhance international awareness of the country as a world-class golf destination.

          On the men’s side, Thongchai Jaidee is considered by many as Thailand’s most successful professional golfer with Asian Tour career earnings estimated at US$5.31 million in 2015. He is also a ‘Sporting Ambassador of Thailand’.For non-professional leisure golfers, Thailand offers a diverse selection of vacation spots run the gamut from well-known and established destinations, to the more exotic or lesser known.The uninitiated first time golf tourist to Thailand is always temped to buy a packaged golf tour to Bangkok, Pattaya, Hua Hin, Phuket or Chiang Mai before leaving home. Single destination is best, however packaged tours limit the fun and with so many courses, hotels and activities to choose from why get locked in? On every visit, there are new courses to discover and a Pattaya or Bangkok-based golf holiday can easily include three to four courses in a single visit.

          Some FIT golfers play new courses each day over a 10-day trip. Booking tee times in advance is a must, but remaining flexible is part of the ‘mai pen rai’ spirit of adventure that makes golf in Thailand so fun.But no mention of Thailand golf would be complete without mention of their caddies. Yes, there are still some caddies worldwide and then there are Thai caddies. But what makes Thailand special is that the caddies are all women. Most of the better golf courses have smartly dressed female caddies who make a world of difference to your golfing experience. Sometimes, a caddie can make all the difference on the golf course. In Thailand, caddies make the golf experience ‘Uniquely Thai’.

          They offer levity, advise and perspective, while smiling, keeping score, ranking your traps, repairing your ball marks and treading into snake-ridden rough to find a wayward tee shot. Thai caddies are the best because they remind you to laugh, with them and at yourself, about a game that involves hitting a little ball hundreds of yards into a tiny hole.As one leading Thai-based golf club professional succinctly put it: “Caddies are our secret weapon in Thailand.”Within a couple of holes, Thai caddies know exactly what club you want to use in most situations, and if you are unsure they offer sound advice. It also pays to listen when they are reading putts for you, especially if they are experienced.

          Most Thai golf courses are also unrivalled by the sheer size and majesty of their club houses. No other country in the world has such elaborately designed and perfectly maintained club houses serving some of the best Thai cuisine on the planet. The indulgent luxury of some of the locker rooms is breath-taking; beside superbly equipped showers and change rooms some has a few heated and ice-deep pools inside the locker room. Others often provide saunas, steam rooms, fitness and Thai massage centres just to mention a few of the many facilities on offer.There are other Asian countries with more courses (Japan and Korea, for example), but the clear majority in those countries and others are private clubs.

          In Thailand, the best layouts are resort tracks open to the public – the very courses that have for decades attracted a legion of golfers on holiday. What’s more, Thai golf courses are clustered with consideration given to their location, to best serve the country’s major cities, regions, cultural offerings and tourist hubs. Golf, culture, cuisine and big holiday fun are all part of a greater Thai golf experience.So, next time you hit a bad shot back home think of a smiling Thai caddy to remind yourself: golf is a game and it’s supposed to be fun.