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Face Masks on Domestic Flights in Thailand

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  • Face Masks on Domestic Flights in Thailand

    Are face masks still required on domestic flights in Thailand?
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    The world is moving on from the Covid-19 pandemic, but face masks are still popular in Thailand. You might see people on domestic flights in Thailand wearing masks, but are they mandatory? The Thai government made face masks “voluntary” back in June but still recommends wearing them in crowded spaces. The news was published in the Royal Gazette and said…

    “The wearing of a mask is a voluntary practice from now onwards so that people can now live closer to normal conditions. The Ministry of Public Health only recommends that the general public wear a mask when living with other people in a crowded place, in areas where there is a large gathering of people where they can’t maintain social distancing, or in a poorly ventilated place, to reduce the risk of transmission of infection.”
    Some places, like the BTS Sky Train in Bangkok, ask passengers to wear face masks on the train, and most people comply. However, it is not a lawful requirement. If you are against wearing a face mask on the BTS, you wouldn’t get fined, imprisoned or kicked off – but you might get some disapproving looks from fellow passengers. Planes are considered the same. It is not a lawful requirement to wear face masks on domestic flights, but a few airlines still recommend them. Some airlines may push for mask-wearing more than others.
    • Bangkok Airlines
      “We would like to inform you that wearing face masks is not a requirement on Bangkok Airways flights. Furthermore, we do not require any Covid Test result or vaccination to be presented anymore.”
    • Thai Smile
      “Face masks are not a requirement, but we recommend wearing them during the flight.” A passenger flying with Thai Smile told the Press that mask-wearing was recommended but “not hyper enforced while on the plane.”
    • AirAsia
      On AirAsia flights, the cabin crew are likely to ask passengers, “Please wear a face mask unless you’re eating.” A passenger told the press: “Flew AirAsia for the past three weeks multiple times. I did not wear a mask and was not asked to wear a mask. They do however announce on the speaker system “Please wear a mask at all times,” but we didn’t and nothing happened.”
    • Nok Air
      Similarly, Nok Air flight recommends wearing face masks while flying, but it is not a requirement.
    • Thai Lion Air
      Again, Thai Lion Air recommends but doesn’t require, the use of face masks on domestic flights in Thailand.
    • Thai VietJet
      Thai VietJet recommends wearing a face mask during flights, but it is not a lawful requirement.
    • Thai Airways
      The nation’s flag carrier, which serves both domestic and international flights, recommends but doesn’t enforce the use of face masks. One passenger flying from the UK to Bangkok with Thai Airways told the Press…“From the moment I boarded the plane until now, I haven’t worn a mask or been asked to wear one. On the flight, it was only Thais wearing them and the odd non-Thai. Same at Suvarnabhumi Airport.”
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